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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The past couple of days, have echoed the arrest of Roman Polanski, in Switzerland. He was arrested as a fugitive on a U.S. warrant. I have listened and debated as to whether I should post my opinion on this matter, as it is definitely a "hot" button issue.

First...the majority of people voicing their wrath and wanting to see this now elderly man in jail, has bothered me. I have listened to barely 30 year old people (not even born when this act was perpetrated), and the majority of those plus the newscasters are all attacking this issue as if it were an event of today.

One has to realize how life was in the 70's. There was no social networking, the drug scene was rampant throughout the U.S., and the "free" movement was afoot. Please note now...I do not condone what happened to the young girl whatsoever. But the crime was dealt with, a plea deal was reached, and the judge, in wanting to make a name for himself - was going to defy the agreement and make an example of Polanski.

Since Polanski was a French citizen, he apparently felt he was being treated unfairly and fled to his homeland. France refused to extradite Polanski to the U.S. at that time and still refuses to this day.

The then 13 year old Samantha Geimer, was at the home of Jack Nicholson, for a photo shoot by Mr. Polanski for Vogue magazine. One has to question first - where was the mother and WHY did she feel she didn't need to be there with her daughter. There is some blame that needs to fall on her shoulders. And by the way...this "rape" happened on the second day of shooting, again without the mother. From the pictures taken of this girl at that time - I have to admit, she looked much older. But then again, I had young men hitting on me when I was 14, as I looked much older than my actual age. That is neither here nor there, Mr. Polanski should have kept his hands to himself.

What infuriates me, is this case was never tried, as a plea deal was made early on. Polanski was ordered to spend 90 days for a psychiatric evaluation, which he was released after 42 days - with the results being that he was deemed NOT to be a pedophile and had no mental issues.

Mr. Polanski's attorney and the prosecutor made an agreement, that was all but delivered, until Judge Rittenband CHANGED his mind and decided to set an example of Mr. Polanski and further his judicial record. (He was proven to be a corrupt judge in later years). He literally played to the cameras before, during and after this case.

No one has disputed the details from this documentary, until yesterday - when the prosecuting attorney at that time (David Wells), recanted his statement in the film. He had said that he had meetings with the judge (ex parte - without the defense being present) in strategizing the sentencing for Mr. Polanski. He now says that never happened, and he made the statement, with the belief that this film would not be aired in the United States. Something is wrong with that message, as he recants "yesterday", but the film aired over a year ago in this country. And he waited this long, why???

The judicial system at that time was proven to be very corrupt, and whether that has changed much to this day, I couldn't say. The victim has been saying for many years now, that she would like the case dismissed. She has no animus towards Polanski, and has learned to live with (not get over) what happened to her so many years ago. She has made the statement that SHE is the one suffering, as the press will not let this matter go away. I believe that she, as the victim, has to be given credence.

I have no sympathy for rapists whatsoever. But this matter happened over three decades in the past. His life has moved on, as well as the victim. He has done well with his life and career, as well as the victim and being an advocate. With this hanging over his head for all these years, I consider that punishment as well.

I think this is a waste of California taxpayer's money, at this point in time. And we know California has NO MONEY. I guarantee Mr.Polanski has the funds to fight this in foreign courts and has a cadre of supporters abroad. How will the citizens of California feel (as a whole) about spending exorbitant amounts of money, in a foreign country - to bring this man back to the states?

In my opinion, I feel Mr. Polanski has lived with this fear over his head for all these years. The victim too has had to have this matter rehashed in the media ad nauseum. When does it end? When will the victim have her closure? She has made it quite clear she does NOT want to see this man incarcerated. My belief is that her wishes should carry a great deal of weight in this matter.

So, yell at me all you want. I have had my say, and think I included all the valid points I intended. Have a great evening.



Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This entire issue the right wingnut fuckheads, is making over school children singing praises of the current president has become such a huge JOKE!! Hannity, Beck, Bachmann, Doosy...you name the fukktard, just love to throw out the buzz words of the moment - currently that would be "indoctrination."

