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Saturday, January 31, 2009

GOOD GRIEF...give me a break......

The nitpicking has begun and now I am pissed....again. Former Bush chief of staff, Andy Card, is bitching to the media that Obama has a "locker room mentality", in his laid back approach to the Oval office. Reading here, just makes me want to smack someone "upside da head!"

In saying that Obama shows a complete lack of respect for the Office of President and the Oval office - I find stupid if not moronic.

OK, Bush made a rule, that suits and ties were to be worn at all times in the Oval office, big whoop - now explain to me how, what a person may be wearing will affect any decisions being made in one particular "office."

In my humble opinion, President Obama makes a much better connection with "the people" in his down to earth appearance and demeanor. I also have not seen anything phony in this representation.

I have never been a fan of seeing a man with a chokingly tight collar and tie. Now throw in unbearably hot weather - and I see a man in a business suit and tie - I want to say "go home and get your polo shirt on and chill."

I care more for what a person has to say and contribute than what "they are wearing." Men have much fewer options in "dressing up" than a woman. A suit, is a suit, is a suit - only the color changes. How boring is that? Whereas, a woman has a variety of styles and colors to choose from.

Nope, nope, nope...I am quite happy with Obama's approach - in his office, to the people and his family. He has quashed the "Hail to the Chief" being played at every drop of the hat, and his press conference began with no announcement such as "Ladies and gentlemen, the POTUS!"

Michelle Obama has also announced to the household staff that they need not dress so fancy 24/7. She even said there may be times when she would like the staff to join her and the girls for a movie. I say, SUPER.

We are not a monarchy - and I believe that the Obama's would like to keep some normalcy in their lives and remain just "people." How cool is that? Of course, I understand that the blue-nosed, Washington snobs are all in a tizzy over these "acts of defiance" but my message to them....GET OVER IT!!!

Is Obama going to show up in grunge wear...I think not. But I definitely believe business casual may become more common over the next four eight years.

Just a thought here...I also believe a man may think more clearly when blood flow to the brain is unrestricted by a damn TIE.

Okie dokie...enough for tonight. My neighbor has erected a huge STEELER NATION sign in their yard for tomorrow, and hopes to get a picture with as many supporters as possible. So I will definitely be trudging through the snow to be captured for posterity.

I must get a good nights rest for tomorrows events. Take care and I'll be back later................

Steelers 09


The Pop Rocks Steelers song

these kids are 11 - 13 years old...terrific performance. GO STEELERS!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

I say "hang 'em all!"...........

Three cheers for NY Attorney General Cuomo. Since Obama voiced his displeasure yesterday for these HUGE bonuses, paid out to TARP receiving CEO's....apparently the fat lady hasn't sung yet.

There appears to be quite a few unanswered questions, as you can read here, that Cuomo intends to receive answers. I'm with Obama on this one..."shameless".

Ahhhhh...the memories....

I just got a call to a Super Bowl party, actually from someone who's parties I attended for several years...but alas, I probably won't make it there. I am now getting super hyped - can ya tell?

I'm sure there are some old folk out there who remember this play from the '70's...quite memorable.

TTFN, I shall return later............

Happiness turns to controversy....

I'm sure everyone has read about the birth of these octuplets recently. When I first heard of this event, I thought, that is great, a couple trying to have children through other methods, has successfully been given a family. A huge one at that.

But now more information is coming to light, which makes me ponder the situation as maybe NOT so great. This woman has SIX other children in the home, comprised of one set of twins and ranging in ages from 2 to 7. Now, this is a family with 14 children under the age of 7. What is wrong with this picture?

Apparently, she was given a choice of selective reduction, once the number of fetuses was revealed (originally thought to be seven). A procedure which was refused. With the economy being such as it is, even bringing a child into the world at the moment gives one pause, as to the expenses involved in rearing a child - much less 14. Was this couple hoping for an immediate television deal, such as the couple who just delivered their umpteenth child? Was this couple thinking that the sympathetic neighbors and friends would donate all the necessities, i.e., diapers, bottles, formula, etc.?

Apparently the husband is headed back to Iraq, as he is a contractor, and says he needs to get back to work to support his family. I'm not sure that even he can make enough money to support a brood this large. CORRECTION: The grandfather is headed to Iraq...this woman is unmarried.

I also have ethical questions. 1. What fertility clinic would avail themselves to this couple if they honestly knew that there were already six children in the home, all very young? All IVF clinics offer psychiatric counselling to gauge suitability of parents to handle multiple births. 2. How honest was this woman, since she supposedly filed for bankruptcy last year - where did the money come from for IVF treatments (and they aren't cheap)? ***There has never been a documented case of naturally conceived octuplets.

I would imagine that a lot more information will be revealed in the near future, but I would hope that this family does not end up being supported by the government, in some sort of bizarre ruse they were hoping to fulfill.

I would also hope that this woman and supposedly a husband - can physically meet the demands of 8 premature infants plus the remaining six children. The house that this woman and her children are living in, is owned by her parents, and in a cul-de-sac of three bedroom homes. This could be interesting.

I will be waiting to see how this story evolves. Curiosity killed the cat, you know!

Thedaughter is trying to get (drive) to the grocery store, but the weather is frightful. We have gotten four inches of snow since I got up early this morning - and that is on top of two inches of ice. This is when I regret trading in my 4WD.

At 7:30 am in morning...someone pissing me off!!!!

OK - I mentioned the HUGE package from Egypt was supposed to arrive here at my home either yesterday or today in a previous post. This package (one) weighs 440 pounds. The delivery was NOT made yesterday, so I assumed (bad idea) today would be the day. This is sooooo NOT happening.

