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Monday, December 31, 2007



This is a boring day in my house. New Year's Eve has been for theson and thedaughter to celebrate, as I really don't go to the bars at all. If I manage to stay awake...I may go out on the front porch and bang a pan and make some noise. No doubt, I will immediately retreat back to the safety inside, as our local idiot Police chief lives 2 doors away and always shoots off his guns at midnight. DUH!?!?! What goes up, must come down...and no one has stopped him in all these years.

I have to think back about 2007 to reflect on what has transpired.

Jan. 25-28, to Boston to visit with "family."
**4 trips to Pittsburgh Airport
February - Busy tax season begins
**3 trips to Pittsburgh Airport
March 4 - begin Tanning sessions for cruise (can't go pasty white)
March - Very busy full month of tax filers
** No airport runs
Mom2 got her first tattoo, me my 2nd! (Rebellious old broads)
**2 trips to Pittsburgh Airport
May 12 - thegrandson's very first baseball game
**2 trips to Pittsburgh Airport
June 2-10 Caribbean cruise (plus day ahead in Ft. Lauderdale)
**1 trip to Pittsburgh Airport
July 19-22 Jamboree In The Hills
**1 trip to Pittsburgh Airport
August 20-26 theson to Bristol for NASCAR race
**3 trips to Pittsburgh Airport
September 14 - made up with my very best friend Mom2
September 28 - Mom2 to Ohio State University Hospital
**2 trips to Pittsburgh Airport
October 12 - Mom2 home from Pickerington (skilled care)
October 17 - Mom2 passes away - worst day of my life!
**2 trips to Pittsburgh Airport
November - stayed in depression - nothing exciting at all.
**3 trips to Pittsburgh Airport
December 1 - 3rd Tattoo in memory of Mom2 (Fire at Country Square)
December 23 - theson turns 30
December 24 - Mom2's family remains together for a wonderful family event
**3 trips to Pittsburgh Airport

Wow - it appears my biggest accomplishment for 2007 was a total of 26 trips to the airport. Like I have said before - I really need a life.

Most of all, I wish all my friends and fellow bloggers the best 2008 possible. Good health and fortune (hopefully)!

With these good wishes, I am signing off till next year - so everyone stay healthy and TTFN!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Late Christmas Dinner with oldest Daughter & Family!

Thedaughter2 and her family came over last night for a late Christmas celebration. After opening presents we all, theson and Jules, thedaughter, thegrandson and myself all went to a local Italian restaurant for dinner. My son-in-law is 100% Italian and poor lowly me - Irish. I am so not a fan of Italian food and my family has always been the opposite. Spaghetti and pizza are just desperate "fallbacks" when nothing else can be decided upon. But I must say, when theson suggested going here I was rather happy as we invariably end up at a steak house. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my marinated chicken! Everyone else did the culture thing with pizza, calzones, sausages, caciatore, etc... Me, I am a happy camper with my family together.

Jules left for home today, and we had an enjoyable visit while she was here. She and theson will hook up in Egypt about mid-February I think. Theson will be leaving probably Tuesday or Wednesday for New York to head to the Egyptian consulate to get the proper papers in order for the trip and leave directly from NYC to Egypt. With any luck he wants to meet up with Championable possibly - that would be cool, since he is such a fascinating gentleman.

Now this is the ultimate "tough guy" pic of thegrandson. He thinks he is so badass...sure!!! He loves his aunt and cousins, it is a shame with our busy lives, they can't get together more often. Stephen (my oldest grandson) is just like a little kid when they are together - or maybe thegrandson is like a big kid...hmmm...not sure about that one, anyway they have a blast.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year! I know I will, I can't remember the last New Year's Eve I "partied." It is tough to get old...I just usually sleep through all the commotion!! I really need a life!


Tuesday, December 25, 2007


It was a beautiful Christmas for sure. the grandson is happy, theson made it to Florida (16 hour drive) by 2:30 am, and no speeding tickets either, and all is well with the world.

I have taken oodles of pictures from our Christmas Eve at theDonald's and this morning watching thegrandson open all of Santa's packages. I could watch everyone open all their stuff and be in puppy heaven - to me it so much fun!

Theson amazed me again. I enjoyed all the time on my deck this past summer and have said many times that I would like to make it more homey...he got me an outdoor table fireplace - so cool! Also, a really neat outdoor speaker that has a radio in it and will also adapt to my iPod...I am tickled to death. Of course the old standby...a daily BUSHISM calendar, and this one is a "countdown" calendar also. Of course we know the days cannot go fast enough.

Now, as I play with a turkey in the oven, thegrandson is seeing if he can play with ALL his new stuff in record breaking time.

