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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I have to blog about it...can't help myself


Can you imagine having a body in a morgue that long, with a cast of characters - which is totally unbelievable - prolonging her burial through amazing courtroom antics!!!!!

Finally, the 4th Appellate Court has AFFIRMED the ruling of wacky Judge Seidlin, that the guardian ad litem (representing baby Dannielynn) may take charge and arrange for her burial. I AM ECSTATIC. It appears she may be buried in the Bahamas as early as Friday now.

Cyril Wecht, forensic pathologist from Pittsburgh, PA, said today, that with extensive cosmetology work and a lot of body putty, viewing of Anna Nicole could take place, but briefly at best. To think that her very own MOTHER could prolong this necessary act is beyond comprehension. I would love to be in a room with the little butterball for just an hour. She'd definitely lose that Texas drawl in a hurry. My tongue lashing would make her mute. But my colorful opinion aside - the best part is that this judgement rendered at 4:25 pm - CANNOT be appealed.

It is a sad commentary on life, that this one individual was USED by so many - and so many still want to use her after death. Many may not agree with me (which is fine) but at this point I feel the little girl should stay with Howard Stern - Virgie Arthur should go hide in Texas, and stupid Larry Birkhead should go back to California and wait for the BIG One. Has anybody noticed that everyone says Anna said this or that, but can't document very much or anything at all for that matter?

Court TV was throwing out dollar figures today as to what these teams of lawyers are costing - and not one of the individuals involved could possibly afford any of the lawyers. We are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars. Therefore, I would hazard a guess that most of these attorneys are working pro bono and either hoping for a chunk of the Marshall trust or just fame and money by playing to the media. I can't remember any other celebrity - having this much press after death. I should hope it would never happen again either.

The next chapter will be played out in the Bahamas, where initial opinion seems to favor Howard Stern. Guess we will see. ***btw - I am soooooo NOT a Debra Opri fan!!)

On to other STUFF!! Theson has stated he is not getting married, bet that last blog threw him for a loop!!!! But he is truly delighted that thegrandson is following in his BATHROBE steps. Yippee!! I did something right again!

I am having way to much fun with all of this. Have to pick up the son at the airport on Friday - can't wait.

Everyone stay healthy - TTFN!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

WEDDING BELLS?????.....NAH!!!!....MAYBE????

Haven't heard from theson since he left for Salt Lake City, Utah last Friday. He was meeting up with Jules for some Skiing and Snowboarding. Right?!?!? Can't see theson on either. Anyway... since I haven't heard from him, broke down and called, and he and Jules are driving to Las Vegas and staying at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. (Checked it out - not bad!!) ARE THESE TWO ELOPING? FORGETTING POOR MOM HERE IN THE OHIO VALLEY???? We will see. Just kidding Slyght! The thought just jumped in my mind out of the blue. Love ya guys. Safe trip!


As most of our friends know, theson, took on the persona of "Bathrobe Boy" while in his senior year of high school. No matter where he went, he wore a bathrobe (over his clothes) at all times. I think he may have had at least three different robes at the time. He even ran for County Coroner (unofficially) in his senior year, and had banners of sorts all over the robe. One flannel robe, as it got shredded by tripping on it, or shut in car doors, was repaired with DUCT TAPE. I think he even has pieces of that robe stashed somewhere, where I can't find it and throw it away.

But anyway, I present the NEW Bathrobe Boy. I figured it would be easier to start him at a younger age, so he can one-up his Uncle. Mom2 will be tickled pink, I just know it!!

When theson attended Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, even the UPS truck drivers honked and called him Bathrobe Boy. theson has his own distinct personality. That's what I love about him. He should be delighted to see his nephew now following his footsteps.

thegrandson has more clothes than anyone I know, and I tell myself that when I am shopping I WILL NOT buy him anything else. But...I happened to be at WalMart and lo and behold - here was this bathrobe...on sale...correct size...MINE!!!!! Oh well, I will remind myself next time NOT to buy him anything!! Right?!?!?!

Thegrandson has been home sick since Friday, damn chest cold won't go away, and the little snot is only 36 pounds. He is getting taller, but does not gain weight. Doesn't eat enough to keep a bird alive, as the old folk would say! Wohoo, he finally made it into the 3 percentile on the growth chart - far cry from the 100%. I only hope that when he has his growth spurt it will be quick.

I was going to comment on the Anna Nicole fiasco again, but I would rather slash my wrists. How ludicrous and pathetic the circus is!!!

Back to work now - everyone stay well and healthy! TTFN.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

not much to report....BORING!!!

I really do not have much to report as my life is sooooo BORING. Being tax season, I spend most of my time preparing returns and since I am so very tight and greedy, and refuse to hire help...I have to collate and complete them all myself. No problem though, I truly have the process down to a science.

As far as my last blog (Anna Nicole), it seems that the story will be in the press for a long time. As I sit here working on returns, I have had Court TV on pretty much ALL the time. And I must say, the recent court battle over who takes possession of her body was a farce. The days of the Perry Mason courtroom are not exactly what we see. This judge "played" to the cameras the entire time, and the "actors" (Howard Stern, Larry Birkhead and Virgie Arthur) were out shined by NINETEEN attorneys. The only comparison I can make is to the Jerry Springer Show. No matter how many times I have tried to watch that show - I have to turn it off, because there is so much being "bleeped" you have no idea what is going on. During this hearing, everyone was speaking at the same time, repeating issues that were deemed "out of order" and the judge literally had no control. Heaven knows I can't afford to pull anymore of my FEW hairs out of my head, in frustration.

