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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


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I would imagine there are no teaching manuals or instructions to tell these idiots - how tall is your truck!!

Monday, June 29, 2009


but I have had to place "word verification" back on the comments to this blog. Apparently some IDIOT has nothing better to do late at night, than leave comments on many posts at one time - in CHINESE!!! I'm sorry for the inconvenience. When I turned this machine on this morning their were 18 damn oriental comments - and I couldn't tell you if they were sales pitches, or from an admirer or plans for a nuclear warhead. Some people are just totally ignorant.

OK, that is off my humongous chest - on to other things. I found a recipe online for Outback's Alice Springs Chicken, and I am in puppy heaven. When I get a craving - that is all I desire. But at almost $14 a pop, not including the salad and drink, realistically I only get there maybe once a month.

This recipe is EXACTLY like the restaurant's. If anyone is interested, I will email the link. Thedaughter doesn't like the honey mustard sauce, but I could devour it on everything. The only downside, if you want it in a hurry, is the time to marinade the chicken. Other than that - it was a piece of cake chicken!!

I swear at my age, it certainly doesn't take much to make me happy. I can make one of my favorite meals now at a fraction of the retail price.

Tomorrow is the last day of June, and I would certainly hope that there are no more deaths of note. I think the past 5 weeks have been more than enough for the average bear. I am sick and tired of hearing about MJ. I remember when Elvis dies, I had ALL his albums and everyone and their mother wanted copies. I spent weeks playing them over and over to make people happy.

The immediacy of the news today is quite different than in 1977, but nevertheless, I think we have heard just about everything of MJ from womb to death. My instincts tell me that this will be a daily news item for months to come, with this one suing that one and so forth. Good grief.

BERNIE MADOFF - will die in prison. He was sentenced to the recommended 150 years today, which makes me totally elated. His wife Ruth supposedly broke her silence, to exclaim that she was saddened, because "this is not the man I have been married to all these years." Duh?!?! She knew exactly what he was doing and enjoyed the loot as much as he. She was in collusion with wiring money from accounts and sending her gems to Florida friends and relatives - I have NO sympathy for this bitch, and really get irate thinking she was allowed to keep $2.5 million. Our justice system stinks.

Have to get off here, a necessary email has to be sent to theson and I have been putting it off. Have a great evening and I shall return....later.....


Just a short clip - Gale Storm passed away at 87 years of age (another one bites the dust), and I grew up watching her "My Little Margie" series, shown here. Later she had another show "The Gale Storm Show" with Zazu Pitts. They were a hilarious couple, with Pitts being the quintessential "straight man" to Storm. In my humble opinion, Gale Storm presented the hilariously funny comedic shows that were a precursor to the Lucille Ball phenomenon. RIP Gale Storm.

Since June is apparently now the month of DEATH, Fred Travelena, comedian and impersonator has also passed away from cancer. He was a regular on the Merv Griffin and Mike Douglas shows long before he hit the Las Vegas circuit.

I have some houekeeping chores to start, so I shall return......later..........

Sunday, June 28, 2009


We definitely get NO guarantees in this world. Here we have another 50 years young person passing away unexpectedly. I caught the "twitter" yesterday, as he was on a US Air flight landing in Tampa, and the main nose wheels blew out upon impact. No one was hurt, but a little excitement to the flight was felt by all.

I was over on FB, and Dr. MVM made a statement about Billy Mays dying, so I had to, of course, check it out. I would NEVER doubt Dr. MVM - ever.

Noted names over the past 5 weeks include, David Carradine, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and now...Billy Mays. The theory of "coming in threes" has been blown out of the water.

I can't say I was a fan of Billy Mays so much as the novelty of his career. We have reached an age where the "pitchmen" are becoming larger than life stars. One would only have to hear Mays' booming voice to recognize him. He was definitely good at his job - as OxyClean and other products sales soared. If he had cornered the market on most items - he probably wished he had garnered the Sham Wow also.

