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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This video was posted by this young Conservative, with the intention of blaspheming the Democratic party....again. Did I miss something here? I watched this video and by the end felt much like Al Franken, in that this young and rude young man - was making it up as he went along - much like most rethuglians. Watch...........

This Jason Mattera, by throwing out the words "jungle gyms" and "monkey bars" tries to put a spin on the health care reform bill - that does not exist. The only intention that he is spreading (which is consistent with the GnOP'ers) that wellness and prevention are totally unacceptable. Then the little fukktard tries to press the issue of breast feeding during work hours, requiring the "breast feeding police" - as spelled out in the bill. Again, a complete falsehood - and a slap in the face to nursing mothers from a punk ass upstart.

By the way - back to jungle gyms....are they the product of a Marxist or Nazi who desires the demise of the American people? These dangerous steel structures that have adorned the playgrounds of schools for many generations are now considered to be bad, by the Conservatives. All righty then.....(scratching my head)!!!!!!!

Leave it to this young man to think he even had a chance facing Al Franken - the phrase "bringing a knife to a gunfight" comes to mind. Hey Mattera - you are a losr, get back in your kiddie car and head home.

Enjoy the day, because this idiot has totally pissed me off. Go Al Franken - maintain the stance of standing up for what is right.



Sunday, March 28, 2010


OK....the IQUITAROD Queen headed to Arizona to stump for John McCrackhead and has veered off course (along the TEAPARTY circuit) and headed to Searchlight, Nevada to attempt to trample Harry Reid's territory. In her nasally, folksy way - she is now shouting "You're fired" in reference to Obama, Pelosi and Reid. After I picked myself up off the floor from laughing so hard - I'm still trying to find some rationale for THE QUITTER, to take on the Donald Trumpesque mode and feel she has such clout.

I could understand better had she just encouraged Obama, Pelosi and Reid to just QUIT - since therein lies, her expertise!! And the masses she is preaching to - these Teabaggers - WTF is up with them. Are they all part of the millions of unemployed who have nothing better to do with their unemployment benefits than travel...or are they retirees, benefiting from that social program called Social Security and Medicare? I definitely know that I don't have the resources to follow across this vast country - the sycophants of the right.

I managed to contain a massive chuckle as I saw PalGal all decked out in leather, trying to influence the people, like the dominatrix she pretends to be. I honestly can not watch the videos of her blathering on at these events, because my heart can only bear so much. Her folksy, in your face attitude, makes me want to punch her - so she is quite fortunate that we are on opposite sides of the country. I'm especially tired of the "Americans want" this or that, that she so frequently tosses out there, along with the other talking heads for their party. I'm not easily brainwashed, so she will have to keep using these euphemisms on the weak minded - those who think she is presidential material. EGADS!!!

Palin is all about $$$$ now. She throws out a cursory political opinion (crazy as they are), is coached for her Faux News appearances, an relishing her TV show on Discovery (which I encourage all intelligent people to avoid). she is throwing her darling hubby under the bus, in a way, by telling these crowds he is an independent voter now - forget that he was all for Alaska seceding at one point in time.

Enough of that little priss...I want to give a fist-bump to our Prez for making the recess appointments of yesterday. All I can say is - IT'S ABOUT TIME!! The obstructionists may still be yelling the loudest, especially when they return on April 5th - but that's what they get, and that's what the law is for! Again - it was just perfect for Bush to do 156 times....but let the black man attempt such a move - and all hell will break loose.

How about them Mountaineers??? They now move on to the Final Four, after playing one helluva game against #1 Kentucky last night. How's everyone's brackets doing now? March Madness apparently is - just that - MADNESS!!

I've got to get a small grocery list together and head to the dollar store, so everyone have a great day and I'll catch ya.......later..............


Saturday, March 27, 2010


Surely, everyone is saying AHHHHHH...............

Must this be repeated............please be considerate of the pussy!!!

You think it was easy drawing my own chalk outline????? NOT!!

