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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Politits following....the refrigerator finder?!?!?!?

Going to Politits site, an interesting, change of pace posting. It really takes my mind off such a shitty day. So here goes:

I have had a magnet fetish since I was quite young, and they work ever so well on a refrigerator. Rather than have something just laid on a table and either blown away or thrown away - if it is important enough - on the refrigerator you go. As you can see, 1) we have the ever present calendar, which tells us where our asses have to be and when. 2) Some cash, waiting for me to open the safe and stash it away, all the wonderful Pittsburgh Steeler "stuff", and of course 3) a place to hang OUR keys for the vehicles. 4) There are Case Western Reserve University magnets, which I picked up when theson was still in college, and my 5) lovely dish towel hanging through the door handle. 6) **Some additional magnets, awaiting another victim are lined up at the top right - above the key holder (sorry).

This would be the "side" of our advertising center, as you enter the kitchen. It is covered rather intensely with 7) pictures of family members and mostly "thegrandson." 8) The picture in the top center, is of me with Mike Ditka (former Chicago Bears coach). 9) The 2 round Steeler magnets, are put on my car during football season (brought in house for safe keeping.) I also have to have a place for writing utensils, nail files, screwdrivers - so 10) I have these magnetic holders - 3 that I count. The plastic bag holder on the right is not attached to the behemoth. 11) The 2 tomahawk magnets near the bottom are in support of the local high school (Big Red Indians.)

Again, we have the 12) "family album" as it were. I have a picture of my twin and I when we were 14 or 15 on the bottom row, various pics of my kids and step kids and grandchildren at the top. My twin sister with a very good friend bottom right. My favorite is when theson held thegrandson for the very first time - the look of fear on his face is priceless. He couldn't love the little guy any more than if he were his own. My husbands family and his grandmother - basically - several generations are represented. I have to mention, I hate white appliances, all mine are black. I will have to remember to make a post of when we first got the black refrigerator and the fear my dog had!!

Amazingly enough, I just decided to rearrange the stuff on the refrigerator last weekend. You know, where you clean the dust bunnies that have been hiding on top - in the back, and in general making it presentable again. This is probably a thrice a year project. As I get older, the time span gets longer in between.

My neighbor friend came down and we commiserated on the front porch for quite awhile, then thegrandson came home from school and we now have all the homework completed. Thedaughter will be home soon and I have fixed a lemon/garlic turkey tenderloin for dinner - and all is well - for now!!

I thank you DCup - for giving me a break from an otherwise shitty day. Actually, kind of fun thing to do.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Talk about perfect timing. Your stuff is so neat and tidy! And I love all the pix. What a great way to display them.

I'm glad you did this. You and Ditka, huh? Yowza!

Mnmom said...

New here - from DCup's site. LOVE your frig, and glad to find another football loving liberal. Come visit me sometime!

Chickie said...

How neatly organized! I need to do a refrigerator front clean-up.