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Friday, October 31, 2008

I think Sarah has been chatting with Cheney....!?!?!

First Amendment reads as follows:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Well, Sarah Palin is running off at the mouth again it seems. She is playing the poor, picked on right wing idiot, claiming she believes her first amendment rights are being attacked from reporters. This all began when she gave a radio interview to WMAL-AM this morning.

She told this interviewer that her criticisms of Bill Ayers and Rev. Jeremiah Wright should NOT be considered negative attacks (as she has been saying while on the road also). Palin feels that by the press reporting these as "negative attacks", now her first amendment rights are in jeopardy. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL HER SHE CAN GOOGLE THE CONSTITUTION!!!

Palgal also insists that if the media convinces enough voters that this is negative campaigning - then, and I quote her "I don't know what the future of our country would be in terms of First Amendment rights and our ability to ask questions without fear of attacks by the mainstream media."

Tell me honestly, does this not sound like more ignorant BABBLE????? The woman opens her mouth and instantly the words turn to mush...no sense....no points made! The only point I think she wanted to make was how sad it is that the media is always unfair when they make a statement which goes against her.

I have one wish for her....if you don't like it - take your football and go home!!! Go home and educate yourselves on the Constitution and those wonderful Bill of Rights, you definitely do not understand. This is all too Cheneyesque for me. Now isn't that one scary thought?

I found a quote from a man who attended convicted Sen. Ted Stevens welcome home party in Alaska. Apparently Stevens fans just have no faith in any justice outside of their own state...hmmm.
"Anyone who thinks you can get a fair trial in the heart of liberalism, Washington, D.C., is smoking dope. He was railroaded!" Mark Kelliher, retired Engineer.

Now why would he start picking on the wonderful dope smokers? I think this man has issues! Stevens is the one who fucked up - and he GOT CAUGHT MORON!!!!

Who needs pesky fruit flies???? Not Palin!!!

Again, either the McStrange team leaders have been caught giving out frivolous talking points in Palin's speeches, or they fail to do their own research.

Last Friday (24th), when giving her FIRST policy speech she espoused the need for the federal government to fully fund IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) which would ensure services to children with disabilities. She also cited the need to do more for children with autism.

While claiming that the monies Congress spends on earmarks "is more than the shortfall to fully fund IDEA," but hold on now...it wasn't long before she then laughingly scoffed at "fruit fly research" as having little or no value. Her quote:

.."sometimes these dollars go to projects that have little or nothing to do with the public good. Things like fruit fly research in Paris, France, I kid you not!"

Of course, there were no specifics coming from Palin as to which specific earmarks she was referring, but there is no doubt she is totally in the dark about the scientific research - with fruit flies - that has led to discoveries that have boosted the autism research program at the University of North Carolina.

These discoveries as stated by the School of Medicine at Univ. of NC, made in "Drosophila fruit flies may lead to advances in understanding autism spectrum disorders, as recently, human neurexins have been identified as a genetic risk for autism."

WHAT IS IT WITH ALASKANS?????? A court or a legal body finds a sitting legislator "guilty" of something....and they immediately respond to the media...."I HAVE NOT BEEN CONVICTED" or "THEY HAVE FOUND NOTHING WRONG!!!" Let's see, Palin (after McCain) suggested that Ted Stevens should step down, following his conviction, yet he has this humongous welcome home celebration in Alaska and says "I haven't been convicted!" WTF!?!?! And we remember, the Troopergate decision when Mr. Branchflower released the 263 page decision - ABUSED HER POWERS! I give up - I know these two individuals are not representative of ALL of Alaskans, and I apologize to those nice people, but Palin and Stevens need to get back home - NOW!

And now...Joe the Plumber!!! What the hell is up with this guy??? My husband was a union pipefitter/plumber and I am more than familiar with this trade and the general mentality and political leanings. I have spoken with quite a few of these guys and gals this election season and I would predict that 99% are for Obama. Now, an unlicensed, non-union plumber apparently sees things much differently. This JOE comes along, asks a spontaneous question, where the answer is twisted and distorted to become a "socialist" platform for McWeird and associates. The entire context and point of the conversation was missed upon Joe Wurtzelbacher's introduction to the world. And now, he has hired a publicist. I say, what the hell for? A week from now, you will still be plumbing and no one will want you for anything. Have you (Joe) heard the phrase "flash in the pan?"

Joe the Plumber has actually given this trade a bad name. He was never in a financial position to buy any business, had delinquent taxes of his own (how nice that donations have since covered this debt) - so go back to your toilets, pay your child support, and hopefully your taxes - you are so DONE!

Bill Kristol - sense of humor....how strange....but funny!!

Watching Bill Kristol and Jon Stewart together in a less than "stuffed shirt" situation...is hilarious. I find Kristol's belief of McCain/Palin winning this election absurd...but eerier things have happened. Enjoy - I was totally tickled.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

An empowering experience...and trick or treat, all in one day!

As I was running through all my regular blog visitations this morning - I got to MUDFLATS (I do them alphabetically - a little OCD there), and they were announcing a live webathon: Real Women Respond to Palin. I stayed at the site till it ended at 9 pm, except for the one hour of Trick or Treat time in the neighborhood.

This was an interesting format, I have never been to a site like this before, but there was live video of all these women (anti-Palin), and each at various times would make a commentary, and they all took turns reading letters submitted either ahead of time or by e-mail. Each and every one stating various parts of the McCain/Palin platform they disagreed with. The majority of the topics centered around a woman's right to choose, and all the reasons Palin gives for being against abortions.

There was an online "chat" coinciding on the same screen. My fingers are almost raw from all the chatting I was able to get out there. The platform for dialogue was obvious, but as will happen in a chat room - there are always assholes that like to stir it up...and me, I have a hard time turning the invisible cheek online!!! I think I managed to piss off a fair share of idiots - woohoo!

I believe the site was interactive with Twitter and Facebook simultaneously. All in all, women detest the thought that Palin thinks we adhere to her ideology. A great many agreed that religion has no place in politics. Women do not need to be set back 100 years, and NO dinosaurs did not live with man 7000 years ago. There was actually one gentleman in the chat, who agreed with us on all issues. Curses, he's probably married!

If there is time before Nov. 4th, they may try to take on a venture like this again. We shall see.

Now, on a serious note....I want all the "gouged" money that Exxon got from me in the last 3 months!!!! Everyone - government included needs to stop this corporate gouging.

