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Sunday, May 28, 2006

...don't pay the ransom - I'M BACK!!!

I can't believe it has been a week since I last blogged. My how time flies..blah, blah, blah! I really have been busy, but can't think of anything major I have accomplished. Last Monday, took the daughter back to Columbus to get the cast removed, and that was a day from hell - a murphy's law day. She was in a lot of pain and still cannot move the wrist at all. The doctor scheduled physical therapy at Martins Ferry Hospital which is approximately 8 miles from home - so that is a good thing. Well, maybe!! She scheduled her appointment for Thursday and when we showed up, they didn't do the therapy because the doctor had written a therapists name on the form and she is no longer employed there. DUH!! Tried to tell them that it didn't matter, her name just happened to be a reference on the list he had. Mind you - this place is a specific HAND THERAPY office. But no, had to come home and get the doctor's phone number - give it to therapists office and wait to see what happens. The next day (Friday), therapist called and said doctor gave the OK -- whatever??? I truly hate dealing with morons.

Beginning yesterday, we are in the grip of a hot spell. Ninety plus degrees. Had to start the AC, and I am not a happy camper. That means an escalating electric bill, and higher utilities do not make me happy. Finangled with the phone company this week to get my bill lowered. It worked, had to add 2 types of service (call waiting and call forwarding) to get a break and it lowered my DSL by $10 too. Total monthly savings will be $20. Every little bit helps.

Got up early this morning (5:30 am as usual) and got dressed and got groceries for a cookout. Made potato salad, pasta sald, baked beans, my special barbeque sauce, and chicken. It was super. Mom2 and Kimberly came down and sent a plate hom to Russ. My oldest daughter and her new husband were supposed to come but forgot and made other plans. They may stop tomorrow before he heads back to Indiana. (Cable installer and works independently.)

I've been getting things together for my cruise, making lists, etc... getting excited really. Just to get away and chill out is such a relaxing thought. Just have to ensure that everything will be OK on the homefront while I am away. Don't want people in my house while I am gone. Quirky, but that is how I feel.

Slyght had a bout of "Delhi Belly" or Montezma's revenge of India, and I hope he is feeling better by now. Would hate to think he is pooping his life away, BAD MOMMY!!!

Gonna crash for now, I am worn out. Thedaughter and Colton have gone somewhere, but hope she brings him home soon, he needs a bath and to get to bed. He is a little cranky. BTW, gave him $5 bill to get something from the "Good Humor" man, and he picked a Spider Man Popsicle - $2 frigging dollars!! wtf!!! talk about inflation.
He came in with $3 and said "look what the ice cream man gave me!!" needless to say it was my change from the five - to keep him somewhat calm I had to give him a dollar so I could get two. Amazing what one has to do to keep peace.

More later, take care all!! 12 DAYS TILL CRUISE!! YIPPEE!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

...daVinci debate or propaganda?

instead of the "infomercials" which run all night long, i have been switching channels and found that one religious channel was having a discussion (only one sided though) about "the daVinci code." It amazes me, that they are harping that this book and movie are only tearing away the deep seated traditions and mores of the bible. Now I have to consider this: the bible and daVinci Code are both BOOKS. each writtten about 2000 years apart. one was written by many individuals over a great period of time - with no hard evidence to support its claims or statements, and the other more recent book was written by one man with backup up reseearch from other books of the same genre. I consider that both belong in the "fiction" section of the library.

this one gentleman was referring to those who "fall" for the daVinci concepts as cultists, but then what are the people who swear by every single word of the bible? at one point the discussion moved to the sect (cult) within the catholic church called "opus dei." i saw an interview with four members of this cult and they are scary. well dressed and spoken individuals in high paying jobs and have nothing. Opus Dei requires that all financial assets be turned over to the "church" and they physically abuse their bodies in service to God daily. Oh by the way, Opus Dei has been an official sect for only 77 years. there is a barbed "bracelet" of sorts called a cellus (pronounced sill-us) they wear for hours at a time wrapped around their thigh. I suppose because your "bad thigh" made you do bad things. and not to forget the knotted whip for self flagellation.

My question is: where does religion start or cults for that matter? what are the organized religions afraid of from a movie? I taught my children at an early age, that movies are not real (unless otherwise stated), just created entertainment.

