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Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm sure everyone has seen this...

At 3 am this morning I was watching an interview Palin had with CNBC - all OIL based. This woman is scary - I think she should have left her small (7,000 residents) town more often - to just check out the "real world." She is quite eloquent in speaking about boosting the oil output, more drilling - and essentially anything advantageous to the State of Alaska. But I have sincere doubts that in a debate, she can handle the BIG issues. If one listens to the pundits, all I'm hearing is that Joe Biden will have to essentially handle her with kid gloves, because he wouldn't want to look like a bully. Crap on that. I figure you want to play with the big kids, you better be able to take it. Plain and simple. No tears, and "why are you picking on me" stuff.

She wants creationism taught in schools, Roe vs. Wade abolished...the list is endless.

I want to say Karl Rove thought this up, but truly even Rove can't be this stupid. Since I don't know this woman personally, as I don't know any candidate personally, my criticisms are based on data available - and trust me, I have been to every site imaginable to find something redeeming to the betterment of our country. NOTHING.

As a woman, I am highly insulted, that the McCain team would presume that disenfranchised Hillary supporters, would just arbitrarily vote McCain/Palin, because he picked the WOMAN!!! In other words, we who supported Hillary are brain dead, and were only supporting Hillary because of her femininity?!?!!? We do have substance and brain matter and I am sure as a whole, we all are rather well informed on the issues and stances....but oh no, we now have a former beauty queen contestant, former council person and mayor of VERY small community and a Governor for only 18 months. Let me think about this.....NOT happening.

Again, some pundits are brushing this off as...we are voting for a President and that is what we need to do. Well, excuse me...McCain is a senior senior citizen with four prior cases of cancer...one would have to look at the long term. As Bill Maher said last night, "the call that Palin got at 3 am, was for a moose getting in someone's garbage!" Funny, but true. McCain had so many female Republicans to choose from with a vast amount of experience, to go this route is unfathomable.

The next 60 some days should prove to be quite interesting. I think I will enjoy it immensely. Everyone is entitled to their opinion - and this is mine...so be it!

And to all my friends, have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend. TTFN!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Repubs definitely DROPPED the ball on this one....

McCain has picked Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential nominee, and I believe he has done it for all the WRONG reasons.

Question: Does this party think that by naming a WOMAN makes up for Obama NOT naming Hillary as his VP?? I most certainly do not think so. Hillary's credentials and experience far outweigh ANY of Palin. Palin held council positions (local level) before being elected Gov. of Alaska in Dec. 2006. Not even 2 years in state office - and an investigation was begun this month as to "abuse of power" into firings of some personnel. As far as any qualifications on a federal level - NONE!

Question: Can McCain continue to pronounce Obama's "lack of experience" and his "youth" to his followers? Again, the answer is NO. Obama has been in the political arena for over two decades in one form or another. As for youth - can't argue that one now - Palin is 44 and Obama 47. Just a note, McCain turns 72 today!

I have made a few phone calls to my very good Repub friends - and I don't hear happiness in their voices. A lot of head scratching and WTF going on. I guess we will chalk this up to McCain's Senior Moment.

The most interesting thing to see will be the VP debate. Biden against the upstart. I will leave the more in depth commentary to the Dipassionate Liberal.

I stopped at Democrat Headquarters to pick up signs and stuff, but they weren't open yet, so will get back there tomorrow. YES, there will be OBAMA/BIDEN signs all over my property, cars, even my body if I have to. I think I will start knitting Obama coats for the cat and dog too.

I love ya all, no matter party affiliation - I just happen to be outspoken at times.

***BTW - her husband works for BP when not on his commercial fishing boat.

A scary night for Blogger friend....

EvilTwinsWife, a blogger friend had to have had a rough night after witnessing this explosion. Shelters were set up for locals, but I understand they may not have been needed once the situation was assessed. One life was lost and another person was seriously burned and taken to a Pittsburgh, PA hospital. (I imagine West Penn - they have one of the very best burn units around.) All in all, I'm sure it could have been worse, but I am so glad that ETW and family are fine. ** Bless ETW heart...she managed to get some pictures for posterity also!

