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Sunday, September 24, 2006

...local football rivalry???

Ever since we moved to Bellaire, the hard nosed fact was that Martins Ferry was our utmost rival. Well, last week when we played St. Clairsville, a local radio commentator (D. Blomquist will remain anonymous) and a local police officer, made a bet over the outcome of that game. As Bellaire won (barely), Mr. Blomquist therefore, had to come to Bellaire, run thru town painted in Bellaire colors and then be tazered by said police officer. Since I am having trouble loading the pics, go to www.flickr.com/photos/mbonen. For one reason or another, pics just don't want to load at the moment. Drat, curses, rats!!!

Back to the bet though. When Mr. Blomquist came to town, a crowd appeared at Flanagan's and the local PD officer, tazered Mr. Blomquist in the bar (a low dose no doubt.) Then the run began -- Mr. Blomquist trotting behind a Blazer, which was continuing his radio show, live. He made it to the upper part of town, and stopped at a local county official's house, where he was greeted by the official's wife, who slipped a $20 bill in Bloomers shorts, and he trucked back to the Police Department. The Police Officer, after much consultation with his superiors, decided against further tazering, as Mr. Blomquist's heart was racing after the run, and for health reasons (possible death) it was deemed NOT a good idea. It was all in good fun, and the weather was great, and no one got hurt - who can ask for anything more???

Well, that's all I can bear to write right now, as my Pittsburgh Steelers are breaking my heart. Cincinnati is walking all over them. BOOHOO!!! 28-17 with 7:05 to go in the 4th quarter. Damn turnovers.

I have a terrible, terrible cold and am going back to bed AGAIN. I have been in bed, off and on since Friday night. Can't breath, smell or eat. I've been thru a box of Kleenex already - shite!!!

Everyone else, stay healthy, more later. TTFN.

***HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY TO THEDAUGHTER*** Sorry I am sick at the moment.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

now we have to get back in the BLOG groove...

Well the month that theson was home was slow at first, then it seemed to zip by during the last week. Theson is now in Florence, Italy for a two week training in Oil and Gas I believe. Then he will be off to who knows where. At some point he has to go back to India to get all his belongings left behind. That should be a real treat.

Emma was here for a week, well, not here exactly the entire time, but here about. She and theson spent several days in Columbus, Ohio visiting his buddies and clubbing. I truly enjoyed meeting and getting to know Emma. Such a lovely young lady - and theson seems enamored also. Bottom line: she was a big hit with the entire family.

Fall weather has come upon us with a bang. Quite chilly today - didn't even reach 60 degrees. Actually this is my favorite time of year, cool weather and Steeler football (although we will not discuss the Jacksonville match last Monday night.) C'mon Ben - get healed and back in shape. Cincinnati Bengals next Sunday, they looked good against Cleveland last week.

OK, will be back later, everyone stay healthy. TTFN

Sunday, September 10, 2006

...chaos and bedlam of late

It has been quite awhile since I last was here, but I must explain. My best friend has been "in and out" of the hospital three times, my son came home from India, his girlfriend has now come for a visit. Therefore, non-stop craziness. I could not be any happier than to have my son home for this length of time (a month) and will dread the time when he leaves again (Sept. 15th.)

Theson and Emma (thegirlfriend) are a wonderful pair. She is a true delight and beautiful to boot. We all went to dinner at the Roadhouse the other evening, unfortunately, Mom2 and her family could not make it, as she was still in the hospital and her family functions better as a whole than in parts.

The first pic at the top is theson, Emma and Colton at Colton's 6th birthday party on the 4th. (Labor Day baby - literally.) This next pic was taken at the Roadhouse, where we had a wonderful time. Such a "cozy" pair.

All in all, with Mom2 being hospitalized so many times, all the trips to the hospital, theson being home and thegirfriend arriving, I have not had time to even turn around. But it is all definitely worth every minute.

I feel like I take advantage of theson while he is home, but he is such a big help. We managed to get my outside "shed" cleaned out and numerous trips were made to the "dump" with all the stuff I have hidden away there for years. There were several boxes or bags I didn't even look in - as I haven't done it in years and if I haven;t missed something important, I figured "get rid of it!" Theson loves for me to discard everything, he thinks I packrat a little too much sometimes. After our house was destroyed by a fire in 1984, I never saved anything, under the belief that it can all disappear in seconds. That lasted for about ten years and then I started hoarding again it seems. I shall try to do much better in the future.

Theson and Emma are in Columbus, Ohio at the present time enjoying theson's friends and sporting events for the weekend. They should return Monday or Tuesday.

Enough rambling for now, so everyone stay healthy and I will try to get back here more frequently. TTFN.