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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Here's the job for me!

No...I will not be travelling Greyhound in the near future!!

YES, there are still very SICK people in the world...this article definitely caught my attention. If you are squeamish - DO NOT read, it is quite gross. I even watched the accompanying video, of a passengers description, and the tale is totally unbelievable. The "alleged suspect", will probably claim some form of insanity and will be provided for, in a secure facility, for the remainder of his life. I say - NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

More later.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Now this would definitely SUCK!!!

Hope this embeds properly!

Legalizing marijuana...about time!!

I love this article and the bill being supported by Barney Frank. I have been a member of NORML since the early 70's. I have said so many times, I would rather be around someone who is stoned than one who is drunk. I have posed this question to various law enforcement people over the past many years: "How many domestic disturbance calls, involve alcohol and thusly those involving marijuana?" I have yet to find one admission relating to marijuana use. Alcohol is the prime additive in domestic situations.

As this bill states, laws will still be enforced for cultivating, and selling for profit, but possession for personal use (100 grams or less) will be nothing. Hooray - quit tying up the courts time with these petty cases.

Now a question for thought...the phrase that one is "legally intoxicated"...shouldn't that mean that is therefore OK to be intoxicated because it is LEGAL??? One has to love semantics.

Later guys...TTFN

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

???????? I'm shocked!

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see Obama pictures

Guess I am NOT an emergency...shite!

Thedaughter called and made an appointment for me with our family doctor today...only because I hate the thought of going and the expense. I went to the ER probably a month ago and was told I have tennis elbow, for which I have been wearing a brace, alternated the heat and cold and taken naproxen. The elbow is getting worse NOT better. I was given a script for Vicodin which I actually tore up a couple of days ago - I am soooooo not a pill taker. I guess I wasn't thinking about the street value, I could have gotten a small windfall - LOL!

I found it amusing as our family physician is also a long time personal friend (he was in med school when we met), and I can't get in to see him till August 21st. His office workers are unaware of our friendship, and I could call myself and get in today if I wanted to, but I can't bring myself to pick up the phone.

He will want to do a physical as I haven't had one since Shep was a pup...and I can actually fill him in quite quickly: I'm overweight, haven't quit smoking and need more exercise. There it is in a nutshell. There are probably a few addendum's to my quickie overview...but what the hell - none of us will live forever. No matter what, my only instructions to him will be - limited tests, and he can only give me good news - no BAD news. Invariably, all doctors have something bad to say and I will not listen to it. Don't prescribe me a lot of pills, because I will tear up the scripts - total waste of time. I truly believe that the pharmacy area of medicine is a racket and I am not contributing to their insane profits. When I was prescribed Lipitor for cholesterol, it ran $150+ a month - BS! I now take Red Yeast Rice and my cholesterol has decreased 30%. WALMART - $14 FOR 3 MONTH SUPPLY. How cool is that?

Whew! 5.8 magnitude earthquake hits LA - just waiting for the BIG ONE! I can't even imagine living in an earthquake area. Here in the Ohio Valley, we have had 2 earthquakes, if I am not mistaken in the 3-4 mag range, years ago. They were interesting - my chandelier was swaying, everything fell off my desk, and my desk chair (on rollers) started moving in circles - I was freaked out (that was in 1988). The other one I remember was in the early 80's, and people sitting around me felt it, but I was standing and felt nothing. I guess my legs served as super shock absorbers. I can't fathom shocks on a regular basis though.

Visit nomadic tendencies to see theson's plumbing adventure. It had me totally laughing, being he is soooo very intelligent and has now been whipped by a toilet!! I spoke with him on Skype yesterday as he was going to work, and he said he was going to tackle the job after work - and alas, it appears he did TACKLE the toilet.

I FEDEX'd a package to him again last Thursday, and it did arrive in Cairo office yesterday afternoon. I don't think he has had it picked up yet, but again with the exorbitant shipping bill - it came up $1075.00. Hopefully that is in Egyptian pounds. Hopefully he will be able to enjoy his Crystal Light packets soon.

Oh well - enough garbage for now! Everyone stay well and TTFN.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

Put your head between your knees & kiss your ass GOODBYE!!

