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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Will they deny past comments??

John McCain made the following statements:
12-8-07..."The issue of economics is not something I've understood as well as I should. I've got Greenspan's book."

1-23-08..."I still believe our fundamental underpinnings of our economy are strong."

8-20-08..."I still believe the fundamentals of our economy are strong."

9-15-08..."Our economy, I believe, still, the fundamentals of our economy are strong..."

George W. Bush made these comments:
1-3-07..."Ladies and gentlemen, the state of our economy is strong."

8-30-08..."There have been some recent signs that our economy is beginning to improve."

9-15-08..."I'm confident that our capital markets are flexible and resilient, and can deal with these adjustments."

Today has been a tumultuous day as far as news goes. I am surprised that any TV set is still working at my house - because I have wanted to jump through it so many times and throttle so many people (who will remain nameless - sort of).

Now is the time for the Democratic party to take advantage of the mess precipitated by the Republican's DEREGULATION debacle. There are so many issues that can turn the tide, so to speak, if we only attack the issues properly. McCain referring to the American workers as being strong - well the rich are making their big bucks off the backs of these strong workers and nothing is "trickling" down their way. The middle class if spiraling downward with very little lifeline to cling to.

Now, the Palin people claiming that the Obama team has tainted the investigation and Palin refusing to go before the investigative committee - face it, you and I would be drug from our homes in handcuffs (and I would be tasered for being hostile) if we refused such an order. But let's see, Nixon refused, Bush has refused quite a few orders claiming Executive Privilege and on and on. Now Palin says she has e-mails to turn over proving her side of the issue, yet she had a private yahoo account which she and many involved in this mess used, which is out of the purview of this investigation. Talk about manipulation. I am sure this subject will be fodder for discussion for quite some time.

Homeowrk with thegrandson time...more later.

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