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Thursday, September 27, 2007


For those of you unfamiliar with this lunatic - you can google various sites for pics. But during this trial his appearance changed at least 3 distinctive times. Phil Spector (and this was his 2nd "look") is a psycotic, narcicistic bastard. He has a history of pulling guns on women, as they tried to leave his house in the past, made many statements that women are c**ts and deserve to have their f'in heads blown off...yet this jury became "hung" 10-2 favoring guilty yesterday.

As theson states in his blog - I have been watching this trial from start to finish, involved in a chat room (now all very dear friends...lol) and essentially become a nervous wreck throughout this 5 month trial.

Some basic facts:
* Lana Clarkson was shot (in the mouth) in Phil Spectors house 2/3/03.
* Phil Spector came to door of his house with gun in hand, yelled at his chaffeur "I think I killed somebody!"
* 14 phones in house and he (Phil) never called 911
* Chaffeur called 911 - Police did not enter home for over 40 minutes - not sure whether a hostage situation existed
* Spector tasered by police for not cooperating - stating to police "I shot her but it was an accident. I can explain."
* Gun now laying at Lana's left foot (she is right handed). No prints on gun - wiped with wet diaper - same diaper used to wipe her face - by Phil. By the way, he wettened the diaper in a toilet to wipe all this.
* One more admission at police station - before Robert Shapiro (lawyer to stars) has him clam up.

And four years later - the trial begins. Spector has the big bucks and his defense team changed noticeably during the trial. One expert witness, Dr. Henry Lee, a forensic expert was declared "not credible" by the judge for hiding/losing a piece of evidence. One defense lawyer, Bruce Cutler (John Gotti's lawyer) was seldom seen in court, till he finally resigned a month ago. Please note that Cutler was accused of buying off jurors for Gotti.

I won't go into more detail because my fingers would be bleeding profusely in the end. But in the Court TV chat room, I made friends from all over and we all watched and analyzed testimony and evidence. (I even learned how to use mIRC.) Since we were privvy to the same things that the jurors were, the overall concensus was GUILTY. Needless to say, we were all irate and dumbfounded after yesterdays mistrial declaration.

The good news is that the LA District Attorneys office will be re-filing charges against Phil Spector and there will be another trial. I doubt that I will be watching it as avidly, maybe daily updates from CTV, because I hate to get this worked up over something that does not personally affect me - yet it is the basic premise of justice not being carried out due to celebrity in California. **Plus the smug attitude of Phil Spector, a schizophrenic, burned out, disgusting, Napoleonic troll.

I must say that, after reading numerous transcripts from his arrest to lawsuit against Shapiro, one question was asked of him, and his answer was, "well they say I am a genius...therefore..." DUH!!! LET'S GET THIS CORRECT - the term "musical genius" was applied because of the "wall of sound" he created - HE WAS NOT EINSTEIN!!! I would have preferred the term "innovator."

I could discuss this case for hours on end...but will not - aren't you happy now! We will see how the retrial goes and if JUSTICE CAN BE SERVED!


Mom2 is home from hospital, and to go thru outpatient therapy while awaiting an appointment with neurology team.

I must say at least while the jury was deliberating it gave me time to get some resumes out and submit a few job applications - so far the phone isn't ringing. I may have to end up at McD's soon.

Everyone stay healthy and TTFN.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I don't like spiders and SNAKES....YUCK!!

Yesterday, thedaughter and I went to the shed out back, looking for something (which we did not find) and very hastily thedaughter said "get out of here - just get out!" She was almost shoved up my ass getting out the door and stupid me - I am asking "what the f**k"" She said "SNAKE!" Ohhhhh Nooooo - if you want to see a short, chubby, lady run - it is not a pretty picture. I asked her what kind of snake and she said it wasn't actually a live, slithering snake she saw - it was this:

Please note that is not the "snakeskin" running across the picture (electrical wire), but note how the skin is wrapped around two beams in the shed. Now I have a few things I would like to get out of the shed - but can't see that happening in my lifetime. Guess everything will just have to rot away now - because "this" lady is done!! DONE - I repeat DONE, with storing anything out there.

As far as the title of this blog (from song) - spiders do not get me as upset as snakes - as long as the spider is smaller than my fingernail. I would rather play with mice and rats!

Mom2 is recuperating in a skilled care unit of the hospital - with a prescribed 21 days of OT and PT. Hopefully after that course is run - the neurologist will see WHY the weakness is in her arms and legs. (**I still think it all stems from spinal cord injury of 2 years ago!) We will see.

OH, and I am an avid "chatter" on the Court TV site, and for some reason I have been BANNED! I have not even used one single bad word I know - and not yelled at anyone and yet, they have banned me from the site. I don't know if this like a "time out" where they make me suffer for 24 - 48 hours or what. I am not a happy camper - as I have been following the Phil Spector trial - and am addicted to the chat we have all been having for 5 months - and NOW - while the jury is out and could come back with a verdict at any minute - I HAVE BEEN OSTRACIZED!!! I may need lots of drugs to get over this. I've even tried to access the site thru mIRC, and NOPE - my IP address is a no-no. Hope I survive this.

