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Thursday, June 26, 2008

WTF??? Ask a simple question....

My friend is leaving on vacation this weekend, and I took his van to have some work done beforehand...and when it was taken to the mall yesterday, the "check engine" light came on. They stopped at an Auto Zone and the problem was analyzed as some kind of injection problem. When my friend entered the problem into the Wiki Answer site...THIS is the answer he received!! (Click on first question.) This would have certainly thrown me for a loop! In all honesty, the problem is as simple as an O2 sensor, but - my friend was more pleased with the Wiki Answer.

Just a quickie - later. TTFN

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Food for thought....I don't think so!

Now this takes the Cake! It appears that the controlling bodies of England, try to "talk down" to the masses. But I was quite intrigued by some of their expressions - most of all - not wanting to offend epileptics! OMG. I sort of have the feeling that either the leaders who came up with all the new verbiage, are SNOBS or just showing off!! I can use 50 cent words, but at least when I do, I know what they mean and the context in which they are to be used. These terms used recently, like COTERMINOUS (a situation in which two organizations oversee the same geographical area)- would throw anyone for a loop. Give me a break.

We had some hellacious storms last night, but so far, the day appears to be a nice one. Unfortunately, storms are still forecast throughout the day. I am going to a friends for a cookout on their deck, since thedaughter is off and I do not have to babysit! Time out for me - hooray!

Have a good day all and TTFN!

Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm not ignoring BLOG - arm injury!

Since I returned from Egypt I have had a severe pain in my left arm (NO - not a heart attack), where extending my fingers, gripping, bending arm. lifting - all cause PAIN! I assumed that maybe I had injured it somehow when travelling, having to twist and manipulate luggage at various times, and smart as I am...I figure it will heal itself and GO AWAY!! This has not happened. I finally caved, and went to the ER on Tuesday. Since I was not dying - and no blood present, the process through "fast track" began. Now, there's a misnomer. At least this time I was smart - I took a book to read.

The "hurry up and wait" motto is the basic theme at any ER it seems. After registering, I waited 45 minutes, and a minion appears and says my name and one other..."since you have been waiting and no room is available, I will take you to X-ray, and they can return you to our waiting room when done!"

Ahhhh...X-ray! The wait there wasn't so bad - only 25 minutes. After the little tech takes you into the room, and you explain the injury and where the pain is...they proceed to cause more excruciating pain, by manipulating your arm in ways that were never intended - to take the damn x-ray. I must say, I was a little upset, as I was used to always being asked "is there any chance you could be pregnant" before any X-rays in the past. This didn't happen, and when I mentioned it to the young lady - she said "we don't usually ask if a woman is over 50 years old!" So what...I don't have a chance to get in the Guinness Book of records anymore???? Oh, I forgot, one would have to have sex for that to happen!! (Sorry son!) **at least with a human!!

Back to the story...now we wait to make sure the tech made no errors and my beautiful bones show up well in the picture. Another 15 minutes! Now, I am escorted to another "waiting room" in the Fast Track area. Again, 20 minute wait to be placed into a cubicle with a chair much like that for an eye exam. Lalalalalala, toe tapping, humming, wait lasts 25 minutes! This entire time I can hear the nurses, PA, CNA's and cleaning personnel - carry on conversations that I am sure were not intended for me to hear! I want to just barge out of my "area" and say - "Hey, you are charging my insurance company (and me) thousands of dollars to listen to your conversation, and you appear to be doing NOTHING!!!" I never saw a real live, honest to God - physician. The rule of the day now appears to be Physician Assistants! (But I am sure they bill at a Doctor's professional hourly rate!)

No break was detected, and her conclusion was TENNIS ELBOW! She asked me if I had been lifting weights and working out - to which I replied (after I stopped laughing) "look at this body - does it look like I work out??? I don't think so! To get my designer look - no work outs are involved!" So the Ace bandage comes out, arm is wrapped and a prescription given for Vicodin (12)! I am so not a pill taker, I still am relying on the Naproxen and script still tucked into my wallet. The pain is still bad, I have been utilizing heat/cold, and no changes - this contributes greatly to my not being able to sleep also. I will give in by Monday and call my family doctor and see where we go from there. It better not be far, as I have lousy health insurance and will avoid out of pocket expenses. Marie of Arc, will suffer rather than ring up a huge medical bill!

Not bad for a short explanation as to my absence. And typing this one handed has taken awhile!

Stay well and TTFN!

Monday, June 09, 2008

There is no surprise - he CUT his hair!

As I stated in my April 7th blog, theson was contemplating cutting his beautiful loooooong hair...and now he has done the deed! See theson's blog for the "new" look. I will have to get used to it, as I haven't seen him with hair this short in a good many years. The picture he has posted was taken with wet hair, when it dries it tends to get rather frizzy and bushy - he may need to get it "styled" now. The benefit of his beautiful hair was the donation to Locks of Love! As soon as it was cut, they followed the necessary procedure to mail it to this organization, so some young man or woman will enjoy those beautiful curls. What a wonderful organization.

