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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rosie vs. The Donald...

Anything to get me on my soapbox again. Anybody reading the news lately has to know about the feud now brewing between these two individuals. Yesterday, on The View, Rosie O'Donnell made a comment about The Donald, forgiving Miss USA on her drinking and drug binges, taking the limelight as he did. Rosie basically said she had a hard time with The Donald standing in moral judgment with his past track record of bankruptcies and failed marriages and affairs. Shock of shocks - IT IS ALL TRUE!!! But The Donald now says he is going to sue Rosie and that she lied about everything (excuse me, all facts can be verified - ever heard of GOOGLE?????)

The Donald has mastered the art of "spin" and went at it with ferociousness on Larry King Live on CNN tonite. He called Rosie all kinds of names (she did not call him any names), said he had talked to his good friend Barbara Walters and she is embarrassed by Rosie and wants to let her go, although the spokesperson for "The View" called in and denied all he said. He also said that the ratings for the show were in the cellar since Rosie came on the show - LIE - up 30%. The man, feels because of his wealth and status, he can bandy about facts and figures, that whether true or not, will be believed.

I rather hope he does try to sue Rosie, because with the facts being what they are, the end result might just backfire on the stupid, inane DONALD!!!!

OK, I feel better. I have emailed ABC, blogged and popped off to thedaughter. No one left at the moment to burden.

I am as ready for Christmas as I will ever be - theson will be coming home tomorrow after spending time with Emma and her parents in Iowa. He really likes it there and hasn't had any problems with the Fokkers as far as I know!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL - AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! My next blog will probably be in 2007, unless someone pisses me off again.

ttfn - stay healthy.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


This was the first "PET LOSS" that thegrandson has had to face. I knew Brownie was not well for the past four days - his breathing was labored and he wasn't eating at all. Just getting up one of the many tubes (from his hamster-minium) was a chore. I tried new bedding, feeding him water from a spoon, but nothing seemed to work. When I took him out of the cage early this afternoon, I just let him cuddle in a dish towel, and I noticed a large tumor on his side, and this distressed me. I held him for over an hour before placing him back in his cage.

Thedaughter and I decided to head to the mall to do some Christmas shopping, and I knew Brownie would be gone before we returned. Just knowing we had to tell thegrandson was daunting. He did not take it well at first, but he is resilient and understands that at least now Brownie is not suffering. He called his Uncle, who is in New York at the moment for solace - and feels a little better now.

Some have asked me if I am getting another hamster and the answer is NO!!!!! I have a dog and a cat, which are more than enough for me. The cat is the oldest (May 1997), and a mean, nasty sort. The dog is the friendly one, but SHEDS so much. I need a break from pets!!!

Bye Brownie - rest in peace!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

...soon, very soon IT will be here!!

Yes, again this year has gone by so fast that we are nearing Christmas again. A never ending cycle - that as we get older comes back again, faster and faster. I would be the happiest camper in the world if we could decorate for Christmas all year long. I put up "some" little things throughout the year for various holidays, but VERY little. Theson used to help me with the exterior lights, but t has been unavailable the past two years and I have been relegated to the task myself. In the past, I have always done a pretty good job, but this year - I SUCKED. I tried something different and completely hate it. I have no lights hanging from the eaves as I usually do, just net lights (multi-colored at that) around the front porch railing. Make my house look so small.

But I did decorate my Christmas tree differently this year, the first change in probably 7 or eight years (if not longer.) In the past I have placed burgundy poinsettias and gold beads on the tree and it has always looked lovely, but I wanted a change this year - so I went to the blue-silver-white combinations. I lucked out and found the silver and blue poinsettias, and the accessories were easy after that. What do you think? If I put out ALL my Christmas decorations, you would not be able to even walk through the house. Theson wants me to discard what I don't use, but that is NOT happening. With thedaughter having her surgery and theson being out of the country till last week - I just do not have the energy to get it all out. I am going to do some major reorganization of the storage process for all the decorations, AFTER the holidays. (Of course that means a major overhaul of the basement area - that ought to keep me busy till Spring!! HAHAHAHAHA!

Theson is now in Schenectady, New York, closing out the India project with the General, and is flying to Minneapolis on Wednesday to spend time with Emma and meet her parents. He will be flying home on the 21st, in time for his birthday on the 23rd and Christmas. Then Emma will be coming here on the 27th, and they will spend the New Years in Columbus with friends. How hectic does that sound? I had to get up at 3 am to take theson to the airport yesterday morning and that really threw me off for the day!!! That's what Mom's are for.

OK - so much for the updates, will be back with more later. TTFN

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

ahhh...winter in New England

Isn't this just BEAUTIFUL???? We arrived in Boston, Mansfield actually on Thursday, and the weather was much like here at home - upper 60's. Our entire stay was just lovely, weather wise, we got the high winds on Saturday night, but no problems were incurred. Our hosts were delightful, and oiur stay could not have been any more relaxing and comfortable.

Mom2 and I love to head to "The Christmas Tree Store" as soon as we get to Boston. It is a "fun" store, which there are none here at home to compare it too. I always manage to find something in dishes or coffee mugs, therefore making lugging them home a real treat, but so what - it's FUN. We also visited a couple of country stores and got a few things, but for the most part, we just sat around the kitchen table, chatting and having a blast. These people are all Mom2's family, but they make me feel as welcome as if I were born into the family.

On Sunday morning we went to watch her young cousin play ice hockey. Now, that was a real treat also FREEZING. Those little boys were vicious and fun to watch. Unfortunately, we were sitting on aluminum bleacher seats and after the game was over (approximately one hour), it took TWO hours for my butt to thaw. Brrrr......!!

But back to the New England winter. We had heard that there might be snow fluffies the next morning, but when I woke up, the view was exhilarating. As long as I don't have to drive in it, I love to just take in the view. There was about 2 inches of snow altogether before it stopped. By the time we arrived at Logan airport in Boston, the snow had stopped.

I will try to add some pics later, but again my pics can be viewed at http://www.flickr.com/photos/mbonen/. I think that is right, but the right address is in prior blogs. I am still not in my right mind since getting home (hahaha), so much to do and not enought time to get it done.

Theson is coming home late Thursday night, then flying to Schenectady, New York, then Minneapolis, then home again for his birthday and Christmas. Aren't holidays wonderful? At least I have him home this year.

Take care and I will write more later. TTFN!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Now we have all heard the many excuses for a shiner like this - but only MOM2 could make it a beaut!!! She did a header, after tripping on crumpled carpet, at a local hospital, and face met the linoleum tile. When she dropped by to show it off last night, I was shocked. We have such a wonderful relationship that I can joke about it as well as she can, thereby making up exaggerated stories as to how this occurred. For example:

1. The old "I ran into a door."
2. "If you think this looks bad, you should see the other guy!"
3. "I won in the third round by a knockout!"
4. "Guess he didn't like dinner!"
5. "The door really didn't hit me in the arse, as I was leaving."
6. "If it was domestic violence, he would be in the morgue!"
7. "I forgot how fast the cork comes out of that bottle!"
8. "I will never use my Red Rider BB gun again!"
9. "You know I am HEAVY HANDED, and damn near lost my eye putting that contact in!"
10. "I thought the black and blue would go nice with my pink hair!"

I am sure we will be coming up with a lot more in the forthcoming days as this shiner changes color. Hell, it pays to have a sense of humor. Since we are leaving Thursday for Boston, we know she is going to scare the heck out of all the kids up there. Could be interesting.......and lots of FUN!!!!

Later. TTFN

Monday, November 27, 2006

...I am an excellent prognosticator

Well, if you remember from my last blog - I mentioned about having thedaughter in the ER, and I predicted we would be back in the hospital before her scheduled doctor's appointment - you guessed it - I WAS RIGHT!!! On Friday, she was again planning on going to work, although still in considerable pain (she was scheduled to work 1pm - 10:15pm), and I said "no way, we are going back to the ER." She conceded, and we got to ER about 10:45 am. After more testing, it was noted that this "cyst" was now 10cm and was twisting the ovary. By 5:30 pm, she was having emergency surgery to remove the one ovary and Fallopian tube. I had thegrandson with me the entire time, and he was so scared for his mom. I got hold of Mom2 (who was on her way back from Columbus), and she stopped by the hospital and picked up thegrandson, which made my waiting a little easier. My older daughter and I got to see her in the recovery room at approximately 7 pm, and she was MISERABLE. She, of course, was in a lot of pain, and were in the process of hooking up a morphine pain drip. All she kept bitching about, was getting outside to have a cigarette. I became the bad guy, because I wouldn't take her. MEAN MOMMY!

They got her in a room by 7:45pm, amazingly enough the census in the hospital was really low and she was the only patient on the gynecology floor. Believe it or not, one patient and a staff of five, and the wait to get water and basic essentials was amazingly slow. We finally left the hospital about 9 pm. I figured it was better to leave her to the care of the nurses, plus I was exhausted.

I picked up the grandson and we both headed home and immediately "crashed!" I have never fallen asleep that quick in my life. Oops, forgot, thedaughter called at 11pm, wanting a cigarette again, for which I had no answers for her. The next call came at 6:20 am, again craving the nicotine, and she was going to drag all her tubes and accessories outside for the smoke.
As soon as thegrandson and I got to the hospital Saturday morning, she wants, food, something to drink and a CIGARETTE. rrrrrgh.... I can understand where she is coming from, but also the reality of being plugged into a system negates the possibility.