For a work of fiction, these anti da vinci groups are really hyping the movie whether they admit it or not. Now for Leonardo daVinci. Other than Stephen Hawking (the smartest individual I can think of at the moment), I can't think of anyone as versatile and of a genius nature that we should even comment "against" him. The man was a scholar, artist, engineer, scientist, and anatomy instructor. Definitely a man before his time. He invented the first machine gun for heavens sake. With a brain such as his, I would not be shocked to consider that he put subtle clues in his paintings and other works.

Slyght bought the book a long time ago and I have been wanting to read it, so I bought a paperback for my cruise. I hope there are no religious fanatics to rip it out of my hands and throw it overrboard.

This one gentleman had me laughing, he kept saying over and over, "I am not telling people to boycott the movie, but why should we put our dollars in Sony's coffers over a pack of lies." If he said it once he said it twenty times, makes me want to buy stock in Sony now. And all these new books are coming out to contradict da Vinci code, and reference the Bible, of course and writings from centuries past. Now back to my initial statements, who is alive to verify "old" statements and where is the evidence?

I may burn in hell, but so be it, that is how I feel, and I always love a good argument.

5 am and I think I will go back to bed now. Stay healthy all - 19 DAYS TILL SAILING TIME!!

***Note: daVinci Code grossed $224 million over 3 day span, second only to Star Wars. Gotta love Sony.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

i have had enough....

Today started out with a plan. I was finally going to jump into getting my kitchen back in order. During tax season I had moved all my files up and it had become a mess. Files are now back in the basement, and it is 12:30 am Thursday morning - and I am ready for a breakdown, but I digress...

As I was "rearranging" the hutch (moving to another wall), and I then proceeded to move the unit holding my printers, laptop and some office supplies - it collapsed and everything went crashing to the floor. I had electronics strewn everywhere. While the daughter started unplugging and sorting the stuff out, I ran to WalMart to get a stronger shelving unit. When I returned home, she had gotten a friend to come help with the mess. We put the new unit together, and began reconnecting all the electronics and luckily - EVERYTHING IS FINE!!! Oh what a mess.

With all the moving and up and down on the stool (to clean things "higher" up), my body was screaming at me. I then fixed a baked steak dinner, and went to bed at 9 pm. I think I fell asleep instantly. Thedaughter then woke me at midnight to tell me we had water coming in the basement. My nerves cannot take anymore. I spent $65K to have a new foundation put under my house in 2001 so I wouldn't have a swimming pool for a basement, but the jerk who did he job either did not put a check valve in the drain system or used shite materials. I need to have a check valve put in and have been nagging this guy for over a year to do it, and now look where I am?!?!? Tomorrow morning at 8 am he is going to hear from me. It has rained non-stop for several days now and I need this done. After Hurricane Ivan in 2004 - and I lost $20K in property because the basement flooded - I cannot go thru it again. I will more than likely not be able to go back to sleep now.

How ridiculous to get worked up like this - I have already gotten sick once, my stomach is in knots. I certainly do not handle stress well at all. I am my own worst enemy.

I am so glad Slyght finally started blogging again, I miss his humor and updates during the "down" time.

Gonna go for now - stay healthy all - 23 DAYS NOW!!!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Lovely Mothers Day

Besides being rainy and gloomy most of the day, Mothers Day turned out to be a lovely event. Thedaughter loved her gifts from her son and was in a good humor all day. I spoke with (and viewed on webcam) the son for almost an hour in the morning. His beard is growing in nicely, the "bug bite" is healing (after his personal surgery with nail clippers - argh!!!), and he made my day complete, just by electronic comunications.

Mom2's brother Donald invited us to his house for a cookout, and it was divine. He cooked steaks, deep fried chickens, lasagna and we took some side dishes. Nice, laid back afternoon and early evening. Thedaughter came down and brought the grandson, Mom2's family and Donald's girlfriends parents were all there, and as usual there was more than enough food. Mom2's son came in later in the evening, which was a real treat for her. She becomes cranky sometimes when she doesn't have her complete family on holidays, so that scenario was avoided. (hahahahaha)

Thegrandson played with the other kids and literally wore himself out, to the point of being a real grumpass. He does not understand that the other kids have to go home at some point and playtime is not eternal. He almost takes it personally and becomes unbearable. (but still love him to pieces.) Our big problem is getting him to go to bed without TV or lights on. He has been spoiled in that way. I can get him to sleep easily by laying with him and rubbing his back, but his mother doesn't want that anymore. I feel at least we should wean him away from that slowly. If he watches TV, he never goes to sleep. I am to blame for some of it, but when I am watching him, I let him watch TV for awhile then do the back rub thing and all is good. Doesn't work as well for his mother. Uncle Zac turns the lights out and just lays quietly in the dark with him for awhile and "zap" he is out. I don't have the ideal solution, but hopefully we will work something out for the little booger.

