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Monday, September 08, 2008

My "sign-off" for the night...

Thanks Toni...I have seen this before but my neighbor and friend brought it to my attention again. The main point to this is: INCONSISTENCY!! I just can't make myself believe that McCain is physically/mentally able to handle the ills of this country, and this video somehow reinforces that fact.

Trying to be fair and balanced here, but I haven't found an argumentative Obama video to post yet.


Inanna said...

Durn it, it says its no longer available!

I wasn't really impressed with the vid of the ex-POW. I mean, if that all happened a few years ago, yes, but it happened my entire lifetime ago. People change a lot in 35-40 years, even McCain. Although, it was interesting to see how he was "back then."

Didn't change anything, good or bad, I'm still voting for Obama.

Anonymous said...

I hope he loses his shit again really soon. Maybe being overshadowed by Gov. Palin will do it.

themom said...

inanna: last night I couldn't find one copy of this video that would still play on blog...and again this morning, the blog fairy apparently fixed the problem and actually deleted the note of change I added to blog. Now I'm scared!