Thankfully, puddy tat is ever so vigilant on "spider" patrol!!

I knew we should have voted these guys off the Board!

I hope that branch holds out - or it's ruh roh for pussy!!

I want to be on the GOOD side of this group of felines!

Then, we might want to hire a THIRD PARTY to let him back in the house!!

I started working on tax returns at 6 am, with my initial intention being to post here first - I may just be brain dead now! If my FAT cat hadn't rubbed up against me with her helacious cry, I may not have posted. Thanks Isis!!
We had Spring here for over a week, and then that all went to hell with the half inch of snow which fell yesterday, and the chilling temps. Now listen Mother Nature, I have my sandals out and have been wearing them. My rule of thumb is once they are on for the season, they stay on till the snow flies - in October or November....not MARCH!! So straighten up and get your act together...we want sunshine and lots of that!
Have a great weekend - I will be up to my hoo-ha in tax returns. If something really interesting happens and I need to get it off my chest, I shall return more quickly.


Thursday, March 25, 2010


Apparently cranky, senile, lying asswipe John McCrackhead researched the rules of the Senate yesterday and found an obscure rule about holding meetings AFTER 2 pm., and thus ended most productive activity on "the hill" for the day. woot, woot for you Mr. Dementia - you have proven your childish, loser ways. As much as I detest your opponent in the upcoming Arizona Senate race - I HOPE HE BEATS YOUR ASS!! At least he would come in as a freshman senator with hardly any clout at all.

For as much as the "teabaggers" (I hate the vision that comes to mind) and other GnOP'ers seem to think they will overtake the house and senate in the next election, they may be shooting themselves in the foot.

Yesterday, the phone calls to some senators, threats and vandalism to homes is inexcusable. These are acts perpetrated by those of lesser intelligence (the brain dead), who are easily led by those shouting in their direction. After listening to snippets of phone messages left for a couple of senators - one only has to hear two seconds to realize these are not Harvard grads. These people are the sycophants of the "wingnuts" of the right - those who rush home to sit in awe of the Beck's and Hannity's, or those who turn that radio dial to listen to Mr. Limpdick himself.

Who is going to be held responsible when one of our representatives is hurt or possibly killed? What about the families of these elected officials? John Boehner offered the lamest of apologies, after it was made public about the vandalism to one reps brother's home (propane gas line severed). He can scream the loudest, but run and hide the quickest as well.

Is not achieving the goals of getting work done for our country - more important than "bringing down Barack Obama?" I personally believe there may be more than enough room at Gitmo for these treasonous bastards. Yes, I mean that. These fukktards were elected to do a job - and they get paid quite nicely for that job. But, by refusing to work - it is tantamount to treason (government jobs remember), and all should be subject to recall or prosecution.

We are literally back to "square one." We need to garner our support for our party and send that strong message - one that apparently has not been heard - YOU LOST, to the rethugs! We heard Hannity say that phrase more than enough after Bush stole the election in '04! Let's work to get our country back on line and profitable once again. The corporatist rethugs will NOT cooperate in any fashion, so we have to work around them.

If the "party of NO' would quit pissing me off...I wouldn't have to come back here and chastise them...........AGAIN!!!!

Lots of work to do, catch y'all..............later!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The representative for a part of Ohio, in which I do not live (thankfully) can shout "Hell, no you can't" till his tan turns blue.........WE WON...now as I like to tell some..."eat shit and die!" This video makes the point even better.




On Sunday, I was glued to my TV and the C-Span station for over FOURTEEN hours. To state that I need a life would be an understatement, but I found it all so very interesting and frustrating at the same time.

To listen to the alternating sides arise and give their speeches was something everyone should experience or comment on at least. Bias that I am, the Democrats reiterated, over and over, how those who have been denied medical coverage - would now be able to seek proper medical care without the fear of bankruptcy or denial. Some of the representatives mentioned individuals by name from their districts.