Come on now....how do you spell GREED!!! Exxon Mobil broke all previous records, posting a 3rd quarter profit of $14.83 BILLION!!!! Please, someone tell me HOW does a corporate giant validate that kind of profit, while draining our blood at the pumps. And didn't Exxon balk at paying a stiff multi-million dollar fine from the Exxon Valdez years ago? They have no problem raking in the dough - but shelling it out (other than large corporate bonuses) becomes a problem. This is one area where REGULATION is definitely called for - piss on McCain!

When gas was over $4/gallon, and some people had to quit jobs because they couldn't afford to drive to work, or sacrifices were made elsewhere within a family unit...I'm sure the Exxon execs were still dining high on the hog. I wonder how much this corporation gave to the McCain campaign (or Palin for that matter)? I find this so nauseating, not to mention maddening!

Damn, I picked a subject that makes me so mad I'm done for the night. See ya tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Alaska Women Hold Surprise Event for Obama

This is great....could Alaska go BLUE?????

Acts of DESPERATION make me want to puke!!

Maybe I am more of a realist, to accept a smear campaign as gospel. Now that we are in the homestretch - we can all see by these nasty, vile and quite often deceitful ads being sent forth .

Sen. Elizabeth Dole and Kay Hagan are vying for the same Senate seat in North Carolina, and as of late, Dole has realized she may be ousted from her position. So, her act of "desperation", was to release a televised ad today claiming that Kay Hagan is "GODLESS."

Having viewed this ad, which probably many of you have seen - I was just floored. I honestly do not know a lot about this woman, but have read that she is pro-active in the Presbyterian church, where her family has a history going back over 100 years. Her religious beliefs have never come into play until, Dole takes an innocent meeting, attended by hundreds and financially supported by multiple entities - and "bam" Kay Hagan is a heretic - burn her at the stake.

The ad itself begins with a blurry image of two individuals and then spends a remainder of the time describing the PAC (which was one of many), as primarily supporting Hagan. A voice at the very end yells out "there is NO God!" End of commercial.

Each to his own, I prefer not to hear any religious input in campaign ads whatsoever. I respect others and respect their rights to believe as they choose. I am an agnostic and prefer that people respect that as well. My point here is that slime like this belongs in the trash receptacle.

Elizabeth Dole - get ready to stay home with your man and his ED problems. Your time is up and hopefully the intelligent people of North Carolina will see this ad for the desperate attempt that it is.

Now to Sarah Palin, the "hatchet man" for the McSame/Failin team. This morning she brought out Rashid Khalidi and made the inference that Obama is STILL hanging with terrorists!!! Please, save me from this idiocy. I wondered when and if they would try this smear with Khalidi, but kept telling myself they wouldn't - because it had the potential to backfire miserably. Obama has not denied his association with Khalidi, he is a well respected professor at Columbia University and they were colleagues. With the assertion that Khalili was a spokesman for the PLO and Arafat - I think they may have stepped in a very large pile of manure here.

By making this assertion, now John McCain can be backed into a corner as to how he - in the 90's, as chairman of the International Republican Institute (IRI), distributed several grants to the Palestinian research center - which was co-founded by none other than - Rashid Khalidi! One grant alone was worth $500,000. Johnny Mac - can you say DUH!?!?!

This is the picture that is on the flyer's being distributed throughout Florida by the GOP. The subliminal message for the "uninformed" is apparent with Pakistan, Afghanistan (Muslim countries) as his backdrop. I haven't seen the wording on the flyer's, but I would not be surprised what is being said.

ENOUGH ALREADY - in less than a week this will be all but over. The absentee and early voters this year are record-breaking. I would presume that they are solely appealing to the 4% of undecideds. (I have a hard time understanding how anyone could be "undecided" at this point in time - but....)!

Gonna run - watching the Obama 30 minute show...or "infomercial" according McQuack. And NO, this show is NOT pushing back the start time of the World Series - gooftard!

Till tomorrow. TTFN

I swiped this...hilarious!

Click to enlarge

CNN ran a piece on the McCain's - the African-American side of the family, last week. What a wonderful family, I enjoyed the piece very much. At first I thought it might be awkward, because Johnny boy has always stated that his family, going waaaaaay back, had NEVER, NEVER owned slaves - alas, he was wrong. I just thought I would swipe this piece from 238.com and pass it on - for shits and giggles!!

Cold, yet sunny day.....BRRRRR!

I'm impressed, the outside temperature just got to 40 degrees. I'm still cold! Pity party time, because I'm chilled, runny nose, and a stiff neck. What next I obnoxiously ask?!?!?!

Thedaughter finally got her cast on the broken arm yesterday. She had a 3:15 pm appointment with the Ortho, and we end up sitting in a waiting room with 5 other people having the same appointment. Ruh-roh, my Irish came out, along with my outspokenness!! "This is ridiculous," "Doesn't this guy know our time is valuable also", and amazingly enough, after an hour, everyone was processed rather quickly. Since this was my daughter's appointment and not mine - we stayed. Had it been an appointment for me - my ass would have been "outta there!" Now after that long wait - apparently he doesn't cast in his office, we have to go back through the hospital to Outpatient Registration - to have it casted in the ER. Now there is some Male Dominated Organization for you. Wait - to be registered....Wait to get the cast placed....out of there after a total of almost 3 hours!! So much for my big idea of making a pot of beef stew last night. McDonald's was our chef!

And what is the big deal with no selection of colors or designs for the cast...thedaughter is pissed! She wanted camouflage.

Since it is chilly, I am NOW making that pot of stew. Ummmm...smells so good. I'll have to search through my pantry and see if I have the fixings for cornbread now!

I think I'll just turn the stew off for awhile and try to take a nap - my neck is killing me! That way, I will be up when thegrandson gets home from school.

Thedaughter is going back to work today - she last worked on the 20th, broke the arm on 22nd! I will be glad to get her outta here for a little bit. If I were a fly on the wall, I would probably fall off laughing, watching her try to type at work!! Heehee!

The HYPOCRISY we live...

I was just thinking about when Iraq was deemed safe enough to hold their FIRST DEMOCRATIC elections, and of course, the U.S. had to send people in to make sure that the elections were held in a fair and democratic way.

Hell - WE CAN'T EVEN DO THAT HERE AT HOME!!! For us to sit at the head of the proverbial table and dictate the "right" way to administer these foreign elections smacks of the ULTIMATE hypocrisy.

At this point in time - five days away from electing our next POTUS, and being the news junkie I am, I have found that the Republican party has mastered the art of manipulating our own electoral process more than any foreign entity.

We can cite the 2000 and 2004 elections as being manipulated (haha!) by looking at Florida (have to love Kathrine Harris) and Ohio (thanks Ken Blackwell) as Repub manipulations. From disenfranchising to ballot manipulations the screams of foul were heard across the country - but how quickly they were cast aside.