Now, everyone please stay well...I don't want to worry about anyone else today!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I should NEVER....

assume that a situation, thought to be under control - is anywhere near control!! Per my blog about the bank screwing up the checking account...and as of Monday (25th) I assumed that I had finally talked to the right person and all was well. HELL NO!!! I was told they were expediting a new debit card, which I would receive today - and someone had to be home to sign for it. No problem, UPS dropped it off and didn't require a signature - grrr... in order to activate the card a trip to the ATM is required. I ran to the ATM, with the intention of heading straight to the hospital to visit my grandson, after the deed was done. Insert card, punch in PIN, get nominal amount of funds, check balance...$35 WTF!!!!!

I rushed back home, checked account online and this Norwegian Airlines debited $614. and change on the 25th. My fingers couldn't dial numbers fast enough. Moron #1, says, "Mam, shouldn't be a problem, I will connect you with someone who can correct this problem." Now, Moron #2 is the one I have the problem with...after explaining the situation I have been dealing with since Saturday, and naming all those I have spoken with (including times and day), this idiot says, "you will have to submit a DISPUTE form, and once we process it - the funds will be replaced within 24-48 hours. Again, I explain that I have bills coming out of this account and that I was told I could write checks since the debit had "dropped off" the account. Now the argument begins...well 'Mam we didn't stop this charge, as we notated an amount of $598. How hard is it to understand that in all conversations, I reiterated the fact that I did not know of this Norwegian Airlines, nor have I ever done any business with them? Lame, lame, lame excuses.

I said to e-mail me the form and I would FAX it back immediately and I would expect my $$ back in 24-48 hours..."Oh no 'mam, that is 24-48 hours if we start the process today, I can't guarantee that it will be processed today!" DAMMIT - SEND ME THE FORM!

I just happened to have the phone number still laying around for a lady who is the "head honcho" and called when I wasn't here Monday afternoon, I assume to see if her employees had been helpful. I decided to speak with her and see what happens. OMG, the nicest lady in the universe. I gave her a detailed account of what had transpired, she understood, and said "I want you to do exactly as I say. Write (particular info) in a statement form, sign and date it and fax it to me personally. As soon as I receive the fax, which is here by my desk, I will immediately replace the funds in your account." Could this person be true? Could she wield that much clout with such a large bank? Oh well, what did I have to lose? I did as requested....and one hour later she has all the funds replaced in the account.

I am hoping that this is the end of this matter, but I thought the same thing two days ago. Kudos to my new best friend at the bank, I may put her on my Christmas card list now! This entire situation has had me a nervous wreck, I find it harder to deal with all these crises this late in life.

***TheAustin (grandson) is doing much better, apparently he has an intestinal problem that should be handled well with medication. He is spending another night in the hospital till his fever stabilizes.

Waiting and waiting is a pain...

My 13 year old grandson was rushed to the hospital from school yesterday, and as of this moment, still no concrete answers. Shortly after midnight they were going to perform a spinal tap - but at this moment they are throwing around - meningitis and encephalitis. I am going over to the hospital after while, but thedaughter2 is keeping in touch with me and letting me know the latest updates. As soon as my "delivery" comes, my butt is outta here. Be back later.

**Update 10:25 am...results from spinal tap was good - clear and no infection. His white count is still elevated, so the search begins for source of infection. Now they are centering on the intestines. More later.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Woohoo Democratic Convention begins...

