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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Just knowing that there is a married couple out there, just moved in to their new "digs", and they have NO furniture, breaks my heart.

Having sent out some feelers, this young man has decided to donate various pieces of furniture, he has had in storage for many years. He wants very little acknowledgement, because he likes to stay out of the limelight, usually just takes in an afternoon matinee, and remains low key.

The furniture is almost "pristine", as he outgrew it all rather quickly. He is not political by nature, so there are no feelings one way or the other regarding the recipient.

Now Mr. Bush can relax in the evenings, knowing there is a smile on his shoulder. Sorry, it is not a recliner, but this is the best I could do on short notice.

This furniture may look a little awkward, but considering the couple (man primarily) has had eight years of "awkwardness", they should adapt quite easily - I should imagine.

I love this selection - there is even a table to "kick him in the ass" as he saunters by. A gentle reminder of what multi-millions of people would love the opportunity to enjoy. A "sway back" dresser will serve nicely for him to hide all his loot that Cheney may have split from Haliburton mega-deals. No matter what, all this furniture will look lovely through an alcohol haze and I am sure will be truly enjoyed.

No need to thank me - just doing my part! Later.....

Friday, February 27, 2009


Spring break is just around the corner for most college students, and warnings have gone out - that they might want to rethink enjoying that time in Mexico. I, for one, think that is an excellent idea. The drug murders and kidnappings have increased to incredible proportions.

Starting in 1989, I vacationed in Cancun at the Royal Solaris Resort on an annual basis, till I began the Caribbean cruises in 1999. I have so many beautiful, relaxing memories of my vacations there - and many included enjoying the college students on Spring Break. More often than not, I ended up the surrogate mom to some, and I know my sage advice was followed and appreciated (right?!!?).

In May of 1996, I took my then 18 year old son along - for a "senior" trip. My friend also had her son along - which made for a humorous and wacky vacation. Since they were under our supervision and no driving was involved - they enjoyed the tequila slammers immensely. My son even managed to win the Mr. Solaris contest - I think everyone fell in love with his long curly hair!! He still has the video somewhere of that little escapade.

As for me, I just loved to lay in the sun and enjoy the "swim up" pool bar. As a rule, I don't drink, but I also enjoyed a few tequila slammers and the strawberry daiquiris. These pictures show how beautiful the area truly is. This was one of the first resorts built on the peninsula - and if I were to return today, I would still prefer the Royal Solaris. It is an all-inclusive resort - and I loved the fact that I could just stay there and have around the clock entertainment and food. It definitely does not take much to make me happy.

For as much as I love Cancun and the entire shopping areas...I would not go there at this time. Until the government can rein in the drug cartels - the danger is just too great. Last night, after this warning was released, several TV stations interviewed college students, and the giddy, stupidity was there for all to see. The majority said, "I don't care, we go to have fun." DUH!?!?!? I have to mention that every year I arrived in Cancun, there was always armed military in the airports and they also supplied security for most resorts. There is something to be said for laying in the sun, while gun-toting men, patrol the perimeters.

I have seen many college age kids arrested for their exuberant drinking, which involved wiring home to mom and dad for bail money. If there is one thing the Mexicans love - it is the American dollar. They will gouge any tourist whenever possible.

The beheadings, and kidnappings are enough to deter my travel plans to Mexico, I should only hope that the parents of these college age kids have some input, on where their children will "survive" spring break.

Travel for me this summer will be nil it appears. I look forward to sun and "doing absolutely nothing", but the recession is putting a halt to that.

Now, I have popped off again, and I am putting my foot down. Catch ya later........

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Woohoo - Post #601 - and it's a good one?!?!?!

After thedaughter and I stopped and got a bite to eat for lunch - this huge box truck was in the parking lot!!! How cool is this??? If someone was in the truck I was going to ask if they made home deliveries!!

I was already in the lane pulling out of the parking lot - and trying to get the best picture of this truck, and this old man behind me was wanting me to move - I said "isn't this funny - look at the name of this business." He was definitely OLD, OLD since he apparently had no idea what the sign was referencing. Damn old fart.

Now the fun part - was figuring out how to send the picture from my new, technologically advanced cell phone - to my puter. Thank heavens I had thedaughter with me - anything to do with a phone (landline or cell) she can figure out immediately. I swear she is the offspring of Ma Bell.

Now I have to act plain stupid here - other than "reefer" being what I think it is...what the hell is a "mobile reefer service"? I may just have to call this company and find out - so I will be less ignorant.

I really have to get some work done now - so have fun all and.....Later..........

Just a word of caution folks!!!

Please, and I can't emphasize this enough - PLEASE, be careful where you place certain objects, within your body!!

It appears that a man, went to a hospital and had an object "stuck" in his rectum. I know, EGADS you say. Now the controversy is over the nurse who may have taken pictures of the X-rays with her cell phone and posted them to Facebook.

Legal vs. illegal??? So, consider this a friendly reminder as well as a word of caution from me!! Hmmm, now that Facebook no longer will OWN your pictures and info - wonder if the authorities will be able to track this one down?

There's my parting "words of wisdom", as I head to the Staples to get more laser toner. I lead a quality existence.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009


While I am picking on Bobby Jindal - I guess I just have to touch on his comment regarding the $140 million appropriation for "Volcano Monitoring." He managed to blather on about such inane subjects and then brought this issue up - as a huge governmental waste. His comparison was "Congress should be monitoring the 'eruption' of spending in Washington."

This is a picture taken January 30, 2009 of Mt. Redoubt in Alaska, which is still showing signs of an imminent eruption. Now, realistically, there are many geographical miles between Alaska and Louisiana, so I have to allow for the fact that Jindal has probably never been exposed to the volatility of a volcano. But he has seen the repercussions of a massive hurricane - in his home state.

Had this stimulus package included millions of dollars for levees and massive flood prevention - I am sure he would not have said a word.

Hawaii (hey Mr. Jindal, they are part of the U.S.) probably has more active volcanoes than anywhere else - and in order to save lives and study the activity of these volcanoes - I say "shut the hell up!"

Realistically, the repukicans only know how to say "cut taxes", and then you would reach a point where just the little guy bears the cost of necessary programs. As is par for the course - THEY JUST DON'T GET IT!!

WTF is the matter with this guy???

First the NY Post runs an offensive cartoon - now one California Mayor sends this out - read here.

WTF is going on with these idiots??? I see a recall for this Mayor!!