The tactics in use at this moment run the gamut from personal confrontations with threats of deportation, voter registrations are invalid, and blacks are being threatened with arrests at the polls. In New Mexico, one Republican lawyer has hired an individual who is making house calls to "legal" immigrants, and alluding that their votes will not be counted and they face being deported.

West Virginia and Virginia are having problems with the electronic voting machines and the local elections personnel are blaming the "errors" on the voters, i.e., they are not careful enough to push the right name. These are cases where one name may be touched at the top of the screen (say for State Attorney General or something), yet John McCain's name which is much lower on the screen will be checked. This is not voter mistakes - this would be a mechanical defect - engineered by whom? Now I will show my ignorance - who contracts for these companies that make the machines? Are there maybe kickbacks involved somewhere along the line? I believe one of the first voting machines used was made by Diebold (in Ohio), and now all the machines in use are by another company.

The bottom line is, that politics will always take center stage when it comes to major purchases on a state level that affect a Federal issue. This would be the reason I chose to vote absentee this year - as I have always been the first to show up at the polls for quite some time. At least with a paper ballot - I do not run the risk of my vote automatically being changed....I just run the risk of it to mysteriously come up missing, either through the Postal system or within the Board of Elections.

One year (2004 I believe), theson knew he was going to be out of the country and we went to the Board of Elections to see if he could get an absentee ballot, which we were informed that he could vote early, right there and then. Aha, the catch, they had no record of him voting before (he had not missed an election since turning 18), and he was relegated to filing a provisional ballot. I don't have problems with a provisional ballot, if it is definitely going to "count". My problem is why are your (BOE) records deficient? No answers, and I am sure no one took the time to track down where this error originated.

This past May, for the Primary election, I tried to get an abesentee ballot for theson, which I could FedEx to him in Egypt - OH NO!! Not allowed. The Board of Elections would have to mail the ballot utilizing the USPS - and no matter how much explaining I gave them - United States mail would NOT get through - they did it anyway. Surprise, surprise - he never received his ballot. In their wildest dreams, these institutions stil do not hire the most intelligent individuals, or even those who will go the "extra mile" to ensure honesty and fairness. I don't have all the answers, but something has to be done to ensure fairness to all and that there votes WILL count on election day.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Alaska, has had a rough time....apparently...

To date eleven Alaskans have either been charged, convicted or pleaded guilty, all connected to a federal corruption investigation over the last 4 years. Ted Stevens is the latest to take a big fall. Included in this "bunch" are three state legislators, the chief of staff to former Gov. Frank Murkowski and two former Veco execs. Alaska's state congressman, Don Young hasn't been charge, but is under investigation as well.

Lisa Murkowski, Alaska's junior senator has been targeted by an ethics complaint, which was lodged by a watchdog group over a land deal. And we have seen the Troopergate mess unravel before our eyes in the last couple of months.

Ted Stevens - Tried and convicted on 7 counts of making false financial disclosures. Each charge carrys a five year prison term - although it is unlikely that he will be sentenced that extremely.

Pete Kott - Former Alaska House Speaker, convicted Sept. 25,2007 of bribery, extortion and conspiracy for selling influence to executives of the oil services and construction firm Veco Corp.

Vic Kohring - Former state Rep. of Wasilla, convicted on Nov. 1, 2007 of bribery, conspiracy and attempted extortion. Sentenced to 42 months in federal prison in Oregon.

Tom Anderson - Former state Rep. of Anchorage, was sentenced to 5 years in prison on Oct. 15, 2007, convicted on 7 felony charges including bribery, conspiracy and money laundering. Anderson was also a paid consultant for Veco.

Bill Allen - Veco CEO, pleaded guilty May 7, 2007 to charges of bribery and conspiracy for his dealings with legislators.

Rick Smith - Veco vice president, pleaded guilty to same charges as Bill Allen.

Bill Bobrick - Lobbyist, pleaded guilty May 7, 2007 to conspiracy for bribing Anderson.

Jim Clark - Lawyer and lobbyist. Pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy while he was Gov. Frank Murkowski's chief of staff.

Bruce Weyhrauch - former state Rep. of Juneau, charged with bribery, attempted extortion, conspiracy and mail fraud. No trail date set as yet.

John Cowdery - State Senator was indicted on July 10, 2008 on conspiracy and bribery charges.

Ben Stevens - former State Senator, son of Sen. Ted Stevens has not been charged but has been under investigation for various matters.

I can't remember such a large group of individuals included in one massive umbrella of deceit since Watergate. Remember Sarah Palin's name may possibly be added after this Personnel Board has completed their investigation.

Locally, we were all saddened that Bob Ney was convicted of accepting gifts (unreported) and was sent to federal prison - since he was our neighbor, this kind of thing doesn't happen, and we believe everything they say....right! But it appears to me that Alaska may have more serous problems, which need to be addressed - that being the influence of the oil companies on the state government.

Ted Stevens, was the King of Pork for Alaska, and it appears he may have a fight on his hands to hold on to his seat in the senate. There are forces fighting to see that his democratic opponent takes over - one week to find out!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Right, Ted and Sarah want to lead the U.S......

in the right direction. Now who is hanging around with convicted felons??????

MSNBC Breaking news!


Not the kind of news I was hoping for the day. So sad that Ted Stevens was flound guilty (wiping tears away) - and faces 35 years in the pen!! Boo-hoo!


If you missed this....Obama has a new DADDY!!!

DON'T BOTHER TRYING TO VIEW THIS PIECE...IT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE ON CNN. Not sure why, maybe Obama's poeple didn't like it (me either) and had it pulled. I'm still trying to find it somewhere - sorry y'all missed it!!

Sorry Barack, I guess your new daddy was Frank Marshall Davis and not Barack Obama Sr.

Tell me this guy ISN'T nuts?!?! After all this time - all the in-depth investigations, this man just trips over some new information - but never showed any paperwork to substantiate this finding!


From the depths of desperation...McCain is at his lowest!!

I have never been in the position of being so far down (in an election or otherwise) that I would utilize the lies and distortions that John McCrackhead and his cohorts have decided to sink.

This is a partial representation of a mailer being sent by the LOSERS - in hopes of pulling ahead in this very important election. If you notice, these are all "claims" and no factual information is included. Throwing mud is all the asshhole has left - this riles me to no end. Essentially, they are preying upon the less informed to sway their votes. You know the ones I am talking about, the ones who spout the same old words and phrases - but couldn't substantiate a single one, if their lives depended on it.

