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Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm Back - Now what to say???!!

I had a super time in Boston with "the family!" More wonderful people you would never meet. I think the highlight was that the girls planned a special "dinner show" for our birthdays. The show is called Postcards from Heaven, and the woman tags herself as the "Comedian Medium!" Maureen Hancock is her name and her site gives some insight as to her abilities and talents. I have never been to a psychic/medium before and was really intrigued. There were approximately 25 tables with 6-8 people per table, and she goes from one table to another, wherever the "voices" take her. At one point she came to our table and the girls I visit and their mother were being "reached" by their late husband/father. Now, I have to tell you, this lady was spot on in what she was telling them, and had no prior information whatsoever to gain this knowledge. I was crying like a fool as were my friends. It was a unique yet wonderful experience. I was not a chosen one, so apparently all my relatives are very quiet or just don't give a shite. I think it would have been neat to talk to my twin sister...so glad my husband didn't come through - I would have had to fight with him I'm sure. I really hope when I return to Boston to have the opportunity to see her again - so very impressive.

Now check this little guy out...this past Sunday was snowy and cold, so we stayed in all day (never got out of our jammies) and on one of my smoke breaks, I caught this bushy rodent playing near the house. Actually there were many of the little critter - and I truly think they are adorable, but I always consider that they are "RODENTS" also!
The little buggers were scurrying on the fence and up and down the trees all day - they should have been exhausted!!

Sunday was a big day for all the New England Patriot fans, as they had a big send off from Gillete Stadium for the team. It was snowing like crazy, and 15,000 people braved the weather to see the Patriots off. UGH!!! I got some good pics of the stadium the next day as Jo and I went shopping....

Enough garbage for now...this was just an update. Now on to check on everyone's blogs.

Stay healthy and TTFN!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Almost a milestone wouldn't you say? Although this may be the longest year of our lives till Dubya fades away into the Texas sunset. My only question is - how much damage can this idiot cause in the next 365 days? If we were to dwell on it - it becomes a very scary thought. The man wants to now start a war with Iran...give citizens a $800 ($1600 couples) jumpstart check ( amazing considering how much debt he has put this country into - maybe he will print the money at the White House)...and reinforce to the "American Public" that everything is JUST GREAT.

I will be awaiting all the comments when this idiot finally makes his State of the Union address. I am sure it will be filled with fluff and flowers to mesmerize the weak minded. I sometimes wonder if Dubya just reads the words printed for him or does he retain and understand their meaning? Considering he was reading a book upside down on 9/11 - does not take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

Oh hell, just some political fodder that crept into my brain while looking at the Bush countdown clock.

Quickie opinion now OVER.

Stay healthy and TTFN.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Seems like a lifetime since I last blogged!

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I have been "WORKING!" Gag, almost painful to say. No, not really. A friend of mine sells accounting software and the technological support when purchased. A local county Health Department has been mandated by the State of West Virginia, to change their accounting practices because they basically had NO accountability whatsoever. So I have been shackled to a computer in an office, inputting all the data from the last 2 fiscal reporting periods. When I change to another area, I then have to train the one individual who will be doing all this when we leave. We have had to almost redo their chart of accounts, and reissue vendor ID's because they duplicated ID's and account numbers consistently. I now know why the state auditors were pissed.

The amazing thing is, when this job is completed, there is another Health Department here in Ohio under the microscope, facing a quarter of a million dollar penalty because of their lax bookkeeping practices, and a proposal has been sent to hopefully get them into this new accounting program.

I could do this type of work non-stop, but unfortunately, the area I have to work in is just not comfortable. My back is kiiling me, because of the computer positioning, blah blah blah. My friend fares worse, she is stuck in a storage area - actually I wish I was there because there are 5 other employees in the area where my workstation is located. They gab constantly, distracting me at times, and there is one guy who has his radio on RUSH LIMBAUGH all day. Being the liberal Dem that I am, I want to make comments all the time and have had to bite my tongue...GRRRRRR.

But anyway, just a brief narrative relating to my absence. I am leaving for Boston next Thursday, where we celebrate OUR (2 others) birthdays together. I will be "56" WHOOPEE! on the 26th. I am so working on being eccentric - my ultimate goal in life!! I hope to get another blog in before I leave, so hope something exciting happens to comment on...heehee!

Everyone stay healthy and TTFN!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


This sleek looking machine has just about "done me in!" Someone remind me to quit coming up with these brilliant ideas for either cleaning, repairing or just maintaining ANYTHING! Thedaughter helped me with this project, which involved moving all the furniture out of the living room (except for entertainment unit), and scrubbing the really yucky carpet. I have been saying for over a year I was going to hire someone and that didn't happen - so while picking up a few groceries - aha, THE RUG DOCTOR. So mis-named - because now I need a real doctor. My back and neck are killing me and my right hand just may fall off my body - this can't be a good thing.