I just got a call from the trucking company hired to deliver and the news is not good. When I spoke to the gentleman who handled this delivery as it entered the U.S., he said it would be delivered on a 25 foot truck and a small bribe would probably ensure some help in getting the heavy load onto my porch. Again - NOT.

This guy I just spoke with, is aware of our location and the truck being used is a SEMI-TRACTOR TRAILER. That would be 45 more feet of truck to try and traverse narrow residential streets - in deplorable condition due to all this snow and ice.

I explained to this gentleman, that I was told that someone might be able to help me get this onto the porch and his reply..."I am a solo driver." He then asks if I know anyone with a forklift??? Where the fuck did he come up with that one? Anyone out there have a forklift they want to loan me? Holy crap Batman...I'm ready for a breakdown.

As it stands at the moment...this guy will call me back on Monday, after conversing with his boss, to see if there can be a remedy. Theson has a full bed pick up truck, maybe I can meet the guy somewhere and OPEN this single package and place the individual pieces into the pickup. I know I will still need help in doing even that. This is so bizarre - I know theson packaged everything individually - how the hell did they all end up in ONE HUGE BOX???

I must go rethink this whole situation...my brain cells are aching! It is snowing more and a big storm is brewing - what next...an earthquake??? Don't answer that!!!


P.S. I just shot this "weather" video to add here. Brrrr....

Thursday, January 29, 2009

And ALL is well with the world....Obama's on our side!!

This past Fall, when Obama was campaigning in Pennsylvania, Mr. Rooney, owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers had a big campaign rally at Heinz Field. Several season ticket holders, from what I read, called and complained that they would not renew their tickets, because of Rooney's stance with Obama. Mr. Rooney's reply was along the lines of "fine, there are plenty of people waiting for tickets." Which is quite true - I was on a waiting list for ten years, before I finally gave up. I rely on friends with tickets now - beggar that I am.

Now, having seen this, I have even better feelings about a WIN for the Steelers on Sunday. If the Steelers are the pick of our Prez...hey, I believe that to be a sign of some sort. (I have no doubts anyway!)

Thedaughter will be working a 3-11:30 pm shift, so having to babysit...I will be watching the Super Bowl and legendary SIXTH win here at home by my lonesome. No problem...I can yell louder!!!!

That's my sign-off post for the night. Be back tomorrow - another "snow day" for the schools (they only had a short day this week), and they are definitely in the make-up days now. I hope they just shorten Easter holidays and cut out some in-service days. I am hearing rumors of a 'Noreaster headed our way the beginning of the week...I hope someone is LYING!!!


I've been tagged...but this one is short & sweet....

Thank you Nan, I love some of the memes going around and this one is no different.

The rules/commands are as follows:
1. Go to the 4th folder in your computer, where you store your pictures.
2. Pick the 4th picture in that folder.
3. Explain that picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same.

OK - this sounds easy...let's just see what picture is in that locale.....

Well, some people might have beautiful landscapes or possibly a sentimental reminder in their picture folder, but this is definitely different.

This is from my folder "Boston 2004", which may be appropriate, as I just returned from my annual visit. This would be an angel yard ornament, for lack of a better description. One that has individual arms, legs, body, etc., and can be placed in various forms. Since I have this impish, sometimes bizarre sense of humor, I decided to turn the cherub into a contortionist.

Now, you will see the painted ceramic dog with sunglasses, sitting atop the angel - yep...another perverse idea of mine. This little ceramic dog, was our "travelocity gnome" of sorts. Wherever my late friend and I travelled, we took pictures of the dog in all kinds of weird sites and positions. I succeeded quite well on this I do believe.

Although, it is not required in this meme, I think I will now add a few pics that I DID take of our travelling DOG.

Travelling Dog - watching his morning cartoons on our Caribbean cruise.

Travelling Dog all ready for his breakfast on balcony of our ship.

Can you find Travelling Dog hiding with the M&M's????

Travelling Dog has no ID - but wants a drink at the ship's poolside bar....duh!?!?

Travelling Dog...spying on us from the safety of a small palm tree.

I know the meme only required the one picture...but consider yourself lucky to have viewed Travelling Dog having the time of his life.

I now tag the following:

Evil Twin's Wife at Glamorous Life of a Hausfrau
Freida Bee, as she has a super sense of humor.
Mnmom at Happy to be From Iowa, because it is cold in Minnesota and she needs something to do...haha!
Wits and Wiggles, just for shits and giggles!!!

I hope you enjoy...I had a blast!! Later...............

MY TRIP....what a wonderful time....

Essentially, there was nothing extraordinary or earth-shattering about my Boston trip...but to relax and converse with family is a wonderful escape. There had been a huge (by my standards) snowfall a few days before my arrival - and in total, I would guess there was between 12 and 14 inches of white stuff on the ground. There is one big difference between the New England area and the Ohio Valley, when it comes to large snowfalls...in New England they are geared for such weather events. Here, we just panic and head to the grocery stores, like we are going to be snowbound for months.

When I arrived on the 22nd, that was my hosts birthday (theScott). His son, who is three years old - and quite the articulated speaker - helped his mom bake brownies for the celebration. There is never a big hoopla at birthday time, rather laid back and enjoyable.

This would be littleTS, and his finished product, just waiting the arrival of his Daddy. The little guy was so proud that he helped bake this wonderful delight for his Dad. Just a note...for as devoted a Steelers fan that I am, of course they are die-hard supporters of their local team, the New England Patriots. I might suspect they will root for the Steelers on Sunday...but I was wrong once!

During this trip, we shopped at the Patriots Pro shop, located at Gillette Stadium, of course we managed to get to the Christmas Tree store (my favorite) also. We ate out a couple of times, but the one place that I was impressed with, was a Red Robin hamburger place. Exceptional burgers - and quite filling.