I am guessing that I will never be able to run for a major office in the future, because I know Bob Ney and am very good friends with his parents. Since I have that relationship, because he accepted money from Jack Abramoff, I must also have been involved. Damn, I wish I had some of that money!!!!
News alert showing white van that was used to "kidnap" Jennifer Hudson's nephew has been located, and there is a body of a child inside. How very sad. I hope they catch and fry the bastards involved. What could that 7 year old boy have done to deserve this? As a mother and a grandmother, my philosophy has always been one of the lioness - you don't mess with MINE!!! I will be thinking about this family and their grief and heartache - something that will never go away.
We have a COLD front moving through and they even mentioned possible "snow showers" for tomorrow - BRRRRR!! Mnmom can have the snow in Minnesota - I'm so not ready.
John McQuick is making an announcement in Cleveland with his "Economic Advisers." OMG what could this be??? He has Meg Whitman and Mitt Romney with him - now I'm scared. He keeps clearing his throat - I think he has a furball! Crap, Tom Pawlenty there too. WTF?!?!? "Don't believe Obama - he will cut millions of jobs where I ensure millions of NEW jobs!" Is the
man grasping at the straws on the floor??
  • He will make the stock market rebound
  • He will NOT raise taxes
  • He will ensure millions of new jobs

This man is PISSED!! He is just going to turn himself off more by this desperate act. People, please see it for what it is!! Ruh-roh!! Same old lies coming out - maybe the furball will expel next.

So far I haven't heard anything new. Incentivive - is that a word? I must check that out. The sad part is - the stock market ticker is rising as he is speaking - Grrrrr. Listening to the "applause" he is speaking to a very small group - hmmmm.

I think this speaking engagement is to show the JOHN MCCAIN CABINET!! He certainly isn't saying anything I haven't heard already. Too much for this hour of the day - I have some things to do - be back later.

Someone just has to show their stupidity!!!!

I changed my Opinion Poll question, as first thing this morning my mailbox was inundated with votes for JOHN MCCAIN...........over 50+. Now, how ignorant is that for a lowly litle blogger person such as I? This jerk-off must think by "padding" the votes, it will actually help John McCain win. NOT HAPPENING IDIOT PERSON!

The IP address was: cdm-75-108-46-131.asbnva.dhcp.suddenlink.net
Location: Tyler, Texas

Just to let you know - ignoramous - you have been banned from future voting.

Now I can get on to more important things in my life - plans for the day and blogging!! Woohoo!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Did I mention Hasselbeck? I'm not a fan either....

I still am trying to figure out what this woman's claim to fame might be. She did not even survive on Survivor, her aptitude is less than stellar, and she honestly believes people want to hear her. Her opening statement refers to her being able to have "five minutes uninterrupted" on this stage. The only reason she can't get a word in edge-wise on The View, is because of the garbage she hurls. I am so looking forward to watching Joy Behar skewer her tomorrow.

Elisabeth in her intro says she is glad to bring "hot topics" to you - referring to Palin, but then lambastes the Dems for running a sexist campaign - DUH!?!?!?! She also adds that Palin is for "equal pay for equal work" for women, but essentially she and McCain are against the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. I must be honest, Palin really didn't know what that act was all about. When Katie Couric called her on it - she said that the Act was only to enrich the lawyers - what a blooming idiot.

Then the blonde bimbo goes on to reference Palin's wardrobe and her flag pin - of course the applause are deafening because of the patriotic tone - and calls the pin "priceless." Maybe she now needs to join up with Johnny Mac and see if she can get him to even WEAR a flag pin!!!!!

Oh, and please notice how little Piper is manhandling baby Trig - what a shame that Palin has to use her children as props!

Again, the repukes wrote a tight script for Hasselbeck, to include all the talking points (which I am sure she will repeat tomorrow). Someone please, please tell me what this protruding jaw thing is that Palin does regularly and now I see Lizzy doing in this video. Does it give reassurance to their words - affirmation of honesty - tell me - wtf?????? If I walked around like that - people would think I was trying to keep my dentures in my mouth. (What few I have left are still mine!)
Hasselbeck also gives kudos for all the wonderful things she has done as governor - her honesty and integrity - did she forget about Troopergate (like Palin) and the ongoing investigation by the Personnel Board???? She praises the $40 billion gas pipeline, that has turned into a white elephant - like I said, Hasselbeck is an idiot!

Therefore, for the next nine days, this will be ME!! Holding my hands over my ears, so I don't have to listen to the blathering from the right and the perpetual lies they hack up!!! Meow!!!

McCrap was on "Meet the Press" this morning and stated that he can "guarantee" a win on November 4th in a squeaker victory that won't be clear until late that night! Woohoo, I swear, at this point in time - the man is DELUSIONAL!!

I agree with many though, we cannot be overconfident, we still have to voice what is right for this country - and FOUR MORE YEARS, just like the past eight - is NO GOOD for America. I prefer not to hear anymore anti-intellectual rhetoric from either SP or Mc in the next few days, but alas, we can't be that lucky.

I have been making a list (crap - I have way to many lists) of all the basic words used in this election, and crappy statements repeated ad nauseum, that I hope to put in some kind of order for later posting. Now, won't that be fun??? I knew you'd like it!

My Steelers lost and I am depressed (5-2), but shit happens. I think I might even be getting a cold - not a happy camper. I will be back tomorrow for sure - so night night for now!

Another MICHELLE BACHMANN piece...enjoy!!

I politely stole this from Shoot the Messenger and as usual - I'm still laughing.

I am still hoping that this PERSON loses the upcoming re-election in Minnesota. The "censure Bachmann" site garnered over 40,000 signatures the last time I checked. I was so surprised at the huge amount of donations that filtered in to her opponents campaign after her idiotic "anti-American statement.

California is facing quite a battle with Prop 8...I only wish I could vote in that state. I hope the NO's win out over the homophobic idiots in that state.

Enjoy for now, I'll be back later.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

THIS WOMAN is fukking insane!!......Someone...

needs to reign her in a LOT!

As I posted earlier, there are a few McCain camp people calling her a "rogue" at this point in the election, but after I watched this video - I HAVE TO COMPARE HER TO MICHELLE BACHMANN!!!! She is calling Obama a communist now - without actually verbalizing that specific word - all inference. This woman truly cannot appreciate the fact that she is over 2500 miles away from me at this moment.

I have been reading and sometimes replying to Letters to the Editor in the local papers...and the venom from these right-wingnuts is abominable. The majority, will answer my comments with name calling and wicked stuff (which really upsets me :)) but one can tell that these evil folks cannot formulate an opinion on their own. They spew the vile talking points that Commander McGruffy feeds them. At this point I am not leaving any comments, because frankly, it is a waste of my time. I would rather have an intelligent discussion with a fully informed individual, rather than banter with a robot!