The Republican representatives (in alternating discourse) would rise and spout off the same lying talking points. At various times, they tried to manipulate the session, with all the procedural calls and points of order. I have stated before, that these reps - if they call you a fish long enough, you will begin to look for your gills.

Is this a perfect bill - hell no. But a starting point had to be established, a point from which to pefect the necessary attributes. As for BIPARTISANSHIP - we tried that.....so I say go forward while you have the votes and set us back on the right course.

The "right" is whining, for ALL to hear - that the Dems have not even sought bipartisan support and/or ignored all proffers. Again, the lies will continue ad nauseum. President Obama has MORE than tried to work with the "other side of the aisle" and since they are blinded by their racism and birther attitudes - he was unsuccessful. So, in my humble opinion - that road has been traveled - now on to bigger and better things for our citizens.

I also love how these law suits have been filed by 14 different states as to the "constitutionality" of this bill - little success in the courts has been predicted. Think back a few years - when the Bush/Cheney cabal decided we had no CIVIL rights or privacy expectations and literally changed the Constitution to suit their neo-con needs. Cheney went so far as to change the job description for the VICE PRESIDENT. Duh..............!!!!!

And....if anyone is wondering (hardly)...that "F" word that VP Biden whispered in the ear of the Prez was FUCK!! I mean honestly...watch the video - he whispered in the ear "farthest" from the microphone, and damn if that was one of the best mics in the world...and it picked that word right up! Sorry to burst all the virginal bubbles out there, but Biden was correct - he used the word quite aptly to describe the passage of this historic bill and the signing of said bill yesterday. And for those who were offended...get over your fuckin' selves.

Now, I read that the Ottawa (Canada) college which was sponsoring Ann Coulter as a speaker has cancelled the event for the she-man. It is so very funny to read Coulter's statements AGAINST these academicians and students - that she has lost the concept of the "tables being turned." She has no qualms denigrating the Muslims, Democrats, women and gays - but heaven forbid a group attacks her..............damn, wish I was there!

OK - it's a crazy day....tanned at 8 am, cardiac rehab at 9:30 am...cardiologist at 1 pm and an EKG at 2 pm. I may need some strong drugs after this day. I have to squeak in a couple of tax returns also - just so I feel like I've accomplished something. Also, I can't forget to get in a couple of Free-For-All games on Xbox (Modern Warfare2). I'm telling ya - mother's work is NEVER done.

Have a great day all - the sun is shining and things are actually looking good for a change. catch ya' ................ later!!!


Saturday, March 20, 2010


Be honest...don't we all feel like this SOME DAYS!

NOPE! Pants are ALWAYS "optional."

I actually feel like helping move the damn thing for poor kitty!!

LOLOLOLOLOLOL...a cat after my own heart!

I SO hate days like this!

NO COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!! GULP...........

Hmmm...and how do you spell RELIEF????

RUH ROH....See kitty run, verrrrrrrrrrrrry fast!

Ahhh - visions of "whack-a-mole!"


I have been quite busy this tax season, plus making sure I get to my cardiac rehab exercise class three times a week - as well. thus, the blogging has been more than inconsistant, and for that I apologize. After April 15th I shall try to do much better.

This week may prove to be an historic one in nature - as the Health Care Reform Act may be passed (or not)! My fingers are crossed for a positive outcome. I have fallen asleep at night listening to the late night sessions being covered by C-Span, and as usual - the rethuglian trolls always manage to come away from the table sounding so moronic AND STUPID.

I love how the GnOP is yelling and shrieking and threatening a law suit against the "constitutionality" of the DEEM AND PASS possibilities. And for those who are hearing this over and over - it is NOT demon pass. Now, it was most certainly an OK thing to do during the dominant rethug years, but now that the tables are turned - it's whining time. The same goes for the reconciliation stance. That Mormon goof Orrin Hatch was on CNN this afternoon, almost gloating over the fact that should this bill go through - it WILL BE TESTED IN FRONT OF THE SUPREME COURT. Duh Orrin....when your party was chastised by the Dems and these same charges were taken to court - since you apparently have Alzheimer's - the courts said - FUGGEDABOUTIT!!