Since I definitely need a life (and cannot foresee one in the near future) I guess I will be watching the Convention which begins this afternoon. I remember HATING the entire process when I was younger - when TV's were only B&W, and three channels - we had no option but to watch! Coming from a very long line of WV staunch Republicans...I broke the chain many moons ago. Short of driving a stake through my father's heart, I can't think of anything else that upset him as much when I told him I was switching to Democrat. Understand, he was the grandson of the 6th Governor of WV, his uncles and great uncles were all Judges and Supreme court justices - and how dare I change the balance of nature??? Dammit - it was the 60's - we wanted to change EVERYTHING!!! It was not the end of the world and we made up and all was well with the world...as long as we no longer discussed politics.

In 3rd grade, my twin sister and I wanted to "go away" to boarding school, since our brother was allowed the luxury...and our parents said OK, not sending us to another state, but just in town to a girl's Catholic boarding school. (We were not Catholic.) I must say, it was an interesting teaching experience, albeit different from public schools, and I think I found a fondness for politics at that stage. One of the nuns was a cousin to John F. Kennedy, and he made an all day campaign stop in Parkersburg, meeting with his cousin for a couple of hours. Of course, she had to show off her beautiful charges (that would include me) to Kennedy. That was a memory I will hopefully never forget. Thinking back, and being such a young person, the thing that impressed me the most was how tall Kennedy was, and I loved his accent. I can vividly remember all the women imitating Jackie Kennedy with their 2 pc. suits and pillbox hats - so much for originality. Oh the fun times of youth.

But now back to reality. Obama picked Joe Biden as his running mate Saturday, and as I have stated, I would have preferred Hillary, but I can live with Biden. What amazes me the most is the "SPIN" which started immediately from the McCain camp. The hypocritic statements begin. Mistakes or mis-statments will now be made aplenty and apologies abundant. Dammit - let's get to Election Day and hopefully let change begin.

To follow McCain will only be four more years of Bush and honestly, I believe the majority of people are fed up! And if I hear "because he was a POW" one more time, I may go ballistic. I am not without sympathy, but being a POW in and of itself carries no credentials to run a country. He survived, fooled around on his wife, married a rich broad and has so many houses he can't count them...OK, let's move on.

Enough of that for now. I called the bank to reaffirm what I was told Saturday and got a different girl, who told me a completely different story - so I had to be transferred to her supervisor. Two out of three have the same details, so I am going to consider the ridiculous amount trying to be debited from my account - as closed. Give someone a phone headset, set them in a cubicle and they can tell you anything they desire, right, wrong or otherwise. Far be it from me to keep making calls till I get the right answer or one I can live with.

I need to find something to do today, I have cleaned, laundry is caught up, moved furniture (to the point of pain), and today is cooler, maybe something on the deck...we will see.!!

Have a great day and TTFN. Stay well.

***I finally was able to see theson and chat on Skype. I feel much better.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


At the end of my last blog, I mentioned the problem with my checking account. After checking the balance online again today, I saw that the $598 charge to Norwegian tickets was no longer on there and balance was in OK shape. I sent thedaughter to get something at the store, and my debit was DECLINED again. Now I'm pissed and it is a Saturday, but I try the 800 number for the bank, and after jumping through all the "push this number and that number" hoops, I got a real live American person to speak with. This is a good sign. It only got better. YES, MY ACCOUNT WAS HACKED!!! The bank said this $598 charge came in on the 20th and they tried to call me (NO THEY DIDN'T), but I would be receiving a letter of dispute against the charge, which was mailed yesterday. I definitely told her that it was a fraudulent charge - but since my son and I are both on the account, we each assumed the other had made this charge - TILL TODAY. We spoke, via e-mail, and found out the truth. thus the reason for the "decline" on my card. How fukking embarrassing - when you know the problem, and those who have to tell you the card is no good.

Oh well, they are expediting me a new debit card, and I have to change all my online accounts to reflect the change, it's all worth the effort. But in this day and age of not carrying cash, it causes me problems - my checks are good - now let me remember - how do I write a check???

All just another headache I didn't need at the moment - but it can be rectified (hopefully).

I'm Sure Theson & thedaughter will enjoy...

