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Friday, August 31, 2007

And he is off and away...again!

Theson is currently in Myrtle Beach, NC., with his buddies for a bachelor party, and will be heading to Trinidad, on Tuesday. This is going to be a whirlwind few days for him, as I will pick him up in Columbus on Monday evening, maybe get home 9-10pm., do all his laundry and pack - then head to the airport Tuesday morning for his flight. I am not even going anywhere and that will wear me out!! Plus the fact that he will be in the Caribbean area - AND I WON'T! He will be close to Venezuela, so he will have to watch out for Cesar Chavez and his communist cronies (can you tell I can't stand the a**hole?) HAHA!

I don't have too many details yet as to how long he will be there - so will add more on that later. He will miss thegrandsons birthday, so we will be sad as will thegrandson. He won't even get to enjoy his new truck either. I will have to finalize the title and license transfers while he is gone. Mother's work is never done!! But I'd do anything for him and he knows that!

I will give more details later - so again - stay healthy and TTFN.

Just a get well message for an old friend...

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An old friend, Steve Sorvalis, has recently undergone serious intestinal surgery...and I just want to wish him a speedy recovery. he hasn't been doing very well so far, but a turn for the better is hoped for soon.

Steve and I (and a group of friends)used to "party" together years ago, when he owned a local pub. He has tried many ventures since he sold the pub 22 years ago - and now currently owns a Roadhouse Restaurant, which does quite well. Thegrandson calls it the "peanut place" as he can throw the shells on the floor - or at other people!

Although, the operation and necessity for it are very serious, and he has not fared well in the beginning - I feel he will make a quick recovery and be back at his favorite haunt soon.

Just this quick note for now - more later...everyone stay healthy and TTFN!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Last pre-season game...then the race starts

The preseason has been good so far 4-1 (loss to Green Bay 13-9) and tonite's game is the final preseason game against Carolina Panthers. Granted, you can't gauge much from these early games as it is the time to pare down the rosters, but I do so love NFL football. (Especially MY Steelers) So, my friend, Circuit City better have your big screen TV fixed or replaced by 8pm tonite or we will camp out on Circuit City's doorstep till they make it right!! A good protest never hurt anyone!

Theson has been in New York since Monday afternoon and will be leaving this afternoon for Columbus, Ohio (flying) to head to Myrtle Beach with the guys for a bachelor party (for T). He is totally enjoying this vacation time by travelling "everywhere." He stops at home long enough for me to do his laundry - wouldn't change it for the world. Hopefully, when he returns home everything will be ready for him to transfer title, pay taxes, and transfer plates - then drive his new truck!!!


...and Rich|Championable...I mean it - we can amass an army for you!!

Everyone take care and stay healthy...TTFN!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

OH NO...another first day of school!!

Well, thegrandson has been seething with anticipation these past few days, over the start of a new school year. Bless his heart, that attitude will change in a few years. Getting the new shoes, a few new outfits and supplies were the epitome of bliss for the little tyke.

We have been trying to readjust his bedtime in preparation for "school hours" to no avail...the little fart does not like to go to bed ALONE or be in the DARK. This, we will be working on - theson just ignores his crying but weak hearted Nina (me) caves every time.

Here is the little guy on the way to the school bus this morning...

What more can I say!!!

Theson is in Bristol, TN for the NASCAR race and informed me 2 nights ago that he "dropped" his cell phone (he is technological equiment challenged) and cracked the face of the phone. I "google earthed" for AT&T locations near Bristol and came up with a location approximately 20-25 miles from Bristol, in Kingsport. I emailed directions and address to him - but don't even know if he has internet access - so he is literally on his own. I have faith in him...since he had a $500 phone, I am sure if his can't be fixed he will buy another equally expensive model...maybe this one will have an added feature he lacked before.

So very hot and humid, I have been catching up on things around (inside) the house...almost too unbearable to even go outside.

Everyone stay healthy and well and TTFN.

C'mon Rich|Championable - get a new host site and get back to blogging - withdrawal setting in.

***P.S. Spoke with theson and he did find an AT&T store in Bristol (so much for google earth) and paid $600 for a replacement phone - and they don't even offer insurance for the contraptions - go figure. He is also buying a truck when he returns home - a good move for him.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

...had a nice weekend - ALL ALONE!!

This past weekend was just great. Theson was in Cleveland with Jules and college buddy, thedaughter went to Virginia and thegrandson was at the sitters...and I had the house all to myself. This doesn't happen very often and I just relished the moment. I planned on cleaning a closet...but that notion quickly passed. It wasn't a task that actually HAD TO BE DONE...just one where I get in the mood for rearranging and sorting. As plans go...pfft...didn't happen. On Saturday I just hopped in and out of bed, sometimes napping, and other times watching TV. It is nice when you don't actually have to be anywhere or do anything for a change. My friend called later in the evening and had brought home dinner for me so I went to their house and we watched the Steelers beat Washington Redskins (although I had my doubts for awhile.)

Theson is in Bristol, TN for NASCAR race this weekend and he will be updating his NT blog as well as The Bristol Experience site - so stop by those two sites for updates.

Thegrandson is so excited to be starting back to school on Thursday, he has all his supplies and has been getting back to an earlier bedtime. We are going to let him walk home after school, when he gets off the bus this year (except for inclement weather), and now he realizes he is becoming a "big" boy. This is great.

Enough for now - everyone stay healthy and TTFN. More later.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fun day...a "Bonding" time

It is a beautiful day and thegrandson decided he wanted to "get at it" with theson. They had planned to "camp" out on Tuesday, after we went to Cabela's and theson spontaneously purchased an 8 person tent. Thegrandson had some discipline issues and had to forego the privilege of camping out on Wednesday night. After adhering to his punishment (grounding) -- he could not wait to get started with the project this morning. And voila - theson, thegrandson and tent are pictured here.

