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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The lies will NEVER stop...not in my lifetime....

With this mega billion dollar bailout proposal, so many people are at risk of losing their life's savings, homes...yet the McCain team continues with the LIES. McCain has been saying that his campaign spokesman, Rick Davis has been "out of the lobbying" arena since 2005...which could be construed as true, but after reading this article one may want to rethink that position. I get upset thinking that I have wasted my life, as I have a line of bullshit that won't quit and I could have been a lobbyist - making the BIG BIG bucks. Too late now, I can only type my true thoughts. (heehee)

I saw a small video clip (all that was allowed) of Palin meeting with Henry Kissinger (please note that in a press release, Palin's team spelled it as KISSENGER), and Kissinger had mentioned Georgia, and all you can hear is Palin saying, "you can fill me in on that" huh??!!??!! I have also heard some commentators saying that these photo ops will help Palin, as she can now honestly say she has met with foreign leaders. OMG - pandering to the lame again.

Till the next hilarious news worthy item surfaces, I now have to get ready to go to therapy - which hopefully will work before I die!! Grrr.. TTFN


Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd say this about anyone, but Palin is less qualified than Bush to be President.

themom said...

dcup - the entire campaign has taken on such a weird personna - all the wackos on the right are coming out!