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Friday, April 28, 2006

Times Up! Back to India!

Well, I knew the ten or so days Zac was going to be home would go fast, but whew!! they just flew by. A lot had to be crammed into those days, which only accelerated the trip. We had Brenda's wedding on Saturday, Carrie's surgery on Tuesday and had to fit all the visits and playtime in between. It literally broke my heart to send him back today. I've been tracking him on Google Earth and he just passed over New Foundland a shor time ago.

I miss his humor so much when he is not here. We make fun of everything and everyone. We are definitely equal opportunity people. Everything and everyone is always fair game. As far as I know, he managed to get everyone everything he promised, except for 2 cans of Guiness - sorry to whomever that was promised.

The packing was the fun part. If Zac had to do it his way, he would need 14 suitcases. BUT I AM THE QUEEN OF PACKING. One bag was strictly canned goods and food products. His main suitcase was essentials, and I had left over space for more food products. Some non-essential things were left here, which I will get boxed and shipped this coming week. Should be interesting when and if he ever comes home (or leaves India) - he will have to have an entire FedEx semi hired to ship everything back home.

He had fun in Columbus with his "buddies", whether playing poker or going to those "gentlemans clubs." Such a worldly young man.

Totally exhausted, going to bed for now and watch my favorite "Real Time with Bill Maher." Laugh myself to sleep. More later. Take care all. 41 days til I am sailing.!! Yippee!!

Saturday, April 22, 2006


I am a firm believer that all the money spent on elaborate weddings is just pissed down the tube. All that fluff and what do you have to show for it down the road? The same piece of paper you would have if you eloped!!

The ceremony is over the reception is over and the bride (my daughter) and groom are on their way to a hotel in Pittsburgh, as their flight is at 7 am tomorrow morning to Jamaica. AND MY FEET ARE KILLING ME!!!! Not to mention my legs, back and other body parts. So therefore, I must have had a good time. My daughter was a beautiful bride. My other daughter was a beautiful bridesmaid (considering she hates femininity altogether.) We went thru hell this morning just getting my daughters hair done.

I had made an appointment at the Regis hair salon at the mall for 10 am this morning for Carrie to get a wash, cut and style, possibly an updo. I dropped her off and went to get champagne and champagne glasses and when I got back to the mall, the girl was already pinning her hair in silly little curls on top of her head. I said the girl must be quick, and was then informed that they didn't have time to wash or cut her hair, just put it on top of her head. NOW I AM FURIOUS. I made a specific appointment for a specific job and they arbitrarily change the program. It was hideous and they then charged me $35. No wash - no product used - just a head full of bobby pins. I will get my $35 back - I will be contacting the corporate offices and any persons of importance. I had to take her to another salon and get it all redone. ($45 there) Now the wedding is at 2:30pm, the limo is supposed to pick Carrie up at home at 1:20 pm. That went to hell fast. We got out of the salon at 1:30 and made a mad dash home to get clothes on, me fix my hair and travel 11 miles to the church. We made it at 2:25 pm. I hate being late and hate being rushed even more. For that alone I will get even with REGIS SALONS.

All in all, everyone looked beautiful, the limo got everyone where they had to be, and the reception and food was all great. Now I am ready for my breakdown. Carrie and Zac have each gone out for the evening, Colton is at the babysitters, and all I want to do is cry. Just nerves and anxiety, I will get over it.

Zac is leaving for Columbus in the morning and that pretty much ends our visit, as I won't see him till the night before he leaves to go back to India. More heartbreak. I miss the big boy when he is gone.

Tomorrow will be "rest up" day for me, as Monday it is off to Columbus again, Carrie's surgery is scheduled for Tuesday morning. Always something.

Enough for now - I am pooped!!! Nite Nite!!

crazy, chaotic days

My oldest daughter is getting married this afternoon and it has really been chaotic the past couple of days. I must explain, that my daughter is 35 years old and I gave her up for adoption when she was born, as I was an 18 year old unwed mother (a real stigma in those days). I never stopped thinking about her, but knew I had made the right decision for me at the time. Many years later, with my new family, I had never kept it a secret about the child I gave up for adoption. Fourteen years ago, I had made an agressive search to find my biological family (I too, was adopted, with my twin sister), and made great strides. During this process, I got a call from the adoption agency I used in 1970, that my daughter would like to meet me, if I was willing. I had made the process easy for her to find me, and we met, she was married with a one year old son. since then, we have been one extended family. I get along well with her adoptive parents (who divorced) and the "steps", we are just one group of crazy people.

This is Brenda's 2nd marriage, and I truly love my new "son-in-law" and feel they will have a good realtionship. Zac and Carrie also get along wonderfully. Going to be interesting, Brenda with her Irish heritage marrying this Italian gentleman. Could be some interesting disagreements at times.

