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Thursday, September 25, 2008

This has been irritating me for awhile...

In our area (Ohio Valley) we seem to have, in my opinion, way too many telemarketing firms. The main client of these firms are the credit card companies. Knowing several individuals who work at these places, I get irritated when they say things like "I sold $100,000 in credit cards today." I have gotten into quite a few arguments with these individuals (I know you are shocked) as to how they can live with themselves, knowing you are deliberately encouraging people to over-extend themselves. I'm not trying to be insulting or flip, but these individuals barely made it out of high school or straight out of vocational schools - and to be honest, they have NO IDEA what they are doing. They are given sheets with dialogue, key words or phrases which will lead them to another sales pitch, etc. The usual reply is, well, I get raises according to what I sell - I'm like you get a quarter raise on minimum wage how often and for how many hours? If you do not sell the equal amount of debt the following week, where is your pay scale? Do you get benefits? Oh and you can be laid off with more than 2 call offs or being late - no personal time accrued, no sick time accrued, no vacation time accrued...you are in a go nowhere job...HELLO!!!!!! I compare this to a sweat shop mentality of sorts. These firms prey on this type of an employee. After watching this video - it is apparent that there are some intelligent people working at these places that finally got SICK of the process.


McCain has managed to get his photo-op in at the Congressional get-together. We saw him side by side with (gag!!) Joe Lieberman - his good old buddy. (Can't wait to see what happens, when Obama wins, to Lieberman) and the camera crews fighting with the Secret Service to get his picture. I should hope - that Obama shuns this type of publicity at this time. I also hope he sticks to his guns about having the debate tomorrow. I truly do not know who has the final word on this matter. Could McCain's maneuvering ultimately be to have Palin NOT debate Joe Biden? McCain needs to work on his credibility issues - head for the debate - because we know he CANNOT hold his own in that format. After seeing Palin and the Katie Couric interview - people need to be vary wary - she does not have a clue - not even a hint!!

I'm trying to get more details on the bailout plans - but hard at the moment. The Democrats feel they have a fairly good proposal but John Boehner (R-OH) says there is no plan yet. Now, who is holding up the works?

Be back later. TTFN

***UPDATE: John McCain has stated that if there is no bailout plan by tomorrow - he WILL NOT show up at the debate! Please, please, tell me how you feel - because I am seeing so much red at the moment - they should be glad I am NOT in Washington, D.C.

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