Insisting that Obama is indoctrinating our youth, much like the Nazi's from decades past. OK - the brain you all have is going to waste, and most certainly being damaged beyond repair with your incessant LIES & distortions.

Those of us with some intelligence (unlike THEM), know how to separate reality from fantasy. I love the parts of this video, where the parents (those OD'ing on the kool-aid) are scared that their children are going to become.....what??? Black??? I honestly am not sure what they are afraid of, other than what Hannity and his ilk lead them to believe. And believe - they will! Not that any of their tripe can be backed up with facts - but they will argue till their dying breaths, quite possibly.

Jon Stewart lays it all quite nicely - as he so aptly does 99% of the time. Watch.

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If one actually listens to the video of these school children, it only bolsters the fact that as Americans, we have to work together. I'm not sure that I like the inclusion of Obama's middle name - when in fact the right should be having a glee-fest over that one!!

We are three sickly people in the home today. Sniffles and low grade fevers and GRUMPY!! I don't think it is the flu - just a Fall cold. Just enough to keep thedaughter home from work, thegrandson home from school - - and my "alone" time - GONE!! Such is life. I'm also afraid I'm going to have to turn the furnace on, just to take the chill off. Outside temps are in the mid 50's, and it is 65 degrees in the house. I may jack that up a wee tad!

I'm going to heat up some soup, and maybe run and hide in my bedroom. So have a great day, and I may show up here.......later................


Monday, September 28, 2009


...to play hardball. At least the Secret Service needs to step up and start arresting these morons who are inciting violence towards President Obama. Here is a shot of the poll which was posted on Facebook (has been since taken down)!

No matter how you color this posting, the individual responsible for "putting it out there" needs to arrested and charged with threatening the POTUS. Whoever this person is, be it a teenager, young adult or old son-of-a-bitch fart...they have to learn that there are consequences for their unbelievably stupid actions.

Speaking of irresponsible assholes, Ann (Man) Coulter made the insane comment on Faux Noise, that the "liberals" are behind all the Obama painted as Hitler posters being bandied about. Consider the fact that she also claims that liberals relish in being "victims." The list has almost become endless of all the idiotic, ludicrous statements she has made. Remember when she denigrated the 9/11 widows - and Faux joined in her revelry? I hope she makes it onto the "rejected" list at Past The Velvet Rope this week. **Remember to visit there - it only posts on Fridays. Please!!

During my slumber channel surfing the other night, again I ended up hearing Hannity's aggravating voice, and I opened ONLY one eye. He was interviewing some man who was irate that his children were being "indoctrinated" by the singing of a song about Obama. I have to admit I have not seen any video of this, but I do remember after Hurricane Katrina, a group of school children singing the praises of W - and all he had done for those in the devastated area. I also remember almost beating my head against a wall - because all I could think of was "WTF did he do for those poor people?" It wasn't an indoctrination song - as well as I can't imagine one about Obama being any different.

Oh well, let the rethugs rant and rave, because that is all they have at the moment. They, as a political party, are so fucked up and disorganized - it will take at least a decade to pull their collective heads out of their asses.

The wind is vicious at this moment, and we have a wind warning until 8 pm tonight. So if it is still blowing at 8:01 pm, I'm going off on the Weather Channel. I have four HUGE trees in back of my house, and worry constantly that if they topple - they will crush my house. So, I pray for them to fall a little more eastward and that ought to clean up the neighborhood. Honestly, they need at least "topped" out, so the threat will lessen. I won't even start on ALL the leaves that are amassing on my deck - I will deal with them later - or at least the ones left after the wind blows them elsewhere.

Got to put a load of laundry in, and run the vacuum. The dog is working on her winter coat, and all this hair falling off in clumps is driving me nuts. She will be pissed and possibly cold, as I am getting her hair cut again tomorrow. Wonderful pet that she is, she won't freeze. For being a large dog, she thinks she's a poodle or priss and only runs and does her business, then whines to come back in the house. What a wus!

Have a great day, and I shall return ...... later ..................