Now, as a rule, I don't drink. I did my fair share in my younger days, so I am not a prude. Having been married to a lousy drunk though, I changed my view on drinkers. By choice, I prefer not to be around a bunch when the "obnoxious" starts. Theson likes his beer as does thedaughter - and I am constantly warning against that nasty alcoholic gene that can be inherited. Like I have any luck.

But I thought this was an original and funny bar statement. Am I a hypocrite? Oh well - so be it!

OK - so Obama didn't pick my girl Hillary as a running mate...but I am not so upset with Joe Biden. He would be super as far as foreign matters go and my feeling is he is a fair and just person, having heard him speak many times. So we will see what happens now!

Just jotting this while taking a break from cleaning. **My checking account has been screwed with - as there was a $598 debit from Norwegian something or other. And today - the charge has disappeared - WTF! Will check on it Monday. I HATE PROBLEMS.

Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm WORN OUT!!! These Olympic games are....

taking their toll on this old body. I couldn't sleep after watching the men's Volleyball for the gold. Laying on my bed, it is like I am PLAYING the damn game. My legs are moving, I'm actually trying to help the guys make the shots - I really need a life. Thedaughter actually thinks I'm weird, imagine that.

Then the "breaking news" came after the win - that the IOC is finally going to investigate the age question in regards to the Chinese gymnasts. I have been reading blogs and following links since the games began, and have seen where documents were accessed that reflect their actual ages (3 of them) as 13 and 14. I am not shocked that China would try these underhanded tactics - I was just furious that the IOC was turning a blind eye to the matter.

My heart breaks for the young girls who may be stripped of their medals, but unfortunately the adults set them up to be hurt. The judging was atrocious also, but one could assume there may have been some interference there also.

I guess I will try to go to bed again - sleep is not my friend. It is something I have to work very hard for. Just thought I would add this little tidbit.

later guys!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Did I piss someone off??? Go figure!!

I had TWO appointments today - one at 2:30 pm and a doctor's appointment at 3:45 (which I have been waiting on for over a month) - and BOTH cancelled on me. I have rescheduled them, but I made arrangements for thedaughter to be home for thegrandson after school (she had to request day off) and now this!

When I went to the ER - I was told to schedule a follow up with my family physician - OK, from first of June I managed to get a follow up appointment for today - now I have to wait till Sept. 4th - WTF!!! My time is important to - I have to make allowances and arrangements the same as everyone else. Can you tell I'm pissed.

If something comes up and I get a cancellation call for the 9-4-08 appointment - fukk them, I'm cutting my arm off and they will really feel bad then!!! I can be so mature too!

Oh well, I don't need to put the make-up on and get dressed now - so I am going to just schlepp around as is!! I'm not expecting anyone important so to hell with it! Maybe a nap will improve my attitude - then again, maybe not.

I KNEW IT ALL ALONG....gymnasts were underage!!

Now I will show my ignorance...is that a "peekachu" at the end of the line? (Please excuse the spelling). No matter what, having read all the articles, some going back to January of this year, and seeing the research done on these very young girls...2 are at least 13 years old. Now will the IOC check further and regain the medals back...or let the story ride??? Were they excellent athletes??? No doubt, but there is great difference in body structure (pre-pubescent), and the fact that there is NO fear of bodily harm at that younger age. Not to get down on the Chinese (but I am), after watching the Ladies Beach Volleyball final last night, the Chinese girls, took a "medical" time out, which was clearly a ploy (which failed), and NBC documented past incidents of this abuse during the break. Being an Olympics devotee, I must say that the Chinese divers (springboard or platform) are excellent - the best. No matter what, all their dives are exceptional. Enough comments on that for now though.

I spent all day Monday and most of yesterday in bed with the "Summer Cold From Hell!" Headache (a killer), snotty head, and the...cough. Now coughing isn't bad basically, but since I have re-injured my back (last October) and my breastbone is still in separate pieces (never mended)...when I cough, I manage to hurt every part of my lovely body. Thegrandson has been a gem...asking if I need anything and gladly getting it if I do. Considering I have to babysit at the same time...I think the roles were reversed.