I am being very humane here....

Where I live, has become a "dumping ground" for female animals - dogs and cats! There is a female German Shepherd mix puppy - maybe about 4 months old, which was dumped in our neighborhood approximately 4 weeks ago, when the temps were in the single digits. Many in the neighborhood have been feeding this pup, but no one can get close enough to even pet this dog.

This past week, she has been sleeping on my glider, on the front porch. I didn't even know, until my cat and dog both were carrying on at the front window. Thedaughter and I brought up some old blankets to put on the glider, so she could nest a little, to be able to survive these hellaciously cold nights.

A lady from the local Humane Society has been here twice, but the dog is smart - she avoids the area when that "truck" is here. This trap, seen above, was placed down the street for over a week, but as I stated - smart dog. Since I mentioned she has been sleeping on my porch, the trap was moved here last night. There is carpet, food and water - but it was a "no go" last night.

The dog loves to play with all the neighborhood pets, just avoids humans. I am a little upset, as I had purchased (4 years ago) a plastic, realistic looking basket (basket sleeve), in Amish Country to cover the protruding water main in my front yard - it is gone. We did not have winds strong enough to blow it away - so I am thinking that this pup decided it was a toy and took it somewhere else. Damn, the basket cost about $35 - and I don't just be-bop to Amish Country regularly. The one I had resembled the basket, upper left. I may have found a site where I can order another one, which makes me a little happier.

Last night's address by Obama was great. the criticism today, is "no specifics." I can't remember the last time any President offered "specifics" in an address such as this. It's more like - OK America - here is the gist of the plan - any specifics we might need will be forthcoming as the plans progress.

But let's talk Bobby Jindal, a minute. That was the most insane banter I have heard in quite some time. I had the impression that Jindal, was trying (and much too hard) to emulate Obama and his speech making - appeal qualities. Bobby - it didn't work.

I have to take issue with his health care comment "health care decisions should be made by patients and doctors and not government bureaucrats!" Is Louisiana so far from mainstream America, that he has not heard of HMO's? The demise of doctor/patient decisions came with the onset of the mega HMO's. There are the bureaucrats making the decisions as to what medical care one receives. On the average - HMO's pay 41% of actual hospital billing - they definitely make great profits, as locally the Health Plan, manages to be able to afford lavish Caribbean vacations yearly for all board members. Bastards!!!

Bobby, I suggest you get a firm grip on those big ears of yours...and pull your head out of your ass!! Here is the real world...in your face. Oh, and no....I was not impressed with Jindal at all.


Thedaughter, thegrandson and I are going to meet SexyJen (remember her theson?) for dinner at Generations restaurant tonight. She moved to Columbus a year ago, so I don't see her often, and this is how I get all her tax info - over dinner. Tonight will be interesting as there will be at least 9 of us - since she has asked quite a few of her other friends - just to have a great get-together. Theson has lusted after her for years, since we worked together in 2001. I just add this to get his BP up, since he is so far away. Heehee!

It's a beautiful sunny day - which boosts my spirits immensely - and the temps are rising also. This is just great. Have a great day all --more later.......................

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I don't know about everyone (but I have a definite feeling), I could listen to this eloquent President forever. Such a VAST difference from the past eight years of illiteracy!!!
The speech is not quite over, but I am totally impressed. He hasn't backed down from his detractors, and is meeting the obstacles "head on!" I can't wait for the comments of tomorrow.

Sometimes it just "sucks to be........

John McCain!!!!"

At yesterdays meeting between key representatives and Pres. Obama, John McCain had to bring up the issue of the helicopter fleet, one for the President, designated Marine One. Maintaining his typical smug demeanor, he was attempting to put a "spin" on this issue, as if the entire concept was a brainstorm of the Democrats and Obama.

Apparently, McDementia, forgot that it was HIS president who put the order in for this new helicopter fleet - and Marine One - with an individual cost of $400 million. I guess since this order was made right after the 9/11 attacks - Bush figured he might need his ass flown far and away - to be safe! Or just plain old "get the hell out of town" if necessary.

I was not surprised at all, that Pres. Obama was neither flustered nor put off by the veiled accusation from McCrack!! He handled himself quite well - in stating that the helicopter at his disposal, "is more than adequate." Then jokingly added something to the effect, that he had never owned one before - maybe he had a deprived youth! Go Obama!!!


My new toy! It is a Pantech Matrix C740...now doesn't that just tell you everything you need to know? when the young man was showing me the phone and how to handle the features - I thought "I can do this!" Nope. I do believe that it may be smarter than me. I have managed to figure out how to take pictures and store them (same w/ video), and basically how to use the QWERTY keyboard feature. As far as the GPS, and all the fancy stuff - I'm not sure if I do learn how to utilize those features, that there will be additional monthly charges. My other phone took a fall - now I sound like theson - and didn't want to make calls anymore. No matter, I will have to figure it out - since I have renewed my contract for the next two years. If I had good enough reception in the home - I would do away with the "land line", but that is not the case. We shall see who wins this battle - me or technology!

I shall return later, as I still have returns to work on. I have a solid six hours in today - maybe I will stop after 9 or so. Later..................

Monday, February 23, 2009

Yippee! I received an award...passing it on....

I have been awarded a fantastic, utterly charming award from none other than...the fabulous, wonderful writer and one helluva intelligent woman Utah Savage!

Sometimes I feel neglected, as I am not much of a writer, but truly enjoy having the opportunity to spout off here, every now and then. Awards do not come my way all too often - so follow the directions below.

"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.”

So I am choosing the following - as I enjoy their sites tremendously and feel they deserve recognition also. I will now anticipate seeing some new blogs to peruse, as suggested by these guys:

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There, I have added an extra one for good measure. I will be waiting patiently to see who may be added by any of these great bloggers.

Have fun all.....Later.............

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Glad my son is out of Cairo....

When I read about this explosion at the Khan e-Khalili bazaar in Cairo today, my heart just sank. It was less than a year ago that I enjoyed touring that area with my son and enjoying the surrounding mosques - and to see that today it was the target of some dissidents home made bomb, is frightening.

Theson is now in Alexandria, Egypt - so maybe my worries are less - but as a mother, I will ALWAYS worry. This explosion happened during evening prayers, and there were many tourists and locals attending, at the Hussein Mosque. One French citizen was killed with many more injured. The local police also found one more bomb which had not been detonated.