This must be my day to blog I guess! I figured getting two done was a good thing and then all hell broke loose this evening.

This is a picture of 2 trees behind my neighbors house which came down in a severe storm that hit us around 8 pm. I wasn't home, and thedaughter and thegrandson headed to the basement when the winds really picked up and everything that wasn't tied down started flying around. I was in town at my friends house, and we had a hard time getting him back into his house, as we couldn't get him to his handicapped accessible door. Thank heaven that one of his friends was there and could lift his wheelchair up over the door ledge and I pushed from the front - the hail was at least 1/2" in diameter and the winds (as we learned now) were over 60 m.p.h.

I helped clean up their mess and then headed home to check things out. Our local park has at least 6 or 7 trees down, and I dodged trees and debris all the way home. As soon as I got out of the car, thedaughter and neighbors were all looking behind my house and then I saw the trees. The next street over from us also has a lot of damage from what I understand. Thedaughter had things straightened up here, for which I am grateful.

My clothes were soaked, but I was afraid to change as another storm was directly behind this one. It is now 2 hours later and WE SURVIVED!! I finally have dry clothes on and hopefully no more weather events for the rest of the evening.

Please, please -- everyone stay safe and TTFN.

There just may be JUSTICE afterall...

I quite often mention thegrandson on my blog - although I have never really given a slew of details regarding him, I just love to highlight his life at times.

Being the 21st century and life being so different than when I was growing up in the 60's - thedaughter upon notifying the father that she was pregnant - he immediately BAILED!! Thedaughter made the decision to be a single parent and had many court appearances to establish the father's paternity (no problem there) and in absentia, he was ordered to pay child support. Initially she received a couple of small checks and then nothing! That was over 6 years ago. When we went to court, the "law master" - upon learning that thegrandson's "sperm donor" had possibly fathered a total of 10 children - said (unofficially) that if he could get him in court and it was legal - he would castrate the man. I was on his side with that idea! He was cited for Contempt of Court on several occasions for failing to appear - and has had warrants on file for his arrest, should he be caught in Belmont County, Ohio. We know for a fact, he has slithered back home to visit family, but never seem to catch him in time.

The "sperm pop" was finally tracked down in South Carolina (where he has a family - 3 kids) and cited into SC courts on Contempt charges. We were informed that he also failed to appear on the first citation into court, by another mother and not to expect him to show on thegrandsons case. Shock of shocks - he DID appear and voluntarily turned over his employment information - and a week later thedaughter was informed of all events that had transpired, but not to get her hopes up for receiving any checks soon.

VOILA!!!! The daughter received a check today for $70.25. I know that does not sound like a lot, but this means the world to thedaughter. Having lost the $70 at Jambo - it could not have arrived at a better time for her. We have agreed that her hopes will not stay high - as the checks could stop as soon as they began. Even if she received the same amount weekly - he will NEVER get caught up. He is almost $20 thousand in arrears. The good thing is that this will follow him till he dies or pays in full - whichever comes first. LOL!!

Tried to scan the check to publish here (sans Names), but PC in old office is not connecting to internet at the moment. So I had to settle for taking a picture of the check. Too much to worry about now. Just thought I would pass on some good news...have a good day and TTFN.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I've made up my mind...no more tickets to JAMBO!!

So much for a treat for Christmas presents...there will be no more JAMBO tickets purchased by me for anyone in the future. Amazing, I attended Jamboree in The Hills for 27 of the 32 years and never pissed anyone off or had anyone pissed at me. The atmosphere has changed incredibly. The competition now is to see how much one can drink...and then act like an ass! Of course, no one knows their own limit or that mixing beer and whiskey can be all you need for "trouble."

I had to travel out to the Jambo site at 1 am this morning to bring thedaughter home, after she had a confrontation with her sister. Without going into details, because some very hurtful things were said, drink and the mixing of beverages was the catalyst for said confrontation. Thedaughter was not drunk when I picked her up and her friend, of several years, offered her version of events at the time. I am not going to take sides in this matter. Enough said to state that I am so disappointed in the entire situation. I will not meddle into what is going on in one daughters life at present, suffice it to say, I am deeply disappointed in certain choices being made. Too many people are destined to be hurt under the present situation (in her life) and my heart is breaking.