RIP Billy Mays and all those who have recently departed this world. As I said we have no guarantee on tomorrow - so tell those that you love how much they are appreciated. I never end a conversation with those I love - without saying so. We may have our disagreements and disputes, but I never want there to be a question when I'm gone - that I do so love those near to me.

Have a great Sunday......later............

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Not being one to really "sleep in...I was awakened early this morning with psycho kitty Isis - staring me in the face and purring so loud the shutters shook. WTF is up with that.

This cat is not friendly to anyone except me and even that is always short lived. A few pets and tweaks behind the ears and she is ready to take my head off. Everytime thegrandson just walks by - she starts growling. The feline is now 12 years old and so not like the loving cats I have had in the past. I always had cats that would jump and sit on your lap, just to be close not necessarily for constant petting. Oh well, I'm stuck with the psycho cat rom hell till her time is up - and with my luck she will live to be 30.

Now, not that I want to get into any big discussion at the moment, but I just read that Ruth Madoff has ceded $80 million in assets, but gets to retain $2.5 million in cash. WTF is up with that. She was as greedy a bitch as her husband, and has no qualms about the damage done to those who were defrauded and close to homelessness. She was caught making huge (gigantic) wire transfers of money before the axe fell on poor Bernie! She was culpable of sending all the jewelry through the mail at Christmas time - albeit caught redhanded by the SEC and FBI. I need some excedrin - this makes my head hurt.

I shall just keep my blinders on for a few hours and not deal with the whole Madoff thing. Oh....and I'm sick of hearing about Michael Jackson also. When he was a child - he was adorable and had some great songs. After he became white and whacko - I was no longer impressed. Yes, it's sad that a life ended so young...but the same could be said of Farrah Fawcett. I truly don't need to hear all the sordid details rehashed over and over again, about his past history. Enough already!!!! There are more serious issues in the world that need out attention.

Needless to say, my attitude, not to mention thedaughter's is really ripe at the moment. We had to get "into it" with thegrandson's baseball coaches wife - and this is never pleasant. The sad part, this woman (same age as thedaughter) were softball rivals all thru school and still have a dislike for each other. this time, thegrandsons feelings were at stake and we had no choice but to call them on this issue. It's all now over and done and we are working on a cool down period. No blood was spilt although I was fearful at one point. Before thegrandson plays baseball next year, I will see that there are some changes made to how Junior Sports is operated, to avoid these arguments. Grrr...I hate to get my dander up at my age - but I can still hold my own!!!

Have a great weekend and will check back......later............

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Apparently this VERY religious young man just came into this church saying he wanted his homosexiual demons cast out....right!!!

I call this "light" entertainment.


There is a brouhaha over this picture posted by Celtic Diva on her Alaskan progressive blogsite. Again, the morons of the Palin camp are SPINNING this picture to be about "the special needs child." Apparently, it is much easier to pick on the (according to snotty Sarah) bloggers who sit around all day in their pajamas, blogging about things they know nothing about. That would be the Palin Way!

By photo-shopping this picture - to the truly intelligent, it actually takes the "special needs child" out of the equation. DUH!?!? The connection is being made of Palin's close ties/connections to Eddie Burke and his racist, bigotted, white supremacy ideas.

Celtic Diva doggedly searches out the facts, and was the one who filed an ethics complaint against Palin, when she was wearing the special green sportswear (for Arctic Cat), during husband Todd's run. Unfortunately, her complaint was apparently thrown out for one reason or another - I would assume the reason would be Palin influence. I know it was ethically wrong and the majority of people also felt that way - but who can argue with the Alaskan legislature?

The following was from a statement sent to Politico from a Palin spokesperson - probably the equally vacuumed brained Stapleton woman.

Recently we learned of a malicious desecration of a photo of the Governor and baby Trig that has become an iconic representation of a mother's love for a special needs child.