Enough for the moment. SLYGHT START BLOGGING, miss your humor and insight. Besides, you have to blog and tell everyone about the new job description. Oooooh - now we have a mystery.

Later, stay healthy all - 25 days now!!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

dreary and depressing day...

It almost seems like a fall day. Chilly and cloudy and sends me into a depression of sorts. I have a tendency to dwell on all the bad and very little good, on days like this. The guy just cut the grass, but I am going to have to get my lawnmower out and get it running, this goofball charges me $25 for 1/2 hour of work. My side lot is flat and totally unobstructed and w/ all the junk in the backyard, probably isn't more than 50 square feet to cut. I like to cut grass, but everyone worries I may have another heart attack. Pshaw!!! I can do it in increments.

The neatest event happens every spring on my back deck. (Since 2001). When my sister died, I received a beautiful "spoon" basket, and I hung it and filled it with fake flowers shortly thereafter. Robins have been nesting in it since then. Each nest is made on top of the last. Right now there are 4 robin eggs in the nest and the mother robin gets highly pissed every time I open the back door. Last year, while I was on my cruise, the nasty blackbirds knocked 3 of the eggs out of the nest, so we try to watch them if possible. thegrandson is totally enthralled by it all. The dog can't figure out why the bird is screaming at her all the time. LOL.

Just cleaned thegrandsons toy room and discarded a lot of old toys and pieces of toys. Looks great for the moment, but probably won't stay that way for long. Laundry is going thru the process and going to start on the kitchen now.

Hopefully, my best friend and I will go to Red Lobster for dinner. We always have fun, and all we do is GAB!!! No one is safe from our clutches - the entire public is fair game. We can be merciless too.

More later, this was just a "fill the time" blog.

Stay healthy all - 27 DAYS!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

He doesn't listen to MOM...

Well, theson has done it again. I specifically told him NOT to buy me anything for Mother's Day or for any of the immediate upcoming holidays, as he has done more than he should. Today the UPS shows up at the door with a box (from Amazon) and I sign for it (a rarity), and place it in the living room, as that is where all of thesons purchases go. later on, thedaughter asks me what I ordered from Amazon, and I said "nothing, what are you talking about?" She proceeded to tell me the box I signed for was for ME. (Note: I wasn't wearing my glasses when I signed for the package either.)

I verified that it was for me and tore into the box savagely. OH MY GOD!!! Theson got me a JVC Everio Hard Disk Camcorder. This thing is the bomb. Takes digital pics as well as recordings. Strange as it may sound, this morning I was telling thedaughter that I was going to dig out my old camcorder to take on the cruise. Well, fuggedaboutdat. This unit fits in the palm of your hand (no kidding), and is sooooo light. Amazing. I have figured out how to charge it, take a pic and record. As far as the special effects it has and all the "fluff", I will have to PRACTICE!! The unit came w/ 9 books. Actually only three are necessary, as there is a set in spanish and french also. My understanding is that I can then download pics and recording to a CD when I am done. This is too cool. Now I have to figure out how to beat my son for being so very good to me.

Now for the reality check. the daughter mentioned that this camcorder may very well be for Zac and somehow my name got on the packaging ---- NAH!!! Too bad, possession is 9 points of the law. lalalalalalalalala..! Too late, he will have to wrestle me for it, and that is just too over the top. I am old, fat and fragile. HEE HEE.

Rainy, crumby day here. Yesterday it was 80 degrees and sunny, now chilly (60 ish) and rainy. Gonna stay that way for the next 6-7 days. YUK!!

Thegrandsons last day of preschool was today. We spent the day with the whole class, ate a sack lunch (in the classroom as the rain precluded our trip to Wheeling Park.) Some of those kids I could have strangled. Wild, loud and apparently throughout the school term - learned nothing about sharing. I am sure the teachers are going to enjoy some solitude over the next couple of months. Hope I can teach him to ride a bike over the summer, haven't done that for awhile.