ETW blogged about her connection with her biological mother this past weekend, and I flash back 15 years to when I met my biological daughter - my heart was so full, yet with time, there is no difference between those I have raised and the daughter who was raised by another. We all have our shortcomings and flaws...this is only human. A selfishness exists, which can only hurt those loved the most, and for this I feel awful. I do not and have not interfered in my children's lives (other than the rare -?- suggestion or two), and as a rule, let them make their own decisions, right, wrong or otherwise. But how many times must one make the same horrible decision - over and over, without being called on it? I would rather eat nails than deal with this dilemma.

Thedaughter is out $70, drivers license, camera and souvenirs - as someone cannot remember being handed these objects (in a fanny pack), for a period of 3-4 minutes. My declaration to the daughter was "it is a workable." Drivers license can be replaced, pictures are lost, money is lost, and souvenirs are just more "stuff." It is all unfortunate, but the circumstances, involving alcohol, just enhanced the situation.

Being awakened at 1 am to go 20 miles and collect thedaughter, was rather hard on me. I started having chest pains, more because of the stress, but I was alarmed. Having had 8 heart attacks and triple bypass...I don't need the drama.

Hopefully this week will be better, thedaughters (both) have to go back to work and the "normalcy" of their lives - so what they make of it is entirely up to them. Dwelling on this will not help matters, so my suggestion is to a) COOL OFF b) after time consider an "apology" get-together c) try to make the necessary changes in their lives to ensure happiness.

Usually I am sad that the 4 day country concert is over...this year - I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!!

Stay well all and TTFN.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hypothetical...or not!

I have to set the cast of characters here, hopefully to avoid confusion.
MillerMan (my quadriplegic friend)
MMMom (mother of Millerman)
Mike (brother of Millerman)
Mikewife (wife of Mike)
LPN (nurse of Millerman)
Delinquent couple

On June 23rd, Mikewife, who works for a cash lending establishment, heard from her husband that a delinquent customer of hers, with multiple excuses for not paying, was entering a tanning salon that evening. Mikewife immediately calls the home of delinquent person leaving a message, that if they can't afford to make their payment to her, how can they afford tanning sessions and daily golf fees? When delinquent man gets message he immediately calls Millerman and gives him a verbal tongue lashing and diatribe, for which Millerman had no idea of what he was talking about. Millerman hung up on delinquent person and immediately made a police report of harassment. Apparently delinquent person also made calls to Mikewife and gave a verbal tirade also.

On June 28th, the entire clan (9 people) mentioned above (minus delinquent couple) were leaving for a vacation to Ocean City, Maryland - taking 2 vehicles, Millerman's handicapped accessible van and his mother's Chevy. They left as planned around 6 am on that Saturday morning - and at approximately 12:30 pm, both vehicles were pulled over in Howard County (near Baltimore), on the premise of SPEEDING! After some initial small talk, all the passengers (except for Millerman) were told to exit vehicles and produce ID. The officer informed them that they had received an anonymous tip that they were transporting 50 pounds of marijuana from Ohio to Maryland. Mike produced under an ounce of weed that he had for personal use, and unfortunately, his wife had a bag of 20 Vicodin, with no prescription, which Mike claimed as his. He explained that having to lift his brother in and out of chair and into bed, takes its toll on his back and knees, thus he had the Vicodin for pain. This is quite true by the way - Millerman is no small person.

Millerman was left in the van with NO air-conditioning, the lift could not be put all the way down as they were to close to the guardrail. He asked the cops for water and to turn on the air - as he does not sweat and could pass out - the reply was "LATER!" Cops also tried to move van with door and lift partially open, causing more damage.

All the women were strip-searched on the highway with male officers looking on (search done by a female), breasts exposed - very traumatic. Mike's daughter is 14 and has breast prosthetics, which were dumped out of her bra, and no parental consent was given - she is still devastated. In total there were 9 cop vehicles, bear in the air, 2 K-9 units, and nothing else was found. The van was destroyed inside, cops told them they would have to put everything back into van themselves, a complete asshole situation.