Saturday, September 26, 2009


Have a great Caturday all!!! Later............


Here is another spin, as it were, from the birther movement. I'm really not sure which of these two guys is "creapier". The blond afro religious pariah or the creapy Kreep!

You have to just love these people working in the name of religion - "send us your money and we will do this for you!" All I get from this is the $30 donation this outfit wants - and you get a bumper sticker (approx cost $.15) and a fax sent in your name to state AG's (approx. cost $.05). So now these fanatics get $29.80 free and clear. I guess that helps put the air conditioning in the dog house.

Truly another pathetic attempts by the racist, religious rightwingnut fukktards!


Friday, September 25, 2009


Sen. Joh Kyl has to be the biggest dickhead I have seen in....at least a day. Watch this:

This mental midget apparently has NO grasp on health insurance whatsoever. He doesn't feel like he needs to have "maternity care" written into a policy for himself. Get a fucking grip.

I don't have a prostate gland so, there should be no coverage for PSA blood tests either. This sorry excuse for a human probably doesn't feel that mental health should be covered - and I guarantee he definitely NEEDS that.

Where does it all stop? they don't want abortions covered and now no maternity care. Are we back to "the men" handling women's reproductive rights? Hell no! I will be burning the bra and letting the puppies fly in protest on this one.

Has anyone ever questioned why birth control is very seldom covered in these policies - yet VIAGRA is? Right, every man should have the right to have a hard on that lasts for a decade, but a woman cannot do anything to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Damn, I'm pissed now. I just posted this article on FB, about a 22 year old girl, who just graduated college, no health insurance - and died from the swine flu. this girl lives in Cong. John Boehner's Congressional district. I think it is time to overrun the "teabaggers" and take it to the streets.

Remember the quote from Network (movie): "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not taking it anymore!"




I've had some things that needed to be completed, so I took a teeny tiny break from here. I will have everyone caught up (reading their blogs) by the weekend, hopefully.

With all the "racist" tones of the day...it appears to be hitting close to home, as you can read here.
this is a picture of Mark Mentzer, mentioned in the article. His mother was also arrested for "obstructing an officer." When confronted by the news reporters as the two boys emerged from court this morning, they repeated their "no comment" when asked multiple questions. The mother was curt and in my opinion, rather nasty to the reporter when she was asked a couple of questions.

Be that as it may, the text messages, the stockpile of bomb making equipment and other "stuff" - not to mention the text messages, MySpace and other postings made by Mentzer, he instilled a great deal of fear within the student body. With some of the comments he has made, he appears to me, to be a white supremicist wannabe. But looking more closely - I would hazard a guess that he has been influenced from WITHIN the home. I could be wrong, but I realize that my beliefs have influenced my children to a degree, and were I a racist, I'm sure that would have shown through also.

Anyone who knows me, knows I do not have bigoted or racist views whatsoever. I also find it hard to imagine how anyone (white person) feels they are superior to another race. I leave it to those who open their mouths and ignorant statements to define themselves - then I could possibly make that assumption.

Much like the attitude of the right in present politics. One would have to be a complete moron to believe that the opposition to Obama is NOT based primarily on race. I should only aspire to be as eloquent and intelligent as Mr. Obama.

I was going to post the clips from Jay Leno's show last night, and his "guest" Limpdick. The more I thought of that posting - I became nauseous. He made so many insane comments, they are better off ignored. As for Leno - I'm not to happy that he gave the druggie the forum to spout off his insanity. Nope, not happy at all.

We are headed out to dinner and thought I would just make this a quickie. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend - the temps are dropping into comfortable Fall levels, albeit the rain we are forecast for tomorrow.

I will be posting a Caturday spot - so until then.......Later......

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Thedaughter (Carrie) turns 30 years old today. I no longer have any children in their 20's and life still goes on. It has been a roller coaster over her 30 years, but I wouldn't trade a single moment for anything else. **She may wish she could erase or rerun some periods of time - but...that's life!

