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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here I go again....

The McCain team (that would be Tucker Bounds, who hasn't fought his way out of the paper bag yet) says that Obama's headquarters is owned by this Bermuda Insurance group in some way. this has yet to be documented.

The fact of the day, which is typical, McCain/Palin team was allowing "no editorial presence" on Palin's meetings with world leaders. She is scheduled to meet with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Columbian Pres. Alvaro Uribe, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and U2's Bono. They (McC team) were originally only allowing one "pool" camera - which would then share footage with all networks, but still no print, TV or radio reporters would be allowed. Because of that dictate, ALL networks voted to ban any use of photographs/video in protest. Apparently this worked, as there are now photos filtering out from these meetings.

I get upset, that the McCain camp feels that by Palin meeting with these individuals gives her Foreigh Relations experience. I truly believe that they are pandering to the less intelligent or those who are more gullible. To think that matters of foreign policy will be discussed in detail is ludicrous. These individuals have much more important tasks ahead while the UN is in session. They will be talking with people who have access to change or are in power.


This has been an aggravating day so far. A person started making accusations as "myspace" comments, accusations that one would normally address in person or phone. The basis of this persons rant is unfounded and based on lies, but she refuses to accept that fact and has carried on in several more rants and emails. I just deleted her from myspace and I can do the same with emails. delete, delete, delete!!! My new mantra! My time is spent on more valuable projects than playing 2 year old school yard games. The aggravation and how it has upset me is definitely not worth giving the matter one more second of credence. Besides, thedaughter is so upset, she wants to "kick ass." Nope, I will deal with it....it is done and over.


Oh goody, DCup (Politits) has something interesting coming up - I need the break.

I've got my cleaning done for the day, made a post here, maybe I'll figure out dinner plans now. Have a good one all.....TTFN

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