The mere idea of someone doctoring the photo of a special needs baby is appalling. To learn that two Alaskans did it is absolutely sickening. Linda Kellen Biegel, the official Democrat Party blogger for Alaska, should be ashamed of herself and the Democratic National Committee should be ashamed for promoting this website and encouraging this atrocious behavior.

Babies and children are off limits. It is past time to restore decency in politics and real tolerance for all Americans. The Obama Administration sets the moral compass for its party. We ask that special needs children be loved, respected and accepted and that this type of degeneracy be condemned.

The blogger, Linda Kellen Biegel of "Blue Oasis," responded:

To those folks at a certain Palinbot site who think the picture above is of Trig, let me use a phrase many of you are familiar with...


It's called "Baby Burke" because it's Eddie Burke...basically his probable second-biggest fantasy about the Governor.

The photo was used to promote a fundraiser to request Palin administration records of "potentially questionable conversations between with "preferred" members of the media."

Excuse me, I take offense at the very first paragraph of the statement. Since when has this particular picture become an "iconic representation" of a mothers love for a special needs child. Is this picture hanging in a museum somewhere with that designation?

As said in the past, she chose to put her children in the forefront during the failed campaign. No way in hell, does this photo-shopped picture denigrate her children. It expresses her closeness to right wingnut bigotry and hypocrisy.

Keep up the good work Celtic Diva - you have an army of supporters.

It is amazing how these fucking morons honestly believe that this statement is even worth the release.

Have a great day all....later..........


But first..let's have Jon Stewart comment:

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Considering Sanford had the balls to make comments in the past about honesty, integrity and the sanctity of marriage...I say "out with your ass", I'm sick and tired of the hypocrisy.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The Governor of South Carolina needs to be strung up by his toes and left out in the hot sun!! He gets no sympathy from me for being a "cheater!" As seen here, he has a lovely wife and family, and chooses to take off to Buenos Aires for a clandestine meeting with his slut. Yes, I said slut!! Women who decide they have found the "love of their life" in a married man, need to wake up and smell the coffee. If a man cheats on his wife - he WILL cheat on his whore also.

I speak from experience here. My late husband was not a governor - he wasn't that smart...but he had a loving family which he denied to all he knew. He painted an ugly picture of us to his paramours and the rest of his family. Men who cheat, thrive on the lies. Amazingly, many people, be it family or friends believe each and every word that they spew forth. Lies, which I refuse to even address. I am comfortable in the life we offered - although the lies paint something horrid.

Gov. Sanford made an ass of himself when he decided he wasn't going to accept the stimulus package for his state. Now, he left HIS state - the one in which he is responsible 24/7 - without a word or itinerary given - to screw his whore for a few days. I certainly hope he got his jollies, because his feet are in the fire now! The Lieutenant Gov. of SC had some valid points as to the governor being "missing." Control of the state was literally up in the air for those few days.

I see impeachment in this fukktards future. I also see the wife making out like a bandit because, for as smart as he thought he was....GOTCHA!!! The next few days should be interesting - as we get to watch this lame excuse for a man...squirm. Works for me.


Thegrandson finished up his baseball season last night. There was a two day playoff session, and unfortunately, we lost both games. His team came in fourth - and he still has a huge trophy to show for his efforts.

I practiced with him before both games, and gave the usual pointers (I coached Little League and Girl's Softball for years), but I think his team was basically worn out. I loved this team, because it was FUN. I have encountered many teams being coached by fathers, living their failed sports lives vicariously through their sons. I've seen the irate tantrums thrown by these parents to the point that the children are brought to tears. That doesn't cut it with me. I had to take one man down a peg or two last night. He was no fun at all - he just walked away. Harumph!!

This is thegrandson receiving his trophy after a handshake with the coach. I'm very proud of him and I know he has the drive to continue with baseball for the next several years. this is a sport I truly love to watch and advise a little in my own way.

Tomorrow, the stinker starts his swimming lessons - so he is again getting excited. And...as far as I know, theson has not been in any more car accidents. Two in two days is more than enough for me.