With the speech she is delivering in the video above, it appears to me (my sole opinion) that she may have written this speech herself. The words are so dissimilar to those she has been spouting in the past. Maybe this is the Rogue Sarah speaking.

Another thought, I'm surprised she hasn't "spun" the Pittsburgh VICTIM to her benefit. Although, we all know that the HOAX was caught early, for lack of a better description. But lies, and deceit are not beyond these people - we have seen this constantly.

MESSAGE TO SARAH PALIN: Please, make your flight arrangements now for your return to the land of the Eskimos on Nov. 5th. (My apologies to the Eskimos.) Your time spent in the lower 48 has been a real eye-opener, but we are now ready for a loooooooong REST from your grammatically incorrect statements, your love of yourself, your neglect of your family for your own narcissistic needs, your big thoughts of coming DOWN here in 2012 to run for PRES.....and just generally being a fuktard. I have had more than enough and my blood pressure could use a break. Thanking you now...I remain.........................PISSED OFF!


I have gotten this out of my system for the moment, and will await a bright, sunny day tomorrow bringing me more juicy STUFF to get pissed about. Helluva life huh??? Beats the alternative.

Goodnight and sweet dreams!

Dreary, boring Saturday...so a hodgepodge of thoughts...

will be coming out now. Mnmom has had her Obama sign stolen from her yard (yet left her Al Franken banner) and I find this just mean. But I did find something to cheer her up:

How's that for a thought - bigger and better works for me!!

This morning news seems to be reporting that Sarah Palin has turned "rogue" on the McCain campaign. Now there's a real shock - she has been a rogue, since she first opened her mouth with "palling around with terrorists."

The woman just doesn't "get it!" I should think everyone has noticed that she has turned more prima donna lately - even when sitting or standing alongside McGrumpy. Several of the campaign people assigned to steer her in the direction they deem correct, are ready to abandon ship - they know they are cooked since several have sent out resumes already.

One thing that has driven me nuts throughout this campaign is her constant reminder that "Obama would sit down with dictators without preconditions." I truly believe that she has never accessed a dictionary in her life. Having a so-called journalism degree has not helped her in the grammar area, of that we are sure. But I digress.

Preconditions - trans. verb. To put in proper or desired condition or frame of mind especially in preparation. Palin is describing preparation not preconditions. Her statement actually says that some kind of condition imposed has to be met. McC wants Iran to suspend their uranium enrichment program before any negotions are considered. Obama is against it. His premise being, you can't ask the other party to give up certain negotiating points in exchange for nothing and then expect them to sit down and negotiate. Palin is not adept enought to understand this working scenario. And we definitely know she hasn't had that much political experience to begin with. (I argue her "executive" experience as spouted by the McCrack team.)

One needs to ask Sarah Palin - wtf do you mean by preconditions? Would you please expound on that premise! Then we would be inundated with more gobbledygook (sp) and have to take more meds. I dare her to define preparations as opposed to preconditions. Her usage and intention do not come across as Obama's original reference - but again, more fodder with which to hang herself.


I ran across this lovely picture - and brought back memories of when my kids were younger (high school age) and theson and his buddies decided to "trick or treat." One of the guys went as a CONDOM, and I thought I would die laughing. Talk about an economical costume!

But even though he is a young man now - if he ever makes it back to this country - I will suggest a costume similar to these! Bwahahahaha!!! He's NUTS anyway.

Maybe I will start some laundry, maybe I will start dinner, maybe I will run the sweeper.....and then again.....maybe none of the above!!! Till later..........

Friday, October 24, 2008

If her "last" glasses cost $400+ how much are these??

At her news conference (no questions) in Pittsburgh this morning, where she announced HER POLICY for special needs children, Sarah Palin was sporting a new pair of full black rimmed glasses. Now I wonder if the price tag has already been included in the $150K or if this is in addition to that amount? Since I wear glasses, and love all the different styles, the first thing I noticed - was her eye wear.

I like them, but I have a beer budget (champagne taste) and can't even afford to upgrade the 2 pairs I have. Maybe I should run for a national office in four years - if I don't go blind by then.

I have been all over the place trying to find a better picture of "the" glasses, but this was the best I could find. Drat, curses, rats!!! I will still keep at it.

How about that girl in Pittsburgh (a McCain volunteer) saying she was mugged by some Obama supporter????!?!?! Thankfully, through diligent and time consuming investigations, the Pittsburgh PD was able to get a confession, that this girl made up the Obama part. They are still investigating whether she was mugged or not.

I found her myspace site and she is a student from College Station, Texas, and has worked in NYC and just recently moved to Pittsburgh. All news articles out of Pittsburgh say she is 20, although she lists her age on myspace as 23 - most people make themselves younger, I thought. She is a Poli-Sci major and an avid McCain supporter.

I do not presume that McCain or anyone put her up to this act, but I would suggest she seek immediate help. At least she got to talk to McQuack and Pally on the phone - so she is probably happy. It's a shame she's not smart enough to know that when "carving" a letter into your skin, while looking in a mirror - it is a reversed image!

Off on my scavenger hunt to find a great pic of those damn glasses!

****OK - 9:40 pm and I found a video w/ the new spectacles - about 1:47 into the video, Palin is giving her policy speech this morning in Pittsburgh. Check them out - I like them better than the ones she has been wearing - although it may be a temporary thing.

She needs NEW brain cells....NOW!!!

Again, Sarah Palin never ceases to amaze me. When we listen to ANY of her speeches, they ALL include the same talking points. The same grammatical phrasing...she managed to memorize a specific few lines and reiterates them non-stop. As if these sputterings can be applied exclusively to economy, health care, jobs...etc. Please watch this:

Now, I know she is pro-life and does not believe in abortion, even in the case of rape - even if it were her own daughter - but to wiggle and fudge the issue of putting an abortion clinic bomber in the same category as THE TERRORIST BILL AYERS, is mind boggling.

Bill Ayers, made bombs to further a political agenda against the Vietnam war - NO ONE was killed. I stated before, his first wife was killed trying to dismantle or deter the placement of a bomb. Now, with all McClank and Pally's ramblings, the radical Bill Ayers is the worst thing that ever walked the face of the earth.

Sarah dear...now what do you think of Eric Rudolph? "Duh, who's that?" Let me tell you dear, he set off a bomb at the Atlanta Olympic park and maimed many and I believe 2 possibly 3 people were killed. He bragged about the abortion clinics he blew up...maiming people - scars they would carry for the remainder of their lives. This man bragged about his accomplishments, people lived in terror because of him, he was on the FBI's Most Wanted list for the five years he remained in hiding. Now - again, would you classify this abortion clinic bomber a terrorist? Eric Rudolph is serving LIFE in prison, Bill Ayers is a college professor and no prison time - there's a no-brainer for ya!

