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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Yes, it's "tax season" and my life is basically quite busy. BUT.....I managed to contract a nasty cold from thedaughter and have not been working as diligently as I should. Instead, I have been playing games on the X-Box with theson and watching the goofy G4 television channel. This would be the channel that has all the crazy Japanese competition shows and such.

Yesterday, we caught a show showing what was hot on the "meme" circuit, and it was THIS video. I laughed my ass off, which brings on the proverbial coughing jag and sometimes the need to change the underwear..........I'm just saying!!

I do believe this "epic bearded man" may have some psychiatric issues himself, but the black man - was just begging for an ass whipping - even though he stated multiple times he was going to put his "foot up your ass" to the elderly gent. Hmmmm....who's crying for mama now - and all he wants is the AMBER LAMPS!!! Cracked me up...........and more power to those who stand up to idiots like this.

Of course, the topper was this commercial. Theson and I must have laughed for a good while, and immediately he found this on the interwebs for me. Reminds me - I must check the apps on my phone.

Have a great day all...........and the northeastern states are now bracing for a nor'easter......hang in there friends.



Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hmmmm.....apparently CPAC's straw poll produced a new front-runner for 2012 - in Ron Paul. I'm sure Mitt Romney who has led the poll for the past four years is rather upset...and poor Iquitarod Queen reflected a paltry third place showing with a very low percentage. Boohoo....I see a bunch of blowhards trying vigorously to dig out from the hole they are mired within.

Now, this guy, Ryan Sorba...the representative for California Young Americans For Freedom (could be a misnomer) - made a complete ASS of himself it would appear. After viewing this discriminating screed, I would imagine he runs in a circle of people, I would well avoid at any given time.

This rant against GOProud (he refers to as go pride) for being allowed to co-sponsor and host a booth at this event was totally uncalled for and in my humble opinion, a mouthful of GARBAGE!!

It would also appear that he tells a friend - that he now is no longer a friend...WTF is up with that? This guy is a total loser and fukktard.

Now, my only wish for the day....is that the lesbians at Smith College - organize and plot revenge against this moron (Note: I actually prefer the word RETARD).

To listen to the woman close out this tirade by repeating "Freedom of opinion" just galls me to no end as well. I'm all for freedoms, but when they are delivered in such a vile and vicious manner - I guarantee you, if I had been there, I would have suffered another heart attack getting my hands around his throat!

Enough of that for the day...back to taxes and my dull life. Have a great day all....later...............


Saturday, February 20, 2010


BUT OPINIONS FIRST...................

I have to get a couple of things off my chest, as the burden of not venting MY OPINION is becoming too great.

Tiger Woods....OK - he fucked up royally. One thing I cannot stand is a "cheater", since I was married to one for most of my wedded life. But, the problem is his, not ours. Now, everyone is picking apart his televised apology from yesterday. I say, "get over yourselves" and let the man deal with his ginormous mess. Will his marriage survive? That question is between his wife Elin and himself. The end result may not be what we would choose - but his life is not ours. As the role model the media allowed him to be...he did owe an apology, I truly believe. But all this media frenzy will still be available for his children to see as the years progress.

Gloria Allred (the Hollywood attorney), has always been right up front, fighting for the rights of the downtrodden women. I do believe she has crossed a line, now sitting beside one of Woods' concubine (a porn star), saying his apology "isn't enough." WTF does she want...she's a porn star for chrissakes. I fail to see the difference between exhibiting every little inch of your body for millions to view, and having a shack-session with a mega star. This porn star is no more broken-hearted than the man in the moon - so scurry away little glory hound - your 7 and a half minutes of fame are up. Grrrrr...........what losers - and now they just want to try and cash in on Tiger's billions. Sorry girls, I would imagine Elin will benefit better than you.

Now we have Andrea Fay Friedman. She is such a lovely young lady, and I have seen her act in several TV shows - and have always been totally impressed. She gave her voice to a character on Family Guy this past week, and the character, like herself, suffered from Down Syndrome.

Now comes the Iquitarod Queen (I borrowed this title from a Huffpost commenter) to squawk her outrage on Faux news - in defense of HER SON TRIG!!! Andrea finally came out with her own reaction to Palin - stating that she essentially had a hard time with a mom who would carry her "special needs" son around like a sack of potatoes - all for her own glory and promotion. (I paraphrased here.) Andrea, is 39 and in my opinion very intelligent, which has shown through in her televised appearances. She also refers to Family Guy as "sarcasm."