I hope everyone in bloggy land is doing well and I shall return.....later.....

Monday, June 22, 2009


but this law is definitely warranted. I do believe I may have posted something about this in the past. Oh well...may as well keep it out there. Frank was adamant when he proposed this law federally - but it was shot down last year. But Boston DID pass the law last November. As you can see here, there are many states that have made the crime of possession a simple civil fine.

I just don't get it - or maybe I do. The legislators refuse to give credence to any law regarding lessening the criminality of this harmless plant, but I'm sure that if someone would pose the changing of alcohol consumption laws - they would definitely deny that change. Whatever would they do without their three martini lunches? They would miss out on their yearly vacations to rehab (for alcoholism). Tsk-tsk.

I've said it before - I'd rather be around someone who is stoned than DRUNK! And I mean that. A little herb ensures a good night's sleep for me. It also take my mind off the constant pain I endure. Whew...the big Pharmas would rather charge me a mortgage payment to utilize their medications.

Well, thanks for all the well wishes for theson and his Egyptian auto accident. The clincher...he was "rear ended" on the way home from work TODAY. I finally Skyped him, and told him it might be a good idea to stay home from work tomorrow. The corporation he works for, will be getting a lot of rental vehicles repaired at this rate. His usual driver, Emad, was not driving today, as when he went to the police station to do whatever they do in a foreign country - they lost his drivers license. Hopefully, he will get that all taken care of tomorrow in Cairo in time to pick theson up after work. My fingers are crossed - not to mention the flip-flops my heart is going through.

Thegrandson had his first play off game for baseball. He played well, a double, single and 4 RBI's. Alas, they lost 9-7. Tomorrow we play again in the insufferable heat. I took a shower before the game tonight - big mistake, I need another one now.

Something has totally amazed me. I promised thegrandson when we got home from vacation, I would sign him up for swimming lessons. Many, many moons ago, I taught swimming lessons for the Red Cross. I imagined I would call the local pools and see when the courses would be offered - no such thing anymore. He will get 1/2 hour, one day a week from a private instructor. No big deal really, but have the cut-backs affected water safety now? I enjoyed teaching adults - mostly all were afraid of water. I had a 100% success rate. But that was also 40 years ago. I can still swim quite well, but the patience to teach - NOT. Thegrandson should certainly concentrate with a good looking high school girl. (If he carries the family genes.)

I really have to get in the shower...I'm sure I am rather fragrant and people in this neighborhood get such an attitude sometimes. Thegrandson is all shiny and sparkly, so it's my turn. Have a great evening and I will check back........later..........


I think these two may be my new idols. And they enjoy every minute! (They are both 90 years young.)

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I love my son dearly and he is a grown man, but I worry about him constantly. He is a walking accident sometimes. What with two "bot" fly incidence, tripping over or off of steps while inebriated, etc...

Now I read his blog today - Nomadic Tendencies, and find out he has been in an accident.

I need to dig up the video I have from my visit to Cairo last May. Theson's driver is an excellent driver - but I had to get some video of the craziness of most Egyptian drivers. There were times that I just closed my eyes, and kept faith in the man at the wheel.

I'm so happy that theson is well and uninjured, and able to blog about the event, with pictures.

Found the video - this was taken on our way to The Citadel. There are no lane markings, and you can see how people just "make their way" around and into traffic.

There were worse incidents, but I never had my camera at the time.

I shall return.....later..............


One thing we are short of in this household - is fathers. My father died in 1979, two days before his 73rd birthday. I have mentioned before that I was adopted, and the home life was not really what one would call normal. But, between the two adoptive parents, my father was my inspiration. I loved him more than anything, and of all three siblings, I was his favorite and we always had a great communication and bond.