I was at thegrandsons final baseball game this evening, and was sitting next to a young man, with beautiful long hair (straight and about 4 inches below his shoulders), and I told him of my son's recent "shearing" and he too, is growing his hair for the same purpose - he hasn't cut it in 4 years. Very commendable. The good story also is thegrandson ended his baseball season at .500. 6 wins - 6 losses. With thedaughter working all afternoon shifts, she has only been able to see 2 or 3 games, and she enjoys them as much as me. I either helped coach or coached Little League and then on to girl's softball for many years, and I truly enjoy watching all the kids (either team) make good plays and grow in the process.

Our heat wave is still on - up to 97 degrees today, but possibly some relief tomorrow with thunderstorms predicted and temps in low to mid 80's. I would love to not have my AC running this much - this early. Oh well - shit happens!

Gonna run for now, stay well and TTFN.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

When is TOO old - TOO old????

Having read this article, and it has also been on our local news - again I wonder, how old is TOO old to drive a vehicle, fly a plane, just work for pay in general??? Over the past many years I have read of the "elderly" ramming their vehicles into crowds (San Francisco market a few years back, for example), or they confuse the gas pedal for the brake, and run into buildings, other cars or people....YES! I believe after a certain age everyone should be tested again for these privileges.

In the past, I have heard of quite a few "snowbirds", those who travel to Florida during the winter months, from "up north"; often renew their drivers licenses in another state to avoid re-testing. In Ohio, there is no mandated age criteria for license renewal or loss, so wham-bam-thankya-mam - elderly drivers everywhere. If an elderly person has had an accident or moving violation, it is up to the individual officer whether to refer this person for re-testing, but definitely not a given. Don't get me wrong - I have nothing against the elderly, but realistically, their reflexes are much slower and other senses are less acute, making them a threat on the highways, or in this case - in the air. 86 years old is definitely too old to be flying a small group of people around.

Now, I run across this article...need we discuss driving a vehicle at 105 years old?!?! Actually this appears to be rather farcical - but point made!

This is an issue that needs to be addressed in our country, in a fair and equitable way, but again being very realistic. I understand that driving one's car is like the last bastion of independence, but there has to be a time to quit.

Off my soapbox now...later folks! TTFN.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Poor little kid - finding out we are POOR!!!...

Since we are having an unusually HOT spell (and summer isn't even here yet)...thegrandson has been going next door to the neighbors POOL!! He wants his own pool so bad, but we have tried the blow-ups, self-rising sided one and because of the uneven ground in my backyard, they all seem to fail. Therefore, my ingenious neighbor brought out the BINS for his little girl and thegrandson to utilize to bear this heat. I think it is hilarious. He made the comment, "you'd think we were from West Virginia, and I assured him, "Yes, I am! Works for me!!" I'm all for improvising.

The neighbor said they went online and found a place that would install (with deck) a 15' round pool for $600. I find that shocking. When I priced pools, with decking (which are metal and small), I was finding $3000 prices. I have plenty of room to have a pool, but with the prohibitive cost and I would surely be the one to maintain it, I still am not sure. Although thegrandson could be a little fish if we did have one. I still have to think this one over. But until that time, break out the storage bins and fill them with water!!! We will give him straws to use for snorkeling.

Thegrandson is supposed to have a double-header today, one at noon and the other at 3 pm...but since it is soooo hot (89 degrees and rising) I am only letting him play the 3 o'clock game. He is not upset at all. Then we have a game Sunday and Monday also, and hopefully that is the end of the season - finishing with a pool party next Saturday at the coach's house.

More later...stay healthy and TTFN.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Ahhh...to be buried in a PRINGLE'S can!!!!!

This article on the passing of the inventor of the Pringle's can, is a trip. Now, had I known that this option was available, I might have considered multiple Pringle's cans to have my husbands ashes buried in, as opposed to the $500+ urn I selected. The HIGH cost of funerals has gotten way out of hand anyway, but maybe since I am not a famous individual, they will find a reason as to why I cannot utilize home packaging materials!

We have been having a slight heat wave of late, and I always hesitate turning on the AC, because I also hate to donate to the Public Utilities coffer. I finally caved in yesterday, and of course, the AC unit is not cooling. Last summer, I had to get the unit charged, and the repairman said then that I must have a pinhole leak in the copper tubing somewhere, but he didn't have time to check then. That charge lasted the entire summer cooling season, so I didn't worry anymore. Well, the repairman just left here, $131 richer, and he found TWO cracked places in the tubing and silver soldered the hell out of them, so I should be "good to go" for quite some time.

Today is the last day of school for thegrandson, and it is going to be close to 80 degrees - and he chose to wear sweat pants and a long sleeved shirt. HE IS SOOOO NOT NORMAL! I went through his clothes last week and sorted out all the "cold" weather clothes, and somehow he robbed that pile to get dressed today. I guarantee that after these clothes hit the washing machine - they will disappear for another summer season. This amazes me as he is almost a fashionista, in having matching socks, shirts to pants, etc.

I am also trying to get up the energy and fortitude to tackle the task of cleaning the basement "netherworld." As I have said before - all the "not sure where to put it" items end up in the BASEMENT! Since the AC repairman had to enter that world - I was slightly embarrassed - so I must begin this project.

Well, I have to go pay the grass cutter now and sweep the sidewalks so till later...
Everyone stay well and TTFN.