On Saturday, theSandra (sister to theJo) and her family headed to Providence, Rhode Island for a huge (attendance) cheerleading competition. One daughter is 4 and the other is 9 - and the level of this competition was awesome. The costumes, the styles of cheers, was all new to me. I think of cheerleaders and I relate to local basketball/football games. This is so far removed from that scenario. These girls basically cheer to COMPETE.

This is the 4 year old before her competition - the makeup is a stand-out feature for most of these young ladies, and eye catching to say the least. When these teams compete, one of the things they are rated on is "spirit" from their cheering fans and family. We had cow bells, beads, pictures, lighted neck bands...the whole enchilada, to show support. **We went for Saturdays competition, but did not attend on Sunday, but the 4 year old's team won first place (out of maybe 20 teams) and she was one delighted child.

This is the 9 year old, getting ready to do a tumbling routine. I am so amazed at the routines these young girls present for the judges. Just like those I have seen on TV, there are parts where the girls are lifted and/or flipped, and I am in awe of their agility. At my age and decrepit stage - just walking manages to garner my AWE!!! The 9 year old's team came in third in their division - whoopeee!!!!

It all came to a conclusion (the birthdays) on Monday evening with this:

Now, I'm not sure if this was my first or my second APPLE-TINI...but it was deeeeelicious no matter. As soon as the weather breaks here, I'm heading to the liquor store and get the necessities to enjoy here at home. I may just become a closet drinker. I figure it can't be too bad - it is one of the food groups!!!

I will be transferring the pics to my Flickr site in a short while. Just click on the "go to mjbonen's photostream" on the above picture strip to view. Give me a couple of hours though. So much to do and so little time. The pics include some of theJo's Christmas decorations inside her house - gorgeous!!!

Theson's "stuff" is being delivered here to the house either today or tomorrow, and it is ONE box weighing over 400 pounds. The gentleman I talked to said this is a "curbside" delivery. Meaning, I will be responsible for getting the box on the porch - then in the house. This is so NOT happening. So I better put some make-up on and brush up on my charms. I suppose a little cash wouldn't hurt either. This could be interesting.

I shall return in a little while - if I survive..Later...............

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'M BAAAACK!!!! Just a quickie for now though....

Well, I'm back in the warmth of my home and all of a sudden I seem to be rushing to get so much accomplished. Needless to say, Tax Season is upon me, so I finished downloading my program this morning...now all I need to do is get some supplies.

I had the most super, wonderful, marvelous time in the Boston area. Although, these are the relatives of my late best friend...I have adopted them as my own - and they can't get rid of me now! It is so comfortable to just sit around and catch up on news and not have to be entertained the entire time.

I do believe we celebrated THE birthdays, the entire five days. What a great time. The trip home was another story. the plane left on time from Logan in Boston and arrived on time in Pittsburgh to a steady snowfall. What normally is a 50 minute drive to the airport - took over two hours in getting home. We fought idiots, ice and snow the entire way...and at a speed of 30 - 35 mph. My nerves were shot. So now we are staying inside out of this horrendous weather.

Thedaughter and thegrandson could not wait to give me my birthday present, so they had me open the box in the car on the way home last night. I am on cloud nine again...they know me so well....here is the super present:

Curses, I should have wiped the fingerprints off before taking this picture. But it has my name and #1 Fan, engraved on the plate. I could not have been any happier - and to see the smile on thegrandson's face - priceless.

I have to show you - my birthday present to myself - I'm so stupidly generous sometimes.....

This little guy stands 11" high and is called a "garden gnome", but trust me, it will never get close to any dirt!!! He is just adorable. I may be obsessed here, but I will get over it - or not!

I have to run for now - lots to do, but I will get back with pictures from the trip and more updates. Oh, by the way....I never travel without my camera....until this trip. I was so mad at myself, but theJo burned a CD of the pics taken during my visit and I will be sharing.

So take care for now - so glad you all didn't forget me. Later............

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


President Barack H. Obama is OFFICIALLY the POTUS!!! Jeebus...I'm glad that is over. I did not see it, but a friend told me that someone on (our favorite?!?!) Faux News made the comment, that Obama could officially be out of office, as the oath was screwed up. Well duh!?!?! So, the oath was re-administered in the Map Room of the White House, just to ensure everything was in order.

But catch Joe Biden's quip today.....

It appears that Pres. Obama was at first not impressed with the "joke", but upon closer scrutiny, I do believe he is holding back a chuckle. I would have been rolling on the floor laughing, but that's me! (Of course someone would have to then help me up again.)

I honestly have nothing more to add - it's almost 9 pm, I suppose I should pack a suitcase, since I am leaving the house at 7 am. I'm such a "last minute" person. By the time I get the main bag packed, all that will be left will be the "toiletries" to add to the carry-on.
I'm tired, think I will say goodnight.........don't abandon me while I'm gone. I will be home on the 27th - and will be here bright and early on the 28th. So play nice and I'll be missing you all.

Give me a break.........

After making my usual morning rounds of the blogs and news sites...I run into an article on Huffington Post - that Fox News was the ONLY news channel to cover George Bush's return to Midland, Texas. For Pete's sake, what part of Obama is the New President, do they not understand???? It's called "OUT with the old and IN with the new!"

In my pea size brain, I guess that Faux News, cannot understand how to just "let it go." I see no valid reason to denigrate the other new agencies, for covering what they deem to be newsworthy - while they (Faux) set themselves on a higher plane. I would assume that they just feel the need to cater to the repukes who fund their operations.

My day has been brightened by this piece on Politico.com. Just the line referring to the Bush Administration and their "unconscionable ineptitude", in dealing with Hurricane Katrina - made my day. We know what a clusterfuck that turned out to be..."you're doing a helluva job Brownie!" Argh............. And Bushie saying that he is proud of the efforts to get 30,000 people off rooftops, is a glowing moment for him. ***hitting myself in the head now!