Dad was a banker all his life, and "way back then", there was a mandatory retirement age of 65. To this day, I swear that is what killed him. He only knew his white collar world, and to be thrust into a world of idleness was a lot for him to bear. He toured Scotland and Ireland, and was writing a book about the English monarchy (which I still have in its basest form). But to do the menial chores around the house, like cut the grass, fix the plumbing - these were all alien to him.

He did the best he could, as being a parent - but having married the shrew of a ladder climbing bitch, he was never allowed to say much. Our conversations basically took place when the wench was out of the home or in a distant room.

For what it was - our relationship - I treasure the memories. He never drove, and I would take him on "Sunday drives", at which time, he would always point out the house of his NEXT wife. He would say, "when your mother is gone, I'm going to marry so and so." I thought that was pretty cool coming from this brow beaten gentleman. Unfortunately, he passed away first. My children were 2 and 4 months of age, when he died, and I regret that they never had the opportunity to KNOW their grandfather. (**They knew their grandmother, and also knew she couldn't remember their names.)

My children's father died in 2000, and the memories my kids carry are not the best at all either. He was a mean alcoholic, who ranked his wife and children way down on his list compared to: drinking buddies, extra-marital affairs, his own self and the alcohol. My husband had been married before and had two sons who were 5 and 7 when we married. We have occasional contact, and I am proud of their success in life, but they carry few good memories also. On our weekends of visitation, I was the caregiver, as their father was still busy at the bars and totally drunk. I took care of the kids with their chicken pox and cuts and bruises.

The "upside" to all of this is that my oldest step-son is a super father. His brother has not had any offspring to date. My son, will be one terrific father when the time comes. He loves children and knows the attention that is needed to help a child develop.

Thegrandson (son of my daughter), has no father in the picture - he bailed out when thedaughter was 2 months pregnant. Apparently he has donated sperm for at least 10 children that we know of. We do not dwell on that fact...we just try to provide thegrandson with ideals to follow, manners to adhere to and stability. As I am continually saying - thegrandson doesn't need a father - he has an Uncle Zac. Positive role models are always available and to date, and we don't see any problems developing in that area so far. (**So to hell with you Man Coulter and your single-mother theories!)

So, to all of you who still have a father in the picture - I say totally enjoy the moment. Not having a father in the picture is not the end all, be all of the world. The memories exist, good, bad or otherwise. We all manage to get past all the bad, and moderate our behavior so as not to perpetuate that bad.

Enjoy the day all! Later.......................

Friday, June 19, 2009


I totally understand the protections granted by copyright...but the fines assessed this lady is totally out of the realm of logic. This woman was fined $220K in 2007, but due to an error in the jury verdict, a new trial was granted.

We all know that to pay off a couple million dollar fine is never going to happen, and by the ruling alone, she will never have any money of her own - as all would be garnished to pay off the fine.

This is where tort reform is necessary. We are a litigious society, and one that has gotten out of hand - and the lawyers are perpetuating this heinous crime.

If someone were maimed or further injured due to medical malpractice, that is one thing, but should be decided on the total limitations. The same goes for auto accidents and the like. These mega-million settlements are way out of hand. Too many have found ways to end up on easy street through frivolous litigation over and over.

I had a neighbor who was literally banned from all local department stores (K-Mart, Sears, Walmart, etc.), because she managed to FALL in each store and brought suit against all these entities. She is a lazy ass, who found a way to avoid a paying job, by claiming back and neck injuries, which are hard to detect other than chronic complaining.

But anyway, I digress. This woman, had she paid for the downloads the right way, would have paid .99 cents per song - 24 total songs. So, I'm hoping that an appeal that will surely be filed - will be granted. I might add that these mega million dollar settlements in the medical field are one factor in the rising costs we all pay. BS!!!


While on vacation in Ocean City, Md., my favorite sport was when we had to actually drive somewhere - MAKING THE U-TURNS!! Everywhere locally, the act of U turns is a legal no-no, and the fines are stiff. Ha! On the Ocean Highway which runs the length of Ocean City (Salisbury also), U turns are legal, and practiced overtly. thedaughter was almost laughing hysterically, when I said all I wanted to do was run the length of the boulevard and just make U-turns. IT DOES NOT TAKE MUCH TO MAKE ME HAPPY!