Hope everyone had a super Christmas and can relax now and get ready to celebrate the New Year in a week. (It all goes so fast!)

Stay healthy and enjoy your loved ones!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Theson has hit another milestone today...the big 3-0!! And I am amazed he has made it this far with some of the antics and scares he has put me through. No, honestly, he has been a wonderful son, doing the strange things "kids" do - to keep their parents on their toes.

To meet him in person, he truly does not appear as he really is. He marches to his own drummer, is quite intelligent, and hilariously funny.

I am also amazed he has made it to this ripe "old age" and still hates to initiate - PHONE CALLS. I think he would rather have a heart transplant than to have to actually call someone to finesse a deal, make an appointment or just shoot the shite.

He is an engineer for a large corporation and travels all around the world - as a matter of fact, he will be leaving for Egypt (for a year) the first of the year (January).

I just want everyone to know how proud I am of my son. He is honest (almost to a fault), loyal and monogamous. To have him as a friend is truly a delight. To have him as a son is pure JOY! He is the best "Uncle" to his nephew (thegrandson), and a true buddy to B-Town Boyz. Emma gets a big chunk of his heart also!

Guess this all sounds like a proud mother's ravings...so be it....enough said.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

...It's ANGEL ELF!!!

This is our Elf, Angel. She was "dropped" in our neighborhood almost 4 years ago, and several neighbors watched her all day long, never wandering far. After dark, I was coming home from the store and she was still wandering around, and as I came in the front door, she came in also; she jumped on the couch with thegrandson who was sick with a fever at the time and decided she was HOME. Behind me was another neighbor with a plate full of food for her, hoping she would come to their house, but alas, I was the lucky winner.

A more behaved, loving dog you would never meet. She walks right by my side with no leash and comes on command. (*She has also been thegrandson's "guardian" since she moved in with us). Any other "tricks" would be highly limited. I am guessing she was almost a year old at that time and now would be almost 5. She LOVES everyone, and gently raises till she has her paws on all unsuspecting shoulders. She is also quite the chicken shite. I also have a ten year old psychotic calico cat - and this dog is so intimidated by the feline. I have been trying to get her to "eat" the cat - but she is not doing well at this task.

I got the cat for my twin sister in 1997, and I guess I contributed to the psychotic personality this cat developed, through teasing and taunting. It was fun at the time, because it was her cat - not mine. Then my sister passed away in 2001 at 49 years of age and I have the cat. Now my sins are coming back to me. Maybe I will get a picture of Isis on here soon. Mom2 called her Basketball, since she has a dropped belly and looks rather round!

Theson came home today and Angel went nuts when he came in the door, but running and jumping, I now have another pound of dog hair to pick up. That is her biggest drawback - the HAIR!!! In the summer I have her scalped regularly, and I would do the same in the cooler months except I haven't found a dog coat large enough for her. I will post a "bald" picture in the Spring.

Just a quickie post to highlight our Christmas Dog. She seems to get slighted sometimes in our basically uneventful lives.

Stay healthy and well and TTFN!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

'Tis The Season...I guess!?!?

Amazing what you might see when you open your front door on a cold and blustery day.... must be a Christmas "Hayride" I guess.

It sure isn't the Budweiser Clydesdale's, that's for sure. I finally got a good shot of the wagon coming down the street (after it passed 3 previous times.) I kept telling thegrandson to tell me when it was coming, but the Cartoon Network took precedence. My dog Angel, finally alerted me to getting a good shot. We had a "quick" downfall of snow earlier and now it has changed to an icy rain - lovely. I don't think we are going to get the snowfall predicted (2"-4"). Fine with me. Here's a good shot of the horses... thegrandson went nuts seeing HORSES on our street - in this weather. Several of the people who were riding in the wagon - yelled at me to come take a ride...now first of all that would involve getting out of my lounging wear, putting on makeup (wouldn't want to scare anyone) and give up my cookie baking project. NOPE - not happening!

As for the cookie baking thing...I must be hitting my dementia period, because Thursday I started baking Peanut Butter Cookies and Oatmeal Chocolate chip Cookies, at least 4 dozen of each. Yesterday, I made up my mind to bake Pumpkin Raisin Cookies...this was Mom2's (Jean) favorite cookie recipe and she always gave me a paltry dozen every Christmas. Many times I told her she was a tight ass - a dozen is good for one sitting - DUH!?!?! I like to evenly distribute the weight between each hip and I definitely need more than ONE dozen. Well, she gave me the recipe last year (finally) and I started in yesterday. I kept thinking this is a TON of cookie batter....I quit counting at a million dozen. Of course I jest, but I will have no problem with the weight distribution this year. I have never made them before and I have to say...they are as good as Jean's.