There's two striking points to my morning. I have to get some laundry done and head to the store, before I leave tomorrow morning for Boston. I am leaving my laptop at home, so this site may be dark for a few days. There is a possibility I can blog from up north...once I figure out her Mac - they sometimes let me check my email and stuff. But I would imagine I will save it all for one big blog on my return. I will return later today.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cynic that I am....

WTF?!?!? Supposedly, Cheney injured his back while "moving" boxes into his McLean, Virginia home the other day. That's one big load of crap. C'mon now...he is worth millions, and has the WH staff at his beck and call (all before exiting today), and there is absolutely no reason why this jerk would even be lifting boxes.

Now, in my cynical way of thinking, if he indeed, did injure his back "moving those damn boxes", I am making a wild guess that said boxes probably contained "personal" papers, he was taking home to SHRED!!! Thus, the reason for the personal touch. Bush and Cheney have both been ordered by the courts to produce all these phone records and e-mails - but how much do you want to bet - they will never appear?!?!?!
One call to his Haliburton buddies, and slate wiped clean!

Is this not a GREAT picture??? Barack, Michelle, Jill and Joe waving "tata" to the Bushes. I thought I would never live for this day - and this picture alone, sums up my feelings quite well. "Scoot, scram, vamoose, get the hell out of here!" Woohoo, I'm ecstatic.

OK, this is my last sound-off of the day. There will be more tomorrow, of that I am sure. So, till then...Later.............


I'm sure that most of us who could, have been glued to our televisions on this historic day. I have seen many Inaugurations, and truly this one took my breath away. I must say, I do not remember all the former Presidents being in attendance in the past, and feel that this is more of a change promoted by our new Prez!

A little fact I also was unaware - that since the oath of office for the President, was running late, Barack Obama was STILL technically President at 12 noon - per our Constitution. I shall file that away on one of the computer chips in my brain, under trivia - albeit an interesting piece at that.

As far as the FORMER president goes, he could not leave Washington fast enough for me...and mean spirited as I am...it would have been cool to see Cheney rolling under a bus in his wheelchair. Smackey, smackey - I'm being awful here. As others have stated - the ultimate act, would have been to see Bush and Cheney in handcuffs being hauled away for their crimes against our country and the world.

One repuke analyst on CNN was upset because of the "booing" emitted from the crowds, when Bush was announced and came down the steps to his seat. Excuse me....people are pissed - GET OVER IT!!! The interviews taking place within these crowds has been great. People in general, knew they would never catch a glimpse of our new President, but just to be there - feel the electricity and the historic significance - is overwhelming.

I have never been a fan of Chief Justice John Roberts (from his confirmation hearings on) and to see this smug, arrogant puke SCREW up a 37 word, oath of office was hysterically funny. Considering Obama knew the oath - he manged to be flustered when Roberts fukked it up. Good grief!

In approximately one half hour, the parade from the Capitol to the White House will take place. I am curious if the new President and family will walk the 1.7 mile route. I'm not sure if security can handle that, considering the massive crowds in attendance.

I just received a call from a company handling the shipment of theson's TV, bike and other belongings, which he boxed for shipment home - in early November. We discussed this when he was home at Christmas, and there was no way to track this shipment at all. Apparently it never left Egypt till a week and a half ago. DUH!?!?! Now, the paperwork is apparently incomplete, more money requested, blah, blah, blah. I just told the jerk...email the details to theson and it will all be taken care of, one way or the other. Now that his "stuff" is on a dock in NYC somewhere, we shall see how long it takes to arrive at my doorstep.
I'm going to dash off here for now...watch the rest of the festivities - and will be back......Later......

Before I get into today's events...

Here is the NEW 2008-2009 - Pitsburgh Steeler Song/Video. Thanks to theson, over in Egypt for being one step ahead of me on this one!!!

The song is now updated to include the current roster of players - gets me stoked! I will probably end up placing it on my sidebar, after Super Bowl LXIII.

I'm wiating for the sun to rise on this NEW day - for our NEW President and a NEW future!! Have a great day - there will be many posts today I am sure.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tagged...re-tagged....and so on........

Having received the "6 Random Things About Yourself" meme, I have enjoyed reading those tagged. Believe it or not, I have been re-tagged, either intentionally or unintentionally. After giving this some thought - I will not consider this a necessity to be sent out as a tag anymore. I shall just continue where I left off - with the randomness and all.....

1. I have always been a "spontaneous" person - willing to drop something and rush to take care of someone, or possibly plan a road trip or day event at the very last possible minute. My best friend's life was so routine, down to the minute of the clock. I might call her and ask her to go to dinner with me, but she could not oblige as her husband had to be fed at a certain time, and it went against her routine. After some prodding, she soon fell into a spontaneous-ness of sorts, and enjoyed the new regimen. Hell, your husband knows how to go to the drive-thru and get a meal if he can't cook it himself. I won this battle. To this day, all it takes is a call or need and I drop what I'm doing, and on my way. Sometimes the spontaneity involves selfishness on my part - something just for me!!!

2. I was adopted (along with twin sister) - a direct adoption between lawyer and birth mother and adoptive parents. I also gave up a baby girl for adoption in 1970. Amazingly in 1992, my daughter found me, and it was the best time of my life. It is undeniable that we are related, if one were to see us together - but she had a beautiful 2 year old son and I could not have been happier. Shortly thereafter, I had all the information I could gather on my birth family - and found and met 2 sisters immediately, with one brother and another sister denying our existence. But my life had come full circle - with very few unanswered questions remaining.