We took one day to head to Assateague, where we were told there was a drive thru zoo, where the animals came to the cars, and also miniature horses. Alas, someone lied to us. It would involve a lot of walking and the first obstacle was a bridge with an 80* incline. I don't think so.
These signs just made me so happy, and they were everywhere. I need to talk to the powers that be, and inform them that there may be a therapeutic benefit to being able to make these turns. Of course, the downside would be the ease with which one could vent even further road rage, I guess. Oh well, not my problem. My road rage consists of verbal phrases rather than any physical confrontations.

I believe we only ran into ONE of these signs. Which upset me greatly, but I adapted.


I just downloaded some more pictures taken on the old Sony camera, and these were some activities thegrandson found to be quite fun, on the beach at the Boardwalk.

This wooden fort play structure was closest to the boardwalk, and as you walked north, there were others, a tank, a boat and so on. I believe he managed to play on all of them. My back was killing me just from walking - and he even wanted me to come out and play on these things - so not happening.

This was the gorgeous drive to Assateague, the trees were gorgeous as they draped across the roadway.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


This is an interesting video, with Adam Greene of OpenLeft a blog site confronting the attack "journalist" from clusterFOX news, Griff Jenkins - outside a building where members of ACORN were meeting.

Jenkins is a fukktard of gargantuan proportions anyway, so this was a delight to my eyes to see someone literally catch him off guard. Note how Jenkins decides to rant on about Adam Green being from the PRESS. Yay, bloggers are now considered legitimate reporters!!

Memo to self **next time interviewing anyone, take along my own RED CARPET!

If I watched O'Reilly, it would be interesting to see what kind of SPIN the blowhard puts on this video, if he has the nerve to air the entire mess. We all know "the SPIN stops here" with O'Reilly - so EVERYTHING MUST BE TRUE.


We were hit with some fierce storms last night, causing major damage throughout the valley. The first storm was not a direct hit here, and thegrandson and I watched the black clouds from the front porch, while chatting with the neighbor and wondering what the end result would be for us. Initially, we had mostly lightening and thunder, as the storm skirted around us, the first barrage of rain started, yet only lasted maybe one half hour. The second storm was hot on the tails of the first - and the picture above is a funnel cloud that formed not far from here. There were no reports of it touching down, but when you live in a valley of many hills, a tornado sighting is a rarity. The second storm inundated us with 3" of rain in an hour, causing major flooding just south of me. The street to my daughter's house was closed due to high water as were many others nearby.

On June 14, 1990, we had the Wegee and Pipe Creek floods which killed 26 people, several whom I knew...so we are a valley of "creek watchers." That was a case, called a "one hundred year event", where a storm stalled over this area and dumped 6" of rain with 4" being dumped in the first hour. It was a horrible time for so many. To this day, if we are hit by torrential downpours, the flashbacks reappear.

This time my basement stayed dry - that makes me a very happy camper. Some neighbors got hit this time, which is strange to me, but I won't question it at this point.

So much to do and I seem to be spinning my wheels. Have a great day and catch ya.....later...........

We are supposed to have equally hard storms again tomorrow night - so if Mother Nature could be appeased in anyway - I'm open to suggestions.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We read about "shocking" scandals in the various media outlets daily, but now we have one celebrity shocker developing here at home. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have elected to have a surrogate for their future twins. This surrogate is from Martins Ferry, Ohio originally, but from all reports is currently residing in Florida.

Apparently the Ohio BCI is investigating the police chief in Martins Ferry and the police chief of Bridgeport, Ohio, for allegations of home invasion of this woman's former residence in Martins Ferry. The two were allegedly working in collusion with a reporter from the National Enquirer, in gaining pictures and personal items from Ms. Ross's home - for sale to the tabloid.

