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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hurricane on the horizon....

If you are in the mood for a GREAT post about Palin (I realize some of you are supporters), but there are still quite a few who can totally appreciate this POST. I found this so creative and very true at the same time.

McCain did not back off this statement when interviewed on the early morning news programs today. He blathered on and on the same puke he has been delivering for weeks. When questioned about the "earmarks" of Sarah Palin and given her multi-million dollar requests for 2009 - he said that it wasn't true. Excuse me, this is factual and documented.

The unfortunate meltdown of yesterday and possibly AIG today (the day isn't over), how can people still be so supportive of a man who has adamantly stated before, that he knows very little about the economy? And Sarah Palin with her well scripted speeches is telling these crowds (attendance figures escalated by McCain camp) the same rhetoric we have been hearing over and over.

I find it very sad, that in this modern age, people are flocking to the Republican ticket because they have a WOMAN - and there are those afraid of the Democratic ticket because there is a BLACK man. Pathetic!!! One representative was calculating the voting trend and referred to the "Bubba" vote, which totally infuriated me. I'm beginning to think that maybe people should be required to take a test in order to vote sanely - of course that would never happen.

More news to gather - be back soon.....TTFN!

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