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Monday, March 30, 2009


This morning started, just as any typical morning. Wake up, scratch ass, grab a cigarette and head to the bathroom, finish there and proceed to computer to see what cataclysmic event may have happened during a fitful sleep.

Egads...an email from theson in Egypt and he has major issues - begging me to look for an important article - adding it may be in this spot or possibly in his room...which all sets my heart racing. Now, don't ask me why I let little things like that bother me...BUT I DO!! If this "issue" cannot be rectified - it could cost him major $$$, and as a mother - I want to do ALL I can to ensure things and life move smoothly.

One thing I avoid, is going upstairs (the netherworld) for any reason. My adult children and one grandson are the proud denizens of that universe. BUT...I am now forced into going UPSTAIRS...blood pressure raising...potential nosebleed coming...to forage through the MESSIEST room I have ever seen. (I take that back, I remember cleaning thedaughters room once when she moved out!) I now take a mental note, that after tax season, theson's room is on the list to be cleaned, along with the basement and pretty much the ENTIRE house.

I move and toss quite a few articles, and cannot find this specific item...but I did find a receipt with appropriate numbers (my great sleuthing abilities), and can now MAKE THIS PROBLEM GO AWAY!! Yippee....Mommy to the rescue and I won!

I then have to DESCEND the stairway back to computer world...which brings me to the reason I hate stairs. My legs and hips (arthritis) just abhor being stressed on steps. Silly me, one foot after the other and before you know it - at the bottom. Cool!

After many more IM's, I believe theson may have had the onus of possible penalties off his mind, and I then completed another chore for him to purchase a product online. All in a mornings work - for a MOM! It's definitely a good thing that I love these critters so much - or they would not know what to do.

Since I have a NEW chore added to my days list (mail the sons form), I cancelled my tanning - because I was now running very late. Oh well, I guess new cancer cells can wait till tomorrow.

I have been trying to get this posted for the past 3 hours...but oh no, clients calling and still dropping off information. Crapola...I have made an executive decision - the rest of the day is MINE - no tax work at all. I will clean the bathroom, since I asked thedaughter to do it this morning (right?!?!) Then decide what I will add to my salad for dinner that is new and calorie free. The decisions are killing me today.

I'm outta here before something else happens.....later............

Sunday, March 29, 2009


...and U.P.S. has taken the bold step of discontinuing any advertising on the O'Reilly Factor. There has been a push to get advertisers to review their policies and to discontinue any advertising on Bill O'Reilly's show on Faux New.

There have been many instances of O'Reilly's thugs blindsiding those who apparently present a "danger" of sorts to his philosophies. After his stalkers have literally come out of the weeds and videotaped their targets...he, of course, twists and edits out pertinent information to give the impression he is God Almighty and the rest of us his minions.

His stance on women and rape, from a story he aired a while ago - where he essentially blames "the woman", triggered his forces to attack Ms. Turkel while she was on vacation. As she stated to Keith Olbermann, no one ever saw the important parts that were filmed...and that she was terrified, as these people had staked out her home and followed her several hours away as she left for vacation.

Bill O'Reilly is one scary and dangerous dude. If he disappeared from the face of the earth it would not be soon enough for me.

Well, I have to get back to work now. I have been calculating all my medical bills and I have sent myself into another depression. Have a great Sunday all....and later.............

Saturday, March 28, 2009


So much for the advertising pitchmen of the television world. Vince Shlomi (what a name), the voice and salesman for SHAMWOW - was arrested last week in Miami, for felony battery. Apparently he propositioned a hooker, Sasha Harris, for $1000 of "straight sex", and when he kissed her - the woman bit his tongue and would not let go. Now that sounds like a painful experience. He then proceeded to beat her in the face, resulting in bruising and fractured bones - and the police were called.

Just looking at Ms. Harris' mug shot - I would presume that the picture on the left was from a prior arrest, as her hair is neat and the jail outfit is different. Now....the picture on the right would appear to be from this encounter - and she looks like she might have truly enjoyed the moment. Such a grin (smirk) speaks volumes, wouldn't you say?

As for Mr. Salesman - he definitely looks like he might be sporting a swollen tongue in his pictures. But Mr. Shlomi is not the innocent one would presume. Going by the name Vince Offer, he produced a film (porn maybe) starring, Joey Buttafuoco (remember him - with the Long Island Lolita?) So in my humble opinion, I'm wondering if his real name is still elusive. I'm so glad I had no interest in buying a ShamWow!