If I had a scanner, I could place some pictures here of her cute and adorable stage(s) - such as a newborn, when all she did was eat, poop, pee and cry. Man, now she is lucky I don't have the scanner!! She came into this world at 5 pounds 3 ounces, and was so tiny. Here goes the saying "just look at her now!" My babies got smaller with each one, and I always said if I had a fourth - I wouldn't even need to go to a hospital - just shoot that kid out and go on cleaning! :)

She is a beautiful young woman with the most adorable, loving 9 year old son (light of my life).

She has a so-so job which she goes to every single day, and is sometimes appreciated and sometimes denigrated for at work. another wonderful life experience.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


After 9/11, all we heard from our "leaders" was that there was a terrorist under every rock on American soil. Maybe not in those words, but similar, by the many minions of the right, echoing the tripe that was coming out of Bush and Cheney's mouths. Of course we remember all the WMD's that were at Hussein's disposal. I remember the diagrams being shown on the news, describing in great detail, the trucks and equipment used to hide these weapons.

I guess you could say I was as frightened and more aware as the next person. One of the results of that awful day...was the Patriot Act. As it came out in bits and pieces, I thought some things sounded good, but the issue of the wiretapping just never sat right with me.

I flashed back to the mid 60's, when Robert Kennedy and J. Edgar Hoover had quite a blowout over wiretapping - and it pissed me off at that time as well. When I realized the Bush administration was pushing this issue, I wondered how far out of hand, the "illegal" invasion of privacy, would go. I knew that the wiretapping that was being allowed, would be used arbitrarily. I was right! This guy here, just seems so blase about the entire stripping of civil rights and freedoms.

You go Russ Feingold. I see no humanly way possible, that anyone (any administration) could guarantee that any wiretapping would only target terrorists. Until that caveat could be honored - I say no more....period!!



He personally uses: MUAMMAR AL GATHAFI

This has always boggled my mind, when seeing this terrorist's name written - it was ALWAYS different. This of course, is attributable to the complications of the Arabic language and spellings. Therefore, I shall just refer to him as Gathafi - OK??? OK!!!

Gathafi is addressing the United Nations at this moment - almost 40 minutes so far. At this moment he is rambling on about, how he is against the U.N. for allowing a country's leader to be sentenced to death (Saddam Hussein). He is not condoning the the evils of Hussein's administration, just the policies of the U.N. This has been the general tone of his rambling, BS speech since he started.

Speaking for Libya, he immediately started this diatribe by stating "we are rejecting and we shall never cooperate with the United Nations charter." All righty then...and you are speaking in this forum...why??? He could have sent a note or an emissary to make that clear.

Considering this man became the "leader" of Libya through a coup d'etat, and has carried several titles, currently Colonel - to espouse that you wish for world peace at this time, considering all the violence within Libya, and terrorist acts around the world on Gathafi's orders - DUH?! At one point during this babble, the cameras panned over to the Chinese delegation and many were chuckling. I honestly don't think many are giving a lot of credence to this whack job.

Since Scotland released al-Magrahi last month - we know that the U.S. is not looking fondly on this man either. I'm not sure if we will ever know the true facts regarding that terrorist bomber's release, but I know the pain of the victims families (Pan Am Flight 103) will never go away.

I was not happy when Bush lifted all sanctions on Libya in 2003 - granting Libya's government immunity from terror-related lawsuits, and DISMISSED any and all compensation cases in the U.S.

Now, he is saying we must leave Somalia alone...and respect their "economic zone"...WTF?? He also says they "are not" pirates. Again, it must be a matter of interpreting Arabic! This is just too much to listen to. He wants the Kennedy assassination opened up again - and is going on about events from 40 years ago. Methinks he must be on DRUGS. He has worn out one interpreter and is on a second. GAG - enough of his shit.

Let's pick on The Donald. Apparently, Gathafi has set up his Bedouin tent on Donald Trump's property in Bedford, NY. No, The Donald, says he is unaware of this tent which has been erected as belonging to Gathafi. Well duh!! Pick up the phone Donald - one phone call ought to clarify the situation. Gathafi was denied permission to erect his tent at the Libyan Mission and Central Park, so has headed to Bedford to entertain in his "tent." One source says, no one will be staying through the night in this tent - but I find that highly unlikely.

