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Friday, September 12, 2008

Please define "CERTAIN DEATH!"

The news agencies (all of them) have reported on the status of Hurricane Ike - as potentially going to cause "certain death." I am not illiterate nor ignorant, and I actually know what this infers...but does the media??? Really????

CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC and all the other letters, have their reporters in the "hit" area - ready to give us on the spot coverage - AGAIN!! I wonder if "certain death" only applies to a select group, group(s) that DO NOT INCLUDE reporters. After Hanna hit in the Gulf of Mexico last week - and from what I am discerning, Ike will be much harder - I can envision reporters "blowing away" in front of our eyes. I have said before that I am quite the news junkie...but I do so prefer NOT to see death on the screen, from a live reporter.

As this storm progresses northward, it appears we may get some offshoot from winds and rain. (Located near the PA-WV-OH border.) When Hurricane Ivan tore inward on September 17, 2004 - we were inundated with 9" rain in three hours. I had almost 3 feet of water in my basement and lost almost $20,000 in property. My nerves are always on edge when I hear of a big rain or storm coming.

This was my best friend Jean (passed away 10-17-07), helping me clean up the aftermath of basement flooding. We had waaay too much fun - trying to make the best of a bad situation that day (and several days thereafter).

OK, gonna run for now - I have seen short clips of the Palin interview and I'm going to see if I can find a video clip of the entire video. My understanding is that since it is being released in installments, that may be a dim hope. ** Just a note, I was NOT impressed with what I heard so far. She is very mechanical and repeating lines spoon fed to her it appears. We shall see though.

Did anyone catch the Poliotical Forum televised last night? Some interesting points there!

TTFN - things to do!! Everyone have a good one.

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