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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

...and how many years have these people filed taxes???

It always amazes me, at the END of tax season, all the people that finally decide it is time to have them prepared. The next 20 days are going to be hectic - actually 18 days as the 3rd and 4th of April I will get little done since Carrie is to have her surgery. I always amaze myself that I do get it all done though. Last year I had all returns complete and only filed 2 extensions. So far this year I know I will have one extension to file, as the gentleman (Uncle Windy) is working out of the area and won't return till the end of April.

Too tired to work on any tonight, got home from work, got into my comfort clothes - and Mom 2 has computer problems. Threw a coat on and up to phyldot's house I go. (**I always visit people in my jammies!! Hee Hee) got their broadband up and running again and BOOM, the daughter calls and I have a client waiting at the house. Now this is the heighth of etiquette to enter my house in my jammies to greet a client. Hell anybody can wear a business suit - NOT ME!! Tra-la-la-la!!

I am babysitting, the daughter has gone out with her friends. Think I will have Colton bathed and in bed by 9 p.m., since one of my favorite shows is on - HOUSE. Made sure I watched "24" last night, getting really exciting, and now another favorite tonight. All signs of a person who really needs a life!!

It appears Paul had a good "BIKE" weekend after all, even if the first planned excursion was a bust. Must be nice to ride free. You go Paul!!

Enough for now, more to come!!! TTFN.

Monday, March 27, 2006

looks like more surgery...

I guess you could say everything went well today in Columbus. The doctor is super cautious, and wants to exhaust every means before a possible FINAL surgery to remove the necrotic bones in Carrie's wrist. He has scheduled a bone scoping (surgical procedure) for next Tuesday. We will go up on Monday again, since she will have to be at the hospital as early as 5 am. The doctor said that 90% of the time he can correct most problems with this procedure but he seriously doubts that will be the case with Carrie. He just as well said that eventually he will be removing the bones. But due to her young age, he would prefer that be a last ditch measure. We have faith in him and will do as he says. We also scheduled the follow up visit for the 10th of April. (possibly to remove stitches.) If he should want to schedule a surgical procedure to remove bones, we told him it would have to be after April 22nd, which is Brenda's (my oldest daughter) wedding. Carrie would prefer not to have a messed up hand for the wedding. I can understand that.

This is really putting the pressure on me, all at the end of tax season. Hope I can get it all done. It is late and have to send some emails, so more later. G'bye for now!!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

just don't know where to start...

I know it has been a few days since i last blogged, but I have been busy. The entire time I am thinking of all the idiot things I would like to blog. I think I really need a life!!! It is Sunday morning, and I have already tanned and am back home to begin the backlog of tax returns. BUT FIRST... I had to hook up a DVD (cheap at WalMart = $33) in the kitchen. You have to understand that I am always at the kitchen table, albeit eating a meal, working on laptop or just watching TV. I never go in my living room (Colton has taken that over) and when I watch TV in the bedroom I go to sleep. Since I have accumulated all these DVD's and never get to watch them, I considered this a good investment for myself. Now consider this, I have a cable box and and a TV with NO output jacks on the back. Hmmm...I purchased a RCA Combination RF Modulator and Switcher months back, at Circuit City, just because it was on a clearance table for $1.99. BARGAIN. Aha... just what I needed. I have wires everywhere, but now hidden well, and after only one misstep, it is up and running. I even have "FLIGHTPLAN" in as I type. (btw - excellent movie). NOW AM I THE QUEEN??

As I said in an earlier post, the President (I use the term loosely) was in Wheeling last Wednesday. The local Republican newspapers only praised the idiot and made statements as to how well this Ohio Valley loves the man, blah, blah, blah - wish I owned a newspaper. The next day the headline read "EDUCATOR-IN-CHIEF" - now does anybody have a problem with that. If I knew how to link in this blog I would refer you to slyghts past blog and the TV clips of all the ignorant, stupid, grammatical errors the boob has made in the past. I know I DO NOT consider him any kind of an educator-in-chief, that is plain moronic. There were about 100 protestors outside of the Capitol Music Hall, 100 yards away from the entrance (threats of being arrested if any closer.) I cannot believe all the people I have spoken to (and honestly kept my mouth shut) that think he is the best thing since chocolate. GAG ME!!! The man cannot think for himself nor can he make any strides to help the working man - rhetoric at its best. Enough of that for now - or I am going to rupture an artery.