I even put up another lighted garland today...Christmas shopping is close to being completed and theson and thenephew (Jim) will be flying in next week, and before you know it - another Holiday Season is a memory.

Gonna run for now, everyone stay healthy and TTFN!

Monday, December 10, 2007

My 3rd and FINAL tattoo...I think !!!!

The rose beneath the butterfly is my newest addition. I discussed having the rose done with my kids and they all said it was a neat idea. There is a method to my madness though...Mom2!

Since I lost my friend in October, I can hardly think of anything else, and above all, we had discussed having roses woven through our butterflies, as we know, tatts are addictive. Mom2 was ecstatic after she got her butterfly in April, and as for me having this one done, it is all for my friend Jean. I had one petal colored red, which signifies my friendship and bond. As I explained to the kids and the artist who did the tatt - this would mean absolutely nothing to anybody but ME.

The funny thing was when we went to get Jean's butterfly, afterwards, when we had the entire staff rolling on the floor laughing...she told Chad (the artist) that she was seriously considering coming back and having him do a BATTLESHIP across her chest. Chad said if she would allow it - he would do it for free. Needless to say, Chad remembered my friend and was very sad to hear that she had passed away. Jean and I left a definite impression wherever we went...maybe not always good, but memorable.

Our big snowfall is all gone now as it has been raining non-stop for 2 days and the temps have been rising steadily. Tomorrow is going to be close to 60 degrees.

I guess theson won't be here for Christmas, as he and Jules will be driving to Florida Christmas Eve. That makes me so sad, because he will be leaving for Egypt Jan. 2nd for heaven knows how long. He was home last year for Christmas, but in India for 2005. I don't see how I can ever allow him to move away and have his own family - toooo traumatic. I may need lots of medication.

So much for now, going to snuggle in and watch TV - football night. Damn New England Patriots - sorry my Boston friends. The Steelers looked like shite for sure. Falcons and Saints tonite.

Stay healthy and TTFN.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

thanx Juddy - this was too much fun!

I went to BTownBoyz and one of the guys found a cute site from Office Max - where you can become ELVES. I couldn't resist and made a Christmas dance "video" of my family. Thegrandson was laughing wildly, just tickled that he had become an Elf. I was going to do others, such as a Boston family one - but didn't want anyone getting mad at me. This was definitely for shits and giggles.

Yesterday was a pain in the ass. 1-3" of snow predicted and we received 7". Cars could not get up our street because of the ice which fell first. This new system, where we receive recorded phone messages on school closings is also a pain in the ass - the first call came at 4:40 am, saying there was a 2 hour delay, then at 7:05 am, another stating schools were "now closed". I don't have a problem with the 7 am call, but since I have a hard time sleeping, I don't appreciate the 4:40 am call. As of this moment, it is 14 degrees and schools were finally cancelled for today at 7:30 am.

Freaky weather is here now, because the temps are going to go up over the next few days and will be in the high 50's by the end of next week. I honestly think with the snow yesterday, it was the biggest snowfall we have had in a couple of years. My favorite was on my birthday, January 26th in 1978 - theson was one month old - and the prediction was 2-4" of white stuff and we received over 18". Locally, we have always hired the best meteorologists.

It appears Theson will not be spending Christmas here...he and Jules may be spending the holiday in Florida with her family. Theson also has 2 half brothers there also. And he is definitely going to Egypt (see blog - great location) after the first of the year.

Enough rambling...just wanted to put the family elves on here.

Stay healthy and TTFN.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

just an update...

The building (shell) is still standing, the fire is out...now the dilemma of having this building demolished exists. I have spoken with the family and as serious as this problem may be, having the necessary monies to do so is also quite important. They have discovered that they were definitely "under insured", which is usually the case, and demolition bids are coming in between $80-$100K+. These figures are to just tear it down - NOT haul it away. My heart is breaking for the family. It appears when all is said and done, they will not be able to reopen, as there may not be enough $$$ to rebuild.

I have made the offer to help my former partner rebuild her client files and she has assured me that she will take me up on the offer. Although she had backed up her data, unfortunately all info was on flash drives within her office, not in a fireproof safe. It never fails that we imagine something like this happening to someone else, never ourselves. Thedaughter and I have made this offer seriously, as with our 2 computers going and we are rather quick, we could get her data back in sync in quick time.

I have my camcorder charged and ready for when the demolition begins, and the mayor (friend of mine) has assured me he will call when it is to begin.

Call me dumb though...I asked if a structural engineer has looked at the gutted structure, to give advice on demolition...and the answer is NO. They have spoken with an architectural engineer, who specializes in the wiring of our water systems. The design of this building, in my mind, and the precarious situation now (with free standing walls) demands more specialized knowledge. Guess we will have to wait and see what develops.