Hussein Mosque in background

I understand the theory of the moment, is surrounding the Israel/Gaza conflict. the last bomb attack in Cairo was over three years ago. But I guess a thought I try to keep out of my head, is that several Al-Queda terrorists are from Cairo and many have trained there also.

I wish only safety to all foreigners at this time. And to theson - just be careful and aware. Later.........

Someone call the SCISSOR police....

If anyone happens to be passing through the Upper Ohio Valley, you are more than welcome to come here and rob me of all the scissors in the house. Trust me - they are everywhere. Once upon a time, I had very long hair, but as I aged (egads!) I have gone shorter...and shorter...and now - one little hair sticking out - gets whacked immediately.

I have this propensity for just grabbing the scissors - at least every two weeks - and hacking off another section of hair I feel has grown much faster than the rest of my hairs (and there are not that many of those either). If I had my druthers, I would just let it all grow out and start over - but at this rate - I can't see that happening. Argh...

Hair issues drive me up a wall - as I had a total hysterectomy when I was 34 years old, due to cervical cancer. (My late husband, always blamed that surgery on the demise of our marriage. My lack of a sex drive - uh huh...couldn't have been his incessant drinking and drunken tirades!!!) But once we lose all those important hormones...our bodies plain old go to hell. Primarily - the thinning of the hair. I come from a family of thick haired people - and this is ridiculous. Not much longer and I will be the Donald Trump look alike!! Don't recommend HRT, as I started that right after the surgery and wham...my first heart attack. The hair gods have it in for me I just know it.

I have researched herbs and vitamins and such...but all have certain drawbacks - like growing a third eye, so I have abandoned that plan. Maybe as soon as they come out with the "lose weight while you sleep" pill - someone will invent something for the balding women of America!! I can only hope. Till then - or the time someone steals my scissors...I will still be chopping away!

Here endeth my Sunday homily!!! Later........

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Something is terribly wrong...we read it every day....

This beautiful 26 year old woman, was shot in the back of the head (with a 20 gauge shotgun) by the 11 year old son of her boyfriend. WTF is wrong with society? I'm sick and tired of hearing about these atrocities committed by such small children.

Kenzie Houk was also eight months pregnant at the time. This small boy has now taken the lives of two innocent individuals. Perhaps he didn't want or condone his father's relationship with this woman, but nothing validates such an act. At sometime, someone has had to put this idea into his small head - violent thoughts with drastic results.

This young boy, proceeded to shoot this woman, gather his stuff up - and head off to school, along with this woman's 7 year old daughter. Thus, leaving her in the home with a four year old - to deal with the carnage. Thankfully this little girl had the sense to go outside and tell some men (tree cutters) that her "mother was dead." I cannot even fathom the trauma this little girl will deal with in the years ahead.

In trying to understand this little boy, I can only imagine that maybe the relationship between his estranged parents, had caused his mother to say or insinuate what should happen to her husbands usurper. Children take everything literally - that is a fact. I have to think that an 11 year old child knows the difference between right and wrong - I know with my 8 year old grandson, explaining the right/wrong of situations is an everyday occurrence. My grandson knows that stealing, lying, bigotry and even murder are WRONG!!!

I feel so much pain for all those involved in this situation - two people killed and so many lives ruined. I should hope that the "powers that be" will provide the necessary treatment, that this child can possibly evolve into a productive member of society. I foresee a long road ahead.


I've been CRAZY busy...but now I'm pissed!!

Yesterday, was a constant...either phone calls, people dropping off or picking up. There was hardly a break to get anything accomplished. After one late afternoon appointment became a "no show", I decided I had to get out of the house. So, my treat, I took thedaughter and thegrandson to Outback's for dinner. My favorite place to dine, of course.

Even with that short respite, once home again, the phone calls began again. Granted, I work out of my home, but I would think some people could respect and/or refrain from calling after 9 pm.

I have a short story here, just to get off my chest, as it were. I have stated before I live in a small village - we lost the designation of "city" in the 2000 census. We had a "strong mayor" government at that time - but have since turned over to a Village Administrator/weak mayor control. When this change occurred, I was Chairman of the Board of Public Affairs, which had control of the local water department. The mayor at that time - totally hated my ass - going as far as to call me a "f**kin fat ass" in the city building. To which I turned around and laughed at him - imagine that, not recognizing a designer look when it is right in front of him. Due to his hatred of me and the Service Director - he gained control of the votes of council to FIRE the Board and institute the village administrator position.

This administrator position was to pay $35K/year plus benefits. Now get this, this village administrator is now living with our newer Mayor (who was the former Service Director). Following this?

I am so not a fan of this woman's - as she is a legend in her own mind. She has enough arrogance to sink a battleship - and NOW - has written a book. This book is offered at lulu.com, which as far as I am concerned - is not an authentic Publisher.

This company will print and bind any written word you desire...as long as you pay all the costs and commissions. But, this hasn't stopped these two from touting this "masterpiece" as their beginning of "riches." Someone, please check this site out and tell me if you think this person CAN WRITE. There are six or eight pages one can view here, before deciding to purchase a flimsy paperback - for a whopping $22.

One book has been purchased with several of us paying $1 apiece, so we can read the joke of a book. Now for the fun part. Being a small town, this woman may have changed the names, but the disclaimer is a lie - as the events she quotes, for the most part are very true. Yes, I am in this book, albeit briefly - and I DO KNOW what name they have given me. Part of the many phone calls I referenced in the beginning of this post, were related to her so-called "writings." People are pissed to say the least.

The icing on the cake...she is writing a second book, to follow where this one supposedly left off. This woman has her master's degree in "romantic languages" and teaches full-time at the local parochial high school - the residents are up in arms that she is also taking home a NOW $47K pay package (includes annual raises), and is NEVER in the municipal building.

Wouldn't you say - that is the job everyone would die for???

This woman has painted an ugly picture of so many locals - to hype the persona of her live-in lover/Mayor. This can only become a real mess, as she, being the newbie in our town, has no idea how the local citizens will react.

I must go for now - still much to do on the business end. If anyone dares to check the site out - you will see a cover for this book "Bleed Green", and the Mayor/lover is the gentleman fishing on the riverbank - in the picture.

Have a great day.....Later.........

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sorry - Palin is back her old tricks....