Today was his first day back to school and I didn't even wake up in time to wish him good luck and a hug send off.

I have a 3:45pm doctors appointment today, and have to make my list of all the things I wish fixed - and I am ready with the "I don't think so" response when he suggests a battery of tests. Of course I may rethink that one if he volunteers to pay all costs involved...highly unlikely!!!

The step-sons and families are all in the Ft. Myers area of Florida, and haven't heard a word from them, whether they have been affected by the flooding rains from Hurricane Fay, or not. Of course, I rarely hear from them...period! But since my job is to worry...I will keep doing just that.

I got an e-mail from a fellow classmate (from oh so many years ago) and a friend is on his way to a Pittsburgh, PA hospital for a double lung transplant...I hope all goes well, as he has been suffering for many years with a chronic condition.

I am off to practice for the 2012 games now....right!?!?!? Everyone stay well and TTFN.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back to school sleeping habits...NOT!!

School begins earlier and earlier every year it seems. With the usual "make-up" days for snow school cancellations, school is out for the summer the first week of June and now the kids start back August 21st. "Back in the day", school NEVER started before Labor Day. I truly believe that year round school is inevitable - at this rate. One thought locally, is that since football games (for High School) are being played early, that a requirement of the State governing agency requires schools to be in session.....I say BS! Let the kids enjoy the last days of summer!!

Be that as it may, I have been trying to get thegrandson back on an early bedtime, in preparation for getting up early for the bus. So far, IT IS NOT WORKING!!! The little chap is like his mother, a night person. I can get him bathed, teeth brushed, all the little nuances of bedtime preparation - and the little stinker can find every excuse in the book of "why NOT to go to sleep!" I put him to sleep in my bed, and when his mother gets home from work, she carries him up to his bed (I am physically not able to carry the load upstairs!)

Miracle of miracles, last night was a GREAT night. No arguments, the TV went off, no claims of being afraid of the dark...and he has this inherent knack of taking over the entire bed. These pics are actually tame - if he ends up sleeping with me - he may end up literally on top of me, or upside down in the bed...such an erratic sleeper!

Thegrandson is very "long", he is ALL legs, like his grandfather and sperm pop! Thank God he is not short and stout like the rest of us!! Hee-hee!

Oh well, that's my input for the moment. I'm proud of myself, I also figured out how to set up my cell for Twitter. I may be old...but still some of my brain is working! Later guys! TTFN

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Is there a BLOG GHOST???

The previous video (posted below) appeared on my blog mysteriously, sometime overnight!!!! Now, I know there are no ghosts here, and my site hasn't actually been hacked. I tried to download this video to my site over a month ago and it would not load, so I just ignored the damn thing....now someone tell me, what part of BLOG LIMBO did this video hang out in for 4+ weeks????? Did someone in the netherworld say "she has waited long enough - now we will surprise her?" QUIT FUKKING WITH MY HEAD!!! I have enough worries at the moment.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Kicked In The Nuts World Record Holder

Now this guy has waaaaay too much time on his hands...or NUTS!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just a DUMB aside...

I recently blogged about our water being shut off for line relocations. When the lines are completely shut down, a 48 hour boil order is mandated. When talking to one of my police friends, he told me of the following call - after boil order was issued.

Police: "Police Department!"
Lady caller: "I have a problem with this water boil order!"
Police: "What is that 'mam?"
Lady caller: "I can't boil my water for 48 hours - it keeps evaporating!!!!!"
Police: "!@#$%^&*()" DUH!

I have a hard time trying to understand how DUMB people can actually be. At leasdt it is good for a laugh. And this is definitely a true story.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I've been telling people this...but pics are easier------

So there....I said it again!

"COME ON SON!!! PUT YOUR ARMS AROUND ME.....PLEASE!!! I just couldn't resist this one (McCain). I'm having my political moments again.