The doctor came in and said she could go home if she felt like it, she said YES, and we were out the door at 12:30 pm. SHE IMMEDIATELY HAD A CIGARETTE, and calmed down. Now consider this, she had major surgery 18 hours earlier and "BOOM" - discharged.

She is still in considerable pain, trying to poop, and all the necessary bodily processes are slowly coming back. She is having a hard time finding a comfortable position.

Mom2 and I are leaving for Boston this Thursday, returning the following Monday evening, so I think she will be able to survive on her own for that short period of time. The only arrangements she needs to make are for her son to get to and from the school bus. WHEW!!!! Enough of that shite. My fingers are almost bleeding.

Take care all - will be back on here when I return on the 5th of December. TTFN

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving...to Zac in Camelland

Another festive (somewhat) holiday, and theson is stuck in the Sahara desert with a bunch of herpes ridden (according to local scuttlebutt) camels. I spoke with him earlier on the phone (3:40 pm our time - 9:40 pm in Algeria) and the chefs fixed them a nice Thanksgiving dinner, much better than what he was served in India last year. He said he was quite "full" and going to get a shower and go to bed. Since there is NO excitement, guess that was his only alternative.

He has spoken with Emma every day, and she is currently at her parents home, in Iowa (albeit sleeping on the couch), with a houseful of relatives. I am sure she has had a wonderful day with her friends and family. No doubt, lots of food too. Happy Turkey day to Emma and her family. Gobble-Gobble!!!

My plans were to bake my 2 pumpkin pies yesterday, and get my broccoli casserole ready. Since thegrandson had no school, he always likes to help me. But as best laid plans go, that was not to be the case. Thedaughter was supposed to work 8:45am - 5pm, but as she was getting ready for work, she was doubled over in pain, with all the symptoms of a kidney stone. I made arrangements with Mom2 to watch thegrandson and I took thedaughter to the ER. After 5 1/2 hours and multiple tests, she does not have a kidney stone, but a 7 centimeter cyst on her right ovary. Considering an ovary is the size of an almond, this is rather large, and definitely painful. She was discharged from the ER with instructions to follow up with an OB-GYN, and given enough pain pills (alleve) and muscle relaxants to last 2 days. Now, mind you, we can't even get in to see the OB-GYN till Tuesday. This could be interesting. She can't sleep, can't get comfortable in any position, and the "pain" meds they gave her won't even help a headache, much less severe pain. Since she has only been at her job about 6 weeks, she is so very afraid of losing her job if she has to call off. She is supposed to work 1pm - 10pm tomorrow, and insists she is going. I have a feeling we will be back in the ER before the scheduled doctors appointment. The ER doctor wrote her a slip excusing her from work thru the 25th, but she is going anyway. I guess we will see.

So, back to the dinner. I ended up making the pies and stuffing last night, with the help of the grandson. The pies turned out wonderful, after we removed the eggshells he managed to break, into the mix. Bless his heart. So here's to you Son, pics of the meal you missed and your mom slaving over the hot stove.

so there - that's the best i can do.

***damnit can't get the pics loaded. help!!!! will work on figuring this out -- TTFN.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Football Saturday...on to football Sunday...

I really do need a life I guess. I love professional football, but have been watching college football a lot lately. I love WVU and Ohio State and have been following Rutgers lately as they are in the top 10 now and my father graduated from there (mind you, he would be 100 years old this Dec. 17th were he still alive!) So, he graduated quite some time ago from Rutgers (Poughkeepsie, NY).

OSU is beating Michigan with 3 minutes left in the game by a score of 42-31, although Michigan is moving down the field to possibly score again. Oh, by the way, the Bellaire Big Reds won big last night against new Lexington, on their way to the Ohio State Semi finals, score was 45-7. They will face their arch nemesis Youngstown Cardinal Mooney this coming Friday, in Steubenville I believe, at Harding Stadium. I could be wrong on that one, will know for sure Tuesday.

I am totally amazed at the crowd for the OSU-Michigan game. The figure given for attendance is 105,708 - WOW!!!

Theson is still in the desert in Algeria, and technologically starved. He is having to email his blog posts to Emma, and have her post them for him, as the shite internet service takes forever to perform. The good news is, he is hoping to be home shortly after Thanksgiving, and be here for Christmas. He originally asked for the holidays as vacation time, since he was forced to stay in India last year - for ALL holidays. Now that he has new managers, hope they will abide by the commitment.

Ruh-roh, Michigan just scored and going for a 2 point conversion - ugh made it, now it is 42-39 with 2:16 left in game. Gonna be a real nail biter. Onside kick not successful - YEA!! GAME OVER AND THAT IS THE FINAL SCORE. Now the debate (annual) begins again, over who is truly No. 1. Blah-blah-blah.

Gotta run for now, I am babysitting and thegrandson (now 6) wants to play.

Everyone stay healthy, TTFN.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

...theson has left the country

Theson has finally had to "go back to work", and I assume he is in Algeria by now. I haven't heard from him since he boarded the plane in Atlanta for Gatwick Airport near London, on Thursday evening.

He was home since Aug. 13th, which was almost a 3 month stay. I get so used to him being here, I hate to let him go, but he is a big boy and has a job to do. He managed to spend a good deal of time doing what he likes to do also - visiting his friends in Columbus, "flying" to various locations to be with Emma (for weekends), sharing in the engagement of his best friend http://www.flickr.com/photos/mbonen/Chad and Jackie. These pics were taken after we all went to dinner at the Roadhouse and all met at Flanagan's for the big surprise.

As soon as I hear from him I will let everyone know - or keep watching his NOMADIC TENDENCIES blog for updates. Since he has been home - our blogs have been far and few between, so maybe now we can get it back together again.

OK - HOW ABOUT THE NOV. 7TH ELECTIONS????? As anyone can guess, I am on Cloud 9. Now that the Democrats have the reins - let's see them do positive things. Make us proud. I have heard enough of the "conservatives" and "liberals", let's get centered and work for the good of the PEOPLE. Enough of the big bucks going to the mega corporations and start making them responsible for their fair share of tax debt. The middle class has borne this burden for way too long. And how smart is Bush??? If he had FIRED Donald Rumsfeld 2 weeks before the election, the results would probably have been quite different, but the dunderhead fired him the day after. DUH!?!!?! Now let's get rid of Condoleeza Rice, and get someone at the helm to initiate Middle East talks again. In order to even consider some peace in that region, it has to begin with an accord among the warring nations. And needless to say, those countries have no respect for a WOMAN. Let alone, one who might want to discuss PEACE. Argh!!!!

Well, it is a "take it easy" Saturday, the BIG REDS won their playoff game last night, after scary me a wee bit in the 4th quarter, so all is well in town today.

Behave and stay healthy, TTFN.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Theson has already blogged about voting - he just happened to beat me to the punch (I truly was shocked!)

Since I am the most outspoken political advocate in the house, I can see it has rubbed off. This election, albeit a midterm one, is going to have long lasting effects. For the past Bush years, we have become mired in a financial boondoggle that our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have to bear. The Republicans and their love to spend, spend, spend has created such a large deficit that their is NO LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. The senior citizens have been screwed with the crazy Medicare overhaul, and now we have to face the realities of the mess in Iraq. The Republicans keep saying that the Democrats have "no plan" to deal with Iraq, -well DUH!!! It is quite apparent that the Republicans had none either. Redeployment and out! That is my suggestion - for warring sects that have known no other life than death and war for hundreds of years, to even presume the Americans can set them on a path of Democracy is ludicrous. enough of that for now though.

I feel that everyone should cast their vote - I have never missed a single election since I was 18. I choose not to listen or give credence to those who fail to cast a vote. That is called apathy - and I have wee tolerance for that. To sit back and just accept what is happening around you and to you - is wrong. Your vote can make a difference.

I only hope that with the electronic voting the hackers have not already set the outcome of this election. How is that for a skeptic?


Sunday, October 29, 2006

...ruh roh SOAPBOX TIME AGAIN!!!

OK, since we are in a highly political climate at the moment - with midterm elections only 10 days away - I have been espousing the ruin that "cutting taxes" has and will cause in the future. Now, I don't like paying taxes as much as the next person, but being reasonable and fairly intellligent - one only has to think - while spending billions you also need to have the funds "coming in" in order to make such expenditures. This article caught my attention and I have been saying pretty much the same things to anyone who will listen, yet the DEFICIT never seems to be an election issue. This is a rather lengthy article, but it could not make the situation any clearer.

Politicians at the moment are making a staggeringly large salary for very little work. The last figure was 100 actual days of work in Washington, D.C. I would definitely love to get paid $165,000 a year for a little more than 3 months work. Granted, the politicians say they are back home working for their constituency but pragmatist that I am - nope don't think so!!! I truly believe that our elected officials need to be held accountable for their time and our representation. There are many sound practices available to slow this deficit and bring it under control, if only the people INSIST and SPEAK OUT to your representatives.

You will notice that health benefits are mentioned in this article, and due to the rapid increases in the health care prices, the economy can not keep up with the program. DUH!!!! Does this not infer that we need to prioritize expenditures and controls in that area? I may not have the answer, but I do know that the answers are out there if delegated to the proper experts.

Oh well, just wanted everyone to see this article and stop and think for a moment about what may become a very personal issue for us, the baby boomers!!!