Slyght is asking that his blogsite get passed around, via flyers or whatever it takes. I am trying to find out if we have any local cropdusters to drop the damn things. Right!!!!! I can see Mom 2 and I(because I won't do it alone) going around stapling the flyers to telephone poles and trees now. Hell with a lost puppy just log on to my son's blogsite PLEASE!! I THINK HE HAS FINALLY REACHED THE DESPERATION STAGE. Call the shrink!!

Mom2 and I took my grandson and her 2 nephews to dinner last night and then to WalMart. What a treat. Actually it went well, Colton ate what he wanted (a buffet place), jello, rolls and ice cream. I know there is nutrition there somewhere, but since he won't budge from the 32 pound mark, anything he eats makes me happy.

Tomorrow, we are off to Columbus again to see the doctor for Carrie's wrist. I am hoping he makes a final decision as to what he is going to do. These trips are killing me with gas at 2.50/gallon.

Better get cracking on the work. Everyone have a good day and enjoy yourselves. LATER!!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

senior moments...

OK - my wonderful plans for protesting are shot to hell. All due to my wonderful "senior moment." I'm plotting and planning how and where to approach this matter, only to find out the Bushista is coming to town tomorrow and NOT thursday as i had thought. to late for me to pencil in "protest" on my calendar. damnit!!! so much for democracy - elite frontment (troopers) making all the plans for an aggressive republican crowd (oops - i wouldn't last long there), and the lines were long to get tickets to see the twerp. IDIOTS. last time he was here (Nov. '04) the frontmen would eject anyone who even resembled the opposition and take them to a far away place till his hineyness left the state. (has anyone caught on to my feelings towards the man???) no free speech in west virginia - that's for sure. oh well, maybe later.

phyldot (mom2) and i went to dinner at outbacks (my favorite) and had a wonderful conversation, which we haven't done for awhile. while we were there, it started snowing (blizzarding). we headed home about 8:15 pm. thank god, we kept talking, because the roads were a sheet of ice. bad wreck by mall exits and once we got on rt. 7, there were at least two bad wrecks. (we were tied up in traffic on rt 7 for probably 20 minutes. (lookeelus). after we got off the highway, i finally told phyl how slick the roads were. didn't want phyl to get scared and dry mouth then have her teeth fly out - Lord have mercy - not a pretty site.

It's official, the daughter got fired from her wonderful pizza baking/bartending/groveling/low paying job!! I would rather she not work for the idiots anyway. (I have a very low tolerance for stupidity. and this "family" more than qualifies for the title.) now we can wAit and see what the doctor has to say about her wrist on monday and what the future may hold.

as one attentive reader has noted (paul) - the year is a quarter of the way over and i should probably update all on my new years resolutions: 1) lose 50 pounds....now who am i kidding. i have probably gained 5. 2.) quit smoking... only when i am asleep. 3.) get a better job...will possibly pursue this more aggressively after my cruise. 4) see my son...NOT YET - but quite possibly within the next month.

I think in the future i will only make one resolution and use the same one for giving up at Lent...NO SEX. it is ever so much easier to give up when you don't get it anyway!!! hahaha. so there slyght are ya blushing!!??? actually, i should consider being a nun...Not!!

OK, i am exhausted, time to crawl in bed. keep those comments coming - PLEASE!! ttfn!

Monday, March 20, 2006

have to take a break

OK guys. I have facts and figures traipsing thru my brain. Hitting the burn out stage for the moment. In order to get a small semblance of relief - i just watch Colton and his antics. He has inherited so much of his uncle's genes - IT'S DELIGHTFUL!! Have to check out slyght's latest - trying to wrestle a water buffalo - well, actually just try to chew the damn cooked meat. Hysterical. He is definitely making the most out of a bad place to be.