Later guys!

Monday, August 11, 2008

...just chilling!

I have had a headache from hell all day and felt like garbage...therefore a day of zip accomplishments. Thedaughter had a day off and cooked on the grill and we have just been sitting out here enjoying the cool temps for awhile. Maybe a fire in the pit will top of this blah day.

The dawg is enjoying the remnants of the steak bones, thegrandson is playing with the neighbor girl - although she is only 3 - he likes her more because she has a playset! When she starts throwing rocks at him - he will come home. Little chiken shit.

We feel like 'KEEPERS OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD" at the moment. One person went to NYC on a 2 day bus trip, so I had to get her newpaper and mail, neighbor across the street has taken off to parts unknown on a vacation, and the family on the corner has taken off also. The peace and quiet is definitely noticeable. I think I can get used to this.

Has anyone watched the Olympics and Bushies in attendance? I'm sure, we as taxpayers, have paid for the entire Bush clan to enjooy their China trip. Good old Dubya at a photo op with the beach volleyball babes - what a goof! And he is trying to wheedle his way into getting us into another war I believe...with Russia!?!?! Let's see how many fake letters and WMD's threaten us this time. Just thinking about the remaining 5+ months he has left in office - chills me to the bone. He has no clue about the economy and how we "po folk" are being affected. I have been avoiding going to the grocery store - and our cupboards are almost bare - but food prices have shot through the roof. Like I'm telling everybody something they don't already know. Just griping I guess.

Today has been an uneventful day as far as news goes...takes the fun out of my CNN watching. Now I just have to wait till 8 pm for Olympics to begin again and I will be just fine.

Going to run for now and check out the schedule for games tonight. Take care - maybe a better blog tomorrow. TTFN

Sunday, August 10, 2008

wants to be a Drill Sergeant!!!! Arghhhh!

Can you tell thegrandson wants to be a MEAN drill sergeant???

Needless to say, he doesn't care about the possible wrist fracture this poor soldier is incurring! I have always said, we do not need to buy all the latest toys on the market, kids will make do with whatever is available at the moment. Thegrandson used little cat figurines that I had - somewhere (not even sure) - they were my twin sisters, and then added a few other small toys to apparently make this soldier's workout more grueling. What a trip to watch this kid play...he has an unbelievable imagination and sense of creativity - and this is just great.

The weather today is supposed to barely hit 70 degrees - how cool is that. I love it when the AC does not have to run and I can open the windows for FRESH AIR!! Alas, the poor kid may find it to chilly to even jump in the Olympic sized pool also - too bad, so sad!

I'm still watching the Olympics (USA vs China in basketball at the moment), and was elated to see Dara Torres win the 400 relays for the silver medal last night. She is the 41 year old swimmer and now holds the record for the "oldest" medal winner in swimming. Just a note: there is a 68 year old China man competing in the Equestrian field. Amazing!

Enjoy the day and the sunshine...TTFN.

Friday, August 08, 2008

FEAR is the only way to desccribe...

FEAR is the only way I can describe the events of just an hour ago. I was returning home from running a couple of errands, and in order to get to my house, we turn off the main road, and bear to the left at a fork, and straight up the road to my home. The normal course of driving means we have to go relatively slow, as the road is narrow (although 2 cars can pass), and it is a residential area. As I made this left onto our street, a young boy came flying (running) off the hill from behind some bushes, I hit the brakes - putting my car sideways, thinking I had hit this young lad. In my mind all I could see was the kid (all in red - OSU) flying behind my car. Admittedly I was frozen - then the boy appeared at my passenger window, with eyes as big as saucers, saying "I'm all right!" WTF - I tried NOT to yell at him, but made him verify to me that he wasn't hit, no injuries, and followed that up with getting his name and where he lived - and told him to "get the hell home!"

