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Saturday, February 25, 2006

i need more hours in the day!!

this will be a short one - but i really do need more hours in the day to accomplish everything that needs to be done. i worked my "part time" job 4 days this week and when i get home at 5 or 6 pm, try to squeeze in a couple of returns. now i am off till tuesday and hope to get completely caught up. monday, we head to columbus again, for the results of the biopsy and to set a plan of action. so i will only get to work on the returns in the evening.

talked to slyght this morning, guess the company is driving him nuts again. that damn power house may never fire up. semi sort of talked to his "DRIVER" - slyght told him to say "hi" to his mom, and i heard a faint (with a laugh) indian "hi". our conversation ended as he and emma were exiting the vehicle on their way into THE BAR!! How typical.

ok - a word to slyght, time to put up another "countdown" clock, maybe for JITH, i know it is 302 days till christmas, any other suggestions??

well, back to the tax returns - g'nite all!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

the biopsy.. one hurdle down...

well, we went to columbus yesterday - late afternoon - carrie wanted to stay at a hotel and considering all that she is facing, no problem. her brother, slyght, made all the arrangements for which we are both grateful. nice hotel, holiday inn conference center. can't say much for the restaurant in the hotel, we waited for 45 minutes for our dinner when the waiter, his first day, came out to tell us that they only had ONE chicken dinner and he could bring it out, while one of chose something else. NOT!!! we told him we would pay for our drinks and go elsewhere. the manager, said not to charge us for the drinks since it was their fault. cool. we went to a BP behind the hotel and got some beer and pop and headed back to room to order pizza. the hotel gave us menus for a place called King's. omg, the food was fantastic and cheap. we both got chicken parmagiana, came with garlic bread, and an order of chicken bites and the total was $20. We brought home the left overs and had another meal out of it tonight.

We did a drive by when we got to the hotel, to check out the hospital. A real cinch. 2 miles away and a straight shot. This meant we would not have to leave exceptionally early in the morning to find the place.

Carrie did not sleep well, nor did i. nerves i guess. we were out of the hotel by 7 am, and after cruising around the hospital and parking in the WRONG lot (too far away), a nice lady going to work showed us exactly where to go in the hospital to register. The registration clerk and everyone at the hospital were exceptionally helpful and nice. Carrie went into pre-op at 7:57 am, and into surgery at 8:46am, and to recovery at 9:05am. Unbelievable. Dr. Litts came out and explained that she could not work for a couple of days, the pain she would experience and that he had taken 3 tissue samples to biopsy. He more or less told me that she would eventually (soon) have the 3 bones in the wrist removed, and she would lose the up/down motion in the wrist completely. Not a good prospect but certainly one she will learn to live with. we will check into job options at a later date. Bottom line - is remove the damn BAD THING!!

I went into recovery and helped her get dressed and got the home care instructions and we were on our way home by 10:30 am. She was still dopey (like the dwarf haha) and we stopped at Big Boy to get some food in her, but she was still nauseus (sp), so we just came right home. She slept (or dozed) all the way home. just me and the radio for 2 hours.

Dr. Litts prescribed oxy's, so she should get some rest tonight. her hand is bandaged well, and she is to wear the splint or sling as she sees fit. Now we just wait till we see the doctor next Monday - again, we will be on the road travelling. Colton is being the little doctor, kissing her wrist to make it better and all.

we are both tired so it will be an early evening for us. take care all...till later.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Brownie is at it again...

OK - it is 3:30 am - and I am having to figure out how to barricade the little buck-toothed critter AGAIN!!. I wonder if this is going to be a regular Sunday morning thing?!!? I fell asleep around 11 pm and at 1 am I heard the dog yipping in the kitchen, like it was playing with the cat. Got up, and the dog kept going to the same spot (floor under hamster cage.) I couldn't see the little bugger in the cage, and then noticed a front slot was open on cage (different one from last time.) Then the little darling just peeked out at me, like "oh goody more people to play with!" BACK TO ISOLATION - SIX MONTHS IN THE HOLE!!

Now the dilemma, do I duct tape over the holes in the one cage or do I check at pet store for safer additions to already expensive condo? Oh the decisions I have to make.

I am so glad I made this discovery (finding hamster on the lam) before it packed a bag and headed to greener pastures up the road at phyldots. I'm not sure her dogs would just PLAY with him. Ferocious animules!! haha just kidding.

That's it for now - have to try and get back to sleep, lots of work to catch up on tomorrow. GOODNIGHT!!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

awhhh.. ain't it sweet!

GO FIGURE!! My kids have me totally dumbfounded! One minute they really hate each other, the next all sweetness and light. Honestly, I am happy about their connection at the moment. Unfortunately, with the pressing medical problem at hand, I would only hope that a connection bond remains. It is almost comical in a way also. Slyght is such a "softie" and he knows it.