3. I totally detested my birth mother...but one would have had to know the social climbing witch, to understand. My adoptive father was the best. There are just way too many incidents to bolster these feelings, which I will not relate at this time, but trust me...she was not likable. I had more love for our "nanny" than that woman. If I fell and hurt myself, it was always "go tell Gladys" she will take care of you. No problem, I even managed to be at Gladys' bedside when she passed away, taking a piece of me with her. Trust me, I am so over that part of my life - it was eons in the past.

4. I have been a news junkie for as long as I can remember. I rebelled against the Republican atmosphere of the home, and more or less flaunted that change in the above mentioned shrew's face. I got "how could you do this to us" so much I wanted to toss her out of a window. The woman never "got it." My political bent had nothing to do with them, as much as it had to do with the times we were living and my view of the world. She was a Repuke, because that's what right-leaning bankers and their families believed. She was the little white-collar wife, whist parties on Fridays type of wife. And she couldn't cook!! Loser. Enough on this subject, may pop a vessel.

5. I love the sunshine and warmth of Mexico, the Caribbean or Florida. during the winter months, I often daydream of all the good times I've had at all those places. Growing up, we spent a great deal of time in St. Petersburg, Fl., and I started yearly trips to Cancun in 1986. Then I graduated to cruises to the Caribbean in 1999. I did not cruise last year, as my super son had me come to Egypt for 12 days - incredible.

6. When my house burned down in 1984, I had a record collection to knock your socks off. I never purchased another record after that, and only have a few CD's at the present time. Maybe that is the "day the music died" for me.

7. I detest half hour sitcoms...as I find them a waste of time. You have an 18 minute show once the commercials are run and that pisses me off. Give me an hour long drama (approx. 42 minutes) or a movie and I am just a happy camper. Weird huh??

8. I miss the good times, my best friend and I had. The laughing at ourselves and others. We never made enemies only friends wherever we travelled. Like a child, I have no one to play with now. I will regret the 3 month spat we had before her passing - till the day I die. Fortunately, we both recognized that we were acting like 2 year olds and things were fine till the end.

9. I have one eye that is blue and brown - I've always considered myself a "mutant". Maybe I have super powers of which I am unaware. Cool.

10. I love to cut grass, but am not allowed to anymore...by my children. I had "the big one" while cutting grass and ended up with a triple-bypass. Big whoop! If I had a riding mower, I would probably keep mowing my way around the neighborhood.

11. I love tax season. I am at my busiest, as I have a rather large clientele. I love working with figures, and the organizing, checking and filing involved. My clients refer people constantly, so from the end of January to April 15th I keep quite busy.

12. This isn't random - as everyone visiting here knows...I'm excited for the new dawn of tomorrow. A new President, a big clusterfuck left behind by the idiot, a call for unity and the a fight we will all face together and hopefully work equally as well together for CHANGE!

OK, I managed to get a double in (12) so if anyone wants to do the original 6 - knock yourself out!

I may have to go back on my executive order, on keeping thegrandson home for the Inauguration, as he only had 1/2 day of school last week...no school today and they are off for an in-service day on Friday. therefore, I feel he may need to get some class time in - to work on his brain. One step at a time - we shall see.

I humbly apologize to theson - for Skyping him at such an early hour, and blaring the Steeler Super Bowl song over the internet. I just couldn't resist.


Have a great evening - and rest up for tomorrow!!

President Barack Obama

will be sworn in as the

44th President of the United States of America

Later all...........................

What a humongous task............

To get the US Airways plane out of the frozen waters of the Hudson River. After this accident, we all know that this plane was more or less "escorted" to a pier four miles from the site of impact, to be moored till it could be recovered.

This video is rather long...and once you see the "seagull" being followed near the end - you can stop viewing. But to see this behemoth, ice encrusted, after the amazing job the pilot did, in landing on a water runaway - takes my breath away.

I know people here are still talking about this amazing feat and the survival of ALL passengers and crew. Also, the NTSB finally has no problems confronting the media - as there were no fatalities...and their investigation will probably result in more of "what went right" in this crash than the opposite.

I am still trying to find footage of the actual "lifting" of the plane from the waters, as I imagine lifting a multi ton plane - now with a gazillion more pounds of water adding to the feat - to be quite a spectacle.

I watched both football games yesterday, missing the events taking place at the Lincoln Memorial for Obama. When I finally went to bed last night (this morning), HBO was replaying the entire show...lucky me, I did get to see it after all.
Now, I think I will go back to bed for just a little while - need sleep, need sleep, need sleep!!
Have a great MLK day! Rest up - tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's Polamalu............

I'm on Cloud 9 - I even Skyped theson at 5:20 am HIS time....heehee...and played the Steeler Super Bowl song as loud as I could. But here's another great one - Troy Polamalu made one helluva an interception for a touchdown - I'm amazed the walls of my house are still standing!!!

Yes, I am giddy with glee...my Pittsburgh Steelers are going to the Super Bowl (XLIII) in Tampa, Fl on February 1, 2009.


Football & Comfort Food........ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

January 18, 2009
6:30 pm

I am on pins and needles, with the upcoming games today. I know, how stupid is that, you say...but I can't help this. My idea of a great Super Bowl, would be Philadelphia and Pittsburgh - battle of the Pennsylvania's, but I have a feeling Arizona is going to be the winner of that game. Ken Whisenhunt, coach of the Arizona Cardinals, was the offensive coordinator for the Steelers before taking this job (right after Cowher retired). He has been fortunate in creating a substantial foe with the Cardinals, I might add.

So, I have been to the grocery store, early this morning, while the snow was coming down. The chili is made - ummmmmm - now doesn't this look great???

I have some shrimp, leftover meat loaf (if anyone wants a sandwich) - and I made a sausage/salsa dip. Unfortunately, this dip will not last till tomorrow. It is so good - everyone devours it immediately. This is not the best picture (looks kind of gross actually), but yummmmmmmmmy!