While I try to get over this despondency - everyone stay well. TTFN!!

***Just found out I was banned for saying "time to ignore someone" in chat room. How was I to know you couldn't use the word "ignore!" Go figure - someone is arguing my "case" but no guarantee of ban being lifted.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

...and we can't have our opinions???

Kathy Griffin, a hollywood comic won an award this week and in her acceptance speech she took a whole different approach - and omg the backlash. In watching this video - the spokesperson for the Catholic church is so far off base - I just wanted to throttle him. At one point, he refers to Bill Maher (my idol) as a huge bigot - excuse me, he is so not bigoted, he just happens to claim he is an atheist - which is his right. Is the Catholic church so afraid that some people question their archaic teachings? They even have a pope now who wants to drag the church back to the dark ages - what's next "the Inquisition?"

Kathy Griffin made her speech, tongue in cheek, and this man is claiming that what she said is WORSE than the Don Imus statement - I think not. I don't approve of a church, any church for that matter, dictating what may or may not be appropriate, when it comes to a persons opinion or statements. Could it be that the Catholic church is having so many financial problems of late (due to the sexcapades of the celibate priest), and their only concern is $$$ at all times? This is a neverending subject - and I won't go any deeper - but I feel it is wrong for this self appointed God spokesperson to chastise Kathy Giffin for her statements. I am amazed that someone has not made a similar statement sooner than this. I say "people in glass houses" to this gentleman - and clean up your own house before entering others.

Whew, that feels better, hope Bill Maher jumps on this one tomorrow night.

I could say so much more - but will save it for a later time.

Everyone stay well and TTFN.

Monday, September 10, 2007

So final...so sad!

This beautiful tree has stood tall and proud outside the front of my house (across the street) for the 22 years we have lived here...and today that era ended. When our neighbor passed away last winter, it broke my daughters heart, as when she would be gounded and sent to her room (younger years), she would open her bedroom window and yell across the street to John D, for consolation. John D was in his mid 90's when he passed, but a very likeable gent on the block. I asked him many times if he was ever worried about this tree, as it was soooo tall and in a good wind I had seen it almost touch the ground. His one word answer was "nope!" Now, the family is preparing to put his house on the real estate market and are doing some exterior and interior repairs (John was a retired contractor but did very little in updates the past 30 years), to make it more marketable.

Now the tree is gone...so final and sad. This company contracted to undertake this task has done a wonderful and speedy job, I must say. I am getting an estimate to "top" some trees in my back yard that are unbelievably tall, and if a good wind would topple them - they would be in my living room. So there may be some good in this.

Things to do...just thought I would post for posterity. LATER

Now, let me rethink this a minute...NOT!!

Sen. Larry Craig has had a new vision apparently - and is having his lawyers try to "take back' his guilty plea for solicitation. This supposed ultra-conservative now has the backing of Sen. Arlen Specter and feels he has been railroaded and will regain the backing of his fellow political hacks. Did I miss something along the way...are they now going to use all their $$$ and connections to ruin the career of the police officer who arrested him (not entrapment)in a legal manner?? I see no other option in order to overturn his guilty plea. "Hey Larry!! Wake up, admit you are gay or bi and go on with your life!" Oh, but let me see, you can't do that because you have sat in judgement for so long against the gay community - you would be ostracized from both camps - might get lonely out there, huh?? I will be utterly pissed if he can pull enough strings to get his conviction overturned...but we know it is definitely possible for his Washington cronies to pull such a stunt.

I would also expect Bush to chime in in some manner with one of his asinine statements. I have been pondering all his phrases since the inception of HIS war - "Bring it on!", "They'll greet us as liberators", Mission Accomplished" and his latest "WE'RE KICKING ASS!" I can't wait to watch the grilling Gen. Petraeus is going to meet with, when he goes before Congress this week. I have a feeling they will paint him in to a corner and make him look like the lackey he is. The propoganda from the right wing has to stop - this is an ugly war with senseless deaths of our young men - for what??? For Bush to feel like a macho, powerful idiot?? No matter, the Democrats are just going to have to prepare themselves now, for the massive "cleanup" of this administration, when they take over in 497 days.

Now I have to take a Tagamet, since I got my ulcer in an uproar - just needed to vent so early in the morning.

Everyone stay healthy and TTFN.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Some people are truly UNGRATEFUL...or asses!

The hometown Bellaire Big Reds football team has produced several outstanding athletes, who have gone on to fame in the NFL - one such individual is Joey Galloway. He wears #84 as a wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Bucaneers, formerly with the Seattle Seahawks. Ever since joey left Bellaire and started developing in the NFL, he never forgot the high school football coach who helped him and the school athletic program. For many years now, Joey has donated $$ for various projects to benefit the young boys in the athletic program, such as outfitting a weight room (cost approx. $100,000) and the now retired (this season) coach had given Joey his own key to this weight room to utilize whenever he may be in town.