I honestly can't get Sarah Palin out of my mind - please - just shoot me now. She makes picking on her so very easy, I just have to go there. For at least five weeks or better, there is an area in western Alaska, that has a small population, but is in serious peril of certain death, during these cold winter months. They have run out of heating fuel and food supplies.

Sarah Palin has been aware of these issues, and has done NOTHING to address them. How could she, when she had to show up at a swanky Washington, D.C., dinner a couple of weeks ago, nurture her new grandson, take charge of the "snow machine" iditarod, blah, blah, blah.

Well, now she is going to venture to that area and show compassion - compassion that has been lacking for weeks. These are HER citizens of the state of Alaska and she has not lifted a finger to see that legislation is initiated or other methods employed to see to these people and their welfare. But Sarah, we are so glad that your daughter doesn't have to rely on the "system" for help with her child. She has YOU to give her what she needs.

This is the press release of today - now Palin is going to go to the AID of these poor folks. But check out who is tagging along...Franklin Graham. What the fuck is he going to do - feed the masses with a couple of fish??? Unless he has truck loads of staples and supplies - I say ignore the photo op!! Palin is also using this as an excuse NOT to attend the Governor's convention - probably to ensure "martyr" publicity.

If the repukes nominate this broad in 2010 - they deserve her - maybe have Limpdick as her running mate!! So read on my friends - I say she is such a phony! Hell, she will even bill all the per diem back to the state no less. If she's smart she will call Greta Van Suscitate to tag along also.

February 19, 2009, Juneau, Alaska - Following up on several trips to Western Alaska by multi-agency state personnel, Governor Sarah Palin and Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell will travel with Franklin Graham, President and CEO of Samaritan’s Purse, to the communities of Marshall and Russian Mission on Friday. Samaritan’s Purse is a nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian aid across the world. Working with private sector and nonprofit resources, an estimated 10,000 pounds of food will be distributed to more than 200 Alaska families in need.

For several weeks the administration has been working with residents on the Lower Yukon in an attempt to identify their eligibility for various aid programs for communities and individuals. Five state departments and the governor’s rural affairs advisor, John Moller, are involved in the immediate relief effort, and are currently visiting communities across the region.

Faith-based, nonprofit groups, such as Samaritan’s Purse, have partnered with state agencies and have been instrumental in providing assistance to Western Alaska in recent weeks. The Department of Public Safety has utilized its aircraft to deliver food collected from around the state by faith-based and other nonprofit organizations. The Department of Public Safety is working with the Department of Education and Early Development personnel in implementing a plan to provide bulk foods to area residents.

Additionally, state benefit specialists from the Department of Health and Social Services visited Emmonak recently and enrolled individuals in several existing public assistance programs. The Department of Fish and Game has expanded the moose-hunting season for residents, and is also reviewing concerns with the commercial king salmon fishery that many Lower Yukon River residents depend on for a substantial portion of their income.

The governor’s trip to Western Alaska, coupled with work on the economic stimulus certification requirements and budget amendments, will prevent her from attending the National Governors Association meeting in Washington, D.C., this weekend.

That is one "pretty" press release. Makes her sound like a real human being - putting her citizens first. Well, I know better, and I should hope the word gets out that she is fooling no one! The people of Alaska realize that this is a press release full of lies, and that their Governor has no qualms about using their plight for her own personal gain.

Enough ranting for now - I feel much better now. Have a great evening. Later.........

Given more thought - yes, it's offensive.....

I've listened to several shows this day, regarding this "cartoon" which ran in the NY Post. When I first saw it yesterday, my thoughts were "what the hell was this guy thinking?" And today, I still have the same query, as his answers to several media outlets, has been vague and STUPID! The artist sees no correlation between this dead chimp - the comments by the cops - and our President. I say give this artist a banana.

Where have we come in this country? Apparently not as far as one would presume. There is no distinct connection between the incident with the irate chimp and stimulus package. This so-called artist, in his demented mind - has presumed to make just that connection.

Of course one would know that Al Sharpton would be the first to bring this to the Post's attention - and the media. But many people, black and white and red or green - should be upset. The editors and artist, have all stated that they feel no apology is necessary, nor will be forthcoming. Tsk, tsk...then I advise their readers to hit them where it hurts.

Considering the print media is finding it hard to succeed financially these days (due to online readerships), I would think any forward thinking CEO would want to immediately appease the upset public.

This is one situation I would hope to be rectified quickly and amicably.

My "client from hell" yesterday - was more sedate than I have ever seen. This man is close to 80 years old, has OCD and Alzheimer's. I had my suspicions of these issues a couple of years ago, but they were affirmed by his wife yesterday. But the man refuses to go to a doctor to possibly receive medication to alleviate some of the problems. I feel very sorry for his wife, as she has a rough road ahead of her.

My brother-in-law had Alzheimer's and woke up one night and beat my sister, because he did not know who she was and why she was in his bed. His life (and hers) turned progressively worse after that incident. He even got in his car and took off one day - only to be located in Maryland the next day. Once his car keys were taken off of him - he became more violent. A nursing home was the end solution, with all family members becoming distant memories then completely unrecognizable.

But I digress a wee tad...this elderly gentleman did make the comment (about Obama), that he was amazed "that this man learned to talk as well as he does." I asked what he meant, and he said "colored's just aren't meant to talk well." Believe it or not...I held my tongue. My face was no doubt a bright red, but I held it all in. His wife just looked at me and smiled. If this man had all his faculties, I would have lambasted him, like no woman ever has - but I did well - I let him live!!

It's back to work I go now.....have a great evening. I will check y'all out on my next break.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This may be taking on a life of its own. It started here, proceeded to this site, traipsed along to grab this one, and last stop (so far)was here. Now as you can see - I have been infected. Let's see where this goes. BJ was one of my favorites, which began in 1974.

Have at it -- someone!! Be sure and let me know!

Was it murder..or a natural death?????

Update: 11:58 a.m. I changed the picture to a better "death pose."

This picture is really bad...but I wasn't taking the time to "set up" perfect lighting here. If you can't make this out very well, this is/was thegrandson's former pet goldfish Aragon. Thedaughter finally cleaned the tank last night - only because you could barely see the fish through the muck - and apparently it could no longer thrive in CLEAN water. Shortly after placing Aragon back in the tank - he was almost motionless. He wasn't even chasing after the fresh food dropped in the tank.