Mike and LPN were arrested (LPN had a one-hitter). Mike charged with possession of marijuana and vicodin...LPN charged with marijuana possession and paraphernalia. All charges are misdemeanors - they were held in jail for 7 hours and finally released on their own recognizance. This made for a miserable vacation week. (Court appearances in Maryland are scheduled for Aug. 26th).

MMMom has been a basket case, worrying that her son may face jail time, although local attorneys have assured her that a fine is all that is involved. She can think or talk of nothing else. Granted, I told her that her son Mike was an idiot for having the stuff anyway - but all this is workable. I have no sympathy for the LPN either, they are adults and should have known better.

The story does not end with the arrest and charges though. Apparently while they were in Maryland, phone calls were made to MMMoms place of employment, saying that SHE was arrested in Maryland for marijuana - but stupid caller must have forgotten that she has worked for this employer for 32 years and it is her family as owners. Of course they asked her about the call and an explanation was given - her job is not in jeopardy at all. Calls were also made to Mikewife's employer and the employers landlord - trying to get her fired as well. Needless to say, she has the backing of her employer and the employer's attorneys are getting involved. Mike's sons car had scratches and damage done as well, while they were away.

One would have to understand that Millerman and his family DO NOT have any enemies, so eliminating suspects to all these acts was an easy task. **Note: delinquent person USED to be a good friend of family, till he took advantage and started stealing from them.

Millerman and family returned home on July 5th, and amazingly enough, delinquent person and wife left that day for a vacation to Niagara Falls and NYC - hmmm, can't make payments but can afford vacation - very interesting.

The Sheriff's department was contacted about the harassment and possible vandalism, and made contact with delinquent person to meet with him at the local police department last night. The Sheriff called MMMom and informed her of the meeting and also advised her that delinquent person was VERY HOSTILE! Before scheduled meeting at PD, we were all sitting on the deck, and delinquent person drives by (which he NEVER does), smirky grin and waving, on his way to PD.

One must remember that the Sheriff was questioning him about the harassment, and the fly on the wall told us, that immediately, delinquent person told Sheriff that Mikewife had made arrangements to buy a half pound of weed off his brother the night before their trip and they also gave weed to their son and daughter. WOW!! this delinquent person is a real goof - he narced his brother to the cops and basically inferred he was the anonymous phone caller. Thank God for dumb criminals. Like I told Millerman, the Sheriff was good, he just let delinquent person run his mouth and dig a hole. Papers are supposed to be filed with the Prosecutors office today, in order to obtain some form of restraining order.

After the scheduled court date in Maryland, MMMom and Millerman have been advised by Federal Judge (friend) to file a claim for civil rights violations by the Maryland officers. ** Strip searching on a highway in the open (breasts exposed), no parental consent for search of minors, jeopardizing a quadriplegic's health (they also opened all his sterile supplies and left strewn on highway) and other charges.

And to me - the best of all!! NO SPEEDING TICKETS WERE ISSUED! (I am not buying that that is allowed for PROBABLE CAUSE.)

I doubt that this situation is over by a long shot, but at least they are taking the proper legal steps and not doing anything rash. Amazing how much damage can be caused by ANONYMOUS PHONE TIPS! I am sure there are incidents of good handled by anonymous tips, but this goes beyond the scope.

Thanks for listening - it has been bothering me since this all started and we will see how it progresses.

I finally got it...wearing my brain out!!

After much figuring and frustration, I was able to download the pics taken by theson's friend at Jamboree In The Hills (from years ago)!

As you can see from the second photo, there is a "sea of people" in attendance for JITH. Fun and drunken fun is the "order of the day!" For all the years I attended, I often bragged that I was the only sober person in attendance (out of 200,000+). After the first few years, the numbers for attendance were no longer published, but it has to be one of the largest venues around.

Sunday is always the day of interest for me, as the show begins at 11 am (ending around 6:30 - 7 pm), and the atmosphere is much quieter - because EVERYONE is HANGING!! Always being the sober one - I loved to play with people's minds - too much fun for me!