When Brian Williams tried to get a straight answer from her on this issue, you can see she again, did not give that straight answer!! If she gave a truthful answer - she would have to say YES. But she won't because she loves the fact that abortion clinics were being blown up - because it fits her personal beliefs in pro-life. (Of course that would be pro-life for the unborn - not the living!)

I'm not arguing the point of abortion per se, that is a personal choice which should be left solely to the individual (my belief), I am making the point of Palin's lack of knowledge, stupidity if you will. She is not smart enough to realize that her memorized TALKING POINTS and key phrases are not applicable to all issues. Please, please, grow a brain! She refers to terrorists as anyone who would threaten our U.S. Capital, Pentagon and innocent lives. Like I said, in my heart I know that she does not consider those associated with abortion clinics or who may perform abortions as innocent lives.

On that note - here's the latest picture sweeper the Internet.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Okie Dokie Opie...from Mayberry to Happy Days....

I kinda liked this....enjoy!!

See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die

I knew they would fling the Poo as soon........

as Barack Obama left the campaign to go to his grandmother's bedside!! You need to watch this video (I tried to find a download - not happening), and this GOP strategist, Brad Blakeman, OPENS MOUTH - INSERTS FOOT!!!

As soon as I heard that Obama would be leaving the campaign runs for two days - in order to be with his grandmother, I was not upset as he has run one of the most consistent, well organized campaigns I have ever seen. I felt that he would cover his bases and ensure that the rallies continued and the staff would handle the ads. There were so many well-wishes throughout the cyber world for his grandmother - of course, what would we do in a case like this. It wouldn't take me even a second to decide - FAMILY FIRST!!!

If you go to the site above and watch the video, I am assuming that the beginning of the conversation was relating to the $150K RNC wardrobe expense for Palgal. Just like a good repuke, they never give direct answers, they immediately change the situation to Obama. And this man's rhetoric just set me back a step or two. For one thing, Obama did not make it in time to see his mother before she passed away, and he does not want to make the same mistake twice in his lifetime. This woman was an integral part of his life and that is something very precious.

This Brad Blakeman, now wants the Dems to get upset because he is using the campaign plane to fly to his grandmother. Callous, catty, ridiculous, absurd - bastard, asshole and on and on - this man pissed me off!!

I have given a few paltry dollars to Obama's campaign, and in my opinion - he needs to be where he is - in Hawaii with his grandmother. If it took my few pennies to help fuel the plane - I say SUPER!!!! I don't find this frivolous in the least. I feel we have gotten our monies worth and more.

This man is trying to make the comparison of the largess of the wardrobe to Obama utilizing the campaign jet. There is no comparison between a fashionista and a loving, caring grandson - at least not in the world in which I live. And another thing...he has to have the Secret Service contingent with him also - so as far as "humping his bags through an airport"....I say shove it up your ASS! You ignorant, sanctimonious prick! Yes, I don't care who knows it - I am mad. I have had it with this thoughtless, idiotic bunch of cretins.

WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS!!!! Literally....

Yesterday, started out pretty much like any other - thedaughter was on her second day off in nine days, we were getting things accomplished....and then. She ate a chicken salad sandwich and a tooth which she was having problems, decided to flare up royally, sending her into excruciating pain. We immediately get on the phone and NO ONE takes her insurance, let alone emergency calls. I had reached the point of "not so nice" retorts to these people. Give me a break!! What is a person to do when in serious pain??? Even the walk-in dental clinics, like Sears, wouldn't take her insurance. I finally found one who would take her immediately and I had to pay $200 for the extraction. This tooth was rooted into her sinus cavity, and we hope we are out of the woods, but he did say that an infection or perforation could cause problems. Lovely. At least she came home with Vicodin and no tooth ache.

We had already made plans to carve the pumpkins for thegrandson last night, so after her friend left (who took her to the dentist), she laid the papers on the living room floor and marked the pumpkins and started on the smaller one first. It was being carved with a "spider", and just when she gets alllllllllmost done - the grandson dropped something, scared her, and she cut out a BIG chunk! Ruh roh! She was not a happy camper now.

Me, the ever vigilant peacemaker, told her to calm down - "I have toothpicks." I'm all for jerry rigging anything. The toothpicks worked, and as she got up off the floor, she slid on the papers laid out - and did a header - busting the pumpkin - and now ----after leaving the emergency room this morning - has a BROKEN ARM!!!!!!!

Damn, damn, damn!!! I gave her ice for her arm last night (she also sprained her ankle), as it was after 10 pm, I did ask if she wanted me to call 911 - she said "no." Since she was taking the Vicodin for the tooth problem, she at least had a little relief.

When she came down this morning, she was crying in pain, so after we got thegrandson off to school - off to the ER we go. We finally get the verdict of the fracture and are told to see an Orthopedic Surgeon. Guess what - not a single Ortho in this area takes her insurance either. (She has Ohio Medicaid - Caresource.) Now, there is another twist. three years ago, when she had an Orthopedic surgeon who took her insurance, she had to have 3 surgeries to remove the wrist joint. She had tumors in the bones that were "killing" the bones. After ten years of ER trips and being told it was a sprain - we went to Ohio State University hospital in Columbus to find the truth and have the proper surgical procedures to correct the problem. All in all, we made 25 trips to Columbus - but it was well worth the ride.

The end result was highly limited range of motion in her wrist, but she managed to adapt and relearn to type, so it never really interfered with her employment. Unfortunately this break is right above the joint removal. So, in all honesty, this is still a broken wrist as opposed to an arm. If surgery is needed, which I sincerely doubt, we will head back to Columbus - the doctor there deals ONLY with wrists, and we loved him.

Now, I have a headache, and want a nap...but can't see that happening right away. Thedaughter will definitely not be able to work for the next few days, and I guess I will be playing nursemaid. I need to train thegrandson better I guess.

Updates later...I must catch up on blogs and news now!!! Surprise, surprise!

***The X-ray above is not actually hers, just an example.

UPDATE: 7:45 pm - after utilizing some straight pins, thedaughter - with one hand put the pumpkin back together and thegrandson is very happy. Pic 1 with flash - pic 2 without flash.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

McCain tooting his own horn? Could he be wrong???

John McGoofy is going to be on the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer later this afternoon, but I just saw a clip, and I have to wonder if McCrack made an error in his statement?!?!?! Wolf asks a question regarding Joe Biden's declaration that Obama (or the President) may be faced with a crisis within the first 6 months of office. In all Johnny Crackhead's blathering he refers to the Cuban Missile crisis and that he was there.