1 pound Bob Evans original recipe sausage (bulk)

1 jar Tostidos salsa

1 pound Velveeta cheese

Brown sausage and break into small pieces while cooking. Add salsa. Slowly add Velveeta cheese (cubes) till melted. This dip is exceptionally better warm. Can be microwaved to reheat. Delicious.

Thegrandson and I have our Steeler gear on - and I mean gear here. I have earrings (studs & dangles) rings, bracelets, jerseys....I even have Steeler outerwear, but I know I won't be needing all that in the house. Yes, have you caught on that I am a die-hard Pittsburgh Steeler fan?? No doubt about it!

Everyone have a great Sunday - and I may return, one never knows.....Later..................

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I may have to go ballistic on someone........

I'm sure I get much the same e-mails as most of you, and I sometimes do the obligatory forward of particularly good and/or interesting ones. But I have one person, and I won't call him a friend, but he is a client - so I have to act semi-decent in his presence, who insists on sending me GARBAGE. I definitely know how to throw tantrums once he has left my home though.

I am not one who likes to "bite my tongue" or "hold it in", but when it is a business aspect - I have to take on a professional persona. Anyway, this moron, is a right-wing (to the extreme) nit nut, and he sends me some extremely awful e-mails towards Obama. Most are racially wrong and totally distasteful. I have mastered the art of the "delete" button, and honestly, I've told him that I do not appreciate this type of e-mail. He just doesn't get it!

If I receive a good and extremely funny joke, or Maxine material - I forward them on...but I have made a practice of not forwarding anything political - as my friends have varying views, which is all well and good. To spout my political leanings...I have this blog and it serves me quite well.

Until I find a workable solution for this dick-head, I will continue to just "delete." I get frustrated that when I tell him of my preferences, he just turns a blind eye...maybe I could manage to have him hit "upside the head!" Nahhh!

I feel better getting that off of my chest. So enjoy the rest of the weekend and I'll return, later..............

but, but, but, but, but....................

at least he says he has PRINCIPLES!!!!

Whistle-Stop Inaugural...........lovin' it!!!!

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Just who did I piss off??????

Jeebus, I wake up, turn on the computer...and my little Weather Channel icon is blaring an alarm!!! MINUS 10 degrees - wind chill alert. DO NOT go outside without covering head, mouth, hands and any exposed areas. This is the Ohio Valley for pete's sake....not the Antarctic!!!!!

Even my hairy dog (with a coat of fur to die for) is running out - doing the necessity - and charging back in the door. I may have to call the Humane Society, if one certain neighbor doesn't get their dog inside soon! But locally, that is usually a futile effort. We have no dog warden, and then we have to call the County, and they give the same dribble..."we just don't have the manpower" to make all these calls. Grrrrr. Even animals need to be taken care of in weather such as this.

As for animals...my best friend had a dog they kept in the backyard (he was the "outside" dog) and when theson and his friend decided to upgrade that doghouse one summer - it became a Herculean feat. The end result may have cost several hundred dollars, but Odie (outside dog), had a home to be proud of. This dog house had the best shingled roof, aluminum siding, and a lighting system inside - for warmth. We, the mothers, thought this would just keep the boys busy and they would slap some wood together and voila - have a doghouse. Nope, they got out the paper and pencils, started the diagramming and I'm sure there were more than enough mathematical equations involved...and then the project began. Odie, was a big mutt, who on occasion escaped from the confines of the backyard, to roam the neighborhood. Catching him was often comical...he would perk up when his name was called, and then dart in another direction. Aha, but once you got hold of him - you couldn't wait to release him - HE SMELLED SOOOO BAD!! But what a nice dog anyway, despite a few flaws.

Again, I digress! With this sub-human temps outside, my back deck is making all kinds of noises - creepy noises!!! I'm not sure if it is the wood expanding or contracting - but definitely weird.

I have placed heaters in the bathroom and kitchen to assist the furnace in keeping me comfortable. There goes the damn electric bill again...grrr. But I do refuse to take a shower with icicles falling on my head. (That might be a slight exaggeration.) This "freeze" is supposed to last into early tomorrow afternoon - so I will be keeping my designer body in the house until the temps get to a decent and acceptable level. That's more computer time and catch up on some DVD's.

School is closed - thegrandson got in one half day this week - and with Monday's holiday and the Inauguration on Tuesday - he will be home till Wednesday! Drugs, give me drugs now!!!!

Daughter2 and SIL thePete are coming over Sunday for a mini-football party. I am going to make either chili or beef stew and some other crap and we are going to veg out to the games. I better get on with this planning of food and all.

Enough for now - I'm going to hover over the kitchen stove for warmth now!!!!

Now wouldn't you hate to use this facility at 10 below zero?

Ever used an outhouse in freezing cold weather? I have. Have a great day all!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Talk about your MIRACLES!!!

I have been glued to the TV since 3:45 pm this afternoon when CNN broke the news of this US Airways plane crashing into the Hudson River. This pilot, deserves a medal (and I'm serious) for the incredible landing he made, saving the lives of 150+ passengers and crew.

Having listened to some of the passengers and the praise they have for this man - it should not go any other way than a celebratory medal. I'm sure many of us have flown at times, and we have heard the humdrum announcements from the flight attendants, as to what we should do in case of an emergency - such as this...but never really pay attention. Yes, I remember they say the seat will act as a floatation device and yes, I think the life vest is under that seat somewhere...but I think I may actually listen next week when I board my U.S. Airways flight.

Only eight people were taken to hospitals (between New Jersey and New York), and none of the injuries are serious from these reports. Hypothermia and broken bones seem to be the main problems.