At this point in time - the vote is set for sometime Sunday afternoon - so we will have to wait and see. Granted, I am not 100% happy with this bill, but we have to start somewhere and once the initial steps are taken - then finessing this bill will come in time.

I'm truly sick and tired of the rethug talking heads (Limpdick, Beck and "makes me cringe" Malkin) deriding those who are speaking out for the Dems, about their own personal medical problems. As a rule, I never wish bad things on people, but a few disfiguring and amputatable (my new word) maladies could come to these aforementioned people and I would not shed a tear.

Time for Bill Maher, so I must set the time for this to post and head in to the bedroom for my "viewing pleasure." Have a great weekend all - catch y'all.....later.......



Tuesday, March 09, 2010


....and I am referring to Lyndsay Lohan. Can anyone tell me just what her claim to fame actually is???? She made a couple of lame movies, ran the party circuit with the Paris Hilton crowd and hooked up with DJ Ronson. Other than those few claims - I see nothing of any import to her life.

Now this bimbo is suing E-Trade for apparently "using her name" to further their product, without HER PERMISSION. WTF...she is actually extolling that her name "LYNDSAY" is right up there with Madonna and Oprah. Again, can anyone tell me the last time (or the first for that matter) when LL used only her first name as a promotion - for anything???? Good grief!

Excuse me little girl...get a firm grip on your ears, and pull your head out of your ass....YOU ARE NOBODY. The little lazy ass is seeking $100 MILLION for this intrusion in her life.

Personally, I enjoy the E-Trade commercials with the infants - and have yet, to this date, even remotely connected one of these children with a famous person. I abhor the fact that some people file such frivolous claims and tie up the court system, which cost us, the taxpayers, in the long run. There are definitely more important issues to be dealt with in this world than such trite garbage as this.

Now, I also read about a gentleman who passed away in June '09, and was still being billed for monthly service from Verizon. Apparently, being presented with his death certificate was not good enough to cease this service - the company wanted his PIN (personal identification number). Considering our PIN's are supposed to be private, I believe the nitwit lady at Verizon, that the daughter had to deal with, should have been SHOT! This dolt was laughing as she ended one conversation with the grieving daughter - and has since been dealt with by her superiors.

The situation has been settled, but does give many some food for thought - as how to deal with similar situations upon our demise. My kids know most of my passwords and my PIN's usually stay the same, but I can understand where some people hold these numbers closer to their vest. Just a goofy thought running through my head.

I started my tanning today - a whopping FOUR minutes in the bed. As I have stated, I have no vices left - so let me enjoy my tan and possible melanoma....LOL.

This has been a day from hell, and my desk (kitchen table) definitely reflects the chaos that ensued. Tomorrow is tanning at 8:30 am, off to Cardiac Rehab at 10:30 am....then nose to the grindstone and tax return time for the remainder of the day.

Catch y'all.............later..............I have important events to attend to.....


Saturday, March 06, 2010

CATURDAY AND SUCH..................

Damn Dawg.....no sense of humor at all!!

...and a picture says a thousand words!!! LOL

RUH ROH............going for a swim!

...and there will certainly be hell to pay!

Watch out - give these critters a wide berth....


Now don't lie to the puddy tat....fess up!

Forever plotting...........nice kitty!!!

Well, the kitties shall enjoy the day I am sure. I'm not a very happy camper at the moment, hearing that Ben Roethlisberger may be involved in a "sexual assault." After listening to several reports on ESPN, it appears that this woman could very well trying to make a quick buck or headline, having been familiar with the insane case brought by a Las Vegas woman. I hope, deep in my heart that there is no truth to the story and that it is a resolved issue very soon. I will stand by whatever the "solid proof" may be.