I hurt my back in mid-October and have been in constant pain since, but still feel like I am "young" and can do anything, and maybe the pain will just go away. This isn't happening either. I guess the bottom line is that the carpet looks great and I can't wait to get this monster returned to the store and out of my sight. The other rooms will have to wait their turn on rug shampooing. This project was started at 2:30 pm and we just got done (9:00 pm). Granted, I made a pot of beef stew and watched the first football game (Packers vs. Seahawks) on breaks. Now, I am ignoring the dishes in the sink, and going to scrub my dirty self and crash to watch the rest of this game (Pats vs. Jags)...hope Jacksonville kicks the Pats asses...I am so not a Belichick fan. SORRY MY WONDERFUL BOSTON FRIENDS!

Theson left home Tuesday for Washington, D.C., to get his paperwork at the Egyptian Embassy and arrived in Egypt yesterday. I have a job working with a friend to straighten out the accounting system a county health department has managed to screw up unbelivably. My friend was awarded the contract by the State of WV, and we may be there for a couple of months. I will just have to take care of my tax clients in the evenings and weekends. For a "government" agency, I have never seen such a mess before. Our work is tedious, but hey, it's a job.

OK, the pain is getting bad, think I will cut this short for now.

Everyone stay healthy and TTFN.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Couldn't stand the hair - Let the DOG freeze!

Now look at the sad doggie face in the "after" picture. After running my sweeper 3-4 times a day, I made the appointment to get the dog sheared. Considering most dogs her size are "outside" dogs, she must not have read the book - she thinks she is a primping poodle - you should see how long it takes her to pee and be barking to get back in the house.

Some form of transformation takes place when she is groomed also. She gets more "primpy" - if there is such a word. Granted, she is the best dog in the world (and even better when she is NOT shedding!) She prances and struts like she is really something to appreciate - and of course, we do.

Then we have this:

This is Isis, the 10 year old female Calico. Mean, vicious, psychotic feline. You can be petting her and she will be purring then out of nowhere...count your fingers. She will bite and growl and become a vicious feral thing. As I stated earlier in a blog, I probably contributed to her demeanor...and I have been a cat lover all my life. I do know that there was a lot of inter-breeding in Isis' lineage...because a friend had the sister and she was equally nasty. We have subtly been encouraging the dog to eat the cat...but that doesn't seem to be working. Guess we will have to put up with her mood swings till she craps out some day.

She doesn't like thegrandson at all, and starts growling when he is one room away - smack!

Theson finally came home today. He was in Columbus for New Years and then to Cleveland to get some necessary papers from his college to submit for an Egyptian visa. It is amazing how many hoops you have to jump through to get into another country - and we let anybody come to America. (Nasty, trite comment - so sorry!)

Looks like he will be flying to Washington, D.C., now instead of New York to submit said paperwork to the Egyptian embassy, on Tuesday and possibly flying to Egypt on Wednesday. My heart is just breaking seeing him go away for such a long period of time again.

Oh well, I have a nasty cold and think I will head to bed, and whine and complain a little too!

Everyone else, stay healthy and TTFN.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

"Get her a 'little something Steelers' for Christmas"!! Right!?!?!?

This has to be the best Christmas present I received this year. The Russ, not a real shopper, delegated the duty to Chumpass and his fiance to accomplish the deed this year. According to Chump, theRuss said to get me a "little something Steelers", and here it is:

The chuckles around the room when I opened the package were neverending. One has to only visualize "my ass" in a thong to have a good belly laugh. Hell, I have been pulling wedgies out of my butt for the past 56 years, I certainly can't imagine deliberately putting something there. But understand also, this was a gag present and I enjoyed it more than anything else.

But I do hate to see things go unused - so I have found a good use for this fine piece of apparel...

I guess one would have to understand that theRuss is a Cleveland Browns fan and I am a die hard Pittsburgh Steeler fan...and we manage to clash quite often, all in good fun though (I hope!). Where we live, I would say it was evenly divided between the 2 teams as to their fan base...so some good, fun loving times can be had during the NFL season.

For now, my Steeler bear will reside in a comfortable place of display, wearing the lovely Steeler thong - FOR ALL TO SEE!!

Thanks for the lovely, thoughtful presents theRuss, Chumpass and Jackee.

Everyone stay healthy and TTFN!