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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

thegrandsons first day of school....boohoo

It has been more than 22+ years since I sent a little one out on their first day of school - I cried then and I cried again yesterday. Thegrandson has been more than ready for this - I guess I just thought it would happen "later." He was up and out of bed by 7 am (he never gets up before 10 am) and oh so ready to go to school. Bless his little heart. He couldn't wait to get that red apple around his neck so he could be "sorted" out on the school bus and his teacher could get him to the right room when he arrived at the school.

His mom wasn't as bright eyed and bushy tailed, but she escorted him to the bus stop and I managed to get a few pics as they left the house:

Before you know it he will be graduating from high school and off to college (hopefully).

Theson is in New York state visiting with thegirlfriend Emma, and having a wonderful time I imagine. Had to break the news to him that Mom2 was back in the hospital (congest. heart failure) which is not uncommon after recent cath and stent implants. Hopefully they will get her into fighting shape this time.

This is a brief entry this time, have to get ready to head to the hospital again. More later. Stay healthy all!!! TTFN.

***Glad to see Paul is alive and well (I assume). Keep those comments coming good buddy!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

sorry it has been a while...

Theson finally came home and I have been completely remiss in contributing to the blog. He was home for 3 days then left for Columbus to be with the BTownBoyz, returning the following Sunday in order to catch the Nascar race with friends here t home at the local watering hole. He then packed a bag and he and the BTBoyz headed to Bristol, Tn for the Nascar race event for the following week. Unfortunately, problems arose at home, and theson, his friend Chad and Chad's dad headed back home on Friday, as my best friend (Chad's mom) had a heart attack yesterday and had to undergo a catheratization with 3 stents implanted. I had no choice but to call them home.

This was one of those situations where there is no second guessing, you jump in the car and head home. My friend (Mom2) is now recuperating well in the cardiac step down unit for which we are very happy. You have to be tickled by her, no matter what, the reality of the situation is always denied by her. She will not outwardly admit that she actually had a "heart attack", it will be -- "when I was in the hospital" type thing. Smack, smack, Their cadre of friends are towing their camper home also, for which they are very grateful.

Mom2 may return home tomorrow, but I am not sure of that yet. The doctor hasn't seen her as of today (cardiologist or personal) and she is not eating nor is she walking around yet. these are two necessary functions for her recovery...we may have a lot of work to do in those areas.

Well, I am gonnna crash for now, I am totally exhausted. Everyone stay healthy and I will be back soon. TTFN.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

.. theson is HOME

OK - it has ben awhile since I last blogged, but theson arrived home last Sunday and we have been doing everything. Basically gabbing alot. Since the airports all went into HIGH alert two days before he flew home, I was very worried. I don't know why since from this article , as you can see - someone, somewhere has been a little lax with all the HIGH SECURITY. I love the theory of building a better mousetrap. Speaking of which, leave it to the news media to let all nations and terrorists know what we are doing and WHY. I am a super news junkie, but really now, some things need to be kept out of the media. Enough is enough.

We are cleaning thesons room this morning, actually we started yesterday, and since this is turning into an annual event, it does take some time. You have to understand - my bedroom is on the first floor and the "kids" rooms are upstairs and I NEVER GO UP THERE. Since theson orders off the internet all the time and there are always box after to box to deal with his room becomes quite cluttered. This is such an event we enjoy - RIGHT!! It will cost plenty at the landfill.

Gonna go for now, everyone stay healthy, TTFN.

Friday, August 11, 2006

...theson's on his way

Well, theson has left Rahjahmundry and is headed for Vizag (sp) I believe. His flight out of Delhi is on Sunday (India time) at 12:15AM. That is about 3:15 pm our time Saturday. This gets really confusing. I am so excited, he will have a little over a month here in the states and has so much he wants to do. First he has to get over the jet lag and acclimate a little - then just "jump in!"

Thegrandson is on cloud nine - he loves his Uncle Zac more than anything in the world. He wants to camp out in the woods with his uncle and have him teach him to ride a bike. I am sure there are many other things he "wishes" but he is going to have to learn to share his uncle with everyone.

The weather has abated a little and we are no longer scorching or being beaten by the high humidity. He may appreciate that a little, since it is over 100 degrees daily in India.

His travel home may be a little uncomfortable with all the recent changes in carry-on baggage rules and such. Maybe he can just sleep thru most of the flight and wake up in Chicago. That would cure the boredom problem.

Sunday cannot come soon enough for me and all his friends and buddies. We will all be scampering for his time - but it will all be worth it!!

More later, everyone stay healthy. TTFN.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

my baby is coming home....

Theson has made his flight arrangements and will be landing in Pittsburgh next Sunday, Aug. 13th at 10:25am. He has managed to get a month (plus a couple days) off. This is terrific, I last saw him when I took him back to the airport to return to India the end of April.

He will be cramming so much "American" activities into a short time. So many people he wants to see and things he wants to do. There is never enough time. I am so afraid it will go by way to quickly.

This pic was taken more than a year ago, but thought it would look good on here. He is quite a hunk. thegrandson is so excited about his "uncle Zac" coming home and being here for his 6th birthday too!!! Yippee!! He said "he will be here when I start Kindergarten too". There is no doubt how much thegrandson loves his Uncle.

I will take advantage of him a little and soup up this blog. I know the various sites to go to to get things, but am a complete boob at applying them. Well, this is short and sweet, some house cleaning to do and beef stew on the stove - more later. Stay healthy all - TTFN.

***have to read his blog, re: snorting chili powder - sometimes he is such a dork!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

...baby it's hot outside!!!

trying to get pics of thegrandson and friends running thru and playing in the neighbors sprinkler yesterday. Let's see if this works. thegrandson is the one in the red shorts and blonde hair. two more pics of my 15 and 11 yr old grandsons w/ colton at their last baseball game (last weekend.)

The weather has been unbearable, so the kids really had a blast with the sprinklers. Today the temp registered 101 degrees. Supposedly tomorrow will be much like today, utility companies are asking for voluntary conservancy of electric usage. I can understand that! All I want running is the AC and everyone knows how I hate to receive my electric bill. But I just can't suffer the heat anymore. Old age is a wonderful thing!!! IT SUCKS!!!

Theson is trying his hardest to get out of India for a month R & R. he wants to hit the NASCAR race in Bristol with his buddies, and cram a lot of america into his short time in the states. He needs the break.

More later. gonna crash for now. stay healthy all. TTFN.

*** just an observation but I have had over 237 visits from a site in Reston, Virginia. Curious hmmm, where is the CIA headquarters. I might be bugged. hahahahahaha