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Monday, September 15, 2008

The time has come to FIGHT back...

Listening to all the Sunday political discussions, the common thread was - how low McCain has sunk in his attack ads. The downright lies and distortions are ringing loudly. It is time for the Obama team to strike hard - and essentially I don't believe they have to stoop to the same level...just using their (McCain/Palin) own words (in entirety) is enough.

In talking with so many people lately, the general consensus is quite the same...that we know the McCain ads are lies, but there are so many people (voters) who only believe what they see and hear. Heaven forbid people would take the extra step necessary to "check" the accuracy and truths (or half-truths) of these ads. It is a case of playing to the susceptible, for lack of a better phrase.

I have argued till I'm blue in the face with one local, and he has the computer capabilities and knowledge to check all this information, yet relies totally on sham e-mails he receives. Duh??? His argument is that he sees who sends him the e-mail and past recipients, and these are all good people - therefore they (e-mails) cannot be wrong. GIVE ME CYANIDE CAPSULES NOW!! That is the "brick wall" mentality I have referred to.

Karl Rove even stated over the weekend that McCain had made statements that weren't maybe 100% accurate - he also said Obama's team was in the same category. I disagree as do quite a few pundits, commentators, etc. Obama's ads had no blatant distortions or lies - statistics were misrepresented - but nowhere near to the extent that the McCain camp has stooped.

In all my 40 years of voting, I have never seen the outrageous lies as we are seeing now. It makes me ashamed at times to refer to our democratic society. But in truth I guess being a Democracy allows that kind of speech - although now is the time to stand up to the lies.

Time is winding down fast till we cast our ballots - and more fire is going to be spewed from all sides. I should hope that the gloves are off in the debates and we will see then who can hold up to the rigors and decisions that will be required of our next President.


Well, we got part of Hurricane Ike here - winds hitting 70 mph and gust higher at times. I didn't need to worry about the rain - it skirted northwest of us, but I had to worry about the 50 foot trees behind my house. I was afraid they would come crashing down. Thankfully, I just have some large branches to get removed - I will try to drag them to the creek bank. I had a 10'X10' canopy on my back deck, and the wind was raising it up - I thought it was going to turn into a missile. I then started taking it down - a real fun task by oneself. Thegrandson wasn't much help, but I managed to get it all put away - one less thing to worry about.

Several schools are cancelled because of "no power" - our power was on/off so many times, I gave up resetting the clocks. Columbus, Ohio has almost 300,000 people without power today. Thedaughter was getting calls for hotel rooms (Wheeling WV) from those in Columbus (2 hours away) - because they just wanted their comfy amenities. Unbelievably, all the hotels in the area booked solid rather quickly.

Well, break time - the O.J. trial is starting - can't miss that one. later guys. TTFN

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