The Cuban missile crisis began in April of '61 (McC graduated from the Naval Academy in '58), with the Bay of Pigs. The crisis itself climaxed in Ocotber of '62. THERE WAS NO AIR SUPPORT USED AT ALL!! Covert Cuban expatriates were used by the CIA internally (although it was a failed attempt).

I have a feeling McQuaint is going to try and make himself a HERO on another front now. OMG - I may not make it till Nov. 4th, the stress is just awful.

Needless to say, I will be watching The Situation Room at 4 pm to get the entire interview. I should really try to find some drugs before then I imagine!!!!!

Oh the memories, this was a time in our life where everyone was talking about building "bomb shelters!" I can remember my father, having plans drawn up for one in our backyard. One of my neighbors has one in her backyard - I guess they would make nice playhouses or storage units now.

I will be back - I just know you had your doubts!!

WTF??? Did she get this at Nieman-Marcus???

And how much did this GREAT scarf cost the McGrumpy campaign??

Sarah dear...I understand that you have a hard time grasping FACTS...but let me help you here.

Democrats = Donkeys (because we are stubborn and right!)

Republicans = Elephants (because you just muck around the same old things!)


I'm only adding this so I can get back to it on Nov. 5th - when McPhony is crying while giving his FINAL speech.

After I uncrossed my eyes and.....

regained my composure, I thought I would pass on this comical Prop 8 commercial.

I noticed that all the "characters" speaking out are YOUNG. So I assume they have been spoon fed all the anti-Gay information and BULLSHIT!!! I wonder if Californians such as these, realize how lucky they are that I live in Ohio and can't reach out to strangle them????? When I hear garbage such as this, I admit, I go ballistic.

Please, I want them to honestly tell me if they believe the garbage they are shoveling out. Of course they do.

Lame brain comments I heard from video:
  • Gar Nai: "There's a whole bunch of consequences!" OK, now tell me how they affect you personally - like maybe churches could be "forced" to have same-sex marriages? Don't go to that church idiot.
  • Daniel: "Legal defenses based on religious freedoms are less likely to succeed." Got ya - you are a blooming idiot. If a gay marriage is deemed legal - your assertion would mean what???
  • Female: "Religious adoption agencies" might have to give babies to gays, or stop giving away babies altogether." Alrighty then, I say keep your Catholic babies and don't give them to gay couples - now whose the loser here?
  • Adam: "The change of the legal definition of marriage could narrow personal liberties - and some of them even lost!" (This was a law student). I guess he missed the course where private business owners can turn away business as they choose.
  • Alissa: "It's really about giving control, forcing all of us to give up the very foundation of speech and religious freedoms on which this country was founded." DUH!?!?! Tell me how gay marriage impedes our freedom of speech...how does it impede our religious freedom? Now who would be the bigot here??
  • Jenny Lynne: "Children would be taught about marriage between party A and party B!" And your point is?????? Take it for what it's worth fuktard! You do what you want with whom you want and when you want - and let everyone else do the same! **taking a pill now!

To think we're all born the same and worship/believe the same is so lame. I hate (and that is a word I truly detest) the intolerant. If every one's lifestyle impacted each other - maybe there would be a problem. I choose to applaud those who shy away from the beaten path and choose their own lifestyle. I have many gay friends, associates and relatives - all smart, talented individuals. All contribute to society in one form or another - and they are not pariahs. They all deserve the same benefits of a union that the "traditional" unions are guaranteed. My problem is those who feel they have the right to decide where these individuals fit in or not. Closed minded individuals at best.

My belief has always been that it is not my job to judge others and vice versa. Those that make those judgements - are not my friends.

These opposing signs were taken in Boston in 2004. There are way more important issues facing us in the world today - and in the grand scheme of things, I know where I stand....If I lived in California I would ...


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

These numbers look very gooooood to me!

For an in-depth explanation of this chart, I found it here:

This chart reflects total electoral votes for Obama = 367 and McCain = 152. If the end result is anywhere close to these figures, I would die a happy person. To never see or hear about Sarah Palin again would be bliss. Unfortunately, McCain will still be popping off in the Senate, maybe even crying or just plain stirring shit!

Now, someone PLEASE tell me what the lawsuit "Berg v. Obama" is about. I've read the general papers filed in Pennsylvania, and I think the attorney appears to be a complete idiot. My comprehension is that this guy is saying that Obama was NOT born in the United States (Hawaii), but born in Kenya and therefore ineligible to even run for POTUS. This attorney lists Obama's paternal grandparents and aunt or uncle as proof. Has anyone else heard about this? According to his site, a judgement was rendered today which AFFIRMS all the statements. It must be noted that this judgement was made because they received no answer to the complaint - thus a default judgement. Someone please, help me here. I should hope this is a total whackjob!! I Googled the case and found several sites.

I'm tired - think I will crash for the evening. If anyone can clear the above situation up for me I would greatly appreciate the help. Be back tomorrow. Behave all!

DUH - I'm Queen of the world.....her next task!!!!

No shock here, but yesterday the Palinator finally granted a radio interview for KUSA in Colorado. Amazingly enough, Brandon Garcia was one of the lucky questioners, and he is a 3rd grader. His question: "What does the Vice President do?

Palgal stated:

"That's something Piper would ask me! They're in charge of the U.S. Senate so if they want to they can really get in there with the senators and make a lot of good policy changes that will make life better for Brandon and his family and his classroom."

Can you remember way, way, way back in July (whew!) when she was asked the same question - and she didn't get it right then either. Let's see, if I'm not mistaken during her debate she stated that there was a lot of flexibility written in the Constitution as to the VP job. (Duh!) Now we are at 3 for 3 incorrect statements. You realize I am only relating that to the one question - there are tons of other "mis"statements.

I watched the video of the people blocking Palin's car route in Colorado (?) earlier. Wow, those cops just took a running dive at them and laid them on the asphalt. I am not saying that what they were doing was right, but the announcer did state that, more than lucky those vehicles would NOT have stopped - they would have run these people over. Damn...now there's a harsh sentiment.

And now we have Cindy Lou....griping to the media of all the unfairness to her and how the campaign tactics of Obama are so "dirty!" In this CNN article, the botox queen is attacking the viciousness of the media. Excuse me...your husband chose to run for POTUS, therefore you are the lucky winner of being put under the microscope. All the warts and scars from the past become fair game - in all fairness, there is no reason that Michelle Obama shouldn't be scrutinized equally, but don't you think that has been done??? I love how some of the right wingers have claimed that Barack Obama, because of the Bill Ayers connection - would not pass all the top clearance criteria. Again, don't you (or they) realize that those checks have already been cleared?