It took me a couple of minutes to compose myself, and make it the entire block to get home. I couldn't even get out of the car...had to honk for thedaughter to come out. By now, I want to cry, scream - or beat the little shit up - for being stupid. Thedaughter was furious at this kid, for the condition I was now in. She got her car keys and proceeded to find the kid and make sure the parents knew how irresponsible he was. It turns out that he is the son of one of theson's classmates (A. Vinka), and thedaughter informed her of what had transpired. The mother, in an air-headed way said, "he isn't even supposed to be on your street!" No mention of grounding or he acted poorly, blah blah blah!

Thedaughter called the local P.D., and stated the situation, just to have it logged, so there can be no repercussions from this family...they are sending a policeman to get a statement to that effect also! It's a shame that you have to cover your ass so well, but we know how people like to litigate everything! Now all I have to do is get rid of this screaming headache and get rid of my rubber legs.

I cannot describe what actually went through my head, but I honestly believed I had hit this boy...and that I could never live with! Thank heavens this had a good outcome, and my heart appears to have survived the shock. I certainly hope the day improves.

Take care and TTFN.

Ahhh...our Olympic sized pool!

Thegrandson is quite the little swimmer, yet we have no public pools nearby and this is the best we can do for him. My backyard is quite "lumpy", for lack of a better word, and we have no luck with the water inflating pools - because no spot is large and level enough - so we are stuck with this monster of a pool!! (hear my sarcasm?)

I had a video and have been trying to get it on here for two days...and no luck. I guess it is too large or something. I will try to add as an attachment to theson - since thegrandson wants him to see his abilities in the water.

I have calmed down after yesterday's "near miss", but can't get certain images out of my mind.

With school starting in two weeks, we are trying to get thegrandson back on an "early bedtime" - which hasn't worked so far. The little booger does not like to go to bed at all. As soon as school starts - the little stinker has a birthday on Sept. 4th - he will be 8 years old (and still wears size 3-4T shorts). My poor little Ethiopian grandchild. His appetite has picked up, but crap he still gains very little weight. BUT...he has grown in height over 1 1/4" in a month!!!! He is definitely going to be a tall one.

More later, watching the Olympics (for the next 17 days), again pissing everyone off. Too bad, I love to watch all the various competitions and the Opening Ceremonies last night were awesome. The bad news is waking up this morning and hearing that an American was killed by a crazy Chinese person last night, and the wife of victim is in serious condition in the hospital. Truly, we are never really safe anywhere.

R.I.P BERNIE MAC! So sad to hear of this young (50) man's passing - he was hilarious.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I may be STUPID after all...

After much worrying about this damn Gas company and the HUGE increase in the budget amount - I went to bed a mean, mad and frustrated individual. After showering this morning and thinking of nothing else - the light went on! 1) I CHOOSE to be on the budget 2) I can't afford more than $60/month towards the damn thing 3) Columbia Gas is NOT working with me on this at all. Now tell me if this solution is valid:

1) I will continue to make the $60 payment I am allotting
2) Although this will be below "suggested" budget amount - I can't technically be delinquent if the "actual" gas usage is monetarily covered - therefore it would be litigious for them to knock my credit
3) Or just opt out of "budget" plan altogether and pay my own set amount, creating a surplus - and adjusting as necessary.

Now, in hindsight, I think I got all worked up over a situation that I can rectify myself. **kicking myself in the ass at the moment.

My biggest problem is and always has been worrying. I have 2 children I am very worried about at the moment, and communication is NOT happening. I don't want to interfere, just be a support mechanism and this is not happening. (OK - I know you guys are reading this - so call me!)