This fish has been rather weird since thegrandson brought him home, almost 2 years ago. For whatever reason, he liked to swim "backwards." Leave it to us to end up with a brain damaged fish. I sort of poked him last night to see if he would move, but with his nose pointed to the bottom, his fins would move, but he kept floating back to the top, tail first. I just chalked this up to its weirdness.

I found a note on the kitchen table this morning, from thedaughter - THE FISH IS DEAD!! Thegrandson showed sadness over the demise of Aragon, but I'm sure it will be short lived. When Brownie, the hamster died (right before obtaining the fish), he did express considerably more sadness - because we played with the hamster. I can't imagine playing with a goldfish - other than an occasional poke!

Now the big question (thedaughter's - not mine) flush or pitch the damn fish????

Theson bought thegrandson an "eye-toy" which operates with the Playstation 2, I believe, three years ago. Many hours of enjoyment have been had with this attachment, but thegrandson grew tired of its limitations and childish games. So it has sat idly on the shelf for several months.

For whatever reason, thegrandson hooked it up again on Sunday - and he apparently found many more interactive games. He is on Cloud 9 once again. He stated to me at the time "I can't believe I didn't know it had so much more." Aha, the ever exploring, potential genius.

I grabbed the camera to catch the moment, as it were. This picture reminds me of the old Mr. Wizard show - no clue why - just does. On this challenge, he could pick an orbiting planet and then set out to explore the planet. thank you to theson - for being so intelligent and encouraging his nephew to walk the same path.

I have a lot to get accomplished before my 4 o'clock "Client from Hell" arrives. This man is 84 years old - has OCD (extreme), Alzheimer's, and is a mean, bully type of a person. I make sure I COMPLETE his return while he is here - so he does not have to come back again. He is repetitious, asks personal questions and is a general pain in the ass. Of all the things he forgets - he hasn't forgotten me - DAMNIT!! At least his wife now tags along to keep him under control - but he can be mean to her also.

Being raised to respect my elders...I truly do try to adhere to that rule. But this man, may cause me to rethink that philosophy. Losing him as a client will neither make or break me. I'll be sure and let you know how this goes.

have a great one and I'll be back.....Later...........

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tom Cruise said I had to post this.....NOT!!

Here is seven minutes of the most absurd bullshit in the world. This idiot, David Figueroa, in his soft "church" voice, spouts off more twisted statements and absurdities than I have heard in quite a while.

I especially like how he refers to Ayman al-Zawahiri as a psychiatrist - he may have studied psychology along with pharmacology and behavior - but his degree was not in those fields. He is an eye surgeon by profession.

this gives me a little more insight into the extremely stupid Scientology cult. I'm so glad I am not a follower. My mind is not as weak as those who NEED to latch on to the extreme, far-fetched cults of the world.


Another quickie meme........

My friend at Saoirse Daily2 has posted a short meme, and rather than tag anyone...if you feel like following - knock yourselves out!

Here we go:

Grab the nearest book - no matter what it may be.

Turn to page 25.

Read the 10th word on that page, or the following page if that one would be blank.

Type the word into Google Image Search.

Post the third image.

Tag 4 people and tell them - link back to this post.

My search results yielded this:

My word: FEET

Heaven forbid I would get a really interesting word, which might even offer an exquisite picture - no....I have to get FEET. And the book is excellent, "The Secret Life of Bees." Feet, give me a break - I'm outta here!

Global chaos?? Newsworthy moments....

Before I begin my busy day, I just had to say something here about "current events." Considering the financial meltdown, which is not solely here in the U.S., it is a condition felt around the world. Unfortunately, the poor Chinese businessman and his many mistresses have been hit quite hard in these nerve wracking times.

There is a message in this story - and hopefully all Chinese, soon to be broke and homeless businessmen - will take heed. It is not nice to piss off one of the mistresses on your payroll.

This married Chinese businessman, hit hard in the pocket book, could no longer afford his five mistresses and had to make a very tough decision, as to how to eliminate all but one. Brainstorm hit - and he decided to have a talent contest, of sorts, to begin this process. He hired an instructor from a local talent agency to judge these five women on the way they looked, sang and how much liquor they could hold. I guess balancing a checkbook was not even considered.

After the first woman (29 years old) was eliminated, she invited the other four girls and her "master" to join her in a car tour of the local sights - to which they all agreed. The only obstacle appeared to be the CLIFF that this 29 year old decided to send the car flying over.

I guess you could say, she had this all planned out, as a letter was found later in her apartment - explaining this contest to the authorities. The 29 year old was the only person to die in this accident.

The end result...the businessman closed his company, paid off the late mistress's parents, his wife and four other mistresses left him. Now, it really sucks to be him wouldn't you say!!!

This next story I found sad and ironic. This man, Muzzammil Hassan, decided to launch his own television station - to counter the "bad" image of Muslims in this country, which became noticeably negative after the 9/11 attacks. For that progressive thinking I commend the bastard.

Unfortunately, it appears he was presenting his life and business venture as a LIE. That would be because, for whatever reason, yesterday he BEHEADED his wife Aasiya, at the building housing his television station. He was decent enough to turn himself into authorities and make a confession - but isn't this still the old stereotypical Muslim man taking the life of a spouse - because it is his duty or right?

His wife had filed for divorce in early January - so I'm sure that pissed him off in some way - and by the way, this was his second wife, mother of his two youngest children.

This man has now been charged with 2nd degree murder - and there will probably be many of his religious followers coming to his side - to validate the actions he decided to take. I will be anxiously waiting for the outcome of this man and the charges.

I would hazard a guess that is why there is no man in my life at present. With my mouth, I would probably face a beheading or a base jump without a parachute from any man involved with me.

Back to work for me......Later..........

Monday, February 16, 2009

A woman missed her flight....right - cry like a baby!

What a freaking DRAMA QUEEN!!! This is ridiculously funny, and I have so many crazy thoughts are going through my head at the moment - just listening to her wail and moan.

What could be so important, to throw a tantrum like this, in missing her flight?

Did she have drugs to be delivered?
Was she meeting a man she met on the Internet?
Did she have to be in San Francisco at a specific time to receive the cure for her "ailment"?
Did she just want to show these 2 men what a baby she is?

I know she wasn't in labor, although between the panting, her positioning on the floor and the wailing - I had my doubts at one point.

Damn, I knew I should have taken Japanese in high school instead of that damned old Spanish!! (Like that was a possibility.)