Take care and stay well, gonna watch the Steelers in a little while (oh God, let us win). TTFN>

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

...am I livid??? You bet your ass!!

OK - now I have to get on my soapbox again. In the news today, Rush Limbaugh was reported to have made derogatory remarks about Michael J. Fox "FAKING" his parkinson's disease in a television ad for a political candidate. Now let us consider that the fat bastard (Limbaugh) managed to squeak out from under "drug" charges because he has friends in high places and money talks. He is not a poster child for virtue by any means. Apparently he is not well versed on the subject of Parkinson's disease either. I have a very good friend, who is in her mid 40's and has been progressively getting worse, suffering from this nasty disease. One needs to understand that this disease is of a neurological nature and manifests itself primarily with "tremors" and uncontrollable spasms. In very late stages, we are talking total incapacitation and loss of verbal skills. This disease progresses differently for each individual.

For this IDIOT and I mean that, to think he has the right to condemn someone so handicapped, bespeaks total stupidity and lack of human compassion. And for what, the voice of the Conservative Right??? When you have noted religious figures (like Pat Robertson) but we won't mention names, making absurd remarks which make the news regularly - one only has to use the brain you have to decide who is right and who is VERY WRONG.

Since the Republican party is in such bad straits at the present, they only have to rely on personal, injurious attacks and scare tactics. By the scare tactics, I am referring to the TV ad to run next week, showing Osama Bin Laden (or OBL as we call him) and his cohort in crime, making statements about the ruin and decimation of the Americans, with all the past war footage in the background. Please remember that some of these statements are from several years ago and are directly aimed at scaring people. Are we so stupid not to realize that there have probably been terrorist cells in the US for decades? This ad is so reminiscent of LBJ's ad - now referred to as the "Daisy" ad, which ran in the mid 60's. Again, as a scare tactic.

Bottom line, this Bush administration has not made us any safer, the moral conduct is reprehensible (I'm sure Democrats are just as guilty), and the waste of taxpayers dollars and lives is inexcusable. DO NOT BELIEVE THAT WE NEED REPUBLICANS TO KEEP US SAFE AND TAXES LOW. Keeping the taxes low, just increases the deficit by billions a day. I would never have overdraft charges at the bank if I just let the government run my checkbook.

OK - jumping off the soapbox, figure the government will be knocking at my door momentarily. Since they can eavesdrop on phones and emails and blogs, mindless of our freedoms. HEHEHEHE.

***theson is still here - Algerian embassy had to close for Ramadan and apparently are not the speediest or efficient of people.

Monday, October 16, 2006

theson will be leaving again - soon!!

Well, theson has been "home" since August 13th, yet it seems like only a short while. he will be leaving (providing all the visa info is received) for Algeria (N. Africa) on Thursday. Supposedly, this job will be for approximately 60 days. One must remember that the job in India was only supposed to last ONE month and the total duration was over 19 months. The amazing thing is that theson would much prefer cool climates and invariably gets sent to "tropical" climates. POOR BABY.

Theson has been a truly helpful soul during his stay at home, managed to get a lot of "Stuff" taken to the dump, cleaned the backyard, taught thegrandson how to ride a bike and just before we had a torrential downpour last week, I suggested we try to clean out the gutters. Every time it rained, the water just poured out of the gutters on the back deck like a waterfall. Thedaughter and I had tried to clean it last fall, to no avail. Well, with a little help from "his buddy" the challenge was a success. Now if I can get the damn pics to upload - brb.

And remembering that theson was out of the country for Thanksgiving and Christmas last year, we promised him a Turkey Dinner. If anyone can recall, the son had pics of the Thanksgiving dinner prepared for him and Emma in India, which really didn't look all that bad, except for the "stuffing soup." You would have to look back on his Nomadic Tendencies site (Nov. or Dec. '05) to relive those wonderful pics. But he captured this pic of his feast at home last week.

But I will definitely be adding more blogs in the future, as theson's stay at home is now at an end. He is leaving Thursday (19th)for Hassi Messaoud, Algeria, North Africa. Again, I will miss him terribly, but we always have our internet connection and video cams and of course THE BLOGS.

Gotta run - have to get him to VOTE (absentee) before leaving the country. Everyone better get out and vote in November or this country is done for. Me and my political stance - change is needed quickly.

For now, everyone stay healthy and TTFN.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

...and all those around me are QUITE HAPPY!!!

Just a quickie - to let those who haven't heard from me since Thursday, know the reason why. I HAVE SEVERE LARYNGITIS. Anyone who does know me, that when I go thru a severe cold it always transpires in the same stages. First - the stuffy head and more junk coming out than any human should have to endure. Second - the sore throat and cough. This all started a week ago yesterday (Saturday) and now from all the coughing - LARYNGITIS. I mean the voice is completely gone and all I am left with is a squeak. Now this is NOT FUNNY. Thegrandson, asked me "Nina, how come your cough is louder than your voice?" Quite a question coming from this 6 year old. This is the 3rd day of silence and thedaughter is loving it - although she has to be my translator. I haven't even been able to talk on the phone - DRAT!!!

If someone says something funny, I laugh, go into a coughing spell and I am done. It is a good thing that I have a wonderful sense of humor about the whole thing. Another thing, and this may be way too much information but...DO NOT GET OLD. I have had so many internal organs removed, I have come to the conclusion that everything left is just free floating around inside me and definitely NOT where it is supposed to be. The reason for this announcement is because...sneezing and coughing allow me to PEE myself quite easily. Oho - the DEPENDS generation, I have finally reached it. My kids find this totally hilarious, but I feel that if there is a more powerful being guiding our lives, that they too, will someday suffer from the same malady. So there, my curse on the kids!!

Until I have my voice back (hopefully soon), I will just sign off here and hope the rest of you remain well. TTFN

Sunday, September 24, 2006

...local football rivalry???

Ever since we moved to Bellaire, the hard nosed fact was that Martins Ferry was our utmost rival. Well, last week when we played St. Clairsville, a local radio commentator (D. Blomquist will remain anonymous) and a local police officer, made a bet over the outcome of that game. As Bellaire won (barely), Mr. Blomquist therefore, had to come to Bellaire, run thru town painted in Bellaire colors and then be tazered by said police officer. Since I am having trouble loading the pics, go to www.flickr.com/photos/mbonen. For one reason or another, pics just don't want to load at the moment. Drat, curses, rats!!!

Back to the bet though. When Mr. Blomquist came to town, a crowd appeared at Flanagan's and the local PD officer, tazered Mr. Blomquist in the bar (a low dose no doubt.) Then the run began -- Mr. Blomquist trotting behind a Blazer, which was continuing his radio show, live. He made it to the upper part of town, and stopped at a local county official's house, where he was greeted by the official's wife, who slipped a $20 bill in Bloomers shorts, and he trucked back to the Police Department. The Police Officer, after much consultation with his superiors, decided against further tazering, as Mr. Blomquist's heart was racing after the run, and for health reasons (possible death) it was deemed NOT a good idea. It was all in good fun, and the weather was great, and no one got hurt - who can ask for anything more???

Well, that's all I can bear to write right now, as my Pittsburgh Steelers are breaking my heart. Cincinnati is walking all over them. BOOHOO!!! 28-17 with 7:05 to go in the 4th quarter. Damn turnovers.

I have a terrible, terrible cold and am going back to bed AGAIN. I have been in bed, off and on since Friday night. Can't breath, smell or eat. I've been thru a box of Kleenex already - shite!!!

Everyone else, stay healthy, more later. TTFN.

***HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY TO THEDAUGHTER*** Sorry I am sick at the moment.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

now we have to get back in the BLOG groove...

Well the month that theson was home was slow at first, then it seemed to zip by during the last week. Theson is now in Florence, Italy for a two week training in Oil and Gas I believe. Then he will be off to who knows where. At some point he has to go back to India to get all his belongings left behind. That should be a real treat.

Emma was here for a week, well, not here exactly the entire time, but here about. She and theson spent several days in Columbus, Ohio visiting his buddies and clubbing. I truly enjoyed meeting and getting to know Emma. Such a lovely young lady - and theson seems enamored also. Bottom line: she was a big hit with the entire family.

Fall weather has come upon us with a bang. Quite chilly today - didn't even reach 60 degrees. Actually this is my favorite time of year, cool weather and Steeler football (although we will not discuss the Jacksonville match last Monday night.) C'mon Ben - get healed and back in shape. Cincinnati Bengals next Sunday, they looked good against Cleveland last week.

OK, will be back later, everyone stay healthy. TTFN

Sunday, September 10, 2006

...chaos and bedlam of late

It has been quite awhile since I last was here, but I must explain. My best friend has been "in and out" of the hospital three times, my son came home from India, his girlfriend has now come for a visit. Therefore, non-stop craziness. I could not be any happier than to have my son home for this length of time (a month) and will dread the time when he leaves again (Sept. 15th.)

Theson and Emma (thegirlfriend) are a wonderful pair. She is a true delight and beautiful to boot. We all went to dinner at the Roadhouse the other evening, unfortunately, Mom2 and her family could not make it, as she was still in the hospital and her family functions better as a whole than in parts.

The first pic at the top is theson, Emma and Colton at Colton's 6th birthday party on the 4th. (Labor Day baby - literally.) This next pic was taken at the Roadhouse, where we had a wonderful time. Such a "cozy" pair.

All in all, with Mom2 being hospitalized so many times, all the trips to the hospital, theson being home and thegirfriend arriving, I have not had time to even turn around. But it is all definitely worth every minute.