The residents of that area have gotten legal representation and are presumably going to follow through with having these people "evicted" from the premises. If I lived there, I would be quite vocal and active in their mission. I should hope that a small building falls on Trump, as I honestly believe he is fully aware of who is setting up camp on his property. I say "boycott" his next show and put his ratings in the cellar!

Sorry, if this turned into a babble session, but it all happened so fast and was infuriating me considerably.


...Beyonce will do just fine! This baby is definitely "into" this video. This baby will master the art of booty slapping and dancing in no time at all. Kids and pets seem to make the best for video content. Enjoy the chuckle!!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I posted about the "new neighbors" and their stockade fence in July and August, and as of yesterday, more distressing news. This couple and their two children are moving her parents and aunt into the house also. In trying to be nice (hah!), I know these people and they are dirty asses.

The couple now have three vehicles in the driveway, and are constantly moving them in and out in choosing which vehicle to drive for the day. With "mom, dad and auntie" moving in, there will be an additional FOUR VEHICLES!! Get a grip folks, the driveway is wide enough for one car and sooo not long enough to have them lined up. PLUS....they will be bringing possibly THREE more dogs.

As one neighbor states, this is "like the Clampett's without the mansion!" Our neighborhood has always been neat, tidy and close...and now, I'm afraid that the abundance of people and junk are going to devalue neighboring properties even more, and this we don't need!

Thegrandson wanted to play with the neighbor's boy the other day, and I told him he could, but they would have to play in MY side yard. He defied me and I saw him in their yard - he has been grounded for this act. I can't get him to understand, that by these people putting up this atrocious fence, they made a statement..."leave us alone!!" No problem from me. The mayor of this fine burg, after my letter was read to council about the illegality of the fence, said I was just crying sour grapes and the city was not going to do anything about the fence. BTW, the mayor and I have been friends for at least two decades..........NOT ANYMORE!!! See, our Mayor fishes with the father of the neighbor (the father who will be moving in soon).

I should hope that once this big move-in has been made, that steps will be taken, if there is a problem with all the vehicles and dogs! This will remain to be seen.

Truckloads of drywall and 2X4's have been going in this house - all to the basement, so I would imagine it is going to be one cozy living arrangement. Did I mention that the mother of the residents, also has a motorcycle. She may keep that and her truck at her boyfriend's house - two blocks away. Yes, that is another click in this scenario - she screws around on her husband, and everyone is COOL with that. UGH!!!

I'm hating this situation more and more every day.

Oh well, I will update the comical and aggravating situation here - for sure! Right now, I can't take enough drugs to rid myself of the pain from the toilet seat debacle. My arms, breast bone (that never healed) and back are killing me. But I have to dust and run the vacuum today. I really want to get the windows cleaned too - we shall see how this all works.

Have a great day and I shall return......later.........

Monday, September 21, 2009


Oh, give me a fucking break! You have to listen to this fukktard and the drivel he is espousing at the "Values Voters Summit." He dispels the theory that homosexuality is genetic, and places all the blame on PORNOGRAPHY!! He knows, because his friend who enjoyed a homosexual lifestyle - until "saved" by a religious intervention, told him so! WTF is wrong with people like this? Granted, he is speaking before the only people in America with "values" - the rethuglians!! We, who dispel all their BS, are heathens...and I would guess he assumes we are all homosexuals.

My question or query, as it were...how many of the people listening to this ridiculous banter, rushed home and BURNED ALL THEIR PORN??? The man has spoken, if a MAN watches porn - he cannot love his wife as he should. Hmmmmm.....Are there no women out there who may watch porn WITH their husbands? I did! OMG I am going to burn in some fire for eternity!!!

BTW, Dickipedia has a wonderful definition of "teabaggers." These goofs are summed up rather well - STUPID!!!