This woman was booked onto a flight three hours later and is probably screaming her way across San Francisco at this very moment. Bet she's gonna be pissed when she sees her ass all over youtube and the national news channels. hahahahahaha!! Her family is probably getting the swords out for the Seppuku (or however it's spelled) ceremony. "You have disgraced the family - take your sorry life and be gone."

'nough said about that! Time to get thegrandson ready for bed - and SCHOOL TOMORROW!!! I'm looking forward to getting so much accomplished while he is in school - which was lacking today. Plus, thedaughter wants a REAL dinner tomorrow - which means I will have to be creative and come up with a great meal to cook. ARGH! I'm sure that goal will be met, what else have I got to do?

Good Night all! Catch you tomorrow. Later............

My COFFEE time...what a dilemma.....

I love my coffee - and of course I have been told to only drink decaffeinated but - that is not happening. The taste is so drastically different, and I have tried many times, I cannot even fathom making the switch.

My coffee of choice is Dunkin Donuts brand. Mmmm... delicious. the Hazelnut and original blend would be my ultimate favorites of the moment. The downside to my coffee craving is the fukking price. The Dunkin Donut brand has been available at the local Kroger and Walmart for a little over a year now, and a 12 oz. package is $8.99. This will yield me approximately 40 cups of coffee. (Not in one day, by the way.)

In order to stretch the bucks, I alternate between the delicious DD brand and my second favorite, Maxwell House. This square, hard to store container, holds 2 lb 2.5 oz of grounds, and of course offers many more cups to my delight.

Since a 40 cup package will not last all that long, I start to get slightly depressed knowing I have reached the bottom of the bag. I guess this would imply that I desperately do need a life.

I have found a site online where the price is $7.99, but using common sense, I would imagine once a shipping fee is attached, this would not be a beneficial route to go.

This morning started out rather well...I guess. One client called, and said he received more taxable information in the mail. Oh goody...another return to re-do.
I have made it a point to emphasize to my clients that the IRS extended the date to receive all info, but most are just anxious to file and get their money back, without thinking.

I told this client to give me the pertinent info over the phone, I would re-calculate and reprint the new return - then give him a call when to pick it all up. So, I decided I would tend to that this afternoon, and proceeded to jump in the shower, wash hair and all important body parts, before "starting" my day. Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men....as soon as I got out of the shower, looking a delightful mess, the client shows up at the door. Jeebus - give me a break. What part of "I will give you a call" did he miss???

So there...my day is off to a beautiful start and you now know of my love for DD coffee. What more could a person desire?

BTW, any readers here who live in Ohio - did you know that you can get a discount card for prescriptions by going here? It does not matter if you have other prescription coverage or not - I do know it helped me afford a costly drug after my recent hospital trip. The only information required is your name and an email address. Check it out, this is a state sponsored program. And it's FREE. My kinda deal.

Have to get back to some REAL work now. Have a great President's Day. Later.......

Sunday, February 15, 2009

When is enough....enough???

Old Johnny McCrack just can't seem to keep his mouth shut. During his media "spin" appearance this morning, he just shows more and more what a poor loser he really is. Now, he and his "buddy" Lyndsey Graham, just want you all to know how this stimulus package was literally crammed down their throats! But staying honest to their party - they stood tough and voted against any and all parts of this legislation. I say "good job", we don't need your help now.

The common line is "there is no bipartisanship here." "Obama is going against his promise of 'change'". Blah, blah, blah, blah. Excuse me, it appears that all the stumbling blocks are coming from YOUR corner Mr. McCrackhead. To even recite the words "generational theft" at this point is futile. The very first stimulus package, plus all the tax cuts over the past eight years ensured that generational debt.

I would be ultimately pleased if McScary LOST his re-election bid this time around. I know the odds are against that, but I can definitely say I prefer not to see the little puke any more than necessary. I may even be getting an ulcer from him - blechhhh!

I have to say I have been amazed of late...with Facebook!!

I set my Facebook page up almost two years ago, and have added some people that I managed to "find" with their search friendly capabilities. But it was the occasional "go to" place when I happened to think about it. I also had (have) a Myspace site - but feel that it is geared more to the younger generation.

Through Facebook, my high school buddies are slowly joining and we are getting re-acquainted after almost 40 years. I do have to admit - there are some areas I am still getting used to - but can guarantee you, I'm not big on "poking" or "throwing" things at people. There are quite a few various applications that are rather stupid, but as a whole - I'm impressed.

The IM or instant chat feature is really nice - but I need to figure out how to get rid of all my old "notifications." Trying to find help for some areas is also quite difficult. I utilize the "just hunt for it" method. Sometimes I get a little smarter and then there are times I could stomp on the laptop like crushing grapes.
I'm so proud of all the PATIENCE I seem to exhibit. HA!

Now for a little GRANDMA IS STUPID....a short while ago I told thegrandson to get ready for his bath and we had to get his backpack and all ready for school tomorrow - which garnered a snicker and sneer from the little troll. Managing to get my Irish up - he then said in a snotty 8 year old way..."Nina, I don't have school tomorrow - duh?!?!?!" WTF? He then shows me the school calendar and PRESIDENT'S DAY is a holiday - I swear the Alzheimer's is kicking in, I knew that!!! Uh huh! Gee, and I planned on getting to the bank and post office tomorrow - guess that will have to wait now! I surely hope these brain cells will regenerate - but I'm beginning to have my doubts.

Until I regain those damaged brain cells (hopefully not lost forever) - I will be fine as long as there are self-explanatory signs to help me.

Goodnight and I will return tomorrow - if I remember.........Later..........

Saturday, February 14, 2009

So what...Valentine's Smalentines...

Now that sounds just dreadful, doesn't it? Well, it's not like I have anyone sending me flowers, just to die at the ends of my black thumbs. I am not a big fan of chocolates either, although my body shape says otherwise. So what's left? A day full of completing tax returns - that's what. That sounds rather cold-hearted, wouldn't you agree?

Trust me though, I am not complaining, as this holiday is definitely for the commercial markets. I did have a good friend bring me a cheesecake and a Valentine's wish yesterday, with his girlfriend in tow. Curses, she always has to tag along - that's my sort of luck.

All the clients who "picked up" their returns today, were exclaiming about their wonderful dinner plans or gifts they received, to which I graciously smiled and respond "that's so nice." It's 8:15 pm and I don't think I have to say that again till next year. Whew!!!