I feel like I take advantage of theson while he is home, but he is such a big help. We managed to get my outside "shed" cleaned out and numerous trips were made to the "dump" with all the stuff I have hidden away there for years. There were several boxes or bags I didn't even look in - as I haven't done it in years and if I haven;t missed something important, I figured "get rid of it!" Theson loves for me to discard everything, he thinks I packrat a little too much sometimes. After our house was destroyed by a fire in 1984, I never saved anything, under the belief that it can all disappear in seconds. That lasted for about ten years and then I started hoarding again it seems. I shall try to do much better in the future.

Theson and Emma are in Columbus, Ohio at the present time enjoying theson's friends and sporting events for the weekend. They should return Monday or Tuesday.

Enough rambling for now, so everyone stay healthy and I will try to get back here more frequently. TTFN.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

thegrandsons first day of school....boohoo

It has been more than 22+ years since I sent a little one out on their first day of school - I cried then and I cried again yesterday. Thegrandson has been more than ready for this - I guess I just thought it would happen "later." He was up and out of bed by 7 am (he never gets up before 10 am) and oh so ready to go to school. Bless his little heart. He couldn't wait to get that red apple around his neck so he could be "sorted" out on the school bus and his teacher could get him to the right room when he arrived at the school.

His mom wasn't as bright eyed and bushy tailed, but she escorted him to the bus stop and I managed to get a few pics as they left the house:

Before you know it he will be graduating from high school and off to college (hopefully).

Theson is in New York state visiting with thegirlfriend Emma, and having a wonderful time I imagine. Had to break the news to him that Mom2 was back in the hospital (congest. heart failure) which is not uncommon after recent cath and stent implants. Hopefully they will get her into fighting shape this time.

This is a brief entry this time, have to get ready to head to the hospital again. More later. Stay healthy all!!! TTFN.

***Glad to see Paul is alive and well (I assume). Keep those comments coming good buddy!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

sorry it has been a while...

Theson finally came home and I have been completely remiss in contributing to the blog. He was home for 3 days then left for Columbus to be with the BTownBoyz, returning the following Sunday in order to catch the Nascar race with friends here t home at the local watering hole. He then packed a bag and he and the BTBoyz headed to Bristol, Tn for the Nascar race event for the following week. Unfortunately, problems arose at home, and theson, his friend Chad and Chad's dad headed back home on Friday, as my best friend (Chad's mom) had a heart attack yesterday and had to undergo a catheratization with 3 stents implanted. I had no choice but to call them home.

This was one of those situations where there is no second guessing, you jump in the car and head home. My friend (Mom2) is now recuperating well in the cardiac step down unit for which we are very happy. You have to be tickled by her, no matter what, the reality of the situation is always denied by her. She will not outwardly admit that she actually had a "heart attack", it will be -- "when I was in the hospital" type thing. Smack, smack, Their cadre of friends are towing their camper home also, for which they are very grateful.

Mom2 may return home tomorrow, but I am not sure of that yet. The doctor hasn't seen her as of today (cardiologist or personal) and she is not eating nor is she walking around yet. these are two necessary functions for her recovery...we may have a lot of work to do in those areas.

Well, I am gonnna crash for now, I am totally exhausted. Everyone stay healthy and I will be back soon. TTFN.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

.. theson is HOME

OK - it has ben awhile since I last blogged, but theson arrived home last Sunday and we have been doing everything. Basically gabbing alot. Since the airports all went into HIGH alert two days before he flew home, I was very worried. I don't know why since from this article , as you can see - someone, somewhere has been a little lax with all the HIGH SECURITY. I love the theory of building a better mousetrap. Speaking of which, leave it to the news media to let all nations and terrorists know what we are doing and WHY. I am a super news junkie, but really now, some things need to be kept out of the media. Enough is enough.

We are cleaning thesons room this morning, actually we started yesterday, and since this is turning into an annual event, it does take some time. You have to understand - my bedroom is on the first floor and the "kids" rooms are upstairs and I NEVER GO UP THERE. Since theson orders off the internet all the time and there are always box after to box to deal with his room becomes quite cluttered. This is such an event we enjoy - RIGHT!! It will cost plenty at the landfill.

Gonna go for now, everyone stay healthy, TTFN.

Friday, August 11, 2006

...theson's on his way

Well, theson has left Rahjahmundry and is headed for Vizag (sp) I believe. His flight out of Delhi is on Sunday (India time) at 12:15AM. That is about 3:15 pm our time Saturday. This gets really confusing. I am so excited, he will have a little over a month here in the states and has so much he wants to do. First he has to get over the jet lag and acclimate a little - then just "jump in!"

Thegrandson is on cloud nine - he loves his Uncle Zac more than anything in the world. He wants to camp out in the woods with his uncle and have him teach him to ride a bike. I am sure there are many other things he "wishes" but he is going to have to learn to share his uncle with everyone.

The weather has abated a little and we are no longer scorching or being beaten by the high humidity. He may appreciate that a little, since it is over 100 degrees daily in India.

His travel home may be a little uncomfortable with all the recent changes in carry-on baggage rules and such. Maybe he can just sleep thru most of the flight and wake up in Chicago. That would cure the boredom problem.

Sunday cannot come soon enough for me and all his friends and buddies. We will all be scampering for his time - but it will all be worth it!!

More later, everyone stay healthy. TTFN.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

my baby is coming home....

Theson has made his flight arrangements and will be landing in Pittsburgh next Sunday, Aug. 13th at 10:25am. He has managed to get a month (plus a couple days) off. This is terrific, I last saw him when I took him back to the airport to return to India the end of April.

He will be cramming so much "American" activities into a short time. So many people he wants to see and things he wants to do. There is never enough time. I am so afraid it will go by way to quickly.

This pic was taken more than a year ago, but thought it would look good on here. He is quite a hunk. thegrandson is so excited about his "uncle Zac" coming home and being here for his 6th birthday too!!! Yippee!! He said "he will be here when I start Kindergarten too". There is no doubt how much thegrandson loves his Uncle.

I will take advantage of him a little and soup up this blog. I know the various sites to go to to get things, but am a complete boob at applying them. Well, this is short and sweet, some house cleaning to do and beef stew on the stove - more later. Stay healthy all - TTFN.

***have to read his blog, re: snorting chili powder - sometimes he is such a dork!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

...baby it's hot outside!!!

trying to get pics of thegrandson and friends running thru and playing in the neighbors sprinkler yesterday. Let's see if this works. thegrandson is the one in the red shorts and blonde hair. two more pics of my 15 and 11 yr old grandsons w/ colton at their last baseball game (last weekend.)

The weather has been unbearable, so the kids really had a blast with the sprinklers. Today the temp registered 101 degrees. Supposedly tomorrow will be much like today, utility companies are asking for voluntary conservancy of electric usage. I can understand that! All I want running is the AC and everyone knows how I hate to receive my electric bill. But I just can't suffer the heat anymore. Old age is a wonderful thing!!! IT SUCKS!!!

Theson is trying his hardest to get out of India for a month R & R. he wants to hit the NASCAR race in Bristol with his buddies, and cram a lot of america into his short time in the states. He needs the break.

More later. gonna crash for now. stay healthy all. TTFN.

*** just an observation but I have had over 237 visits from a site in Reston, Virginia. Curious hmmm, where is the CIA headquarters. I might be bugged. hahahahahaha

Monday, July 31, 2006

it's SOAPBOX time....

Anyone who is not politically motivated, may not even care about this blog, but leave it to me to opine a little.

Last week Dubya decided to use his veto power (the first of his tenure) and go against "expanding funding for stem cell research." Now first one has to recognize that Dubya is so anti stem cell research, he said years ago he would never support the cause. Does anyone else recognize the wording of the bill? Keywords "expanding funding" - haha guess what there is already federal monies going to research, which happened under Dubya's watch.

States are so adamant about the research venue they are coming up with additional funds on their level. Privately funded research in this area is also growing. Questions arise about the idiot (oops), he is such a contradiction - since he says "destroying an embryo is murder" (thus the veto), yet he still supports fertility clinics which destroy the excess embryos by the thousands. DUH?!?!?

Week before last, he managed a photo-op with "cute babies" adopted from embryos. Statistics are: 128 out of 400,000 frozen embryos (.032 percent) have ever been adopted. (Newsweek, July 31, 2006, Jonathan Alter). This amazes me. There are thousands of children available for adoption, which most couples prefer, rather than picking out an embryo to culture and adopt as a viable dependent.

The scientific breakthroughs so far, have been incredible. Scientists are actually finding other ways to retrieve and culture stem cells, i.e. simple skin cells. Umbilical cord and placenta blood are prime targets that need to be banked. Ultimately, we (the scientists) need these stem cells to hopefully be able to cure diseases and replace vital bodily services. But apparently, the Dubya groups would rather not be able to save the lives of their constituents, just brainwash them during their brief term on earth.

Religion has to be removed from the scientific field. As long as the conservative's "sanctity of life" platform prevails, there will be NO cures.

Just a bit of humor now, I certainly do not have any memories while I was in the embryonic stage (since I did share that with a twin), and doubt anyone else has memories either. A small piece of protoplasm, smaller than the head of a pin, contains the possible cure for so many dreaded diseases, yet strikes fear in the minds of the Christian right.

OOOH, do ya hate me now. Wish I could get that Bush clock to move a little faster. Ta-da I am done!!