Joey was in town several weeks ago (before spring training) and was working out in the weight room, when the new football coach (not liked by many at all) came in and told him to leave, that the students would be coming soon. Joey asked if the coach might want him to speak to these young men, as he has in the past, and coach told him emphatically, "NO- just leave!"

Needless to say, it has been learned that Joey will probably not be endowing anything more for the athletic program as long as this coach is in control. I find this very sad. I am not a fan of the new coach, as there has been an outbreak of viral meningitis, and it originated with the football team, yet the coach still had some of these students playing. I worry about siblings of these players and it filtering down to the elementary and middle schools. One would have to understand that this school puts all emphasis on sports and minimal emphasis on academics - for that I have always been furious.

Anyway - just wanted to vent a little. I just feel you never look a gift horse in the mouth and now we have a new coach that just as much "killed the horse." Joey has taken advantage of good financial advisors and is part owner of the Arena Football team, Columbus Destroyers, and will probably go into broadcasting when his NFL career ends. Small town boy DID make good - and for that he deserves a lot of credit. As for the new coach - RASPBERRIES.


theson is currently in Trinidad, another tropic zone for him, but should be returning home approx. Oct. 10th.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

In Memory of KILLER - will be sadly missed!

My friend from Boca Raton, Fl., told me last night that "Killer" his cockatiel had died earlier in the week. I would get to play with Killer, when I got the opportunity to visit with Jim (before or after annual cruise). Killer would walk all over my shoulders, peck at my fingers and pull at the hairs on my head. Killer was unique, in that thru some event he lost most of his feathers - and they never came back. Such a tiny bird, with a very loud screech at times. Oh, and by the way, Killer loved to shite down my back, as if it were some sort of initiation.

Jim's 2 companions were Killer and Gator (a very large, loud Macaw I believe.) I told him now he would have to get another playmate for Gator. I will have to search my pics - I think I also have some good pics of Gator.

But for now --- Killer, I will miss you. Jim, I know how you feel and it will get better...after awhile, you can consider maybe getting another bird. We will chat later baby - take care.

Monday, September 03, 2007

someone remind me to beat my son...

I truly do not know that many people who would be excited about working in a "hurricane zone" except theson!!! He is actually sad, i believe, that he has missed Hurricane Felix as it now reaches Category 5 and is headed to Nicaragua and Belize. Personally, I have been thru smaller hurricanes, but never a large one and prefer NOT to. But, theson, ever the adventurer, would like to keep me worried till I die.

Theson called at 10:30 am and the guys are now on their way home from Myrtle Beach, and hope to arrive in Columbus around 8 pm. So I will have to get on the road around 6 pm in order to pick him up and get home to start his laundry and all that fun stuff! This could be a late night - and we will have to leave by 8 am tomorrow morning to head to Pittsburgh Airport for his flight to Trinidad. I think I will definitely need a nap tomorrow. Whew!!!

On the lighter side, the news agencies are all reporting about Bush and his unesxpected trip to Iraq, on his way to Australia. Duh must be trying to improve his image again - not working on me.
He made the comment on Friday, in regards to homeowners affected by the ARM mortgages and how they are going to lose their homes, because "these people bought homes they COULD NOT afford!" Such an asshole statement. These people, for the most part, knew they would be paying a changed amount once the ARM's changed in 2-3 years but NONE expected the sub-prime to allow for a 30% jump. Bush is still, and will always be - A COMPLETE MORON!! I am scared, just knowing that he will still be in office for the next 500+ days. Considering all the damage he has done in the past - can you imagine what is left for him to screw up?!?!?! Even though Karl Rove is not in the White House (supposedly resigned), he is only a phone call away, and can still micro manage the White House and stomp all over the Constitution! Be afraid - be very afraid...both are scary individuals.

My friend, who had emergency surgery, is still in the hospital and not doing well. He had to be placed back on the ventilator Saturday, as he has developed pneumonia. So I am still hoping for his quick recovery.

THEGRANDSON, will be 7 years old tomorrow - and is sad his Uncle will not be here. But he is having a party at school and we are taking him out to dinner and a movie. (Not to mention his presents!) No home parties for awhile - I got tired of cooking a bunch of food and laying out the $$ for a nice party and all his friends came to indulge in the free food and failed to even bring him a present - NO MORE - at least for awhile.

RICH|CHAMPIONABLE is "starting anew" literally - and I suggested "Rich's Female Army" to come to his aid - but he managed to get through it all on his own. Have no fear - we are a mean bunch of females (with spikey toed shoes) who "have his back!" AND HE KNOWS IT!! Good luck Rich!!!

Thegrandson and I are baking cupcakes in a little while for him to take to school tomorrow - so have to get some things done before we start.

Everyone stay healthy and TTFN.