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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's another day...same old shite!!!

I have to laugh at times - at times mind you....that John McFart is always cleaning up Sarah Palin's messes. Watching him take over the Katie Couric interview, and having Sarah say the same thing about Pakistan...and McClueless turns it into a GOTCHA mad journalist moment!! Again, trying to turn the tables.


My mind does not stop, for example, last night - no one in this house wanted to be around me - calling me grumpy and nasty - the funny part is the blame is going to my computer, politics (and my opinion) and the lack of Diet Dr. Pepper. What a conundrum!!! After getting thegrandson to bed and asleep, I decided to play remote roulette, between CSI Miami and of course, the Steeler-Ravens football game. The entire time I am flip flopping from one end of the bed to the other - my mind will NOT shut down. At 1 am, I finally come back out and get on the computer to see if there are any updates of any kind - hell, all I am getting is that the foreign markets are taking a nose dive and the 2 bank failures in Great Britain. SO I TRULY DON'T KNOW WHY MY FAMILY IS UPSET WITH ME!!!

Damn, I don't have time for all their problems - back to matters at hand! The Palin/Biden debate on Thursday night. I have been totally stupefied by the critiquing from the conservative media, towards Palin. The general attitude seems to advise SP to bail now - don't embarrass yourself any further.

Is it me or am I paranoid - how McBush has totally taken over the media spin from every angle? However SP presents herself in this debate (intelligent or brain dead), this will define her for the remaining days of this campaign. Surely, McWitless understands that premise...then again...with all the lies he has perpetuated, and the same old talking points - he definitely DOESN'T GET IT!!

But here is what SP's advisory council over the next few days looks like:

1. Her husband (First Dude) and children
2. Steve Beigun, former staff member of Bush's National Security Council
3. Randy Scheunemann (and I thought my last name was tough) McCrinkle's chief foreign policy aide
4. Mark Wallace, deputy campaign mgr. for Bush's '04 re-election campaign
5. Ms. Wallace, who was communications director in Bush White House

I would love to be a fly on the wall at Dan Quayle's house. I can hear him now, "Hey Marilyn...check out the new bimbo, makes me sound like a genius!" I hate to say it, but Quayle was wonderful for a laugh or two - and you were never sure what was going to come out of his mouth - but he had a better grip on politics than SP.

Be back later....gonna try to grab a nap before thegrandson gets home from school.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

For someone who's suffering from all this macro-angst - you look terrific!

What crazy times well in! Try not to let it drive you completely insane. I know it's a struggle for me to stay calm about it.