TTFN, everyone stay healthy.

Friday, July 28, 2006

stinking, lousy summer cold....

I still have the damn cold/flu thing going on and really feel like crap. Now I have this icky eye infection thing going on - guess I will have to give in and call the Doc and get a miracle drug of sorts.

We (Mom2, herson and fiance, the daughter and I) went to E.J.'s wedding last Saturday at THE BARN in Moundsville, WV. And take my word for it it was A BARN. Bright, shiny red paint on the outside and a rustic ambience inside. The ceremony took place on an outside patio (quite windy) and the reception was held inside. After the intense heat we have been having - they lucked out and after a few rain drops in the morning - it remained sunny and cool the rest of the day. I actually was cold.

E.J. went all through school with mydaughter and spent a good deal of time at our house during her grade school years. Once in high school, she and theson became great friends. She also dated Mom2's son for over a year. Now she is married to a 14 year Air Force veteran and living in Colorado Springs. Good luck E.J. (They are honeymooning in Jamaica at this very moment.)

For mor pics of the wedding go to www.flickr.com/photos/mbonen.
I even took a good pic for a change.

thegrandson has totally amazed me lately. Yesterday morning, when he got up the first thing he told me was, and I quote, "nina, did you know gravity keeps us on the ground, and there is no gravity in space!" omg, you could have knocked me over. And yesterday afternoon, he started tellingme all about "hall monitors" in the schools and what they do. He doesn't even start school till the end of August. DUH!?!?! And before going to bed, he gave me an in-depth detailed description of "cloning!"
I think I better sign him up for Harvard now!! Or a more scientific college like Stanford. He never ceases to amaze me. Took him to his cousins baseball games Sunday, and he had a blast with his 15 year old, 6' 2" cousin. Stephen just picks him up and hauls him all over the place and teeny tiny Colton tries to keep up with him - it is funny.

Just IM'd with theson in India. Damn, infernal place. He was supposed to be there for one month and it is now going on 19 months. His girlfriend was there for a year and she just left this past Monday (for good!) Keep up the good spirits, you two will get together soon.

OK - will put more on here later, nap time again!! TTFN. I promise to blog more often.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

pity, pity, pity me!! ....

I HATE SUMMER COLDS!! Damnit. I've got it all. Took thedaughter to Ohio State University Hospital for her monthly checkup (following bone removal), and before we left, I knew I was getting the sniffles. Well, by the time we got home (5:30 pm), I got my clothes changed and thought I would prefer death. No head should hold this much stuff, sore throat, and puking my guts out. YUCK!! And to kick it all off, the weather is staggeringly HOT and HUMID. Just throw the dirt on my face now!!

Mom2 went with thedaughter, thegrandson and myself to Columbus. Trips are always fast when she is with me, because we NEVER SHUT UP. We can talk about anything and (god forbid) anyone! We stopped at The Andersons, a general store off Brice Road on the way home. We were told it was an awesome place. More of a step-down Super WalMart. I didn't see any super bargains. Got myself and thegrandson doo rags, so now we are COOL. Got him a basketball game and a kids chair in a bag. Sorry Slyght, I can't resist getting stuff for him.

I set up another blog site to share all the juicy details about "my lovelife" with theson. It won't be published here, as yet, because of privacy issues. HAHAHAHA. theson is aware of his status and wealth, and we decided to keep this in the family for now. hey son, promised you a wonderful daddy - you may just get one!!! BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!!

theson has been having troubles with his blog lately, some indian jerk may have banned certain areas of his blogsite. could be just a glitch also, once he navigates thru another system, he then can see his and other blogs, so keep commenting on his site, he will get them. Hopefully, he will be leaving India in the very near future. Talking about heading to Kazhakstan - ouch!! I wasn't all that thrilled when he was in Turkmenistan. Oh hell, moms always worry.

Did y'all hear Dubya use the word "shite" on TV? He is human after all. A jerk maybe, but human. He is probably staying up nights figuring how to get our troops into Israel now!! I don't think he is happy unless we are involved in other countries problems - literally! Idiot!!

Gonna go flush my head out now!! Everyone stay healthy and TTFN!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

see if this works...

As I said, Brownie scampered off the keyboard and back to his palatial digs. Let's see if this works this time.

Now, as for theson, stuck in a hellhole in India, I worry about the train explosions and monsoons in his part of the world. It is just a mother's job to worry. I can't wait till he gets to a civilized part of the world. Being exposed to the lesser work motivated people he has in the past 18 months, I don't want any of that to rub off on him. He is far too intelligent for that. Have to check out his blog (on right) Nomadic Tendencies and Emmas (also on right) Saddle Tramp - to see the latest swimsuit fashion in India. It is SO NOT Emma. Amazing what a pair of scissors can do.

OK - gonna try to go back for a nap - take care and stay healthy all. Later.

yes...i do need a life!

Good morning all! Such a shite morning, cloudy, mother nature trying to decide whether to start torrential downpours or just sputter all day. Now, mind you, Jamboree In The Hills starts today at 3:50 PM, and this is the 30th anniversary of this "get down and dirty" weekend country music weekend. I did 26 years of attendance, and now it is up to the younger crowd to carry on. JITH has always been the third weekend of July, as they did extensive weather studies upon its inception and found that throughout history, the 3rd weekend of July has proved to be the best weekend of the summer. By that I mean, very little rain and sunny conditions. I guess, for the most part they have been accurate 75% of the time. I think it was the summer of '94 when it was Jamboree In The Mud. OMG what a mess, I had to pay some guy with a tractor $50 to pull my car out of the mud. This guy probably retired on the windfall he had that year from just towing cars with his John Deere. Total attendance for the weekend has been estimated as high as 200,000 people. No accurate figures have ever been released.

thedaughter went to the shed last night to get one of our "chairs in a bag" and ran back in the house because she encountered a spider the size of Texas. I hate that shed and want it totally torn down. It sits close to the creek running behind out house and is constantly damp and yucky. I have so much junk in it, would rather see it implode at this point.

Anyway, thedaughter is going to JITH for 4 days (comes home at night), is broke, but still going. I bought her the 4 day pass for Christmas, but told her then she would have to provide her own, beer, food, parking and incidentals. This weekend can be quite costly as everyone knows. She is doing it on a shoestring.

Enough of that garbage. I have been up since 4 am (this not sleeping thing is getting to be a PITA) and been on the computer (of course) since that time. BORING!!!

So here is the product of my boredom. BROWNIE THE HAMSTER.

I decided to bring thegrandsons pet hamster, Brownie, out to play with me. After a quick run across the keyboard, he just wanted to run around and sniff. How a nose can twitch that fast, amazes me. He couldn't wait to scurry off the computer. Oh hell, all of a sudden I can't put anymore pics in this blog. going to publish this one and then add last two pics in another entry. So ttfn, stay healthy all.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

told ya so...

I am totally amazed... pictures of the robins on last blog were taken on Thursday and today is Saturday and look at them now.
I wasn't satisfied with this picture, so I came in the house and got a stool to stand on, and as I was getting ready to step onto the stool - ALL 5 BABY ROBINS FLEW OUT OF THE NEST. Scared the shite out of me. So I guess there really are NO flying lessons, they just automatically know what to do with their feathery arms. Now we will wait and see if they fly back home to the nest. I think I really pissed them off anyway. This is just a quick update on the birds... More later. Stay healthy all. TTFN

Friday, July 07, 2006

about ready to fly - i hope...

OK, momma robin has this second "brood" now living in a spoon basket on my back porch. There are five babies crammed into this teeny tiny nest. The one in the back has its mouth open waiting for a worm to be dropped down its gullet. It is not a pretty scene when all five decide they want the worm at the same time. But apparently mom and dad robin have it down to a science as to each finding and delivering the meals. In the early morning, both robins are in the side yard listening and then attacking their prey (poor worms never knew what hit them).

The first brood was nested in early May and there were 4 eggs then. Mama robin went overboard this time and had 5. It is so amazing, because one day (probably in the next week) the nest will be EMPTY. You don't get to see any early flying lessons at all - boom, they are gone.

My plan is to strip this basket when they are gone, put new "artificial" flowers in and then rehang. At the present time there are four nests, one on top of the other. Although, this same nest was used for the last two broods. I have been amazed how the robins apparently mate for life, and take the responsibilities equally. All marriages should be so good.

Not much going on here, the valley is gearing up for Jamboree In The Hills which begins next Thursday evening. the campgrounds open this weekend I believe. After 20+ years of attending, I now watch most of it on TV. I did my duty for a good many years, trudging thru mud and all. Now, it is up to the younger crowd to carry on.

Took my dog Angel, to Mom2's house this evening to let her and Heidi get acquainted. Heidi is an Alaskan huskie (I think), and very territorial. Angel is "just happy to be here." Had to take her up on a leash, she originally turned around and went back home on the first attempt. When I left I figured she would run back home, but oh no, straight across the street and onto the neighbors porch for a visit, and then crawl up the backs of the people walking down the street, before finally back into the house. I probably should try some sort of obedience training, but that would take all the fun out of it.