Had the rehearsal dinner last night and met Pete's family (a good many drove up from Florida), he actually has an "Uncle Vinny" and a "cousin Vinny" - so Italian. I just LOVE his mother Donna, she is a trip. Unfortunately, the weather is gloomy and may rain today - so we will just have to make up for it at the reception. Party hardy!!!

***Just a note - I made the arrangements for the limo (a good friend of mine) and have left messages for him with NO return calls and have been having kittens worrying about what to do. Well, the prick just called me and everything is COOl. Whew, another thing off my mind.

The best release of all is --- MY CRUISE, FLIGHT AND HOTEL ARE BOOKED AND CONFIRMED. Took care of everything yesterday, and I am sailing on June 10th to the Eastern Caribbean. Got my balcony room, a non-stop flight to Ft. Lauderdale (one change on return), and a hotel room the night before embarkation. I am soooo excited I could scream (oops, think I did that.) I wish my best friend could go with me (we always have super fun), but she has health issues at the moment that preclude her traveling. I have no problems with traveling alone, I make friends easy and enjoy solitude also. Maybe we will plan another group cruise for next year. I get free internet on the ship, will try to blog, but have to wait and see if it is feasible. Just 48 days from now (I will be putting the countdown in all blog posts) I will be in puppy heaven.

Okay, time to get some things done (hair, makeup and all the "fluff" stuff for the wedding). Details later (and hopefully some pics). Take care all.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

my (big) baby is home!!! luv ya zac

Well, I picked up my son at the Pittsburgh Airport last night, and all is well with the world, albeit for a short time. He looks wonderful, has lost about 15 pounds, and his wonderful, crazy sense of humor is still intact. His plane was an hour late, so I made new friends in the airport while waiting, so not a bad waiting period. Got his baggage (it all made it) and headed home. He wanted a steak dinner more than anything, but all the steakhouses (Max & Erma's, Lone Star, Outback's) were all closed. Even his favorite Smokey Bones and Olive Garden were closed. So we ended up at Eat 'n Park (or Arf and Barf) for a burger. We were both starved so it was better than nothing.

Got back to Bellaire about 12:15 am, and Colton (the grandson) was just dozing off, when Zac totally surprised him - it was a Kodak moment and no camera in sight. The little guy LIVES for his Uncle Zac. We were all exhausted and crashed rather quickly.

Zac couldn't even sleep in this morning, he was up by 8:30 am. We had a full day planned, and quite hectic at that. Colton had a cold (coughing and hacking) which miraculously healed itself after we called him off of school. Zac, Colton and I headed to the mall, with a full agenda, and we accomplished 98% of that list. Colton kept his uncle really running, but Zac loves it. Note: Zac started opening all his presents to himself first thing this morning, and he is like a wide eyed child getting a new toy. OH... that is because everything was a toy. How he finds these creatively ingenious items totally amazes me. He has opened about 20 boxes and isn't even half done. Bless his heart.

Zac, Colton, the daughter, Mom2 and her husband, and her brother Donald and Mary, Anthony, Stephanie and Christa (whew!!!)oops and Kim, all went to the famous (or infamous) West Texas Roadhouse for dinner and it was hysterical. We all have an enormous amount of fun when we are there. Zac treated for dinner and left the waitress (or server) a beautiful tip, but that is the way he is. A very generous loving soul!

He has gone to "Flanagans" to meet Mom2's husband for a quick drink and laugh or two (right???) I am worn out and headed to my bed, have to work in the morning, then I am off till next Thursday. Yea!!!!

Hold tight for the next installment, will keep you all informed of Zac's (slyghts) latest adventure. Nite all!!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hoppy Easter!!!

Well, it was a beautiful day, baked a ham early, the daughter made scalloped potatoes, and I actually had the client from hell come at 12:30 pm. Now, this old man came to me 2 years ago and I was tickled to death when he didn't return. He questioned every little move I made, and hovered over my shoulder the entire time I was preparing his return, then called a million times after returning home, with the SAME questions. sunny beaches, he called Friday evening and wanted an appointment (and talked on phone repetitiously for over 1/2 hour), and I told him to come Saturday evening around 6 pm, as I worked till 5. He showed up, and said he changed his mind and was going to try and do his own return, which was super fine with me, and stood on the porch talking for another 1/2 hour. He really rambles on and on and never wants to leave. He called and left a message on the machine at 11:15 pm last night, but I didn't pick up - just said he wanted to ask me something. When he called at 9 am this morning - he changed his mind again, and being the nice person I am, I said to come between 12 and 12:30, BECAUSE it was Easter and we had to go somewhere. It took me probably 20 minutes to do his return, and he stayed 2 hours, with questions on the return. HE IS DEFINITELY OCD. With a little Alzheimers thrown in for good measure.