I signed up for tanning yesterday - could be interesting to see how the new meds will affect my annual fake bake. Life is short, I will die of "something" - so pooh pooh on the health issues - I mean honestly, I gave up my 40 year smoking addiction, sex and drinking - what else is left for me?????????????

Theson is in Oswego, New York - the land of his daddy's whore - but he will be returning home soon for his next job in Brooksville, Florida on the 15th. He is getting back into the swing of things and his "sugar" numbers are coming down into great safe ranges. He has handled this entire situation rather well - as to giving himself injections, watching his carbs and food intake and READING LABELS. Yay Zac!!!

Back to the tax returns and running the vacuum. Mother's work is never done, maybe I can get thegrandson to help me a little. I already have a small list for the "house boy" on Monday.

Have a great weekend all, catch ya...........later.........................


Friday, March 05, 2010


My day starts with the motions of getting thegrandson ready and off to school - unless schools have been cancelled for the umpteenth time (due to snow)! Actually, I believe the school cancellations are over for this winter season as the temps are rising and the snow is melting - slowly with much thanks.

Thedaughter goes back to bed until time for her to head off to the land of "work", but once I get out of bed in the morning (usually between 5-6 am), I am up till nighttime.

Before starting on the days fill of tax returns - and gratefully, I am not far behind this year at all - sometimes with a 48 hour completion - I may get in a couple of games on the XBOX. I now have an "addiction" to Modern Warfare2. I'm not good by any stretch of the imagination - but I just may be headed to the loony bin, for my love of killing on this game. I honestly don't love killing the others, but it beats being killed by THEM!!

Yesterday, the phone rang constantly and clients came to pick up returns, so game time was truly not enjoyed - so I chose to work on the group of returns in front of me. I have to have background noise, be it TV or radio - and this day TV won out. BUUUUUUUUTTTT......for whatever reason the TV was on a channel I NEVER watch - VH1! Years ago I watched this channel along with MTV - when they actually were music channels - but that is not the case anymore.

Well, yesterday was a marathon of "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew." I have never even heard of this show before, but amazingly enough - I ended up watching - off and on - from 3 pm until 10:30 pm last night. GOOD GRIEF!!! Thus, I now have an OPINION on all these people and will share it here. Lucky you!

Dr. Drew Pinsky, has apparently had a radio show "lovelines" for many years, and had a former TV show relating to sex addictions. I personally, just thought he was another "doctor to the stars" in the past. He is soft spoken, rarely gets his ire up, and truly wants only the best for his patients. He is married with triplets - now there's a handful in life.

Now onto the patients...........what an eclectic bunch this is.

DENNIS RODMAN - former NBA player and general GOOF. Needless to say, I have never been a Rodman fan. He rose to fame quickly and maintained an air of arrogance and entitlement that truly pissed me off. He has exhibited/displayed his addiction to alcohol over the years, but during this show (three weeks) - he spent more time refusing to admit that he even HAD an addiction. Occasionally, he would reveal a softness to his heart, but he quickly covered that up, and reverted back to his cold demeanor. His wife stated, just before "graduation" from the program, that she would be seeking a divorce from this idiot.

HEIDI FLEISS - the former Hollywood Madam and paramour of Tom Sizemore (also a resident during this time frame of the addiction clinic). She spent time in a federal prison for her crimes, but upon release maintained her addiction to crystal meth. This woman has soooo many issues, but has put up a brick wall around herself and rarely lets anyone get close to her. I have a hard time watching this woman - and I know it has to do with THOSE LIPS!! WTF was that, a bad botox experiment?? Fleiss actually got pissed and "left" the program and headed back to Nevada, only to roll her vehicle four times, almost killing those with her, upon leaving. She did go back and complete the program with some prodding from the staff. I am sure she is back in Nevada, managing her laundromat and enjoying her solitude.