Thanks for all the well wishes of yesterday. Thedaughter2 is doing well after her surgery. She is one of millions I would presume, suffering from a few "female" problems. I would hate to remind her that she will be 40 in 2 years - nah...I won't! If this procedure doesn't help, she may have to make some decisions down the road, but that will all be in good time. But thanks again.
It has been a gloomy day ALL day ---- until now...it is a little after 7 pm and the sun finally decides to glare into the house. More rain is on the way, so I am sure tomorrow will be another dismal event. I have been working on one PITA Corporate return all day and can gladly say it is now completed, printed and ready for pick-up. Sometimes I would rather have teeth pulled than work on certain returns. Beggars cannot be choosers, as they say. So after taking two Excedrins - I'm calling it quits for the day and headed for a long hot soak!
Take care all - and I will return.......later.................

Friday, March 27, 2009


My oldest daughter is having surgery this afternoon - I will be back tomorrow.


Thursday, March 26, 2009


This is going to air this Sunday on 60 minutes...but Lebron James makes one incredible shot - in a single take. Check it out.


I am now the proud recipient of another meme...not a bad one at that. Not tedious, not idiotic, not mundane either. Simply because it is about ME!!! Oh good gracious!

The Rules
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

I just need a minute to disseminate my life and decide what to tell you......

1. I grew up spoiled (financially), to the ridiculous point of my twin sister and I taking taxi cabs to school. Clothing was bought and "charged", the country club outings, etc. Knowing no different, I enjoyed that life - at that time. Do I miss it at this point in my life - NO!! When I left home at 18, I found out what the real world was all about - the ups and downs and struggles involved, and I would not have it any other way. I found out that love can be given and received unconditionally, an emotion that never resided within our home. I know how to clean - no housekeeper. I know how to cook - no chef here. I know how to drive - no limos for me. One friend made the comment to me (while in high school), "you don't have a home - you have a house!" At the time I thought she was totally nuts - but time and life have shown me - she was the smart one.

2. I am not skinny. Now there's a shocker. I don't consider myself fat...charmingly chubby maybe or fabulously fluffy. And shock of shocks...I'm not overly worried. I am working on losing weight gradually, but this issue does not consume my life. Come time for the bathing suit, I will grunt and groan a little and then enjoy the moment.

3. I always wanted to be a singer. I had opportunities to sing in small groups, but nothing ever resulted from those times. As time went on, being a smoker, singing became less appealing to the ear. But I allow the family to enjoy my vocal talents either in the car or from the shower - very select venues, mind you.

4. I was cross-eyed and had a club foot when I was born. Two reasons why we were put up for adoption. Our biological mother was in no situation to afford the surgeries I would need in the future. I finally had surgery on my eyes when I was 9 years old - having to drive to Pittsburgh, PA - to the Pitt Eye and Ear Hospital. As for my foot - that was corrected with the application of a cast. Now, fifty years later, the muscle which was addressed through surgery, in my eye...is weakening again, which causes some visual issues. Nothing major though...I just don't read as much as I once did.

5. I once read constantly, more biographies and non-fiction than anything else. A few classics would fall into my hands...but as my eyesight got worse, I found myself reading (for long periods) considerably less. When I vacation, I manage to get a couple of books read - basically because I am just relaxing somewhere other than HERE.

6. Well, I know I haven't had a speeding ticket in over 25 years - and to be honest with you - I DON'T KNOW WHY!! I speed everywhere - all the time. If memory serves me correctly, I managed to get out of a couple of tickets - because I had boobs. But that was a long time ago also. Today, I would have to rely on some quick wit and humor - so I'm a goner! I will have to try and slow the lead foot down a little - this I know.

As boring as this may be, I hope you found some enjoyment - a laugh or two maybe. So the following will now have to follow along....because TAG your it!

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6. Sassy Princess (Christy)

Hope you all enjoy and participate - enquiring minds want to know!!!!!

I'll be back.........later............

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I sort of posed the quandary on Facebook...whether to get another tattoo or a nose ring. The votes were about the same for each. Since I have 3 tats already (nothing gaudy or ostentatious), I am leaning towards a NOSE RING. Something like this guy is sporting, may be a little "too much", as it would probably get stuck in my coffee cup and I would have to call 911...then endure the laughter and jokes - all made behind my back probably! Putting on makeup might pose a few problems also. Therefore...this one is OUT!!!