Thedaughter2 and friend, took the camper out yesterday (actually Saturday night), because there is a looooong line waiting to get into the campgrounds and get a good spot. The site seeking began around 6 am I believe. Now all both daughters have to take out is their beer and bedding. All the boys sleep in a tent, while the girls are fortunate enough to get the camper. And me...my comfortable bed and TV to watch the event.

Enough for now, I'm going to start drafting what I call the hypothetical - which is actually true, but the outcome becomes the hypothetical I guess.

Have a good one and stay well. TTFN

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Didgeridoo!!! Lovin' this thing already...

The didgeridoo is a wind instrument of the Indigenous Australians. theson had this shipped to the house and geez - thought it was for me, but unfortunately it is for himself. No problem, as much fun as we have had with it so far, he may have a fight on his hands (with thegrandson) to get it back. When thegrandson first spotted it he was so excited. He ran to it and started blowing into it - and it was hilarious. There is a definite technique involved as to obtaining different notes from this instrument, so far we have managed just a droning sound. I told thedaughter we will use this now to call thegrandson when it is time to come in the house, rather than yelling. The neighbors will really love us then. theson called on Skype a little while ago, and thegrandson was blowing so hard, I thought he would have a stroke - to see it and hear the damn thing is soooo funny. While webcamming, theson told (and showed) thegrandson what he had purchsed for him in Australia - a genuine boomerang, a stuffed kangaroo and a Kangaroo T-shirt. then he told them that if he can't figure a way to ship it home - thegrandson would have to wait till 2009 to get the gifts. Shipping anything into or out of Egypt is a real pain. Guaranteed delivery of any item into Egypt cannot be assured - the same goes for shipping anything to the States.

Yesterday, was my son-in-laws 50th birthday, and my daughter planned a surprise party in his honor. He works in Indiana, and everything had to be planned on his trip home for the weekend. My daughter flew HIS daughter in from St. Petersburg, Florida as the BIG surprise, and nothing could have made him happier. All turned out quite well. Big kid that he is, and his love for water guns turned out to be a big hit with the kids (and the big kid)! They stalked and soaked each other quite well.

This had to be the most unique birthday cake I have ever seen. And trust me - it is ALL cake. For the number 5 - there are 2 hot dogs at top and a batch of french fries for lower portion. The "0" is a hamburger. So ingenious. the cake was quite delicious as well. I am definitely going to have this person make thegrandsons next birthday cake!!

There are various pictures from the party on the flickr site as well. It was a rather warm day, but the evening cooled off quite nicely, and thegrandson and I were home around 9:30 pm. Today is much hotter, and I am doing the "inside" chores, such as laundry, dishes, dusting and crap. We may go out to dinner as Jimmy will be going back to Florida in the morning and tradition dictates we all go out on his last night home. But it is now 3 pm and when you leave plans up to "the guys", they will wait till the last minute to let me know the exact time. Should they NOT call, there will be HELL to pay!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's almost JAMBO time!!!

With my pea size brain...I can't remember if I posted about JAMBOREE IN THE HILLS before or not! This year will be the 32nd year for this event, and I am proud to say I managed to attend 27 years. I have not gone for the past couple of years, as the heat is really to much for me anymore and all the non-stop walking has become a challenge - up and down the beer can strewn aisles - NOT.

This tradition has been passed down to my children and now my 17 year old grandson is attending for the first time this year. As for me...I will sit on my deck, grab a bottle of Cafe Zinfandel and watch the event on television. The local TV station began televising JITH approximately 10-12 years ago, and just about all entertainers and "in-between" shows are televised. There are still a couple of entertainers who have forbidden televising their acts due to clauses in their contracts. I'm really pissed because this year, Trace Atkins, Reba McIntire and one other will not be televised. CRAP...I love Trace Atkins, what a hunk!

Theson has had his adventures and mis-adventures at JITH over the years. Using PERMANENT marker to write "rub the buddha" on his belly was a fun one - and he sunburned all over EXCEPT through he written part. We could read his body for weeks. He also asked someone to write something specific on his back, and after he started receiving threats, found out that this person wrote "I like little boys" instead. So much for friendship!