This is just a short commentary, as I am at work and I should actually DO some work!!
Maybe more later tonight. Have fun all - it is colder than a bitch right now!! BRRRRR...!!

Friday, February 17, 2006

experimenting with adding pics...

everytime i keep doing this, i end up "x" ing all the way out of blog. brain is just not functioning well this early. Anyway, thought i would add a pic of the grandson (in drag) for shites and giggles.

Also, found a great pic of the Caribbean Princess, docked in Ft. Lauderdale. Took this pic from at least 2 miles away, it is a monster. I will be on this ship in a couple of months, even if i go alone. Such a beautiful, relaxing time for me.

Will see how this all looks, may need slyght to help in placement of the pics, the program seems to have a mind of its own.

EDIT: slyght fixed it a bit (poor colton), will have to walk you through it later. when you have the code on your template, you can cut and paste where you want it (like it did for your ship to make it in a relevant position, TheMom, click edit on this post and see where it is now. also, once you click preview, when you want to go back, just click in the same position 'hide preview', you'll be right back where you can work with it. good luck and good job.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

mother nature run amok...

here it is - the middle of winter and it was almost 60 degrees today. i was chatting with a client in the front yard (what little there is of it) and i was being attacked by a "confused" and "pissed off" bee. the idiot flying creature is supposed to be hibernating in some obscure hiding place, but oh no - marie is fresh meat - LET'S ATTACK!!!! and crazy bee hater that i am, i'm just swatting at it making it more irate. it succeeded in driving me back in the house. all the while, i am sure the bee is just humming "job well done!!"

a beautiful sunny day and i am stuck in my house calculating tax returns. can't complain, the extra money comes in handy. think i did around 20 returns in all.

update on carrie's OSU appointments. tuesday the 21st, dr. litts is performing a biopsy on the tumor within the "triquetrum" bone. we then will go back to columbus on the 27th to get the results and start a plan of action. i should get an "auto pilot" installed on the equinox, as many miles as we are logging. oh well, it has to be done.

the grandson totally lost it today. while playing a PS2 game (Spiderman) he threw down the controller and started crying hysterically, because he can't beat the "flame" guy. wants me to help him, but i have NO clue as to the strategies of the game. it broke my heart. but decided to limit him today on game time, no child should get that upset over a stupid game.

i don't know about anyone else, but OUR vice president shooting a fellow hunter, has become fuel for the fodder, and i am loving it. talk about trying to cover your ass. an avid NRA advocate to boot. then he doesn't have the proper stamps for his hunting license?!?!? OH WELL DICK, THAT'S ALL RIGHT - JUST SEND THE $7 IN AND WE ARE FINE WITH IT!! right, if it were you or me - ten days in jail, and no hunting license for 3 years. the old coot should not have lethal weapons in his possession. i could go on and on - but not worth it.

think i can cram a couple more returns in before bedtime. have a good one everybody.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


sorry i have been away from blog for a few days, but as i said before, TAX SEASON. but anyway, got up this morning and both the cat and the dog were scampering around the kitchen and i didn't think much of it, they always play together. after about a half and hour, i noticed the cat was parked beside me and had her nose under the hutch. i looked down, and there was our pet hamster Brownie, poking his/her head out from under the hutch, teasing the cat. Now, i spent a small fortune building a condo for this rodent, and amazingly enough after at least 7 months, the little critter figured out how to knock a side panel out of one of the cages. (2 cages joined by running tubes). I put the rodent back in the cage and less than 2 minutes later it was out and just staring at me (almost laughing) from outside the cage. Gotta laugh, the cat and dog and hamster were all playing together (for probably most of the night), and Brownie wanted out to play some more. I now have the little booger isolated to one cage, till i get a new cover for the one she breaks out. I think Brownie is mad at me now, because he/she (we really don't know gender, pretty sure a male) is used to dining in both cages, and sleeping in two separate comfort zones (one for am and one for pm). I do believe I have spoiled the buck-toothed critter. Needless to say, the hamster belongs to grandson, but I have the duties of cleaning the cage, and buying supplies. I HOPE SOMEONE SHOOTS ME IN MY NEXT LIFE!!!

Update on Carrie's wrist. The doctor called and after meeting with his colleagues, the unanimous decision was made to perform a biopsy to discover what type of tumor this is and where to go from there. We go to Columbus again tomorrow to fill out paperwork for the biopsy, not sure whether it will be done tomorrow or not. We are playing this by ear. Carrie's attitude is a little better, plus the xanax helps. (helps me cope with her too!!)