Since I truly love jewelry and sport my good stuff frequently - this one "caught my eye." I'm not quite sure what it is attached to - or if it would just connect with one of the holes I have pierced in my ear (there are six in one ear). But I can see so many downsides to this offering as well. Coordination not being my long suit...I would probably get my tongue caught in it as I try to lick my lips or something. Thegrandson might even try a quick shot at "jump rope", just for shits and giggles.

Having my better judgement kick in...this will be what I actually have done. It is definitely demure and conservative - so very unlike me, but what the hell. I think it will be a trip. My late best friend had her nose pierced at 60 years of age, and she loved it - although her husband wasn't a big fan. I say - go for the gusto. When I was growing up, it seemed like the "old folk" - say late 50's and up - were content with being old. I only knew one lady - in her late 60's, who was a well known artist, who had the nerve to be different. I loved her immensely. She vacationed at nudist colonies several times a year, spent many months at art colonies..wore flamboyant clothing and jewelry - and I LOVED her. My parents were all about "keeping up appearances."

I guess that is my motto today - I keep up my OWN appearance. I will definitely be posting pictures when this piercing has been accomplished - probably the first week of April. I hope I don't have a cold in my nose at the time!!

Have a great evening - it is cold, rainy and dreary here - no sunshine till Friday. Catch y'all......later......


Considering this asswipe was in court on a domestic violence charge - he beat his girlfriend - I guess he just wanted to make it worth his while. He NOW has a second domestic charge and more to follow. Three cheers to this athletic judge!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


...and shredding so many papers, just call me Nixon! And this is only ONE bag of three that I have managed to fill. There comes a time, where I have to clean out my clients files. In some I realized I had copies all the way back to 1994 - what was I thinking. The reality of a shredding moment hit me, because I could no longer fit some files in their bins.

Neatness was not happening either. Since my paper shredder is the size of a bathroom waste basket, I was constantly emptying the animal - and it has this trap like mechanism on the bottom, which sent shredded paper flying all over the floor, each and every time. Grrrr..... In the past, I have gathered all the old returns - and had a fire in the backyard to "destroy" all that data. Since it is early in the season (plus we have "dry air - fire") weather alerts - I chose to spin the dial on the electric meter.

I still managed to accomplish a significant amount today. I started tanning - because my pasty white skin is driving me nuts, and besides that - it is a tradition. Since I am usually getting psyched about a cruise by now, old habits die hard. I'm trying NOT to get depressed about no travel this year. Several returns completed, grocery shopping accomplished - it is now time for a break.

Our sunshine is on the way out, and we are supposed to have rain for the next three days - that sucks big time. Have to go figure out something for dinner - so have a great time all.....later............


....is crime and trials. Once I finally was able to receive CourtTV on our cable system, I thought I had died and gone to puppy heaven. I can't explain WHY I have always been enthralled by the court system (trials), but admittedly - I am obsessed.

Last year, when Phil Spector was on trial for the murder of former actress Lana Clarkson, I would not even leave the house till after 8 pm - because the trial was on the west coast. CourtTV aired until 4 pm EST, then I would get the live stream on ktla dot com. There was some relief as Thursdays was a short day and no court on Fridays, which made for a long weekend for me. Every stopping point seemed to be a cliff hanger.

I was even one of several who had a "chat" discussion and analysis through MiCR. Yes, my children were ready to have me committed. As much as I yearned for the "guilty" verdict to be returned...it seemed like eons while the jury deliberated. After 15 days - it was declared a "mistrial." I truly wanted to fly to LA and smack that little man within an inch of his life.

When the trial started - the asshole appeared in court with this wild ungodly "fro." In his twisted mind, he must have thought himself quite the "dapper dude." His "dream team" ended up costing him a fortune - to the point he could only afford ONE defense attorney on this second go-round. At one point he had Bruce Cutler, John Gotti's attorney - who was reprimanded many, many times by the judge. Essentially letting Cutler know, that he was NOT in New York anymore, and he would not be allowed to bully the jurors. It was a great moment.

Now, Phil Spector changed his appearance by the second week of the trial - and I do believe he managed to get a facelift during this period. He would still wear his bright colored shirts and ties, and long tailed coats - as if he was a genuine fashionista.