Enough of all that crap. I was tickled to see that the House and the Senate both passed the stimulus package yesterday. I say enough of trying the bipartisanship garbage. When the repukes had the majority, they crammed more garbage through the legislature than chickens through the bread pan. So I say "stick it to 'em!"

I, as well as a majority of the people, am not 100% happy with this package - but that would be a pipe dream to think that would happen. Have you ever tried to get everyone to agree with anything 100%? I doubt it, because there is always going to be differing views on EVERYTHING. Considering the huge clusterfuck that exists - the package has the potential to re-organize and begin anew.

I do love how there will still be a cap on all top executives and the highest paid employees at all 359 banks that have received government aid. Granted it is not the $500K that Obama had asked for but it limits to 1/3 of their annual pay and has to be in the form of stock. Stock which cannot be redeemed till all government monies have been paid back. Utilizing the better mouse trap theory - I am sure these CEO's have figured out a way to get around this - such as basically raising the base salaries. DUH!?!?! But all this wording was to concede to the "other side of the aisle" - bullshit.

A chief lobbyist for the nation's financial services stated "this is a big deal. This is a problem - it undermines the current incentive structure." If I get this guys address we may have to deal with his idiocy. It is just that incentive structure that has enabled the theft from many hard working individuals in this country. This lobbyist says that most executives will just leave their companies and go to foreign banks or to those NOT receiving government funds. Let them go - I couldn't care less.

Another interesting tidbit - as I read on the Huffington Post - poor, poor George W. Bush is having a very hard time raising money for his Memorial library. He is actually going to make a plea to his "fan" base for donations. I don't want to have to beg here - but if one of you sends a dime - I will arrange to have your fingers broken. Doesn't that sound vicious?

I have done just about all I can today, the tax returns, a load of wash, dishes washed, babysitting the grandson - now I am headed in for a super HOT bath and just soak. If I'm lucky, hopefully I can get thegrandson to crash early tonight. (That would be by 9:30 pm). I'm worn out and getting a headache so - hopefully I will have something better to write about tomorrow.

Oh, after several 50 - 60 degree days, we have snow all day today (not sticking), but still cold again...grrrrrrr. I wish Spring were here - I'm ready to get the sandals out again.

Have a great evening and Sunday. Happy Valentine's Day to all - and I really do mean that!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Prosecuting these idiots is ....

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

There's no place like home...there's no place like home...

I think my ankles are going to fall off, after clicking my heels all night repeating that phrase. We have had wind advisories numerous times, but this was very close to the memories I have of an F4 tornado in Topeka, Kansas from the mid '60's.

The wind warning was issued early in the day, and I went around the outside of the house, making sure there were no loose objects. All the cardboard I had placed in the bed of theson's truck had me worried a little. I located my window box planters - still filled with potting soil (and heavy) and placed them on top of that mess.

The torrential rains predicted, went west of us and we had maybe a five minute deluge, then nothing. The winds began almost immediately after that rain (approx. 8 pm). When weather gets bad, I get very nervous. No explanation - I just do. I prefer NOT to have to deal with damage and inconvenience any more.

Thedaughter arrived home from work around 11:30 pm, looking like a troll. Her hair was (sorry daughter) a ridiculous wind-swept mess. She then made another walk-through of stuff on the porches, and we then went to bed. It wasn't five minutes before we were both outside - being blown to bits - picking up a MILLION aluminum cans. Although I had set the 35 gallon cans out of the wind - mother nature had another idea. The can has 2 wheels on the back and just rolled and flew - scattering cans everywhere. We bagged them back up - stowed the can and came inside.

One problem - I could not breathe when I got back in the house. Much like the incident I had in the hospital. Thedaughter had an albuterol inhaler and I used that - feeling much better soon. I believe this may involve my nerves and the "panic" attack involved.

Needless to say, I did not sleep well, listening to these strong winds all night, imagining my siding being ripped away or something being blown through a window. I am such a worry wart.

Our power went off several times, but all instantaneous. We didn't have to reset any clocks at all. But at the moment there are over 3,000 without power in my county and across the river in Wheeling, there are an equal amount in the dark.

Thankfully, we just have a "wind advisory" at the moment. Still windy but not as strong as overnight.

It is 9:45 am - and although I should be working, I am going back to bed and see if I can get some sleep - I am still so very tired. Have a great day and hold on to your collective asses. Later..............

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How great that is....and more on octuplet breeder.....

Yesterday, Pres. Obama held a town hall meeting in Ft. Myers, Florida, which was well received. One woman finally got to speak, 61 year old Henrietta Hughes. Through trembling voice, she more or less was pleading her case for help. Help because she has been homeless, along with her son, for over a year. They have been living out of either a pick up truck or small car during this time, relying on park restrooms for hygiene. I realize that this woman is probably one of millions - but the result from her pleadings tugged at my heartstrings.

After this meeting, Pres. Obama told Ms. Hughes that someone from his office would be speaking with her. Not being privy to any conversations, I only know that Florida State Rep. Nick Thompson's wife contacted Ms. Hughes and offered her and her son a home. This home was the first home purchased by Chene Thompson after she graduated from college. If I had the resources, I would gladly offer up a residence for a homeless person such as Ms. Hughes. I would also hope that they can find employment and some opportunities open up for them also. This is just a single story with a happy ending - something that is much needed during times of doom and gloom.

I had one asshole ridiculous client yesterday, who commented on the above story. In a nasally, whiny voice, he was mocking this woman and her beseeching of the President. I held my tongue quite nicely, till he had driven out of sight - then went on the back deck and screamed as loud as I could. I should have told him to his face (which is so unlike me) what a fucktard he really is. Believe it or not - he is a staunch Democrat...but very much redneck (KKK comes to mind) at the same time. I very well may send him a letter, telling him I will no longer be preparing his tax returns. I should have done that while he was here - as losing him as a client will not break me.

As much as I hate to reference the "Octuplet" mom again...I just have to.
Normally, on Tuesday nights I watch "Leverage" on TNT (it is great), but Dateline was on and I didn't get around to changing the channel - as they were doing the entire show on this INSANE woman.

My thought, from the breaking of the news of these births, was that this woman is in this for the money. I feel that my beliefs have been confirmed now. See this, this is the mentally incapacitated woman's NEW website - no doubt arranged by her PUBLICIST.

I should hope that her publicist is bright enought to inform Suleman, that any cash or gifts received via this site - ARE FULLY TAXABLE!!! I can't wait to see how that unfolds.