Finally got a break and went to dinner with my best friend "Phyldotcom" the other night. Had to be funny, we had planned this for a couple of days, just the two of us, and when I picked her up, her hubby wants to go to. Gotta love him, I get along with him well, probably because he is in love with me, but we won't tell his wife!!! HAHAHAHA!!! We will get our evening together soon, trust me!!

Back to the tax returns, more updates later.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

a few pitfalls along the way...

sorry, with tax season upon me, work and family problems, i have just not had time to get back to the blog. yesterday, the daughter had an appointment at OSU orthopaedics in Columbus, Ohio -to finally have someone with a brain, help find out why she has ben having swelling and incredible pain in her left wrist for over seven years. we (the daughter, coloton and I) met with a very nice doctor (christopher litts) who is the foremost specialist on hands in the state, and the news was not great. he suspets a tumor within one of the bones in the wrist. apparently the mri show that no signals are getting thru this bone (nerves, synapses, etc.) he referred to this bone as "dead" and "necrotic." he expressed concern and worry, and also the fact that he has seen this type of tumor in other bones, but never in the wrist. he is consulting with his cohorts and promised we would hear from him within the week.

having a "C" history in the family, has not helped the daughters attitude. anyone would be concerned in such a situation. her father died from the dreaded "C", i was diagnosed with cervical cancer when i was 34 (total hysterectomy fixed that!). Although the upside to this is, we have been to doctors and hospitals for over 7 years, and no other problems have manifested, so if it is a tumor, the odds of it being "benign" are great. but until, the damn thing is dealt with, your mind has a way of running amok.

i am sure that surgery will be needed and we will deal with this. she is young and has her whole life ahead of her, we just have to get over this hurdle.

the tax files are piling up on me at the moment. being sick in bed for a week has not helped me, time wise. i'm off friday, so plan on playing catch up all day, so i can go to dinner with my best friend in the evening for rest, relaxation and humor. we always have a blast - even if it is at the expense of others! HAHA.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


it wasn't the best game of the year, but no matter what - the end result is glorious. STEELERS RULE !!!! I even called the MVP early on. heinz ward has the best hands i have ever seen. two incredible passes, a little out of reach and he managed to pull them both down. waited for the "gadget" play and sure enough, randel el let it fly right into heinz' hands. i knew it wouldn't be a high scoring game - think vegas had the over/under at 47. for me, a rookie at best, to critique the game would really not be pretty, but i know what i like and i truly LIKED this game.

it is late, but i am still on such a high from the game. considering i didn't have much a voice before the game (due to cold/cough), i have even less now.

slyght must not have had his blackberry with him, sent 5 text messages and didn't hear back from him - so baby - I HOPE YOU WERE ECSTATIC!!!

more later - going to crash (try), i am exhausted.


OK - the doctor gave me a miracle drug, it is drying up my head and relieving the damn pressure. thank god for miracles. i still can't smell or taste, but hopefully that won't take long. the SUPER BOWL is today and i am so excited. i KNOW the steelers are going to get this one!! (much to the chagrin of my Browns friends!)

i am going to a super bowl party at a friends (have been going there for the past 4 years) and of course we are all big steelers fans, so being able to finally cheer on OUR team - is SUPER WONDERFUL.

the fun part is when i get excited i start a coughing jag that won't stop. could be interesting.

tax season has begun and being sick has really put me behind. had to lug 4 file bins up from basement (been asking the daughter for a couple of weeks), and that about killed me. the computer program was released late this year, so finally got it installed yesterday. now to tackle the 25 returns backed up on me. OH THE PRESSURE!!! i always manage to get it done though.

enough babble, i'm off to the PARTY. gonna text slyght during the game to make sure he is catching it all. more later.

Friday, February 03, 2006

...yes, i think i am near death

this is definitely more than a "cold".; i think it is some new strain of flu, far more severe than the impending bird flu. i do not usually complain, nor do i miss work, but i assure all that i have been a chronic complainer and to date have missed 1 1/2 days of work. i tried to go to work yesterday, but left at 1 pm, because of the pressure in my head. i have gone through two complete boxes of tissues, my nose is ready to fall off my face, and my head feels like it is the size of a basketball. one head (even if the size of a basketball) should not be able to produce so much junk like this. i have been in bed most of the time, and you flip from side to side and so does the JUNK!!! and the kicker.... i have lost my sense of taste. i want to eat something and have been consuming stuff just because my stomach says "feed me!!" but alas, i cannot totally appreciate the taste. Phyldot - i can understand your plight.

slyght wants a fully descriptive account of this plague, but i do not have the talents he has in describing things (see his blog, re: rabbit poop!) this is the best he will get from me.

again, i am going back to bed for the 4th day. there must be a cure soon or i prommise, you will all miss me when i am gone!!!

hopefully to return later, i remain....SICK!!!