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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

He actually SAID it...now I can vent a little...

Theson has been going through a very rough time for over a month, and his blogs have been tearing me apart. As it is with our children (no matter what age) we worry about their well-being constantly. He decided in April to ask his girlfriend of three years to marry him, bought a beautiful ring and was going to ask her in Aug or Sept
on a fantastic trip to Finland. When I visited in May, everything seemed fine and they were debating times to take the trip, etc. Then his world came crashing down the beginning of August.

Theson wears his heart on his sleeve, and when he loves someone, he loves unconditionally and solely. Monogomous is the word. He never tolerated his father's cheating ways and it just isn't in his "make-up" to be like that. His fine qualities far outweigh his "weirdness" at times. He has been going through the feelings of being 30 and possibly never finding "the one," which preys heavily on him.

As a mother, I can only encourage and try to lift his spirits - so much. I have had trouble sleeping, because all I can think is that he is so far away and I can't do a thing to help. He has a wonderful group of friends that have been supportive via the blog, which helps immensely. He will be meeting a good friend in Munich, Germany the end of this month for R&R - and hopefully a wonderful time. Of course he will, I think Oktoberfest will be wrapping up.

He has to move on and enjoy life as it is right now...one never knows what the future holds - there are always surprises around the corner.

I love ya son, and will always be here for you - ALWAYS!! Thegrandson misses him so much, everyday he asks if he is on Skype, but we haven't been able to see him that much lately.

Just a mother being able to speak out for now. Your support network is here!!!

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Anonymous said...

Big hugs to you and your son. I haven't had to see my kids go through this yet, but I know it can't be easy.