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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

can you spell M*A*N*I*P*U*L*A*T*I*O*N ???......

OK I've had enough of McCain - here he is making an announcement that he is "suspending" his campaign and wants to delay the debates for Friday, so he can head back to Warshington (how he pronounces it) and settle this economic crises. He also encourages Barack Obama to do the same. Someone, somewhere is masterminding this strange action and to what end? Obama apparently contacted McCain early this morning to the possibility of submitting a joint statement on the economic bailout - and then McCain comes up with this idea. McCain, the King of Deregulation, the main catalyst for this crisis....wants to go back to D.C. to fix it - NO,NO,NO,NO,NO!!!! I say keep him as far away from Washington till absolutely necessary. Considering the Republican party has been putting so much distance between themselves and Bush/Cheney this week, I honestly cannot believe that McCain carries that much clout any longer.

Oh, lest I forget, he also wants to DELAY THE DEBATE, scheduled for Friday. Call me a pessimist, but watching McCain over the past 3 days alone, his tone and attitude have become more somber. Could he be running scared? Could he be totally unprepared for a debate? Sen. Lyndsay Graham is running himself ragged trying to get ahold of the Obama team to agree to such a delay...in my lowly, humble opinion, I would never agree to such a delay.

The only problem I have with this bailout proposal (from Paulson and Bernanke) is that they want a $700 billion dollar bailout carte blanche. No strings, no oversight, and very few questions being truly answered.

NOW IS THE TIME for a debate between these two men who want to govern our country. We don't want to see them amongst their cronies in Washington, arguing this or that merit of various proposals. I want to see who can hold their own - because one of them will eventually be at the helm.

McCain wanting to go back to Washington would essentially distract from the business at hand and be just another photo-op, which is all McCain has left to him.

My anger is boiling to the top - the rhetoric and lies are over the top. Later.


Chickie said...

Horseshit. This whole thing is complete horseshit. Big steamy piles laying in the street after a parade.

B-Town J.H.C. said...

He wants to delay because the economy is the hot button topic, and polls say Obama is more favorable when it comes to the economy.

Soon something else will happen in this crazy world, the media will focus all attention on that, the American people's ADD will drift their attention to another topic, and McCain will then want the debate.

themom said...

chickie: that's what I like - an honest opinion :)

b-town j.h.c.: of course - you are right.