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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bush needs to deal with OTHER issues too....

The world does not stop and we deal with only one crisis at a time. At the moment, we realize that the Iraq war is going on, the financial bailout is being reviewed (albeit at a snail's pace), Texas is reeling from the devastation of Hurricane Ike (and Gustav previously) and we know that Louisiana was all but forgotten in their attempt to rebuild and survive.

But, for whatever reason, it appears that the gas shortage in the southern states is receiving no attention on a Federal scale. WTF???? Hello Washington - there are people that cannot get to work, cannot pick up their children from daycare - not to mention - what if there is a medical emergency. Something needs to be done immediately. How are the school buses running? How are emergency vehicles running? Do the Governors of these states manage to be transported to and from their specific destinations? Oh - I forgot we have a President - what's his name...dududududuDubya!!! Hello, you have the strategic oil supplies - there is an immediate - is there a more dire word to use here - imperative to get fuel to these people.

These people, hard working individuals, who obey your rules, pay their taxes - are left high and dry and cannot even earn a living at the moment. And at the moment, all the legislators only care about how they APPEAR - and are wrangling for votes, it would seem. Well, maybe they should consider how many voters are being affected here - and come Nov. 4th - their regrets will then surface.

I'm sorry my friends, if I had the power I would get all the gas I could to your locations - apparently your representatives are shirking their responsibilities at this time.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for making me laugh! I swear, what a clusterf#&* this is. It's a combination of woes - we've got limited supply + panicked buying. It's crazy. I guess we can make lemonade from it, though. At least I'll have an excuse to work from home. I brought my laptop with me, just in case.

Mnmom said...

Say it sister! Sometimes I think the good old USA is just too damn big and I don't mean the government. I ponder what it would be like if we split into 3 or 4 smaller nations? But which one would I live in?

By the way, I'm totally stealing that quote. That's perfect!