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Monday, September 15, 2008

Just a footnote before going to bed...

I heard portions of a speech today "recited" by Sarah Palin (we all know she is spoonfed by the speechwriters), and she declared that the practice of Wall Street rewarding incompetent CEO's with "golden parachutes" will end. Hmmm...yet McCain's spokeswoman Carly Fiorina (former HP CEO) will be reaping a $21 million dollar rip-cord of her own! Hypocrisy at its best.

Do these people honestly believe they can bullshit me as they (these female spokespersons, Fiorina and Pfote...can't spell it) sit through these interviews in their multi thousand dollar wardrobes and perfectly coiffed do's??? I am a helluva lot smarter than that - and I will find out the truth or research the facts before I let your batting eyes try to sway me. I know that women are honestly smarter than that....so watch out McCain/Palin, we are getting mad as well as inspired!

The days are counting down and everyone is getting more tuned in - I suggest scrutiny on everyone's part from now till Nov. 4th.

With that bit of wit...I'm crashing for the night. TTFN.


CDP said...

And notice that Palin hasn't been seen unscripted since the Gibson interviews last week. I hope people will start to notice and question that.

themom said...

I just realized (must be old age) that in this pic, the woman looks like Sarah Palin! DUH!?!?!