That's good enough for some lighthearted blogging this evening. Everyone take care and stay healthy... has anyone heard from Paul - he is playing absent blogger again!!! TTFN

Monday, July 03, 2006

...a little time with HOMER

the daughter, thegrandson and i spent saturday at Uncle Windy's for a picnic and plain old fun. we have known for the past year that he has a pet deer named HOMER, but finding the time to get to his place has been difficult.

we got there about 1 pm, but homer was playing shy and hiding in the woods somewhere. the grandson was beginning to get very upset. at least there were a few other children to play with, so that allayed some of his anxiety. i was at the back of the house with some friends when someone came running out and yelling that Homer finally appeared out front and colton was ecstatic.

Bless his little heart, he was so excited he kept wanting to run up and play with the deer, but Homer thinks the kids want to wrestle and he starts head butting. when Homer was smaller that was not a problem, but now he has the start of his adult rack (velvet like nubs) and they can hurt. we had to tell colton to "stand still" several times, so Homer wouldn't send him flying.

there are several more pics you can view at www.flickr.com/photos/mbonen. now i have to figure out how to get the movies downloaded. i know i will need to get a dvd burner at some point. the camera is awesome.

Taking a break, my damn feet keep swelling and I have to put them up. Stay healthy all, more later.

Monday, June 26, 2006

...start building the Ark

Isn't it great to see that Washington, D.C. is under water (realtively so)? Just imagine, the IRS building has been closed, I do so hope they don't loose any records (heehee). Can you see Dubya on the back of a boat crossing the Potomac? Not a pretty picture. He would have Mexicans rowing for him I am sure. (Never guess how I feel politically, could ya?)

I would choose sunshine and no rain if I had my druthers, sunshine is so revitalizing for me!! Like the Caribbean. It is comforting to know my ashes will someday be warmed in the ocean. Now isn't that a droll subject.

On to more exciting things. Let me think.....hmm..... theson had a terrific blog yesterday about his father's mistress (see Nomadic Tendencies). It fired up him, his sister and myself, not to mention our friends.

theson is one of the most interesting, vital, smart individuals I know. (Not that I am predjudiced or anything.) He was never a problem while growing up, he was always my staunchest supporter and rock. He made his way through one of the toughest and prestigious universities (Case Western) and after his "free" freshman year, made me very proud of all his accomplishments. And then I find out his father's mistress communicated with him via email, which upset him tremendously and he definitely does not want me to be upset. But just so you know son, nothing that person says or does can upset me. She is not worth a minute of my time one way or the other. Nor should she fester in your mind. She no more knew what life was like with your dad than the man in the moon. He was a pathological liar and perpetuated his lies with her. You and I (and a good many people around us) know what really transpired in our lives, and the bottom line is - we don't dwell on the past. We learn and go forward.

Russell has probably taught you more than your father ever did. And he is always willing to bend your ear or pass on his knowledge (in fields you are lacking.) Mom2 ALMOST loves you as much as me. We have adopted that family as our own and vice versa. Mom2 is my sister for all intent and purposes. We have been through a lot and probably have a lot waiting in the future.

I loved your blog though - there is nothing wrong with the feelings you have. As long as those feelings can be expressed and not repressed you are a whole person. Just knowing what a terrific husband and father you will be someday, makes me content. For not having a good example you have certainly made some headway in your life.

And that is all I am going to say at this time. Should you need me to stand up for you - just ask. That's my job. Love ya baby. MOM'S GOT YOUR BACK!!!

OK folks, stay healthy, till next time.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

...really going to try pics

I have stated how much I enjoyed the cruise and I am going to see if I can get the pics in here. The first pic is taken from the ship looking out onto Port Everglades. And the following are from St. Thomas and St. Maarten. I got a beautiful sunset shot leaving St. Thomas. OK - that's 2 for now, thought I had more time but have to do some things. will add more or give the flickr site to view more. stay healthy all.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Today was a very sad day for my friends - they had to have their pet and friend Shelbie put to sleep after 15 years of companionship. Shelbie was a black, white and brown sheltie, and the protector of the domain for many years. She was companion and friend to Russ, who truly loved this family member.

The one bright side, is the memories that they have over the past many years; their son and his antics with Shelbie when she was much younger, like blowing into her nose to make her jowls flare out. Poor baby, what she had to endure. But always the friend and protector.

Having to say goodbye to our pets is not now, or ever has been an easy task. But a pet should suffer no more than we would have a human endure. Saying goodbye for the last time is hard and will be for days to come, but trust me, the decision made was compassionate and made out of love.

My heartfelt sympathies are with you all.


Monday, June 19, 2006

..........so there, MY THING!!!

Just to be funny for theson - he apparently just caught on to the openings for my blogs the (...) or endings, whichever the case may be. I have no clue why I started it, but I think it comes from conversations, I am always being interrupted and what I have to say usually comes out rather choppy. So I feel I am usually starting everything in mid-sentence. How is that for an explanation?

Back to the cruise. When you enter Port Everglades, you have to wait in a winding line to enter the building which houses INS, TSA's and Cruise Personnel. Once in the building there are a multitude of lines again, one for each floor on the ship. One only has to go to their designated line and again wait to be processed through, and then onto the ship. there is also a line for Platinum and Elite members which is considered an "Express Check-In." NOT!!! I stood in line maybe longer than those on the various other lines. They also now have a line for "WHEELCHAIR ASSISTED TRAVELERS." OMG - that line reached to the back of this building (approximately 300 feet). From the moment I saw all those in the "handicapped" line, I knew I was going to have some fun.

For the first couple of days, in conversations with various people I met, I insisted that the jogging track should be turned into a route for the wheelchair races. Of course there would have to be two separate races, one for motorized and another for non-motorized units. Most saw the humor in my effort. I also thought we might have to divide into age groups as there appeared to be a 30 year gap between some. I figured wtf, how much more liability could there be, since most were on their last legs and needed oxygen, how bad could they get hurt (other than death!?) That was the sick side of my humor.

Princess had to supply an attendant to "de-embark" each and every one of those dependant on wheels - which I assumed was a liability based decision. They damn near ran me over just getting to the gangplank.

There was also a bunch of teeny bopper young girls which about drove me over the edge. Sickening, how they flaunted their little bodies all tanned and shapely. Ha!!! Someday after they have multiple children, they will find out what happens to that body! Probably picked me as a perfect example, all tanned and ROUND! hee hee.

OK, that's enough for now, have to get up early in the morning, so I have things to do. So everyone stay healthy and I will just sign off...

...i'm back - vacation NOT long enough

Hi All!!! I'm back to the humdrum life again. A week's vacation is definitely not long enough. I honestly need to hit a lottery so I can indulge my fantasy of at least ONE MONTH on a cruise ship. Met some very nice and interesting people on this cruise and managed to relax and enjoy myself completely. No clock to dictate my every moment and no schedule to adhere to - wonderful!!!

My very best friends picked me up on Friday the 9th at 6 am and drove me to the Pittsburgh Airport. Now there was a challenge - never in my wildest dreams did I figure it would be bedlam at that ungodly hour of the morning. Since I had to get my ticket from the US Air kiosk, I had to stand in line almost an hour then take my bags to the X-ray department, then go through the screening process and on to the gate for boarding. I stopped at O'Briens and had a quick coffee and cigarette and made it to my gate 5 minutes before boarding proceeded. Whew!!! That was fun. We left 15 minutes late and arrived in Ft. Lauderdale 10 minutes early - not bad and a good flight to boot.

Got a taxi to the hotel (very glad I switched hotels @ hotels.com). It is a very old hotel which has been refurbished and is right in the center of the "posh" shopping area. It was sort of a Rodeo Drive in Ft. Lauderdale. After a two hour nap, I walked all around the area and "window shopped"; there was even a Vera Bradley (cloth bags) store that I did enter. Still didn't buy anything, then I stopped at a sidewalk cafe for dinner. Nice atmosphere and ambience and a nice Mediterranean fare. While I was finishing my meal, everyone came running out of the bar next door screaming "fire" whilst still holding their drinks. It was two minutes before two ladder trucks; a pumper truck and ambulance were all parked in front of the building. I was not even allowed to leave as the police had yellow taped off the exit. So I did what any normal person would do, I called my friend and daughter on my cell to let them know what was going on. The fire was from the AC unit on the roof and the fire department had every thing under control within a half hour. A little excitement to end my day. Back to the hotel and the MOST COMFORTABLE BED in the world.

I got to Port Everglades to board the ship around 12:15 pm and there was already a long line. Cruise personnel opened the doors and the line moved smoothly after that. I was through the check in procedure and in my room by 12:45 pm. Swimsuit on and off to the pool. I was in heaven. There is always a "going away" party and a Caribbean band playing, dancing and lots of fun. That lasted till we were about a half hour out of port. Showered and up to the Caribe buffet. Terrific - lobster and crab legs - yummy! There was a great musical show in the Princess Theatre as always, then I closed my evening out at Club Fusion with a gin and tonic and "Scene It" games followed by the beginning of a week long "Princess Idol" contest.

I will get out the manual for the cacorder/digital camera Slyght bought me for Mother's Day, and try to figure how to download and hopefull get into a future blog. The older I get the dumber I get!!

Have to take thedaughter to Columbus for a check-up today, so will try to add more tonight.

Stay healthy all!!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

I am almost outta here...

OKay, the countdown has begun. I will be leaving for the airport in 17 hours, and in 51 hours will be sailing to the Caribbean. I have not slept well for the past few nights, and everyone says I must be excited. I am not sure what to call it!! There is only a handful of people who can truly understand how much I need and will relish "getting away!"

I do well when I am on my own, and just imagining relaxing by the pool and DOING NOTHING, is the ultimate rush. Thank you Slyght for everything!