I agree with the sarcasm, but where IQ has stated before that Rush has been held to a different standard (using the "retard" word over 40 times in his raging "satire"), but apparently all that ice snow and lack of daylight in Alaska, has done permanent damage to the brain of Palin - since she totally misses the fact that FAMILY GUY IS SATIRE - Rush Limbaugh is just an asshole with a mouth!! OMG - the pain in my head just increases with the insanity.

....Yevgeny Plushenko (Russian 2006 Gold medalist in ice skating), please just go away and go home to your lover Vladimer Putin. Apparently, you fail to see how nasty your landings were on the ice - even though you did do a QUAD (worth 9.8 points) - open your eyes and catch how many triple-toes Lycacek did in the last half of his program........DUDE - EACH ONE IS WORTH 9.5 POINTS - do the math!! Go back to Siberia and chill. You honestly piss me off.

Back to more tax returns and the Olympics for the day. Have a great one all - and on to the CATURDAY pics. Enjoy.

Theson has been dealing with adjusting his insulin and new diet - so hopefully he will return soon with PAST THE VELVET ROPE. Dealing with a new disease can be quite overwhelming - but he is doing great.


Sunday, February 14, 2010


It seems a bit strange to me that Valentine's Day has fallen on a Sunday, as if this has never happened before. In the past it has been just a day when you have made a fancy box - for the kids or grandchildren to take to school - and collect cards, cookies and candy.

Granted, a married couple will sometimes have the "dinner out", and lovers will either choose this date as a great day to get married or engaged. Personally - I hope everyone has an enjoyable day, no matter the circumstances. Share hugs and laughter and make memories.

I will chase down thegrandson and smother him with hugs and kisses and he will obligingly wipe off his face with a cursory YUK!!! But since he was the first to utter those words today........everyone have a......................



Tuesday, February 09, 2010


This past weekend was the weekend from hell. I was looking forward to having a quiet weekend and watching the Super Bowl - but we had other issues to deal with.

Theson had been feeling quite tired and exceedingly thirsty for days, so I made him an appointment with our family doctor (I suspected diabetes), and he voluntarily fasted, in case labs would be prescribed. Good call there.

We hurried home from the hospital, stopping at the grocery store for last minute items, since we were expecting a huge snowstorm. By the time we got in the house, there was a message on the answering machine from the doc...his sugar levels were dangerously high and he recommended that he get back to the ER as soon as possible. Theson was considered "totally dry" and needed to be re-hydrated - at least four liters of fluids.

Since the snow was already falling and it was possible that he would be admitted, he drove himself over to the hospital. He called me as soon as he got there, and the waiting began. After three hours, he called and said they were probably admitting him - ON AN INSULIN DRIP. Now I become the worried mother, which I do so very well.

It never fails, you never want something so bad, as when you can't have it....in other words, the snow was accumulating rapidly, and I knew I couldn't drive to the hospital to see my son - and the anguish sets in as well. He was being admitted to ICU - as that is the protocol for one on such an IV infusion. (His other option was pediatrics - he balked). Patients do not have phone's in ICU, but he was allowed to use his cell, since he truly wasn't incapacitated...but as luck would have it, he didn't have a phone charger with him and the phone died by late evening.

To make a long story short, he is now home, my neighbor did take me over Sunday to see him (relief), and now he is on an insulin regimen at home. This is all new to us, but he is doing real well.

I got to watch the Super Bowl with thegrandson (thedaughter was at work), and I was texting three different people during the entire game - just shoot me now. I was quite happy with the Saints win - and that BALLSY ONSIDE KICK!!

But the apex of the weekend had to be listening to the bits and pieces of Palin's Teaparty speech (couldn't pay me enough for a speech by her in its entirety)!! I must love pain to even consider turning the channel.

I can assure everyone, her intelligence quotient has not risen any since I last posted about her. Hell, she has even re-invented her own palm-prompter! As for the "hopey - changey thing" she referenced....I still have hope and change is downright necessary.

As for her getting irate over the "retard" comments...I say GET A FUCKING GRIP!!! She should actually open the dictionary and read the definition of the word. It means "slow" and that is not derogatory, just factual. Sarah Palin, from the bottom of my heart...YOU ARE retarded. Without your palm prompter and speech writers (bad ones at that), your word salads should be coherant - hasn't happened yet! Colbert handles all this quite well here:

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Sarah Palin Uses a Hand-O-Prompter
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We are now getting another snow storm, and theson has gone in town to get a glucometer - since the pharmacy had NONE yesterday. I only hope he can get his truck home.