We had high winds yesterday (up to 55 mph) and the building withstood that, and 2-4" snow predicted for tonite into tomorrow - could be interesting.

Hopefully, I will have some good video for my next blog....everyone stay healthy and TTFN.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Still dangerous situation...fire still burning!

Amazingly enough, the fire (previous blog) is still burning, almost 26 hours later. I was just back at the scene, and water is still being poured into the remaining structure - it is a mess! Also, considering it has been raining all night, one would think that would help - but the center of the structure still is being supported by 16" oak beams which have all dropped and piled into this one area. The firemen told me that when that area is totally consumed the possibility increases considerably that the entire structure will collapse.

Eight companies have been contacted to have the building dismantled, and the stock answer was "No, too dangerous!" Governor Strickland has sent a representative who has now contacted a firm in Cleveland to see if they will tackle this job - the gentleman is expected to arrive in town early this afternoon. There is always the chance that this building will not wait for a "company" to tear it down...every minute that passes, collapse is more imminent.

With this side view, it is easy to see that the entire building has been gutted. This one hose has been directed on one of the hot spots in the center. An interesting fact, after I spoke with the Water Superintendent of the treatment plant, he stated that over 2 million gallons of water had been sprayed on this fire in the first couple of hours. When our resources were seriously depleting, the tanker brigade started getting water from the Ohio River and filling portable "ponds."

I am posting this for my friends in other states as they are also familiar with this business and its location. That's all for now...football day (NFL) and have to get my fix. Especially since WVU managed to get beat last night and that depressed me...I was hoping to see WVU and Ohio State mix it up. BooHoo!

Take care and stay healthy...TTFN.

I found this humorous - firemen
taking at break - using the table & chairs from Country Square this morning. Just manning the hoses and chatting.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Sad sight to see...

A fire has struck a business here in town, and I worked with and for this family for many years. My former business partner and friend still had her bookkeeping/tax business there, plus a crafts and home furnishings store. We moved into this building March 1988 and at that time we operated an RCA Sales & Service center also. There are four floors and originally there were 2 separate store fronts, one which was rented out to various businesses for the first few years. In May 1992, we opened Country Square (I came up with the name) and offered country crafts, furniture, knick knacks and stuff. It became a success because it was family operated and we offered such personalized service. I remember the opening day, as I managed to have my first UNIMPRESSIVE heart attack that day - oh the memories.

The economy slowed, television sales lagged and they "laid me off" in January of '96. From that point on it was strictly family working the stores. Our business partnership was severed, and I was really pissed for awhile, but got over that, and we have remained friends and share the costs of our tax programs to this day.

This is what I saw as I was heading to get my new tattoo. I stopped and found a place where I could get a better look and my heart just sunk to my ankles.

Thedaughter went in town later and got these pictures, not as close as I was but you can see the same effect from the smoke.
The building is to the left of the large white building in the center of this picture. As of an hour ago (3 pm) the 4th and 3rd floors had collapsed into the building. It is amazing how devastating this fire is, considering it is only one building. There are 13 fire departments - 3 ladder companies fighting this battle.

There is no electric service in the downtown area and our water service may be out for a couple of days, as the drain on the water treatment plant caused it to shut down, and they can't get it up and running again. Amazing!

Oh well, no lives have been lost - the loss is just "stuff." When our home burned to the ground in 1984 - I learned that what we have is just "stuff." Everything can be replaced, but a life cannot. I have spoken with the family and offered any help that they may need, and we cried and laughed together. They definitely have the right idea for this situation - let the firefighters do their job and they are cracking open the wine. There's not much else they can do.

Later....everyone take care. TTFN.

...he never ceases to amaze me!

As you can see, my Christmas boxes (for storage) are empty and ready to be carried back to the basement.....


Upon closer inspection apparently someone has decided to make a home out of one of the empty bins...

Thegrandson has always had an affinity for climbing into boxes, drawers, basically anything small since he was quite small...oh, I forgot, he is 7 years old and still quite small. Darn little troll won't grow. He may gain a pound or two a year and that is it. He finally made it into the 3% percentile on the growth chart - we were ecstatic. His height is fine, but he weighs only 41 pounds. I call him the dwarflet.

As for liking to hide in things, it has always worried me, because if he gets comfortable, he will never make a sound. So we have had to be quite vigilant in watching where or what may look like a comfortable new "rat hole" for him.

Really nothing much to add, just thought this was picture worthy. Getting a new "rose" tattoo in a little while, in memory of my best friend who passed away - MOM2!! Just seems like something I need to do.

Take care, stay healthy and TTFN.