I know both men personally, and do I think they could be involved in such a scam? Probably! The police chief from Bridgeport graduated with thedaughter, and is only in his position because he married the mayor's granddaughter - go figure. He is not the brightest bulb on the tree and he and I have had many arguments in the past. He is also of the mentality, once donning a badge and a gun - that he is smarter than anyone! That is so not happening.

I will be curious to see how this develops in the future. My belief is that what the Parker-Broderick couple decide to do, as far as hiring a surrogate, is totally personal. Needless to say, the tabloids are always looking for DIRT on someone in someway. This could get interesting.

I shall return.....later......................

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


This collage of all the Presidents to date was sent out in an email from one Sherri Goforth, an executive assistant for Tennessee State Representative Diane Black(R). Her lame excuse, that she unfortunately sent this to the wrong email list smacks of total hypocrisy and LIES!! Would it truly matter what list it was sent to? I blares the words BIGOT - RACIST, there is no whitewashing this fact.

Ms. Black has, according to her spokesperson, reprimanded Goforth - both verbally and a written warning. No apologies from me - THIS WOMAN SHOULD BE FIRED! Her excuses are a sham and lack credibility. Her apology was a disgrace by blaming her mistake of sending to the wrong list - this woman should not be in a position to email anyone from a politically based office ever again.

This email was also sent with a disclaimer: that it was paid for and sent by the Republican party. Of course the powers that be in TN, have immediately disavowed that statement.

There was another Republican activist in either NC or SC, who made a reference on his Facebook page, after noting that some gorillas escaped from a local zoo - and then referring to Michelle Obama and her lineage. What word is worse than "disgrace?" Apologies are not enough - there should be consequences when people use their positions to propagate this vile bigoted attitude.

I may not be 100% happy with some of the back-pedaling that our President has shown, but it isn't about his color or ethnicity. I wasn't raised in a bigoted home or atmosphere - and made sure my children were raised the same.

All these racist episodes have made me so mad I could chew nails. I should hope that these individuals are dealt with more severely than has been shown to date.


As for the feud between David Letterman and the Wasilla Babe...my views are rather simple. When I first heard the joke, I thought he was referring to Bristol - because who the hell even remember Willow? Be that as it may, he did cross a line that required a simple apology. Palin and her spokesperson both blew this way out of proportion with the "raping of a 14 year old" and pedophile references to Letterman.

Considering Palin cannot utter one single grammatically correct sentence, let alone an entire speech - I was actually having a hard time connecting all the dots. It has to be funny to watch me, because when I hear Palin open her mouth, I cock my head like a bewildered dog. More often than not followed by a "did she say what I though she said?" What a goof. This narcissistic woman has one goal alone - to stay in the public eye and garner attention.

In accepting Letterman's apology, she went off on a tangent, including the men and women who are fighting to keep us safe, blah, blah, blah. WTF does all that have to do with just saying "apology accepted?" As for the idiots that think they can champion Letterman's firing from the show...dream on. That will never happen - he is also protected by free speech and apologies have been made - end of subject.

I should hope that all the election problems in Iran could be salvaged and done democratically and properly - but I don't foresee that happening. McCain has spoken out and stated that Obama should be declaring this and that about the election process in Iran - essentially pulling a Cheney and wanting to start another war. Scary thought huh?

All righty then...I have some stuff I need to get to, so I shall return....later..........

Monday, June 15, 2009


So, I decided to just deal with pictures from the vacation before commenting on all the bullshit news. (tongue in cheek). I have posted the vacay pics at flickr site if anyone want to check out the fuller figure club at the beach! Hey, at this point in my life, I couldn't care less - I just wanted to get away.

I had to take a picture in the car as we were hading to OC, as we had 2 cell phones, an iPod, a radar detector and stuff all on the dash - and I commented to thedaughter that our dash alone was worth a pretty penny.