Now a change of subject. I am addicted to court news and pissing my family members off constantly because TruTV (formerly Court TV) is on constantly. There is a case being covered in Las Vegas, Nevada - about a female judge who was suspended for her abusive actions and ultimately banned from the courthouse. This woman is Elizabeth Halverson (you have to google her name to find more pictures and a description.) This woman is an ASS. She is morbidly obese (425 pounds - but probably closer to 500) and she tools around in her huge scooter wearing an oxygen cannula. She is credited with being extremely smart, but is one of the biggest buffoons I have ever seen. After I googled her and found out more about her - I like her even less. She apparently is a pig who thinks she can order anyone around BECAUSE SHE IS AN ELECTED JUDGE! She is and has been proven, to be getting even with those who climbed the legal ladder ahead of her, and I do believe she may have psychiatric issues due to her paranoia.

One would have to actually see her demeanor before this Nevada Judicial Tribunal to fully appreciate her arrogance - I made my mind up, and NO I don't like her and don't think she has any redeeming qualities whatsoever.

I'm meeting some friends for lunch at the City Building today, I haven't seen or talked to them in quite awhile and they called yesterday for a hook-up. I might as well, it's not as if I have a life.

Have a good one - I will be back later TTFN~

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


And I don't care if they see this! I have been on a gas budget for many years and never late on a payment. My budget was in the low $50 range, and on the "adjustment" month (July), I only owed $48 over the budget. I get my online bill today and my new budget is $82 whopping bucks. I immediately called Columbia Gas, and I think they employ the nastiest of people, to explain that I have a fixed income and cannot pay more than $60 and the answer was "there is nothing I can do!" I am not going to even consider the PIP program, as I have heard of those who get clobbered with huge balloon payments. This woman is trying to tell me that my budget has increased because there is going to be a 30% increase in rates...thanks Dubya! In actuality, she is saying that they have based my budget on a 30% increase over the new rate...as I went over the math with her and the actual increase (at 30%) would be $16/month - not $26 more a month. I am so furious right now, to the point of puking! I'm ready to just chuck it all...I can't make it and I am getting more and more scared daily.

I need time to absorb all this, I will be back later.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Oh the things we take for granted...

I don't know how many readers had the type of parent who "walked 4 miles in the snow to get to school" - but I did. I managed to make it to the ripe age of approximately 12 before I realized the talents my parents had for exaggeration. Granted, when I was going to school (50's & 60's) things were considerably different than they are today. If we, as students, lived less than a mile from school - we walked. A mile back then didn't seem to far - today - instant coronary! But I digress...thegrandson catches the bus one block from home, and the school bus then has regular stops at almost every corner...RIDICULOUS! The area where I live is not sprawled or massive, there is no reason that all the kids could not gather at one central location, thus saving gas and time for all. Such a basic plan just doesn't fly - everyone (parents) like the luxury of "no inconvenience" to themselves. I have made this suggestion to various school board members and it has fallen on deaf ears --- MORONS!

Flashing back again, when fire hydrants were flushed, all the neighbor kids would don their swimsuits and play in the street and flowing water for fun....NOT ALLOWED TODAY. We wouldn't want anyone falling or suing the city. Grrr...

Our water service has been interrupted 3 times in the last 2 weeks and this is not pleasant. More than anything I do so like to flush my toilet. Well, another outage was scheduled for last night from 11p till 11a...what a pain in the ass. Granted this time we WERE notified and thedaughter and I saved water everywhere and got all baths early...and the outage was a "planned" one to have all work scheduled during normal sleeping hours. Well, I am up and I want my water...another 70 minutes to go, but I seriously doubt that the water will miraculously be turned back on ON TIME!

A new road is being constructed between the downtown area and connecting with our western outlying area. All other utilities have been moved over the past several weeks, i.e., phone lines, gas lines and cable. So last night, all "underground" work was to be done. The new road will be great in the winter, as we won't have a windy, narrow road to travel in snow and ice. If I am not mistaken though, the new road is scheduled to be completed in 2009 sometime.

I know I could not have made it in the "prairie" times...I am spoiled, I like my lights turning on at the flip of a switch, water as soon as I pull the lever, TV when I am ready to relax and of course.....MY COMPUTER for general relaxation.

Take care and stay well...TTFN