Talking to Colton is like talking to a small adult. He has the same expansive vocabulary his uncle had at that age. He has a seriousness (almost comical) when conversing. Can't wait for him to grow up (which will be sooner than we think.) He is all excited about going to kindergarten next year. He has been told to "quit talking" so much at pre-school so kindergarten will be a real treat.

St. Patrick's day was no big thing here, I was tied to the computer and tax returns. But looking forward to cruising, which keeps me sane. Was checking out the site today and looks like May 27th may be the day. Have to finalize things soon. May be going by myself, but no big deal - i make friends easily. But I have to get away to the blue waters and warm temps.

Oh, btw, our illustrious leader (cringingly) Bush, will be visiting here on thursday. Thought about actually being a protestor for the day. Already had one person say not a good thing to do - but I did grow up in the 60's and 70's.

Enough for now - back to the grind. Take care all!!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

crazy weather...

can you believe it - almost 80 degrees today and tomorrow it is going to be 40 degrees. everyone in this valley is going to be sick all over again. storm threats all day today, supposedly winds reaching 70 mph. so out i go to "batten down the hatches!" called the guy to have the check-valve put back in my outside drain line again - and again he didn't show. after the flood of september 2004 (hurricane ivan), and the financial loss of all my stuff in the basement, i would prefer NOT to go through that again.

chatted with slyght online this morning, and as he was "typing" to me, the FedEx guy came through and told him he had delivered a package for him at his hotel. so ST. PATRICK'S DAY is on. zac will be able to have his green beer and wear his guiness boxers - YAY!!!!

spent a wee tad too much time in tanning bed yesterday and have been itching like crazy (burned!) smart person that i am - i have cancelled my next two sessions. anything beats looking like "styrofoam!"

slyght is leaning a little political lately and i am rather proud of him. i didn't realize he even paid attention to world matters. you go kid!

almost time for "24" and i CANNOT miss an episode. best show. it has been years since i have been hooked on one tv show, but this is the one. got hooked in boston in January of 2005.

gotta go for now, have fun all!

check out time clock for bush

zac has this on his blog and i love it, gives me something to look forward to. haha. more later.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

soapbox time....surprise!!

ok i have not bothered to vent my political thoughts on this blog thus far, but TA DA!!! IT'S TIME. since i am such a news junkie and a highly opinionated liberal democrat - i have saved you till this time, but after reading an item this morning i just have to comment.

there is a white house aide (now "former") who has been indicted for various acts of theft. now our illustrious leader tried to appoint this individual to the federal court of appeals out of virginia in 2003, but the democrats raised some pertinent issues and that nomination was canned. so instead, he wa appointed as one of bush's top domestic policy advisors - fair trade i guess. he is now being charged with theft from target and hecht stores in the virginia area. he would go into these stores and purchase items such as: bose stereo systems, designer clothing and even small items costing $2. he would then proceed to his car, leave the items, and proceed back into the stores and collect identical items to those just purchased on his credit card, and go to the service areas and RETURN the merchandise. thus getting a complete credit on his visa or mastercard or whatever and leave. going home with thousands of dollars of merchandise FOR FREE.

now i don't know about anyone else, but i am surprised that HE DIDN'T get his previous nomination. he fits in so perfectly well with the other idiots in control - those who all say THEY WILL BE VINDICATED. everyone else is lying and the truth will win out - oops, must have forgotten about the camera surveillance. he and his wife just purchased a million dollar home in the same area, so you know he had to be making a pretty penny in his government position, but just goes to show what greed can do - it is NEVER enough.

the white house press secretary has stated that they have "given him the benefit of the doubt", as a person in his position had to undergo an in-depth background search upon hiring. hmmm.. background...kind of leaves out this moment in time.

sen. bob ney is a local boy and in considerable trouble, but he too says he will be vindicated. amazing to me, that just because so many people know him personally, they really don't know him, but will still keep the crook in office. look at delay in last weeks election. oh my tolerance for idiots is definitely waning - can ya tell?