To make a long story short...sort of, the second trial has been underway since late October '08. The prosecution has wrapped up their summation and the defense will be today - then on to jury deliberations. Not a whole lot changed during this second trial (I have been following a blogger who attends the trial), and I'm hoping the jury gets it right this time around. I guess my family is tickled because none of this second trial was televised (no network wanted to pay the stiff fees), which may have saved my sanity - or not.

I was a juror nonetheless, and I saw and analyzed all evidence that was presented - he should have been found guilty the first time and I hope that verdict is swift and fair this time. He may be in his 70's (with a 24 year old wife), but prison is where he belongs...forever.

OK, confession time over, I have plenty to do, so I will return....later......

Monday, March 23, 2009


Patrick Tribett, a local person of some notoriety - has been arrested again. I am totally amazed that this guy has enough brain cells to even be alive. This picture was taken on the 21st, when he was arrested (in Wheeling) for "huffing" and on an outstanding felony warrant here in Ohio.

When he was arrested in 2005 (one of many), I watched the cops take him away. He had been wandering around town with all this gold paint on his face - like it was the "thing to do." I stopped in the police station and to say they were downright "belly laughing" would have been an understatement.

The felony warrant is for leaving a half-way house here in Ohio. They must have been out of spray paint.

#$%^&*#$%^&.....I'M GETTING IRATE...AGAIN!!!

This woman (Michelle Bachmann R-MN) is a vile creature, that just doesn't know when to SHUT THE F**K UP!! TPM reports her quotes of the day, in regards to the horrible stuff the Democrats are doing. DUH?!?!!?!

She is quoted as saying:
"I'm a foreign correspondent on enemy lines and I try to let everyone back here in Minnesota know exactly the nefarious activities that are taking place in Washington."

She's also was speaking out against the cap-and trade proposals going through the circuitous political venues of Washington. She goes on:
"I want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous on this issue of the energy tax, because we need to fight back. Thomas Jefferson told us, having a revolution every now and then is a good thing. And the people - we the people - are going to have to fight back hard if we're not going to lose our country."

Face it, this woman is nukking futs! I remember when she nearly knocked over every House member to get a picture with Bush (and a kiss) after one of his State of the Union addresses. Yep, she still looks stupid. She wants to push her religious agenda on ALL U.S. citizens - and that is when I thank whatever God there may be - I don't live in Minnesota. (Sorry Mnmom - can't you do something about her??) If it takes going door to door to get rid of her - I will scamper up there and help with the project.

Everytime she opens her mouth it is in an inciting manner. She needs to choose her words wisely, but considering she is probably "speaking in tongues", those words will still spill out of her mouth. To encourage "armed and dangerous" - think again asswipe. When you took your oath - you promised to uphold the Constitution - remember???

Thomas Jefferson's full quote was:
"A little revolution now and then is a good thing; the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure."

Considering Michelle had no qualms about sending our young men to die in Iraq (that would be the patriots), she needs to "put a sock in it." As far as natural manure goes - she is just plain sh*t!

Now - BOBBY JINDAL...Mr. I Make a Mockery of Volcano Monitoring Money...that is exactly what would help in such an incidence of Mt. Redoubt erupting today - five times so far. Stay in Louisiana and wait for the next Hurricane - and wonder why so much has NOT been done to help the ninth ward recover!

Considering I had nothing to post earlier, I managed to get my dander up after all. Thanks for putting up with me. Have a great evening and I'll return....later....

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I have the ambition and drive of a dead animal today. I don't feel like working, cleaning, cooking or anything productive at all. I am tired to the bone - and this is not a physical tired, I believe I am temporarily mentally drained.

Since I am NOT physically drained, I must tell you about this new item in our household. A treadmill. This is the exact model I purchased from a family, who is in rather desperate straights at the moment, both financially and physically. (A laid off husband, and wife - age 39 - just diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease). Unfortunately, this young woman has already lost the ability to swallow and coordination is going - very sad situation. I honestly did not take advantage of them in any way - they wanted to sell the unit, like new, for less than 1/4 of the original price.

When I had to go through Cardiac Rehab (4 times), I loved the treadmill more than anything. I could walk on it for long periods of time and it never bothered me at all. If I walk in town, or anywhere, I sometimes think I am going to die! I should have taken better care of my body when I was younger, that's for sure.

At the present time, this monster is residing in thegrandson's "toy room", which used to be my den. Talk about a multi-purpose room. I could actually use 2 more rooms added onto the house, but that won't happen in my lifetime. But - no matter the weather, I can still get some walking in...I'm also hoping that will help with the leg and foot cramps I have at night. We shall see.