When all was said and done, the judge gave the rights to bury Anna Nicole to the guardian ad litem for baby Dannielynn. Good move - and all parties met on the courthouse steps to say they were in agreement (even were arm in arm), yet two hours later - the asshole mother is filing an appeal. DUH!!!! Everyone knows that soon there will be no possibility of viewing her body -as she is deteriorating (or decomposing) as we speak. But "good old mom" has to stay in the news and - oh by the way - forget the crocodile tears and best interests of your beloved daughter.

I have made up my mind - I hope and pray that no one is proven to be the biological father (not out of the realm of possibility) and that way baby Dannielynn can continue to be raised by Stern, in the Bahamas, away from all the BS publicity. I think the greedy bastards should be shot down in the press, as aggressively as they have tried to make a buck!!! Do I sound pissed???? NO DOUBT!!

Theson is in Salt Lake City, Utah at the present time. I warned him not to break his body trying to ski - he said he wouldn't because he would be learning to snowboard. All I can see is the Pillsbury Doughboy rolling down the mountain. Luv ya baby!!!

Thegrandson is sick, had to pick him up from school yesterday and he is still running a temp of 103 degrees. I think he is losing his voice from coughing too. Poor little guy. I just bundle him up and give him his PSP or he can play the PS2. What are grandmothers for??? Gotta love us.

Enough of this prattle - maybe something exciting will happen this week for me to rant about. Everyone stay healthy and TTFN.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

R.I.P......I think not....

I am sure by now, everyone has formed an opinion of Anna Nicole Smith. But face it, there are way toooooo many people involved in her life (after death), to allow her to REST IN PEACE.

I, for one, always felt sorry for her. A few years back, I watched a biography on her on A & E, and was impressed to say the least. Her family is an abomination of toothless, functionally illiterate yokels. I am not making this up - they came across as supercilious fans in a way. I truly believe that the best thing Anna Nicole (or Vicki), managed, was to get as far away from these people as she could. All the relatives maintained that he/she had the closest of relations with her, yet hadn't talked to her in years. Wonder why that was?!?!?!

Now the sad part is that a judge in CALIFORNIA has ordered her NOT to be buried, as the DNA issues have to settled. Nevermind that the coroner has taken enough various DNA samples to compare to the US 983rd. And to think that there can be no period of mourning, as everyone who wants a part of her, takes their various cases to court. Another judge in FLORIDA, is also considering various aspects, such as WHO may be entitled to claim her body. For heaven sakes, she was with Howard Stern, let him handle things. Her mother, to whom she had been estranged for 15 years, all of a sudden wants to bury her in Texas with family - all the while forgetting that she has plots beside her son in the Bahamas, and she HATED THE WOMAN.

Cynical as I am, it is obvious that everyone is in it for the money and notoriety. Oh, and by the way, I encourage ALL males to opt in to the DNA pool for possible paternity rights. At this point, any one is fair game. I feel so sad for the little baby girl - she is now the object of one hell of a tug-of-war. To be honest, I am not impressed with the candidates waiting in the wings, as potential DADDY.

Bottom line, the media should BUTT OUT. Let the mechanics of the judicial system win out, and let Anna Nicole be buried with some dignity. I know the courts would never be fair in any judgement they make, for as we know money talks, BULLSHIT WALKS!!!

I guess until the next major headline hits though, we are stuck with more tabloid revelations and the idiots in the forefront.

As for me, Anna Nicole - I hope you can someday Rest In Peace, knowing the right decisions were made.

Got that off my chest, everyone stay healthy (including Samurai Frog), and TTFN!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

DON'T PAY THE RANSOM...I am still here

I know I have been away from the blog for awhile, but had my mini vacation in Boston with "the family", and had to jump right in to the tax returns when I got home.

The trip was wonderful, as usual. We shopped and mostly sat around and gabbed. There were three of us celebrating 0ur birthdays at the same time (from 22nd to 26th) and we had one big birthday dinner and it was truly delightful.

On the way home, as Mom2 and I were heading into Logan Airport - SHE FELL AGAIN - producing another SHINER on the same eye. We have now named her the clumsy bumblefuck! Actually, her legs just gave out on her and she pitched forward - and there was nothing to do to stop her fall. The airport workers were very caring and produced a wheelchair and helped her thru security and all that stuff. When we arrived in Pittsburgh another wheelchair was waiting which made life much easier. She is in the healing process now - until the next one!! Hahahaha.

My clients have been true to form and the returns have been coming steadily. So I have been exceedingly busy. Theson surprised us when he picked us up at the airport - he also picked up his girlfriend Jules who arrived an hour earlier. She was here for a couple of days then headed to a job in St. Croix, then to Mexico, back here for 4 days - and left Monday for Antafagasto, Chile. They are such the world travelers.

We went to Boston for the christening of Tommy (center). What a terrific little boy. Always happy it seems, I am sure he has his bad moments but we didn't see any at all. This pic was taken before we all left for the church service in Quincy, MA. What a lovely family.

This ARCTIC CHILL has been a real pain the butt. then we got a little more snow last night - the schools have been closed all week so far. From what the weather reports state we are expecting a "heavy snowfall" next Tuesday, but I haven't heard how much!!! For this area, anything over 2" is considered HEAVY. We shouldn't complain though, we have not had much of a winter for the past several years. Since the damn groundhog didn't see his shadow, we are guaranteed of an early Spring now - RIGHT!?!?!?

Well, back to the returns - more later. Everyone stay healthy, TTFN.