Gonna go for now, stay healthy all. 28 days from tomorrow - sailing, sailing!! lalalalalalala

Monday, May 08, 2006

just resting and catching up...

Well, almost a full week of unemployment. still scared, but guess that will last till i find another job. trying to cut back on some things (wish i hated to shop) to stretch the $$$. I have gotten my front porch in order and have to tackle the back deck now. that will be an alL-day project, as during the fall and winter months, i notoriously "throw" everything back there. so i guess you could call this pay back on me.

the daughter doesn't make it easier either. she misses the point that we have to work together (since she is currently in a cast and cannot work.) no matter what, there is always something that has to be done. she goes to bed late and sleeps till noon or 12:30 and it is hard to accomplish a lot on that schedule.

the grandson's last day of pre-school is this thursday, then he is off till he starts kindergarten in late august. then SCHOOL forever. poor baby. but he has a curious mind and loves to learn so hope he goes far in this world.

that damn "BUSH COUNTDOWN CLOCK" is not going fast enough. the a**hole is still fukking up everything. now he has appointed a "military" person to head the CIA ?!?!?! let's see, he bugs your phone and internet, and now wants a military guy in to suveil the masses even more. NOT. i think there will be a stink over this one. (at lease that is the ramblings so far.) poor me - may have to get on my soapbox again.

had a great day yesterday. mom2, oldest daughter (newlywed), and i went flea marketing and then to BW3's. mom2 was totally impressed with bdubs. guess we will have to do that again sometime soon.

everyone read slyghts blog today about the t-shirt "give away!" HILARIOIUS!!!!


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Is this a midlife crisis?

I have either made a major step forward in my life or one helluva screwup. I quit my job yesterday, a job where I have been for 5 years and ended making $8 an hour. This employer (a family run operaton) hired a new girl a year ago (just at Christmas time), and I started noticing she was getting a ton of hours and no extras thrown my way. After my cruise last May, I had a conversation with the boss, and asked why she was making $8 an hour and in a full time position and nothing was offered to me. Dumb me, I listened and finally realized - HE GAVE ME NO ANSWERS WHATSOEVER. He offered me a quarter an hour raise - to a whopping $7.75 an hour. that was June 2005.

At Christmas time - the boss and I were working a Sunday before Christmas and as I laid the daily deposit record on his desk, he had the payroll record opened, and I noticed this girl wasn't making $8 an hour - she had been making $10 an hour since June. So apparently after our wonderful discussion and I was under the belief that our wages were in sync (somehwat) - fool that I am. Now I realize that after appeasing me, he gave her a $2 an hour raise.

I know he didn't offer me full time, because he didn't want to offer me health care, since I had had a triple bypass in 2004. Which is't a worry, because I have lousy health coverage with my late husbands pension. Anyway, I have been upset since December, and have been loosing sleep, wondering how to approach the subject again. You have to understand, I do not like confrontations, I can hold my own when confronted, but to initiate one - NOT. So Sunday, I laid the groundwork for my feelings in an email to the boss and hit the "send" button. His reply was "we will have a face to face on Tuesday" my next scheduled day to work.

Everything was chummy when I got to work. The boss's daughter didn't show up for work nor did the "full time" competitor, just the boss's wife. Hmmm... something is awry. At 1:00 pm he finally called me in his office and we started a conversation that went nowhere fast. Again, he could not answer my questions. Since he has only been an "owner" of a business for 13 years, I asked him to draw on his years as an employee, and how would he feel if the roles were reveresed? Duh, he really seemed like a moron. He made it clear that I was not getting any more hours and the $8 was the best he could do. Silence. I then asked, what was the best he could do to "bridge the gap" between our pay. Get this - $8.25 an hour. Let's see - she's making $10 - me to $8.25. I said "NO" and I had to leave. He said he was sorry to see me go and he was going to have to hire two part timers after I left. Now do the math, even at minimum wage he wuld be shelling out $10.30 an hour then. OK - I must have been born yesterday.

It is not like I have any savings and can afford to do this, but emotionally and mentally I had to sever the relationship. I am scared to death right now. I do not want to depend on theson, and fear of the future is great. The son arranged for my cruise while he was home, and if I could get a refund for him I would, but to late for that. I will figure something out. I truly do not like where I am at this point in my life, but things will work out I am sure.

Hope you all enjoyed this diatribe - rambling on at its best. Later.