Now that it is staying light longer - my internal clock may be really screwed up. I can't get to sleep at a decent hour and wake up even earlier - that could be why I feel so washed out today.

That's as boring as I can be today - I have to feed the rugrat now! Thedaughter should be home soon, maybe I will feel like writing or posting more.....later...........

Saturday, March 21, 2009


It appears that Sarah Palin just has to be in the spotlight at all times. As you can read here, she has amassed over a half million dollars in legal debt and feels she may need to set up a Legal Defense fund to deal with this debt.

This woman is a real pain in my ass, and undoubtedly to a great portion of Alaskans. She is up for re-election in 2010 - and from stories I have seen reported on various sites...she may have a STEEP uphill battle on her hands.

This bitch woman even had the audacity to put her two cents into the Obama "Special Olympics" flap. Excuse me, she may have a special needs child, but after watching her during the campaign, I would not give her a single star for parenting. Let alone, give credence to her comments regarding Obama's remark. She has gone so far as to turn down the stimulus monies, which would allow for an infusion into special needs educational programs - something that has been lacking for the past eight years.

When is...enough is enough??? To ask the people of Alaska to pay for her defense, on issues that definitely warrant investigation takes balls. I say Sarah - eat shit and die!! The people of America have had to dig deep enough already to bail out AIG and other banks - your mess is entirely your own doing - DEAL WITH IT!!!

thegrandson had a shearing on Wednesday. He actually liked his "long" hair, but baseball season is approaching and he didn't want to be called a "girl" - hence - clip, clip, clip!!!

Since the little fart was "getting a cold", he was somewhat grumpy during this event. But as usual, I was able to make him smile.
Today, being Saturday - a non-eventful, probably going to be boring day...thegrandson is feeling better and quite creative.

It's TENT CITY time!! He has his portable DVD player in there, a snack, and only comes out once in awhile. Works for me! His mother gets pissed because of the mess, but I don't see a problem - I love letting him be creative. That's what kids do.

Enough for now folks...I've bored you more than enough, so.....later..........

Friday, March 20, 2009


Hours before the Jay Leno show aired, many were commenting on a "disparaging" remark made by the President, in regards to the Special Olympics. Normally, I do not watch the late night talk shows, and I had actually gone to sleep early. I awoke (as usual) and started "sleep surfing" the channels and there HE was on Leno. So I woke up to watch this first time event for a sitting President. I though our president handled himself quite well and when the remark was made - it was more of an aside, than an outright comment. If one were not listening closely, they would not have even heard his comment. As usual, the media is making that the president has to walk on egg shells and censor all that comes out of his mouth.

I have sensitivity towards this wonderful program (Special Olympics) and like I say, in my opinion, no apology was even necessary.

Kudos for Obama, by taking that apologetic step before the show even aired. I just feel that since he was the first President in office to appear on a late night talk show...there were groups that were ready to pounce on the least little thing said. Shame.

Back to work I go....I shall return.....later.............

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wah! Wah! Wah! I NEED MORE $$$$.....

Considering we are in the midst of a recession, and we are all essentially POOR, having to read about this poor woman - makes me want to cry!! I am being facetious here....
This woman, Marie Douglas-David (age 36) is in court at the present time - one-half of a divorce action. Her estranged husband David (age 67), was once a chief executive at United Technologies Corp., but has since stepped down from that position and only has a seat on the board at present.

All that aside, the husband is worth $329 million, and there exists a "post nuptial" agreement for her to receive $43 million in the case of a divorce. Well guess what...that is not near enough and thus the court case. Keep in mind they got married in 2002, (she would have been 29, he 60).

She claims she needs $100 million in cash and stock PLUS $130,000 a MONTH in alimony. In court papers she states she needs more than $53,000 in WEEKLY expenses, including maintaining a Park Avenue apartment and three residences in Sweden.

Weekly expenses include: $700 limousine service, $4500 clothing, $1000 hair and skin treatments, $1500 restaurants and entertainment and $8000 for travel. Well hell, she would be broke in 16 years with the $43 mill from the post nup! We can't have that.

I feel so damn deprived right now!!! It's a shame I was married to a cheater, and one who spent most of his paycheck on beer. If he had invested like I wanted to - we might at least have something. Oh well...next time....I MAY JUST MARRY FOR MONEY!!