JOEY KOVAR - Now, I had never heard of this young man before, but apparently he was a reality show star (The Real World - Hollywood 2008) and carries a lot of baggage from his past home life. He rails at his mother a lot during the show, and what a bad mother she was, although he does credit her with trying to make up for all her wrongs - now. His addictions are many: alcohol, cocaine, ecstasy, meth and steroids. When this guy gets angry - watch out and run. That would be the "roid rage" I would imagine. This guy has his girlfriend "knocked up" and does not treat her all that great, as we overhear their phone conversations. By graduation time, I do see noticeable changes in this young man - but he still strikes me as highly volatile.

KARI AN PENICHE - Now this is the creature I would most want to THROTTLE!!! This little girl suffers from a huge case of I'M A PRINCESS syndrome, I have ever seen. Apparently she had been on Dr. Drew's other show about sex addictions prior to this little crystal meth problem. Unbelievably she was a former Miss United States Teen USA - a title she lost after nude pictures were discovered in Playboy (I think). She is rude, arrogant and has nothing to offer to society that I can discern. To all those older and wiser who offer her help - she treats them in such a condescending manner - I would never hesitate to lay one across her smart mouth!! Sorry little girl, I found NO REDEEMING QUALITIES to you, whatsoever. Enjoy your crystal meth!!!!

LISA D'AMATO - Another young lady I had never heard of - but is a former "America's Next Top Model". Her addictions were to alcohol and "any drug put in front of me." Her position in this show was not a huge one - and I can honestly say that any success she gains from the rehab should be a good one. She had a few moments of unhappiness with her fellow residents, but nothing major. Good luck Lisa.

MACKENZIE PHILLIPS - Now those of us who are "older", remember Mackenzie from "One Day At A Time" sitcom era. She was the older sister to Valerie Bertinelli, but could not finish the show with the original cast, due to her drug addictions which started at age ELEVEN! Good old dad managed to get her hooked on heroin and cocaine. Her father, John Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas fame, was far from an iconic father. Now Mackenzie is finally verbalizing the years of incest and drug addiction - all brought into her life by this vile man. I admire her stalwart behavior now and how she faces her demons. She tried to be strong proponent of Kari Ann - but was treated worse than I would ever allow one to be treated. She handled herself well. Yes, I admire how Mackenzie has handled her burdens and the positive attitude she now exhibits for the future.

MIKE STARR - the original bassist for Alice in Chains and best friend to the late Layne Staley (Alice in Chains) who OD'd several years ago. this man seemed terribly withdrawn, constantly reliving, in his mind, the death of his friend. Even with the therapy provided to Starr, I have a bad feeling for the future of this man. I honestly do not think he can move past the tragedy of his friend and he may be doomed to repeat that tragedy. His addictions were many: methadone, cocaine, heroin, crystal meth and pot to mention a few. I wish him all the luck in the world, I just don't know how this will turn out for him.

MINDY MCCREADY - Former country singing star and oxycontin addict. She had such a painful past - as in not very lucky in picking the right man - and suffered brain damage from some of that abuse. She gave 1000% towards her recovery and I honestly feel that she is the ultimate success story. Having found out about the brain damage, and what future drinking or drug abuse could do to that condition - was a game changer I believe. She wholeheartedly supported her fellow patients and rarely said anything bad about anyone. Dennis Rodman actually became her strongest advocate.

TOM SIZEMORE - What can I say. I have always thought that he was one helluva actor, but the drugs began to own his soul. He enters rehab due to his addiction to crystal meth and clonopin. Seeing this man at this worst, makes it hard to believe that he turned out such wonderful performances in Saving Private Ryan, Pearl Harbor or Black Hawk Down. He actually gave his heart and soul to this rehabilitation program and professed to move into Sober House after graduation to continue to improve his life. I hope that he sticks to this attitude and again makes some wonderful films for our enjoyment.

Now, hopefully that will be the LAST of my reality shows, as I truly despise most that are on the air. Too many drama queens out there - and truthfully - we have enough of those in our own lives.

Now, that is off my chest and out there - so go out and have a wonderful day. I'm of to my cardiac rehab (after 2 weeks absence - due to this cold). Everyone play nice and I shall return...............later..............