Yesterdays fiasco with the toilet seat, is one I hope I never have to endure again. I cannot remember the last time I was this frustrated over accomplishing a task. I finally made the decision to get "new" hacksaw blades and saw the damn rusty bolts off - but thedaughter was at a friends, and came home with an electric "grinder" of some sort. Now, I like my power tools as much as the next person, but this was one I was unfamiliar with - and had my concerns.

She donned her safety goggles and told us to move away - no problem on that one. From around the corner I saw sparks flying, making my heart rush a little. Aha, one bolt off....she then goes thru the routine a second time, only there was less room between the top of the bolt and she tipped the grinder, leaving black marks in the porcelain...but the bolt was severed!!! Now, I would have been happy spending time sawing away - but even with the "marks", I have to say this was much quicker.

Then on to the clean-up, putting ALL the tools back in their proper places, replacing the seat - the task was completed by 10 pm. Damn, how stupid. I am now sporting a camouflage band aid (thanks grandson) for the HUGE blister I have on my thumb. My entire body is sore, from all the tugging, pulling and body manipulation, in my efforts yesterday.

Today is a day of nothing. It is cloudy, humid and threatening rain. A great day to jump back in bed and nap my life away!

Have a great one all...I shall return.....later..........

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Sunday is my day for football, right??? Not at the moment it would seem. I don't even know how long ago it was, that I replaced the toilet seat with an Oak seat with metal hinges. But I know now, that I will NEVER do that again.

It has rusted and become unsightly - so I bought a "soft" cushion seat one yesterday. Figuring, I have replaced many a seat in my lifetime, I decided to tackle this job before settling in to my day of football.

So far, I have used every expletive I know (and I know thousands), and the rusted bolts are still attached. Several doses of WD-40 have not helped me with this task either. The bathroom now looks like a plumber's toolbox...wrenches, pliers, ratchets...you name it - I have the tool, but apparently NOT the strength. My patience has literally gone on vacation also!!

Having been married to a plumber, I did learn quite a bit - especially how to swear properly! I have come to the conclusion that this job is best left to one much stronger than myself. I try to do as much as I can by myself...but now I feel I am going to have to ask for help. Thedaughter says she will accomplish this task when she gets home from work - but she has no strength in her wrists either.

I hate being this frustrated. Maybe it is because I have to recognize the fact of my age and heart issues, and that I am no spring chicken anymore. This is not a frame of mind I am willing to give into - yet!

For all this time I have been fighting with the water closet - I could have built a fucking outhouse!!

I QUIT!!! The tools will remain in the bathroom till thedaughter makes her attempts. For me....I'm going to put on another pot of coffee and get ready for the Steelers/Bears meet up!!

Have a great weekend (what's left) all....later...........

**There will be updates as to this task - have no fear.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


.....for dinner with Sarah Palin. This is hilarious. Just a little something to add some humor to your day!

Later all...................


And click the link for a funny "Cat" video. Thanks to theson for this contribution.

Kitty Assult Course Video - Funny Videos - Funny Vids, Humor for geeks in all of us!

Have a great day - and I just may return here....later............

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Friday, September 18, 2009


I have "stolen" this video from jadedj over at Banquet of Consequences, and it is a MUST see! My thoughts for a post was the aftermath of last weekends "march" at the behest of Glen Beck, but this video is a great lead-in, so please watch to the end.

*** Just a wee correction...Nixon appointed the first "czar" not Reagan!!

When all the marching and bloviating was over, these people seemed to have no problem discarding their placards and pins - where else, but on the sidewalks, where the socialized structure of garbage collection will be utilized. Granted these people are from far places and pay nothing towards this community and their services, and never gave this a second thought...DUH!?!?!

And what else do they totally discard, because their cause has ended...the American flag!! Glen Beck conveniently forgot to tell these people the rules regarding the flag and how it should be treated!! Much like he does with every other subject he tries to tackle.

Glen Beck needs to get into his total meltdown, so we can move on, and hopefully...educate the uneducated!

Have a great Friday and super weekend. I shall return.....later......