I make the whole tax procedure sooooo easy for my clients. When completed they are given a folder with all information supplied by them STAPLED in said folder, a cover sheet noting whether they get a refund or they owe (and who to make the check payable), and all information (returns) are paper-clipped with envelopes attached and marked where they are to sign. I must have explained this to the old guy a thousand times and he just didn't get it. He kept saying the tax book says this and that - and I explained that I do know what I am doing, have been doing this for 30 years and update necessary courses regularly. I finally had him make out his checks while here and attached them to the appropriate forms and son of a b**ch if he didn't call again at 9 o'clock tonite. If I weren't balding already I would be pulling my hair out!!! He asked if I had caller ID, so if he called and doesn't leave a message, I could call him back. I told him I DON'T have caller ID, so he would have to leave messages (I lied) and he said since he knows where I work, he might contact me there. I emphatically said he could NOT call me at work. I hope the Alzheimers takes over and he forgets where he put the return with my name and number, for next year. I will have to start a series of Prozac to deal with him.

I had 3 pick ups (of returns) and had 2 returns to complete today. In between all this, I got really sick. Barfing up a perfectly good meal. Took a lot out of me, and now feel like crap. I think it is a combination of nerves, end of tax season crunch and the anticipation of seeing my son on Tuesday. Not seeing him for eight months has been so hard. Thank god for the internet and the webcam or I would have gone completely nuts. His stay here will be way to short. He should be getting on his first airplane out of India soon.

Going to put my crappy ass in bed for now, head is exploding also. Happy Easter to all!! Felt bad I couldn't even get to Mom2's even. Will make up for it later. Nite Nite.

Monday, April 10, 2006

well i really got that wrong...

OK - forget everything I said about the daughters surgery last week. I misunderstood the doctor completely. Not that I am dumb or anything (because I definitely am not), but he talks so fast I guess I only caught PART of what he said. We went back for a follow up and to have the half cast removed today, and apparently he did find some bone problems and she will definitely have one bone removed and 3 fused if possible. If not possible, he will be removing several. With this procedure, her wrist will lose some back and forth motion but not enough to be disabling. But he guarantees she will no longer suffer the awful pain she has in the past. This doctor is a trip, funny as hell. Looks like Drew Careys TALL sidekick (c'mom tell me his name). He is at least 6'6". If I were 20 years younger I might chase after him (after beating his wife to a pulp). Right!! The surgery is set for April 25th. We will be in Columbus for another 2 nights again, hopefully for the last time. Probably at least 2 follow ups after that. She will have a full cast for 6 weeks minimum and unable to work at all for a definite 3 months.

They are so efficient at OSU it totally amazes me. Our appointment was at 1:50 pm, and we got there on the dot, and were in and out and on our way home at 2:30 pm. Incredible.

Great Sunday for me, up at 6 am, went to tan at 9 and my appointment was for 11:30 - blew that one. So I cancelled the appointment altogether and came home and worked on tax returns from 9:30 am - 11:30 pm - NONSTOP. I had an incredible headache all day today because of it. I got all but 3 returns completed, but now have to put them together, call the clients and collect my $$$$. I wish I wasn't so cheap. Usually I save most of my tax money for vacation, but have spent a good bit on gasoline and incidentals for all these trips to Columbus. No big deal, you do what you have to do!!! Thanks to Slyght, he used his hotel rewards points for the hotel on two occasions so far. Thank you baby!!

Well, it is 10:30 pm and I am totally exhausted - think it is time for me to crash - behave everyone!! Be back later.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


The end of tax season is ALWAYS crunch time and this year is even worse. Took the daughter to OSU for another surgery this past Monday and it actually had good results. The doctor will NOT have to remove any bones, but she will need another surgery to repair a 3-4" ligament tear. Excellent news. She will not be disabled. But after the next surgery the doctor emphasized she wil not be allowed to work for at least 3 months. The surgery to repair the ligament needs complete "babying" so the seamstress work takes hold. At the present time she has a half cast, and is still in considerable pain. Since OSU is a teaching hospital the anaesthesiologist was a student, and in trying to intubate her, he cut the piece of skin under her tongue, and now has swelling and eating has presented a few problems. (As if we can't afford to miss a meal or two!!! Right!) She is having trouble doing many chores, and i even had to bath her tonight. That was a trip - haven't bathed her in at least 20+ years. God, she is a bigger baby now!! haha - kidding Carrie.

I have all the last minute clients calling and still have some saying "I almost have it all together" - DUHHHH!!! Give me a break. Normally I don't let it bother me, but this year, with all the trips to Columbus, working part-time, tax season and my oldest daughters wedding - I would like to schedule my nervoius breakdown now!! Damnit - I haven't had time to book my cruise either. That is imperitive. That way I can have my breakdown at sea, and save everyone here at home from the gore of it all!

It is 10:15 pm and I have 10 returns sitting in front of me, I worked today till 5 pm, have tanned, bathed both daughter and grandson (and myself), and arranged for the limo for my daughters wedding. Nah - no returns tonite. Work till 6pm tomorrow and tan at 8 pm tomorrow, so I will not get to these returns till Saturday and alllllllll day Sunday. I love the pressure.

Gotta run for now - will be back as soon as time allows. Pray for me!!