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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I know I promised, and I tried - but I just can't...

stay away from Political issues. This damn presidential race has me fired up. My low tolerance for stupidity and inane comments is getting the better of me. Just a few things come to mind today:

1. This is new journalistic territory. When Geraldine Ferraro ran as Mondale's VP nominee - her children were raised and she had held a highly respectable political position for quite some time, prior to that nomination. Yes, some of her decisions (political) were questioned, as they should be, but there were no in-depth family type investigations. I do believe the daughter should be off limits (although I think she is being forced into a marriage at too young of an age).

2. It also appears that there is the "double standard" relating to her (Palin) as a parent. I cannot remember any male being questioned as to "how and who will take care of the children." Sen. Rick Santorem has 7 children and I honestly don't believe that question came into play. I do resent this!

3. As to Fred Thompsons' speech last night - I have to admit I love him as an actor, despise him as a politician - he referred to Gov. Sarah Palin as being so popular because she is the executive officer of the largest state in the union. OK - let's get real - it is geographically the largest state, but ranks 48th (see post below) in population. She went after more "pork" than some predecessors and is admittedly in love with the "earmarks" - face it, I would love to live in Alaska and get a royalty check annually because they "cater to/with the big oil companies!!!!!"

4. Ben Stein was interviewed today and he is quite vocal about the stupidity of nominating Palin. This statement just about floored me, because having listened to Stein lately - he would agree with just about anything the Republican party proposed. I was impressed. Then he had to top it off with "I do believe in Intelligent Design too!" Argh!!!!!!

5. OK McCain - I know you were a POW for 5 1/2 years, and yes you were tortured, we empathized with you then and for quite a few years after...but much like a death in the family...life goes on. Thirty five years later, it is the proverbial dead horse.

The McCain team has been locked in a hotel room with Sarah Palin, most of today, working on her speech which may (or may not) over-exemplify her qualifications, so I will be watching this one for sure. Levi Johnson, the "fiance'" of Bristol Palin will be in attendance also.

As for the next 2 months, as Bette Davis once said, "fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy ride!" I know the Keating scandal will be coming up along with Cynthia McCains drug problems and there will probably be comparable mud thrown Obama's way.

Everyone will have to trudge through the mire and use all the brains and logic you have - so that on November 4th, the right person gets elected.

****Just an observation: I have never seen so many gum chewing people in one place in my life, as the RNC. Has anyone else noticed that the arena is not full to capacity like the DNC and the people SIT a lot at the RNC!!! Whew I really DO need a life.

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Anonymous said...

You're not kidding. This is definitely going to be a wild ride.