I will miss thegrandson more than anything, although I don't think it is a reciprocal emotion. Last night he was telling his mother, he wished I was leaving "yesterday." Maybe he is planning a big party, oh that would be his mother!! hee hee.

I have tried to limit what has gone in the suitcase, because I know I am taking more than I need. I will rummage through it one more time and remove any excess.

I bought "The DaVinci Code" for the cruise and started reading it yesterday and am now halfway through. It is excellent and very hard to put down. I will probably have it finished before I even sail.

OK - MOM2 --- DON'T GET BUMMED OUT. Since I have been unemployed, we have played almost every day, and she will have to resort to the "other" best friends while I am away. I know they are not as much fun as me - SO PRETEND!! I will email her from the ship - to let her know I have not gone overboard!!

Still much to do, gonna run for now. Will try to blog tonight if possible, but had a hard time getting to the site just to blog now. So we will see.

EVERYONE STAY HEALTHY!! Don't think of me in the sunshine, by the pool, with a daiquri - it will only depress you!!! TTFN

Monday, June 05, 2006

...five days and counting

It is 1:45 am Monday morning and apparently I have had enough sleep for the night- ARGHHHH!!! Tried to blog yesterday and the day before, but I did the "Personality Test" from Slyght's site and tried to put in this blog and really fukked things up. After deleting both posts, they were still showing up on this site and changed every aspect of the blog. It definitely wasn't pretty.

I have never considered myself as a dumb individual, but for the life of me I have more trouble adding links to this site, and slyght tells me how "easy" it is. NOT. I believe I do much better with visual instruction in my "twilight" years than the written word. When I was younger (soooo long ago) I could just read instructions and "go at it" but not anymore. I must have suffered some sort of brain damage along the way.

Thanks slyght for fixing the problem!!

Leaving this coming Friday for Ft. Lauderdale and sailing on Saturday. My very bestest friend, MOM2, is unable to cruise again this year, due to some physical disabilities, DAMNIT!!! But she better be fine and fit next year as we are planning a 9 day cruise on the Crown Princess out of NYC, and sails to the Turks and Caicos. That should give the neurologist plenty of time to fix what ails her. Definitely more fun with Mom2, as we have a blast "making fun of" all the other people on the cruise. Not in a hurtful way, but in a "they wish they were us" kind of way. YUK YUK! I was looking through all my paperwork for this trip (cruise papers, air reservations and hotel reservation), when I noticed that the hotel I booked had a one star rating out of five. After more checking, I started getting a little worried. So I called Hotels.com and was able to switch to a better locale (get this: a totally non-smoking hotel), for $20 more. I must be nuts.

Have you read about the massacre of the seven people in a home in Indianapolis? It was quite tragic, three children under the age of 11 and 4 adults were shot in their home by 3 or 4 home invaders. Well they caught one guy and then another surrendered to police at the local Hardee's with his minister by his side. My point is this: the sites for comments about this act and the perpetrators on the internet have had me irate as ususal. Especially the ones like - "it was an ACCIDENT, and to forgive the poor guys." Excuse me, I accidently swept my semi automatic guns throughout the room and these poeple just got in the way?????!!!! And to practice forgiveness, blah blah blah! NOPE - AIN'T GONNA DO IT!! Let me start the lethal IV drip, or pull the switch or whatever it takes to rid the planet of this kind of vermin. Between eyewitness accounts and forensics, it is proven that these individuals perpetrated the crime - BANG you are done!! No more tax dollars being spent for their care and housing. I have always chuckled at the statements that it costs more to execute an individual than to house them for 30 or 40 years. Last time I checked a bullet still cost under a buck. And the chemicals for lethal injection do not cost thousands of dollars. ENOUGH OF THIS MORBID SUBJECT. I just get very upset with the moronic mentality we face sometimes.

As for the Personality test, I did not amaze myself at all, guess because I already know who I am, and at this point I probably will not change much.

OKAY PAUL - get on the stick and blog. May 18th was such a long time ago, fill us in on what is happening, any exciting bike trips?? Work going well?? Anything, something!!! C'mon guy, I have no life, need to catch up on others.

Everyone email Emma (Saddle Tramp) on Tuesday, her 28th birthday!!! Wonder how good an Indian Birthday Cake really is?? Maybe Slyght will get her something nice!! Like a big hug and sloppy kiss!! haha!

Gonna go for now - have to go tan in 6 hours. hee hee. More later.

Stay healthy all!!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

...don't pay the ransom - I'M BACK!!!

I can't believe it has been a week since I last blogged. My how time flies..blah, blah, blah! I really have been busy, but can't think of anything major I have accomplished. Last Monday, took the daughter back to Columbus to get the cast removed, and that was a day from hell - a murphy's law day. She was in a lot of pain and still cannot move the wrist at all. The doctor scheduled physical therapy at Martins Ferry Hospital which is approximately 8 miles from home - so that is a good thing. Well, maybe!! She scheduled her appointment for Thursday and when we showed up, they didn't do the therapy because the doctor had written a therapists name on the form and she is no longer employed there. DUH!! Tried to tell them that it didn't matter, her name just happened to be a reference on the list he had. Mind you - this place is a specific HAND THERAPY office. But no, had to come home and get the doctor's phone number - give it to therapists office and wait to see what happens. The next day (Friday), therapist called and said doctor gave the OK -- whatever??? I truly hate dealing with morons.

Beginning yesterday, we are in the grip of a hot spell. Ninety plus degrees. Had to start the AC, and I am not a happy camper. That means an escalating electric bill, and higher utilities do not make me happy. Finangled with the phone company this week to get my bill lowered. It worked, had to add 2 types of service (call waiting and call forwarding) to get a break and it lowered my DSL by $10 too. Total monthly savings will be $20. Every little bit helps.

Got up early this morning (5:30 am as usual) and got dressed and got groceries for a cookout. Made potato salad, pasta sald, baked beans, my special barbeque sauce, and chicken. It was super. Mom2 and Kimberly came down and sent a plate hom to Russ. My oldest daughter and her new husband were supposed to come but forgot and made other plans. They may stop tomorrow before he heads back to Indiana. (Cable installer and works independently.)

I've been getting things together for my cruise, making lists, etc... getting excited really. Just to get away and chill out is such a relaxing thought. Just have to ensure that everything will be OK on the homefront while I am away. Don't want people in my house while I am gone. Quirky, but that is how I feel.

Slyght had a bout of "Delhi Belly" or Montezma's revenge of India, and I hope he is feeling better by now. Would hate to think he is pooping his life away, BAD MOMMY!!!

Gonna crash for now, I am worn out. Thedaughter and Colton have gone somewhere, but hope she brings him home soon, he needs a bath and to get to bed. He is a little cranky. BTW, gave him $5 bill to get something from the "Good Humor" man, and he picked a Spider Man Popsicle - $2 frigging dollars!! wtf!!! talk about inflation.
He came in with $3 and said "look what the ice cream man gave me!!" needless to say it was my change from the five - to keep him somewhat calm I had to give him a dollar so I could get two. Amazing what one has to do to keep peace.

More later, take care all!! 12 DAYS TILL CRUISE!! YIPPEE!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

...daVinci debate or propaganda?

instead of the "infomercials" which run all night long, i have been switching channels and found that one religious channel was having a discussion (only one sided though) about "the daVinci code." It amazes me, that they are harping that this book and movie are only tearing away the deep seated traditions and mores of the bible. Now I have to consider this: the bible and daVinci Code are both BOOKS. each writtten about 2000 years apart. one was written by many individuals over a great period of time - with no hard evidence to support its claims or statements, and the other more recent book was written by one man with backup up reseearch from other books of the same genre. I consider that both belong in the "fiction" section of the library.

this one gentleman was referring to those who "fall" for the daVinci concepts as cultists, but then what are the people who swear by every single word of the bible? at one point the discussion moved to the sect (cult) within the catholic church called "opus dei." i saw an interview with four members of this cult and they are scary. well dressed and spoken individuals in high paying jobs and have nothing. Opus Dei requires that all financial assets be turned over to the "church" and they physically abuse their bodies in service to God daily. Oh by the way, Opus Dei has been an official sect for only 77 years. there is a barbed "bracelet" of sorts called a cellus (pronounced sill-us) they wear for hours at a time wrapped around their thigh. I suppose because your "bad thigh" made you do bad things. and not to forget the knotted whip for self flagellation.

My question is: where does religion start or cults for that matter? what are the organized religions afraid of from a movie? I taught my children at an early age, that movies are not real (unless otherwise stated), just created entertainment.

For a work of fiction, these anti da vinci groups are really hyping the movie whether they admit it or not. Now for Leonardo daVinci. Other than Stephen Hawking (the smartest individual I can think of at the moment), I can't think of anyone as versatile and of a genius nature that we should even comment "against" him. The man was a scholar, artist, engineer, scientist, and anatomy instructor. Definitely a man before his time. He invented the first machine gun for heavens sake. With a brain such as his, I would not be shocked to consider that he put subtle clues in his paintings and other works.

Slyght bought the book a long time ago and I have been wanting to read it, so I bought a paperback for my cruise. I hope there are no religious fanatics to rip it out of my hands and throw it overrboard.