At the conclusion of this event, approximately 200,000 people have been through the gates. I remember meeting the same people year after year, from New York and California. People actually plan this as their annual vacation. Many friendships have been forged in the campgrounds surrounding the site. Although the actual show does not begin till next Thursday, campgrounds will open Sunday morning and there will be nightly shows within the various campgrounds, bull riding and various other events are planned to entertain the masses. If one does not have a good time, no one to blame but themselves.

The first year for JITH (1977), the venue was on Saturdays (all day) and from noon till 6 m on Sunday and tickets were $25 each day. Now, entertainment begins on Thursday evening through Sunday and tickets start at $160 for 4 days (sale prices end Nov. 30th - I got 4 days for $135). I get tickets as Christmas presents for thedaughter. These are admission prices and do not include the camping packages.

Brad Paisley, is a LOCAL boy and puts on one helluva closing act. He enjoys coming home and seeing his friends and is basically just "one of the guys." Brad and John Corbett (actor) bought adjoining farm properties and are home quite often anymore.

Thedaughter has arranged for her friend to watch thegrandson, and I will relax and kick back and ENJOY...all by myself!! Great for me.

If anyone truly loves country music, you may be able to access a live stream from www.wtov9.com. The entire schedule can also be accessed at the same site.

the hypothetical I mentioned in prior post is actually a true situation, and has angered me and those involved, but I am still figuring out how to word the damn thing. People (my friends) are being hurt and I am so upset, I feel that responsible person needs to be dealt with...so still thinking. MY BRAIN HURTS!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

It's a MAN'S world... I think NOT!!

Without getting to far out on a religious limb...I found this article so very irritating to my sensibilities of fairness to women (the smarter sex!) I will admit that I am an agnostic, having been baptized Presbyterian, confirmed an Episcopalian and transferring to the Lutheran faith when I married my late husband. I also attended many other faiths during my half century of living, and will also admit that I was fascinated by the diverse beliefs. But, be that as it may, back to this article...I find it very frustrating that again, the Catholic leader and church of Rome wishes to dictate the continued heirarchy of MEN to be the stalwart leaders of their faith (and all faiths apparently), since their translation of the BIBLE states that Jesus only wanted men in leadership positions. GET A GRIP!!!

Without getting into theology and various doctrines...this remains a sexist matter. The Episcopal church has fared quite well with their female bishops, but being one step away to Catholicism, the Pope apparently is quite scared of women penetrating the all male Vatican ranks. I should think there are other major issues that need to be addressed, i.e. molestation (past & present), loss of parishioners and finances, that the issues of dominance should be - HOW DO WE FIX our existing problems???!

Please note this is not a scathing attack on my Catholic friends - just the leaders of said religion. End of discussion!

Off on a tangent I go...gas range drip pans! Now there is a wild subject. I have had my gas range for probably 13-14 years, and the drip pans have taken a beating. I obtained the model and part numbers necessary to order, and then googled various sites for pricing. Kiss my Ass! 2 metal objects (double drips pans) weighing next
to nothing run in price from $28 each to $34. No freaking way!! I will just keep the ugly ones I have. BTW - those prices don't even include shipping and handling.

Theson has posted about his Australian adventure and the pics are great! He looks slimmer and sooooo happy! I haven't talked to him much, but I am not high up on his priority list I know. Again, a mother thing! I have another "hypothetical" post I want to do..but haven't decided how to approach the subject. I will keep thinking on that one!

I don't have to babysit for the next 2 days as thedaughter has days off, so whatever shall I do??? Probably clean some more. If the damn rain and storms would quit - I'd like to cook out too. Life just sucks sometimes.

More later...stay well and TTFN.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

New Look...not entirely happy yet...

I decided to try the new layout feature for blogspot, but I am not totally happy yet - I still want to do some "dressing up", but with my luck, I don't want to screw it up.

I really loved this shot from our local, albeit lousy, Fireworks display on June 28th. All the major cities around here had to cancel their July 4th displays because of the rain and dampness - most were shot off last night!

My friends returned last evening from a week at Ocean City, Maryland - and she was quite happy with her CLEAN and ORGANIZED kitchen. By the time I left, she had progressed to cluttering the room up again - but as I said - it was a "once in a lifetime" service. I will grit my teeth and bear with the mess again, I am sure. I made a pan of lasagna and had the coffee pot on - so they were happy as clams when they got home.