During this interview, the woman stated that she has NO income, but is looking for a larger home to house the brood. Which allows me to show you this:

During the conversations of the show, so many lies and deceit were revealed. Firstly, she denies having any cosmetic surgery done to her lips. Hey Lady...I wasn't born yesterday, and unless you got stung by a South American spider...your lips aren't natural.

When questioned about receiving welfare, she said she didn't receive any welfare. All she gets are food stamps (she thinks there is a food stamp tree somewhere?), and disability for THREE of her children. She is going to depend on her student loans to support her new litter also. If any of those governing bodies were listening - please make sure she is cut off immediately.

I beseech the Children's Protective Services of California to intercede in this situation, and ensure that these eight babies are NOT allowed to be in such a chaotic home. If I heart her say once, I heard it a half dozen times - that these children are "gifts from God." NO THEY ARE NOT!!! So get off you psychotic high horse and get the help you truly need.

I could elaborate more, but this just gets under my one last nerve. I shall relax now and start on some more tax returns. We are expecting high winds (50-70 mph) this afternoon through tomorrow evening - so I have to go tie some items down on the porch first. **I loaded theson's pickup truck with all the cardboard from his "Egypt box" and have no way to tie it down - this could be interesting.

Have a great afternoon and evening. Later.............

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The man/woman saga continues........

This is one woman I just cannot tolerate, and I have made that clear in prior posts. The recent news is that she under investigation for voter fraud - and finally I hope that this is proved to be true. But that is a whole other story.

Margaret and Helen have a blog that is a MUST read for everyone. Margaret usually does most of the writing, but if you want to laugh your socks of...please give them a visit. Currently, Margaret is giving a chapter by chapter review of Ann Coulter's latest book, "Guilty." Margaret's reasoning for this book review, is that she does not condone anyone paying an exorbitant price for a worthless book - and she luckily picked the book up at a "used book store" for a nominal sum. Please check out the site - she is now up to Chapter 5 I believe. These women have thousands of readers, and just reading the comments alone is sometimes hilarious.

Margaret and Helen very seldom rely to "commenter's", as there are entirely too many, but may at times reference specific comments in their posts.

Just try it out and let me know if you enjoyed the adventure.


I "don't give a shit" day....

Yesterday was a crazy day for sure...and I was hoping to just kick back and relax a little last night. That didn't happen, as I was still receiving phone calls at 10:20 pm, either asking questions or wanting to set up appointments. I guess that is just one of the downfalls of working out of my home - I can live with that.

I did manage to listen to Pres. Obama's speech though, and was so delighted to actually listen to an articulate, intelligent president for a change. And while taking questions from the media - he is quick on his feet and has adequate answers on the tip of his tongue. This is such a lovely contrast to the past eight years of moronic, ignorant, stupid speeches of Dubya. A breath of fresh air if you will. I also have to note that Obama definitely had no clue that his Presidency would begin as it has (recession, financial debacle), when he began his campaign. He has assuredly taken to the task with great zeal so far. I am impressed.

Since yesterday was so chaotic, I am not working on any returns today, just accepting the drop-offs. I vacuumed early, started the laundry, broke down all the cardboard boxes that have amassed on the back deck, to be recycled, and I'm going to mop the kitchen soon (grrrr.....). Mopping is so NOT my favorite sport. The poor dog doesn't know where to go and hide - she hates the vacuum and runs like mad, the cleaning supplies I use (not strong) don't make her happy either. I do believe I may let her stay on the back deck for awhile. **She won't go off the deck because of the rain and she is such a priss!

I have procrastinated long enough, a nap is now out of the question. Curses!! Still a lot to do before thegrandson arrives home from school and the homework task is begun.

Maybe I will return.....later..............So everyone have a great day.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Crazy, busy, need time to breathe....or not!

Yes, it's tax season, my busiest time of the year. Don't get me wrong, I truly love the activity, since I have been doing this for over 30 years, I must. I have no secretary or receptionist, just thedaughter who helps me file, answer the phone (when she is awake), and call clients for pickups. Although technically tax season begins January 1st, I normally do not get busy till February 1st, as I prefer my clients to have ALL documentation before I prepare the return. This year has been a little out of the norm, as the IRS requirements of a January 31st deadline for taxpayers to receive documents has been changed to February 15th. It never fails that at least a couple of clients are in a rush to file - and WHAM - after preparation, they call because they have received additional information. Tsk. Tsk. Then they have the nerve to get upset because I charge a fee to redo a return.

I have a decent clientele of almost 500 - and that is probably because I am quick and efficient and I CHARGE NEXT TO NOTHING. When my former partner and I started our business in the 70's, we named our business such that it implies "low prices." Our philosophy was and remains to this day - that people pay so much in taxes, they should not have to pay an arm and a leg to get their money back. Thus the reason for a large client base.

My partner and I split up in 1996, and we each developed our individual business, with me keeping the original business name. At first, the split was a little strained, but after five years, we caved and let bygones be bygones. Now, we split the cost of our tax program, which eases my financial burden. Some have no idea what this business entails - I will try to be brief here in describing what I provide.

  • a paper copy of prepared return
  • a presentation folder w/ all pertinent info regarding my business (address-phone #'s)
  • a cover sheet with detailed info on refund/payment and how to sign documents
  • all necessary envelopes - addressed to proper agencies
  • normally a 24-48 hour turn around period for preparation
  • will schedule evening and weekend appointments at convenience of clients
  • will pick up information at homes when requested - and deliver (usually the elderly)
  • I keep a paper copy and backed up copy of all returns
  • will help clients deal with any problems from tax agencies
  • will assist with any audits that may be required (no audits since 1998)

I'm sure there are many other things I provide, but can't think of any at the moment. In all honesty, I kept most of our original clients - for reasons I will not relate here. I get referrals every year which is a good thing, as I usually have the occasional "death" of a client also.

Today was one of those crazy days...two clients show up within 10 minutes of each other...4 clients appeared to pick-up their returns at the same time...the phone rang constantly...had to meet a client downtown in between all this turmoil. And then the dog decided she had to puke - which entirely capped off a terrific morning. Psycho kitty will make an appearance soon I am sure.

I promise not to neglect any of my fellow bloggers, but right now, I have decided to step back for the remainder of this day and chill. Later this evening, after thegrandson has gone to bed, I will try to catch up on your postings. So, play nice everyone, and check with ya later...........