This one gentleman had me laughing, he kept saying over and over, "I am not telling people to boycott the movie, but why should we put our dollars in Sony's coffers over a pack of lies." If he said it once he said it twenty times, makes me want to buy stock in Sony now. And all these new books are coming out to contradict da Vinci code, and reference the Bible, of course and writings from centuries past. Now back to my initial statements, who is alive to verify "old" statements and where is the evidence?

I may burn in hell, but so be it, that is how I feel, and I always love a good argument.

5 am and I think I will go back to bed now. Stay healthy all - 19 DAYS TILL SAILING TIME!!

***Note: daVinci Code grossed $224 million over 3 day span, second only to Star Wars. Gotta love Sony.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

i have had enough....

Today started out with a plan. I was finally going to jump into getting my kitchen back in order. During tax season I had moved all my files up and it had become a mess. Files are now back in the basement, and it is 12:30 am Thursday morning - and I am ready for a breakdown, but I digress...

As I was "rearranging" the hutch (moving to another wall), and I then proceeded to move the unit holding my printers, laptop and some office supplies - it collapsed and everything went crashing to the floor. I had electronics strewn everywhere. While the daughter started unplugging and sorting the stuff out, I ran to WalMart to get a stronger shelving unit. When I returned home, she had gotten a friend to come help with the mess. We put the new unit together, and began reconnecting all the electronics and luckily - EVERYTHING IS FINE!!! Oh what a mess.

With all the moving and up and down on the stool (to clean things "higher" up), my body was screaming at me. I then fixed a baked steak dinner, and went to bed at 9 pm. I think I fell asleep instantly. Thedaughter then woke me at midnight to tell me we had water coming in the basement. My nerves cannot take anymore. I spent $65K to have a new foundation put under my house in 2001 so I wouldn't have a swimming pool for a basement, but the jerk who did he job either did not put a check valve in the drain system or used shite materials. I need to have a check valve put in and have been nagging this guy for over a year to do it, and now look where I am?!?!? Tomorrow morning at 8 am he is going to hear from me. It has rained non-stop for several days now and I need this done. After Hurricane Ivan in 2004 - and I lost $20K in property because the basement flooded - I cannot go thru it again. I will more than likely not be able to go back to sleep now.

How ridiculous to get worked up like this - I have already gotten sick once, my stomach is in knots. I certainly do not handle stress well at all. I am my own worst enemy.

I am so glad Slyght finally started blogging again, I miss his humor and updates during the "down" time.

Gonna go for now - stay healthy all - 23 DAYS NOW!!!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Lovely Mothers Day

Besides being rainy and gloomy most of the day, Mothers Day turned out to be a lovely event. Thedaughter loved her gifts from her son and was in a good humor all day. I spoke with (and viewed on webcam) the son for almost an hour in the morning. His beard is growing in nicely, the "bug bite" is healing (after his personal surgery with nail clippers - argh!!!), and he made my day complete, just by electronic comunications.

Mom2's brother Donald invited us to his house for a cookout, and it was divine. He cooked steaks, deep fried chickens, lasagna and we took some side dishes. Nice, laid back afternoon and early evening. Thedaughter came down and brought the grandson, Mom2's family and Donald's girlfriends parents were all there, and as usual there was more than enough food. Mom2's son came in later in the evening, which was a real treat for her. She becomes cranky sometimes when she doesn't have her complete family on holidays, so that scenario was avoided. (hahahahaha)

Thegrandson played with the other kids and literally wore himself out, to the point of being a real grumpass. He does not understand that the other kids have to go home at some point and playtime is not eternal. He almost takes it personally and becomes unbearable. (but still love him to pieces.) Our big problem is getting him to go to bed without TV or lights on. He has been spoiled in that way. I can get him to sleep easily by laying with him and rubbing his back, but his mother doesn't want that anymore. I feel at least we should wean him away from that slowly. If he watches TV, he never goes to sleep. I am to blame for some of it, but when I am watching him, I let him watch TV for awhile then do the back rub thing and all is good. Doesn't work as well for his mother. Uncle Zac turns the lights out and just lays quietly in the dark with him for awhile and "zap" he is out. I don't have the ideal solution, but hopefully we will work something out for the little booger.

Enough for the moment. SLYGHT START BLOGGING, miss your humor and insight. Besides, you have to blog and tell everyone about the new job description. Oooooh - now we have a mystery.

Later, stay healthy all - 25 days now!!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

dreary and depressing day...

It almost seems like a fall day. Chilly and cloudy and sends me into a depression of sorts. I have a tendency to dwell on all the bad and very little good, on days like this. The guy just cut the grass, but I am going to have to get my lawnmower out and get it running, this goofball charges me $25 for 1/2 hour of work. My side lot is flat and totally unobstructed and w/ all the junk in the backyard, probably isn't more than 50 square feet to cut. I like to cut grass, but everyone worries I may have another heart attack. Pshaw!!! I can do it in increments.

The neatest event happens every spring on my back deck. (Since 2001). When my sister died, I received a beautiful "spoon" basket, and I hung it and filled it with fake flowers shortly thereafter. Robins have been nesting in it since then. Each nest is made on top of the last. Right now there are 4 robin eggs in the nest and the mother robin gets highly pissed every time I open the back door. Last year, while I was on my cruise, the nasty blackbirds knocked 3 of the eggs out of the nest, so we try to watch them if possible. thegrandson is totally enthralled by it all. The dog can't figure out why the bird is screaming at her all the time. LOL.

Just cleaned thegrandsons toy room and discarded a lot of old toys and pieces of toys. Looks great for the moment, but probably won't stay that way for long. Laundry is going thru the process and going to start on the kitchen now.

Hopefully, my best friend and I will go to Red Lobster for dinner. We always have fun, and all we do is GAB!!! No one is safe from our clutches - the entire public is fair game. We can be merciless too.

More later, this was just a "fill the time" blog.

Stay healthy all - 27 DAYS!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

He doesn't listen to MOM...

Well, theson has done it again. I specifically told him NOT to buy me anything for Mother's Day or for any of the immediate upcoming holidays, as he has done more than he should. Today the UPS shows up at the door with a box (from Amazon) and I sign for it (a rarity), and place it in the living room, as that is where all of thesons purchases go. later on, thedaughter asks me what I ordered from Amazon, and I said "nothing, what are you talking about?" She proceeded to tell me the box I signed for was for ME. (Note: I wasn't wearing my glasses when I signed for the package either.)

I verified that it was for me and tore into the box savagely. OH MY GOD!!! Theson got me a JVC Everio Hard Disk Camcorder. This thing is the bomb. Takes digital pics as well as recordings. Strange as it may sound, this morning I was telling thedaughter that I was going to dig out my old camcorder to take on the cruise. Well, fuggedaboutdat. This unit fits in the palm of your hand (no kidding), and is sooooo light. Amazing. I have figured out how to charge it, take a pic and record. As far as the special effects it has and all the "fluff", I will have to PRACTICE!! The unit came w/ 9 books. Actually only three are necessary, as there is a set in spanish and french also. My understanding is that I can then download pics and recording to a CD when I am done. This is too cool. Now I have to figure out how to beat my son for being so very good to me.

Now for the reality check. the daughter mentioned that this camcorder may very well be for Zac and somehow my name got on the packaging ---- NAH!!! Too bad, possession is 9 points of the law. lalalalalalalalala..! Too late, he will have to wrestle me for it, and that is just too over the top. I am old, fat and fragile. HEE HEE.

Rainy, crumby day here. Yesterday it was 80 degrees and sunny, now chilly (60 ish) and rainy. Gonna stay that way for the next 6-7 days. YUK!!

Thegrandsons last day of preschool was today. We spent the day with the whole class, ate a sack lunch (in the classroom as the rain precluded our trip to Wheeling Park.) Some of those kids I could have strangled. Wild, loud and apparently throughout the school term - learned nothing about sharing. I am sure the teachers are going to enjoy some solitude over the next couple of months. Hope I can teach him to ride a bike over the summer, haven't done that for awhile.

Gonna go for now, stay healthy all. 28 days from tomorrow - sailing, sailing!! lalalalalalala

Monday, May 08, 2006

just resting and catching up...

Well, almost a full week of unemployment. still scared, but guess that will last till i find another job. trying to cut back on some things (wish i hated to shop) to stretch the $$$. I have gotten my front porch in order and have to tackle the back deck now. that will be an alL-day project, as during the fall and winter months, i notoriously "throw" everything back there. so i guess you could call this pay back on me.

the daughter doesn't make it easier either. she misses the point that we have to work together (since she is currently in a cast and cannot work.) no matter what, there is always something that has to be done. she goes to bed late and sleeps till noon or 12:30 and it is hard to accomplish a lot on that schedule.

the grandson's last day of pre-school is this thursday, then he is off till he starts kindergarten in late august. then SCHOOL forever. poor baby. but he has a curious mind and loves to learn so hope he goes far in this world.

that damn "BUSH COUNTDOWN CLOCK" is not going fast enough. the a**hole is still fukking up everything. now he has appointed a "military" person to head the CIA ?!?!?! let's see, he bugs your phone and internet, and now wants a military guy in to suveil the masses even more. NOT. i think there will be a stink over this one. (at lease that is the ramblings so far.) poor me - may have to get on my soapbox again.

had a great day yesterday. mom2, oldest daughter (newlywed), and i went flea marketing and then to BW3's. mom2 was totally impressed with bdubs. guess we will have to do that again sometime soon.

everyone read slyghts blog today about the t-shirt "give away!" HILARIOIUS!!!!