It is in the mid 80's and although theson wanted to come in and cool off, thegrandson got his way again and the two ended up target shooting with the bow and arrows, theson purchased whilst at Cabela's. I think Cabela's is now our new favorite spot. Thegrandson even tasted boar meat ( we told him it was ham - which isn't far from the truth) and he liked it.) Here are the "archers" having fun.

Well, theson is off to Cleveland on Thursday to visit his college friend and Jules will be passing thru town at the same time - so they may all get together. Then theson will be heading to Bristol, Tennessee on Monday for the Nascar races with his buddies. He definitely has an eventful schedule ahead.

The only downside to me - is his manager told him yesterday that he will be leaving in November for Kuwait and will be there for a year. Again, I won't have him for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years or his birthday - I am not a happy camper. It's a MOM thing though.

So much for now - everyone stay healthy and TTFN.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Steeler football season is back...hurray!!!

Well, we have seen the second preseason game for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and it wasn't quite as good a game as last weeks, but then again, this is the time where they sort the good players from the bad, to pare the roster.

Third string quarterback for the Steelers, St. Pierre, I didn't think performed as well as last week, and he was in the game for almost 3 1/2 quarters. As for Green Bay, Brett Favre appeared to be outplayed by Rogers - their second string QB. This is probably Favre's last year - retirement is looming.

Since this is the 75th anniversary season for the Steelers they have prepared a new logo (seen here) and adopted a "MASCOT!" I don't think I am really impressed by this large steelworker mascot, now named STEELEY MCBEAM. We only saw this mascot during the opening of the game and never after that - but I assume he will be prancing around the stadium during games.

During two of the seasons games the team will be wearing "throwback" uniforms, which are not that different other than the "yellow" helmets.

NOTE: For anyone wondering why there is a "green dot" on the back of the QB's helmets - after googling this question I found out that this designates which player has an "earpiece/mic" in their helmet - as by NFL rules there is only allowed one player from each team on the field to have this appliance.

Have to accomplish some things today - so must run for now - everyone stay healthy and TTFN!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

I should never leave home..kids run amok!

I had made arrangements to have dinner with my friend theMarge last night, and being another unbelievably hot and humid day, we spent most of the day INSIDE. thedaughter at work and theson and thegrandson and I had a really nice (filled with trivial tasks) day. The night before, thedaughter decided to cut thegrandsons hair and it ended in a Mohawk - sort of different but thegrandson liked it. The cut really needed to be trimmed a little - and apparently, while I was at dinner theson "went at it!" HE SHAVED THE LITTLE GUYS HEAD! I never get bent out of shape, but at first was a little distressed, but thegrandson really LOVES it. Now for the pics - the "mug shots" are before the shaving event and the last being the "bald experience."

What a cutie!!! He will be 7 soon and is developing an attitude at times but we are nipping that one in the bud rather quickly.

As for the dinner with my friend - we haven't seen each other in awhile, and had a wonderful time catching up over dinner at "the Highlands" which (as referred to in name) sits atop a hill with one helluva view of the valley. As I mentioned earlier, being so hot & humid the weather conditions were just right for a whopping storm (warnings & watches were out all day.) About half an hour into our meal, people around us were getting louder and running to their cars, and we could see the ominous black sky just moving in our direction. It was truly eerie, and all I could think of was getting water in my basement...till I realized - "nothing I can do about it from here", so we just chatted on...watched the lightening and the thunder was rumbling and tons of rain coming down - oh well...and this too shall end! I didn't even call home to find out about the basement. We later went to theMarge's home and checked out her computer...nice one...only she is still using DIAL-UP!!! We must work on getting broadband. I showed her some shortcuts and will later take some programs and add, then show her how to utilize them in her trade. It was a blast - I truly had a wonderful time. I got home about 10:45 pm, finding a note that thegrandson wanted me to let him know I was home - so he could "show off" his new do. AND ALL IS WELL WITH THE WORLD!

More later - so everyone stay healthy and TTFN.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

...new blog site added

Check out The Bristol Experience . The B-Town Boyz have added an additional site for all to share their Bristol Raceway experiences either in pictures or chat forum. The design/layout is really nice and I am sure will be updated as needed or desired. Three sites are in conjunction: B Town Boyz, Nomadic Tendencies and now Bristol. This gives these ingenious young men another forum for their wandering and crazy minds. Should be great.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

theson...alias: MR. MECHANIC!!!

On probably one of the hottest days of the summer (heat index was at 100), theson is up early and decides "oh my, what a wonderful day to change my spark plugs!" Now really, take it from me, he is not actually a mechanic, but when he opens the book and uses all his logic, things turn out pretty well. I am sure a master mechanic could have accomplished this task in a fraction of the time, but three cheers to the son for pulling it off.

At one point in time (as the cuss words were flying) he had dropped the ratchet down into the motor area (like I know what it is called) and cannot retrieve it. Logic enters, he gets some twine and manages to rig something in order to retrieve the tool and to also utilize on remaining plugs, so as not to lose the tool again!! Again, three cheers for ingenuity.

Having started this project around 10 am, in unbearably humid, hot weather, he finished around 3:30 pm I believe - a greasy, gunky mess. Thus, the final pic of theson with thegrandson - one relatively clean and scared of the dirt on the other. All in all, what a wonderful day for theson (who is lying down at the moment because of a muscle strain in his back). He managed to complete the task even in unbearable heat (and a rain storm) and the 17 year old truck is running great.


So everyone stay healthy and TTFN.

Rich|Championable: Hope the kitties are thriving.