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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I have to question - what is wrong with our military that a single-mother, Alexis Hutchinson,  now faces a court martial trial IN AFGHANISTAN, for her failure to show up for deployment.  Her reasoning as it appears in this article, from this mother's viewpoint, is a valid point.

Does the military NOT try to aid these people, in ensuring that their offspring will be well cared for during these long periods of deployment?

It appears to me, that this woman was not necessarily trying to  avoid service in a foreign country, but that she was worried about what may be best for her child.   From the article, her grandmother is already caring for other family members, and the burden both financially and physically may be too overwhelming for this woman - and this was the catalyst for her failure to deploy. 

The males in the military rely on their wives to take care of all situations in the home during their deployment, but the onus on a single-mother is much greater.

My major question here is...why would the military even consider trying this woman in a court IN Afghanistan?  Why not handle judicial proceedings in the United States?  Granted, the theater of war is abroad, but the "crime" for which she is charged, took place in this country. 

I do not presume to know military law, but I understand common sense.  Of course, that is an assumption on my part, that the two can be inter-mixed.  There could be details which we are not privvy to, but I do not see that this woman chose to go AWOL, or run away from her obligation.  She ran into a last minute quandry, plain and simple, and received NO assistance from her superiors whatsoever.

Are the lines so rigid in the military, that accomodations cannot be made or offered to this woman to make her deployment easier? 

On a similar note, Liz Cheney on Sunday, ran off at the mouth again, declaring how our POTUS, was leaving our men in Afghanistan without the resources to fight and protect, by delaying decisions on SENDING MORE TROOPS!   Hey Liz....you little offspring warmongering idiot..........we need to get our troops OUT of Afghanistan....period.  It is a war we cannot win, and to continue to put these young lives on the line for a futile war is insane.   The day that Liz and daddy Dick put on fatigues, strap on a gun and head to a war zone...is when I may reconsider this position (maybe)!

I should hope that this situation is cleared up amicably and fairly for this young woman.  We will have to wait and see I guess.


I watched the interview of the young boy who refuses to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance last night, and I have to say, I am impressed.  This articualte young man has a valid point and by taking advantage of his rights under the Constitution...has definitely made his feelings known. 

He has proven that he is a wise young man and has the ability to "stand by his convictions."  In reciting the Pledge daily, these young children, as a rule, have no idea what the Pledge even means.  They have learned this quote by rote - and missed the meaning altogether.  Except for this one young man.

Maybe he will start a movement among other children who are free thinkers as well.  Do I think that any adults will follow suit or agree?  Some possibly.  For me, I'm with ya buddy....till all citizens, gay, bisexual, transgender, etc., are given equal status under the law - no Pledge of Allegiance!


Have a good day and I shall return.........later....................



Unknown said...

The males in the military rely on their wives to take care of all situations in the home during their deployment, but the onus on a single-mother is much greater. Sexist fuckers.

On the topic of Lizard Cheney..fuck dat bitch. she is only a mouthpiece for her fucked up daddy..and the warmongering idiots.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Wow this is a toughy. While I think the Government should try to be more flexible in this matter I have a question. What about single fathers? How many fathers have been in this situation and treated unfairly, but because a woman is in this situation is she getting special attention just because of this fact? Also when she enlisted in the army she knew the chances of being deployed just as much as the men do and the army can't be responsible or concerned with how the soldiers arrange childcare, heck they are fighting a war.

Should there be some leniency sure, but be sure that every man in that same situation gets the same leniency.

Sue said...

seeing that picture and reading this young womans story breaks my heart! Seems I have heard a similar story and the woman was cleared and able to stay home. I hope the same happens with this woman.

As for lizard she can shut her fat fuckin face, I'm so fuckin sick of her I could punch her lights out! She really gets me riled up!!

Mauigirl said...

It's absurd to send the woman to Afghanistan - what possible excuse do they have to do that?

I do agree that men in a similar situation should have the same leniency, if leniency is given.

That said, I don't know the circumstances behind her joining the army, but Ron has a point, if she was already single when she signed up for the army, perhaps it wasn't a good career decision. Of course, if it was the only way she could earn a living and support her kids, then perhaps she didn't have a lot of choices to choose from. It's all a very difficult situation.

Sidhe said...

Agreed, they should not deploy her without a complete family care plan (which is a document, referred to by her lawyer, that is required by single military parents to indicate that the service member has a plan for caring for their dependents while deployed) however if she does not have a family care plan she also cannot stay in the Army, because she is not deployable...my question would be whether or not she modified her family care plan to indicate that it had changed after the California plan fell through. I've had the opportunity to see it over and over again that single military neglect to update that damn family care plan, of course they usually bring the issue to their chain of command which stops the orders and then separates the individual from the military. I agree that it sucks but I somehow suspect that the situation was not solely created by the Army, unfortunately we never get to know the whole story. The reason the courts martial is in Afghanistan is because that is where the command is that she was AWOL from.

I like the following excerpt concerning her lawyer, "Sussman said she's working to keep the Army from "throwing the book" at her client and locking her up in Afghanistan." A great example about how powerful language is...the Army doesn't lock up *prisoners* in Afghanistan, after adjudication the lock up would probably be in Kansas...

Lizard can kiss my ass, in fact she can kiss it in January when I am in Afghanistan myself...but remember that our war is not with Afghanistan. We left them high and dry the last time we were there...after supporting the Taliban to end the Soviet occupation...maybe the US owes them a little bit of consideration but we have to do it smartly and Liz and Dick are certainly not the experts on that one...the POTUS is doing a good job of making clearly thought out decisions regarding Afghanistan.

slyght said...

where's the link to the PoA kid? i'm leaving in 10 hours, and my weekly PTVR post goes up tomorrow. though it may be too late for this week, maybe next week.

Anonymous said...

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