Kudos to the passengers for helping each other also. One young man stated that a young mother had an infant up on HIS shoulder and he immediately helped her ahead of himself, clinging to the "women and children first" policy. That man was raised right.

Three cheers to all the pilots of the various boats, ferries and small craft that immediately headed out to aid these people. I spent a good deal of time in Manhattan many moons ago, and was disappointed in their coldness and distance. the fast paced society did not lend itself to a friendly atmosphere. But I apologize for saying any mean things about those people and will never speak ill again.

All I can say is - I am impressed. Impressed with the talents of Chesley Sullenberger, the U.S. Air pilot. Impressed with the level headedness of the passengers. Impressed with the helpfulness of the citizens of New York and New Jersey. And very thankful, that these people can once again go home to families and loved ones. I am in awe of it all!

That's all for now......later..........

A Night of Farewells...Bush or Grissom?!?!?!?!

OK already!!!! Fix your umbrella and fly away. Are you still a competitive fuck who has to run up against Gil Grissom leaving C.S.I. tonight???? Give me a break. If a poll were taken across the country right this minute, even those who do not watch this show would prefer to say good-bye to Grissom before the D. C. Idiot!!!! The press conference the other day should have told everyone that!

Since the village idiot could not even get enough press correspondents to fill the room to hear his meanderings - what makes him think the rest of America wishes to have their Thursday night viewing interrupted for more bullshit???

Now, William Petersen, who portrays Gil Grissom on C.S.I., has even been at his job longer than Dubya. He has bested him by one year...and would it not be for his personal decision to leave the show...he could be there nine more! At least he is liked by the people (unlike the Prez), and will definitely be missed a great deal more.

I actually feel like we may know Grissom so much better than Dubya as there was transparency of sorts to his character (and sometimes elusive). We lived through the tragedies, the loves, the passion and grief in his life...but as shows go - he must move on. There is an upside though...he has stated he will return upon occasion to the show. Please, if there is a God...do not let Bush return to the nightmare movie he made us live through!!! Here I am - I'm begging!

Enough of my commiserating...I shall get through this, I will avoid TV until 8:15 pm and hope and pray that the puke is finally off the airs (that would be the Bush one)! We will see if I survive this. That is my humor of the moment. So, everyone try to stay warm and I will return.....later......

Futility to Frustration......

Lisa, over at That's Why, has tagged me for a meme...and I must obey! Should I dismiss this mission, I am sure the little blog gnomes would appear from the cracks in the floorboard and make off with my soul, at the very least. Before I begin, I do like memes'...as they give us an insight in to our friends minds (or lack thereof), and definitely worth a giggle or two.

As per the rules, I will tag a few at the end...and hope they will still remain friendly afterwards. I'm so damn lovable it would be hard to truly despise me, I'm sure!!! So ON WITH THE GAMES!!

The Rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they've been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.
Six random things................

1. I have never been diagnosed as OCD, but know deep in my heart that there are definite "sign" of this malady within me. Just seeing things misaligned, or out of proper order - drives me to total frustration. One time my MIL hung some new curtains and they were obviously dipping on one side, and I called her on it...to which she said I was crazy. Being much younger and having to prove the point, I had to dig through the tool box in the basement to get a level to prove myself right. After applying the tool to the top of the curtain rod - proving I was right - I proceeded to do the Happy Dance. We laughed about that incident for quite some time, and she never failed to call me on future important issues requiring a "good eye."

2. I sometimes (note this word) feel guilty because I do not miss my abusive, alcoholic husband, since he passed away in 2000. We made two beautiful children together, I loved him deeply and still have love for him...but I do not MISS him at all. I'm sure a psychoanalyst would have a field day with this one...but the lack of feeling in this area has not impaired my life in any way. I was in no way strong enough to make him "quit" drinking - and I felt inadequate for awhile - but realized, this effort was all on his shoulders, not mine. A wife and children are NOT good enough reasons for an alcoholic to stop...this I do know.

3. I miss my twin sister greatly. When she passed away at 49 (not ever wanting to turn 50), my heart broke into a million pieces. She and I were separated by a mean vindictive woman (our adoptive mother) for way too many years, and when the old broad died, I brought her into my life and they were the best nine years together. She began to grow and evolve into her own self, after being the pawn of that woman for so many years. She would be so proud of her nieces and nephews and especially her great nephew...life holds no guarantees, that's for sure.

4. I suffer from severe frustration, that I cannot do the things physically, that were once no challenge at all. I used to re-arrange furniture almost weekly...my poor family was definitely afraid to run in a room and plop in a chair, as it might no longer be there. Even today, I walk into different rooms and I want to move things, but know that I could have a heart attack or "throw out" an important muscle in the process. I am having thoughts of slowly changing my bedroom and plotting a simplistic approach...hmmmmmm!

5. I was a Cokeaholic for many, many years. I'm talking about starting eons ago with the 8 oz. bottles and working up to the era of a refrigerator pack of 12. Of course the constant heartburn was no deterrent, because I was Wonder Woman. I am hypoglycemic and have to get my sugar levels up in the mornings, thus pop a can of pop (that would be soda in some regions) and I was good to go. I "got off" the Coca Cola maybe 7 years ago and now I ration Diet Dr. Pepper into my life. Heartburn gone, caloric intake down, this was a good move. This insane addiction to Coke was unbelievable. It was at a point where I could tell you what kind and size of container the product came from, and one wouldn't even think to throw a Pepsi into the mix. Now life is coffee, Diet Dr. Pepper....and all is good.