Not even ten minutes after we checked into our room, I got a phone call - it was a young man's voice and all he said was "get out of the room, the cops are on their way!" WTF...we hadn't even burned one yet! Paranoia sets in, as I am super tired. I complained to the manager at the front desk that I was not impressed with getting prank calls immediately upon arriving in our room. They apologized and said it wouldn't happen again - like how are they going stop something like that? I was hoping this was not going to be a portent of things to come. (It wasn't.)

This is my ultimate favorite picture...thegrandson flying his kite. I put it together and he just took off and did an amazing job of getting it to soar! When he first got the kite up in the air, I was impressed...then I realized the tail was still balled up - yet he got it very high. He did even better once we unraveled the tail and let it fly!

There wasn't one single decent sunrise to film though. Every morning looked like it was going to storm (yet only stormed on 3 occasions), but by noon all was clear.

I'm going to have stop here, as I have some things to tend to, but I will add more later. Have a great day friends...enjoy the weather! (Hope it is good for all.)


Thegrandson was totally excited about being able to sleep on his OWN sofa bed on vacation. So we figured he was old and big enough to open and close the damn thing. It was hysterical to watch him. I am uploading the "closing" video now. I may add to the end of this post in a little while.

OK - here's the "closing" of the sofa bed...rather brief compared to the big opening! My grandson cracks me up - he is such a hambone!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


We arrived home this evening about 7:30 pm. It was exactly 8 hours after leaving Ocean City, Md. I drove 7 hours and then thedaughter drove the remaining 1/2 hour to the door. (We had a half hour sandwich break in Denton, MD.)

I have to catch up on everyone's posts, as it was hard to do with the lousy ethernet connection I had to use. I am so spoiled by high-speed wi-fi!

I have tons of pictures I have to download and organize, because there are some interesting tales to some pictorial events - haha!

Thedaughter and thegrandson both came home with severe cases of "swimmers ear", thedaughters being the worst. We spent 2 hours in an emergency room 10 miles outside of Ocean City last night - and to put it mildly - thedaughter does NOT handle pain well at all.

So, I need a bath and MY BED!! Hopefully I will have some pics ready for a post tomorrow. I hope no one has abandoned me.....have a great evening.


Sunday, June 07, 2009


So far, I am of the belief that I will need a vacation after this vacation. To see me pack for a cruise or a trip alone, is a treat. Get suitcase, throw in some essentials and out the door. With three of us and thegrandson wanting to take every toy and piece of clothing he owns - is driving me up a wall.

I have downloaded all of thedaughters music to the iPod, cameras are packed, of course there are more clothes than anyone needs, and we will definitely forget something. The plan is to leave here at 5 am tomorrow morning. Thegrandson can sleep in the back seat and he has his coloring and activity books, not to mention the PSP (and I bought a car charger to keep it active).

The dog has to go to the "boarders" tonight, and this should be interesting - she's in heat. Talk about great timing. I am hoping to get her spayed when we return home. The cat is going to have the run of the house the entire time. No humans or dog to attack - this may just be the catalyst to drive her over the edge. My neighbor is going to check on her Wednesday or Thursday to make sure her food is OK and that she hasn't run out of water.

I can't find my favorite beach cover-up and I'm about ready to bust a vessel. I keep it in the same place all the time, but for whatever reason - not there. Grrr....

I am taking my puter and I hopefully will be posting some pics from there. One cannot expect me to go through computer withdrawal for no reason. Even on cruises I have to get to the computer room at least every other day. This is a short vacation for me. I usually like an entire week, but we will be returning home next Saturday.

I have promised thegrandson that we will get a kite - of course that is an age old tradition - flying a kite on the beach. Let me tell you now...I will not be running to get it aloft. That would be tantamount to suicide. Death by boobs in the face. Arghhh...

Gotta run, more stuff to pack and organize. This may never end from what I can see.

Catch y'all tomorrow night after we get settled in. The eight hour drive won't deter me - I promise...I think!