had to get that off my chest - i feel so much better now. as we all know - none of this will change the graft and corruption in our government, but i LOVE when each one is uncovered.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

didya miss me?... probably not

ok - i have been running around like crazy - trying to get every thing done - and only half succeeding. slyghts blog's have been great lately, keeping me highly entertained. finally got his st. patricks day box fedexed to him today - YAY!! (there are things in it he requested for valentines day - better late than never!!) so limited on certain things that can be shipped, the biggest problem is NO LIQUIDS. he has been begging for italian dressing and now green food coloring. well MOM 2, has taken care of the italian dressing dilemma and sent the powdered kind plus a CRUET. knock yourself out irish boy!! i have been everywhere trying to find powdered food coloring and struck paydirt at a tiny cake supply store in wheeling. so turn that beer green baby!!

the daughter had her doctor visit on Monday in columbus, and he is really trying to avoid surgery to remove the bones, but this week he is pretty certain that will be the route we take. he shot her wrist full of a numbing agent and steroids - to see if she gets any relief from the inflammation and we go back in 3 weeks (27th). she was in one of the worst moods this time. we have gotten along super for almost 6 weeks until monday. she was worse than a bear. snapping at colton, me and anybody nearby. she slept all the way home, which was a relief for me, but unfortunately, i was actually getting sleepy. i kept rolling the window down for cold air (it was snowing)and colton kept yelling he was cold. DAMMIT. as soon as we got home - i was wide awake. poop.

haven't made my vacation plans yet, but will soon, so i started tanning so i will be ready for the sunshine. my bones are crying out for warmth and sun. unfortunately MOM 2 is having some problems and i am probably going to end up going on a cruise by myself. could be interesting. i don't think anybody wants to throw me overboard or anything - at least i hope not!!

well, back to the tax returns. everyone behave and i will be back later. TTFN!!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

damnit Slyght... I'm hooked

If anyone has read slyght's blog lately he mentioned taking the Intelligence Tests #1 and #2. Well... let me tell you, I am totally hooked. Slyght sent an email with the answers to all of them, but I am adament I am going to do as many on my own as possible. On Test #1, I have 27/33, but am not as good on #2 - think I am up to 9 right so far. I have always been a puzzle and trivia junkie. Knowledge is a wonderful thing - right? I can rememebr Slyght sneaking to my crossword puzzles and filling them out (as best he could) at a very early age. Now we have the Soduko thing going on also.

I showed this test to a few select people yesterday and I was tickled to find out they are definitely dumber than the proverbial "hoe handles." Which poses a question, why do we choose hoe handles to compare ones intelligence too? Why not a shovel handle, door knob or hair brush? Hmmmm....

I read all of Paul's "blogs" the other day, he too is an engineer who was once assigned to the India project. Interesting fellow - I know I would enjoy his company and conversations for sure. I can only imagine how he and Zac got along on the site - "mahvelous" I am sure.

Well, back to Columbus on Monday, so I will tie myself to the kitchen table (makeshift office desk) and work till I am caught up. I have told many people, I am thinking about removing the stove and replacing it with filing cabinets.

Since I am soooooo busy here at work, I better go and at least pretend to accomplish something. Have a good one everybody. Be back soon....I hope.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

sorry...been busy

i can't believe i haven't blogged since last saturday. tax season and my job really keep me busy this time of the year.

took carrie to columbus last monday, the biopsy came back benign, which is a good thing, but the doctor says he wants to find out why these 3 bones in her wrist are DYING, before taking the drastic step of removing the bones. she was so upset when we left columbus, she just wished they would cut both hands off, so she would have no more pain. although that is quite extreme, i understand her frustration. because she is young, the doctors would like to have all the answers before taking this extreme step. we go back again this coming monday (6th) to get results of blood tests and to have stitches removed from biopsy.

OK - phyldot hates my pic on my profile, and i tried to change it last night, and with all my brain damage, i have forgotten how to do it already. so sorry phyl...like it or lump it for now. hee hee.

the "gang" all went to dinner for donald's 51st birthday last night, at where else...Steve's West Texas Roadhouse. some things just never change. phyldot is currently hobbling around, with a bad hip (i think it stems from the cervical surgery.)

read all the blogs posted from slyghts former coworker (oops, don't know his name but blog is "bikerless"). seems like a cool character. glad to see he hated india as much as everyone else. at least he found salvation and returned home -- POOR SLYGHT.

will add more later, have to get ready for work. have a good day all!!