6. I suffer from the frustration and futility of having absolutely NO WILLPOWER!!! I honestly do not believe I have an addictive personality (this is arguable), but to stick to a diet, give up smoking, adhere to an exercise regimen....nope...I'm a great starter, but a lousy finisher. Therefore, my lifespan is considerably shortened and that is why I have to make my impact NOW!!! I'm one who will be saying WOOHOO all the way to my grave...as I will do what I want, when I want, no matter the cost. Life is short - my husband, twin sister and brother all died before age 52 - and I have beaten that record so far. I will be 57 on the 26th of this month, and I am happy!!! (I'm sure you all wrote down that important date, right????)

Having been tagged with this meme, I initially thought that it would be difficult to come up with six things about myself...now my mind is racing with some other attributes. Being spontaneous for one. But I will save that for another time.

My duty has been fulfilled, so I will now tag six people, and hope they hold no animosity towards me.

The "taggees would be":

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And to those who may hate me for this...I had to do it - LISA WAS GOING TO COME PEE IN MY DRAWER if I didn't!!! I was scared not to! As we say "askeered."

Have a great day.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Health Report and stuff......

OK - I went to the doctor today and he says my lungs sound good, but it will probably take about a month to totally clear up the pneumonia. Woohoo!! The throat closing problem he is ascribing to the prednisone. I should hope that gets out of my system soon, as it is a pain in the ass. Of course, I got the obligatory "you need to quit smoking", to which I replied, "I will get right on that!" **fingers crossed behind back! when he said he was going to do all the CAT scans while I was in the hospital, I was hesitant - and told him OK, but if there was ANY bad news, I didn't want to know! I'm funny that way. But he said they were perfect. Kewl! So, that means I have more time to gum up my lungs from nicotine right???? I am not an idiot by any means, and I do know the dangers, but quitting is so very hard. He said in jest, he would rather I have a 12 pack a day - and we then argued about the ramifications of weight issues with all choices. I won...still smoking!!!

I know I have said this so many times, but I have the greatest son in the world. I got an e-mail this morning for my e-tickets to fly to Boston on the 22nd (a week from tomorrow). I wasn't really going to go this year, as money is really tight, but out of the blue, he and my daughter have been collaborating on this surprise. I have gone there for many years, but for the past four years, I have always gone up for my birthday, and celebrate with my adoptive family - and there are two there with birthdays at the same time. So, they better be getting the apple martinis ready!! I will fly up on the 22nd and come home on the 27th - wonderful, I repeat, wonderful family and we always have a great time. Plus, I get to shop at the Christmas Tree stores - we don't have them here. It does not take a whole lot to make me happy.

On to other things....how about Bernie Madoff??? That fucker has to be paying off these judges. His ass should be behind bars until he is convicted and sent to "the big house." Crapola, you hold up a 7-11 and get away with $100, your ass is behind bars ASAP, do not pass go, do not collect $200. WTF....$50 billion seems not to be a big thing here. Especially when the asshole tried to mail over a million dollars worth of jewels to family members, and had checks made out for another $173 million. This entire thing boggles the mind. I guess the Feds have a few worries for his safety (hell, I'd let him run the gauntlet), and made him wear a bullet-proof vest to court today. If someone really wants him, they'll take the head shot! Boy, I'm in a mean mood at the moment it would seem.

I just have a very low tolerance from those who can "pay" there way out of scrapes. And the way the economy has turned, and I think of all the people this man has ripped off - even to the point of two suicides...my blood pressure definitely rises exponentially.

This is very short and sweet, as I am tired and heading to the bedroom, to laugh at the stupid American Idol wannabes. Please note, I never watch the show till maybe the last couple, but watching these preliminaries is hysterical.

We are getting the snow dumped as I type. We have about 4" and more coming, so I am going to crash and let Mother Nature have at it! Behave and see ya tomorrow.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lay low and fade away....I mean it!!!

I was just fine with Dubya staying in the background and keeping his yap shut...but oh no...he has been running off at the mouth, a mile a minute for two days now!!! Enough already! Dubya and Mrs. Dubya are sitting down with Larry King tonight and he is presuming to tell Obama what he should and should not say.

This article just drips of his arrogance and smugness. As I comprehend his words - and crap I wish I had no comprehension at the moment - he sounds as if he feels Obama should LIE to the public, just as he has for the past eight years. Let's see - the butt crack feels that Obama should NOT verbalize how dire the economy is.....what am I missing here. Oh, I forgot, in September the fuktard made the statement that "the economy is sound", only to be shot down less than a month later - with the economic meltdown!

And you have to love "Laura the Protector!" In all fairness, a wife usually does have to back up her husband...but I think she would fare better after the divorce. If your feelings were hurt during the campaign because of the truths lobbed your way...get out of the game Laura girl!

In less than a week - Bush's ass will be removing brush again...somewhere... and we can start to see where we stand. After yesterday's joke of a press conference - where the interns had to help fill the seats - BECAUSE NO ONE CARED - the goof wants to have 15 minutes of network airtime to say goodbye. "GOODBYE ALREADY!" We don't need to see your snarky, smarmy, fukking face ever again. We got the memo...you are leaving...tata, farewell, adieu, adios and get the fuk outta here!

It is so bitterly cold outside (zero degrees), I haven't been outside in days, so I just have to scream a little here. So my parting shot of the mentally challenged goof up is this:

Goodnight and goodnight!!! Later................

I really love to PLAY...

and thanks to Lisa, I have had a blast by "Obamicon-ing!"

Theson's turned out rather well - in my humble opinion.

Daughter2 - incredibly beautiful, no matter how the picture is enhanced.

Thedaughter's actually turned out well also!

Thegrandson - what can I say - ADORABLE!

Angel - the lovable canine of the family. the cat just didn't make the cut this time...hope she doesn't claw my eyes out later!!

I was impressed with these prints for Obama from the "git-go!" Reminds me of the op-art days! When it comes to shits and giggles...count me in! I shall return....later.......