Finding a job is becoming painful. No one is hiring - laying off is more the norm at the moment. Three responses from resumes have come as "you will be notified when we begin the hiring process again." I think I am toooo old for this game now, but I am POOR and truly need additional income. Shite - maybe I will...oh nevermind!

If I dwell on that issue I will begin my depression again - so happy thoughts for now.

The 4th was a great day at theDonald's - my God - he had steaks so huge I was in awe. Each rib eye would feed 3 people. Jimmy fixed stuffed mushrooms and cheesy potatoes and all kinds of desserts. Truly a fun day and definitely "filling."

I'm outta here - a few things to get done before the babysitting begins - AGAIN!

Stay well and TTFN.

Friday, July 04, 2008

A rainy YUCKY 4th of July!...big deal

The rain Gods are not going to be cooperative it appears - rain is the forecast for most of the day. Thegrandson and I and the rest of Mom2's family will picnic "inside" at theDonald's house this afternoon - this way we will all be much closer - ha!

The Bush countdown clock is now under 200 days - can we survive that long. Realistically there will be no immediate changes (for the better) under a new administration in January - but to get the bombastic fool out of office cannot be soon enough for me. I have come to the point where even seeing his mug on the news is nauseating. How we could have this man in control for so long, and perpetuate his lies - never ceases to amaze me. Those elected officials in Washington need to live on a meager salary and try to buy gasoline, groceries, health insurance and still find $$ for survival - NOT HAPPENING.

I finished cleaning my friend's house after 8.5 hours of continuous work yesterday. As I said in my last post - this was a once in a lifetime service I offered. But it turned out well (and she never saw how much junk I trashed in her absence...she won't even know!) The woman is a virtual pack-rat!

I just IM'd with theson - and he says he had a super time "down under!" Sending me a didgeridoo and told me to try and play it - this could be interesting.

It is still early - going to try and catch a little more sleep - stay safe all today! and again...HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My boring, boring life!...and still boring

Not a whole lot has been happening. Since last Thursday, I have made 3 round trips to the Pittsburgh Airport - and that has really cost me $$$ in gas. #$%^&*(damn politicians!! Just a note, the airport is only 50 miles from my home, but that mileage adds up! No biggie I guess.

I haven't heard from theson since he and Jules went to Australia for their R & R. thedaughter says we got a call this morning (we weren't home) and the number checks back to the international code for Australia (Canberra). Damn, and I missed the call. Jules frowns on theson keeping his Skype open when they are in Egypt, but I don't spy on them - just want to talk. I miss theson so much, all the time - something a mother always does - I think!

My good friend and her family went to Ocean City for the week (left last Saturday), and she is such a slob - I promised I would clean her kitchen - to do the entire house would take me 2 months!!! She has no sense of organization and my OCD kicks in, now she will never find anything - God forbid, it is a simple process to have utensils accessible, all storage containers in one location, etc... I will make a casserole to put in the fridge so they will have something to eat when they return and the coffee pot will be ready to turn on. Right now, I can't get the Clorox smell out of my nose - again I am a bleach freak too. Egads...I ruined my t-shirt in the process, but small loss. Tomorrow I should be able to finish the project - and I will put "post-it" notes on all cabinets to show her what has changed. The frustrating part is - in one month she will have it all cluttered and unorganized again. I only volunteer to do this once in a lifetime.

I made an appointment to get my hair cut at a new shop close to home - plus the prices are CONSIDERABLY lower than I usually pay. No color - just trim. Thegrandson even said he wants his hair trimmed - that was a shock. All the kids are now into letting their hair grow long - a style I like (considering theson - plausible) and thegrandsons hair is long enough for a ponytail now. He just wants it trimmed so it is out of his eyes and not over ears. Works for me.

My arm is not getting better - worse if anything, and I just hate calling the doctor but I know it is inevitable. Procrastinating works for me also...don't yell at me Zac.

Everyone stay well and TTFN. Have to be at my hair appointment in 15 minutes.