I dare to think what shite McLame and Failin will come up with, while Barack Obama goes to his grandmother's bedside. At this point, nothing would shock me. I guess we will just have to wait and see what slime is spewed.

CNN is having a sit down interview with Palin coming up shortly, and I just caught a short clip, where she claims that she "does have more executive experience" than Barack Obama. After reading all that has transpired under her administration (Mudflats) and Troopergate, and the ongoing investigation b y the Personnel Committee, she really doesn't qualify for more experience. Let me say this, as Mayor of Wasilla - she was a figurehead - because she hired an Administrator to do all the work. So that eliminates four years right there. Not to mention taking a solvent community into the depths of $20 million dollars worth of debt!

Gonna watch the broad now - more later.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I know this will shock ya!!!!......nah - McC-Pal couldn't....

do anything wrong. According to a post on Mudflats today, and it appears there is speculation that the McCain-Palin team may be involved in "witness tampering." Just bring me the smelling salts NOW!!! I sometimes wonder also, if McShame and Pally keep in contact with each other - does Johnny Mac tell her say this or that??? Apparently she missed the cue line regarding the robocalls. Now, it appears that Rick Davis is encouraging the neocons to attack Obama with Rev. Jeremiah Wright - the once "off-limits" subject, according to McCrazy.

We all know that the Obama camp could retaliate equally to all the mud being thrown their way. Someone who takes the high road such as Obama should be commended if nothing else. If it were me - being my nasty old self - I would hit the McShame camp with both barrels. G. Gordon Liddy, Sproul & Associates (voter registration fraud), the guy they just arrested in Ontario for changing California voters registrations to Republican, through a bait and switch scam...and on and on!


OK - I honestly don't think McWeird made any inroads by using Joe the Plumber...so what is next, Sarah threw in Ed the Dairy Man this morning. Every day seems to bring something new to the table.

Joe Biden is in West Virginia for a couple of rallies and I understand Obama may make that circuit also. This may be a good thing, as I have heard there are some voter irregularities in Jackson and Putnam counties. The kind where you "touch" Obama's name and the machines are registering McCain. But the Secretary of State doesn't see any problems. DUH - I think he is a Republican also.

I just got a news alert that Obama is going to miss some events as he is heading to Hawaii - where is grandmother is ill. I wish her a speedy recovery. Let's see if there is any compassion from the other camp. Now that has me upset, thinking about what could happen.

I'm going to get off here and watch the rest of Dancing with the Stars - take my mind off of this crazy shit for awhile. Behave - be back later.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

One more thing before football begins for the day....

John McCain was on Fox news this morning right after the announcement was received of Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama. It is no great secret of my disdain for this man, especially since he has gone far beyond "mud slinging!" After so many questions were posed, he was asked if he thought Sarah Palin has become a "drag" on the Republican ticket. His reply was as follows:
"I could not be more pleased. She has excited and energized our base. She is a direct counterpoint to the liberal feminist agenda for America. She has a wonderful family. She's a reformer. She's a conservative. She's the best thing that could have happened to my campaign and to America."

As usual, every time he opens his mouth I get chills up my spine. But saying Palin is the "counterpoint to the liberal feminist agenda" speaks volumes. McCain would be happy if all the women in the world just "stayed in their place." Maybe Cindy Lou is happy being separated from McCrackhead for long periods, in order to be her feminine self and collect her millions of dollars a year, but I am telling you now - this woman is going to her grave screaming and shouting "I am as smart and equal to any man in this world." We have had many opportunities to rise the corporate ladders but it's assholes like McGruffy who ensure we DON'T EARN EQUAL PAY! We know that he wants the government to deny us the right to make decisions regarding our bodies - and there is no end to sending us back one hundred years in society.

As far as her other attributes, we know how over-exaggerated they are and just for back-up, these people from Wasilla can attest to her fiscal irresponsibility.

Aha - the Steelers are starting - catch ya later.

It's OFFICIAL...Colin Powell endorses Obama...

and that should be a whoppingly huge kick in the ass to McCain/Palin. An endorsement from retired General Colin Powell should totally annihilate any idea of Barack Obama being quantified (in one form or another) as a terrorist set on destroying America and that he (B.O.) is a proud American.

Whatever will Palin do now? The McC camp surely, will not allow her to question Powell's patriotism and she's not smart enough to realize the ramifications of doing so either. She can't question Powell's service to his country (she probably doesn't even know much of his bio). This could be very interesting.

The McC camp has hired another "hatchet man", one who worked a slime campaign against McC in 2000. Truely McCain has laid out a plan of vile, nasty commentary against Obama to try and win this race. McC is hyper-ambitious in this "competition" and truly believes he is entitled because of his POW status. In the next few days this may all backfire on the "maverick" team. If (but he will) Obama beats McC - I believe it will be a devastating blow to McC's ego, crap, the man carries so much contempt for Obama, I am surprised he doesn't wear a hood at times. In a way, although JOE has used all this media stuff to his advantage, he never thought that the media loves to dig - loves to get answers (and dirt), and that he was now their media darling for 15 minutes. Fact: Joe the Plumber can no more afford to buy a business than anyone at the moment.

Oh my, Colin Powell is really jumping on the "negative campaign" McC/Palin is running. This ride is getting better and better. That man (Powell) is one smart cookie.

Okie-dokie - more later.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin picking day!!! And a lovely one at that...

Thegrandson loves to traipse through the "pumpkin patch" this time of year. It turned out to be a lovely day, albeit quite chilly. I am definitely not ready for cold weather - as it always trigger the arthritis which extends from head to toe.

Thedaughter had a day off work, so we figured out all the places and errands that needed to be accomplished - and made a plan. I am still in "conserve the gas" mode. I am managing to make it a month on a tank of gas, even though gas prices have come down - food prices and utilities have still gone UP!!

The place where we get our pumpkins (Ebbert"s Farms) is not really a farm, although they bring all their produce to one central location and set up a nice retail establishment. The pumpkins are basically laid out by size and one just prances through the fields till the ideal pumpkin is spotted. The grandson found a small one immediately (just his size), but his mother told him they would also get a larger one for the porch, and this did not upset the little guy at all.

We managed to finish all errands within approximately 3.5 hours and back home to rest. I have been getting dizzy and not so sure-footed (hypoglycemic), so I didn't help much in putting things away.


Just an aside - Minnesota Cong. Michelle Bachmann has raised almost $100K FOR HER OPPONENT - because of her idiotic mentality. There are also over 30,000 signatures so far to have her censured. Small things like this make me very happy. Call me trite I don't care.
I'll probably be back tomorrow for more shits and giggles. TTFN.