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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I said it before - be afraid.....

Now are we supposed to be sucked into the "aw shucks" demeanor that this woman exudes? I think not. She no more has a clue of what is going on in the world other than what she is spoon fed. Because of this - I am afraid. Afraid of the people who have been enamored to this team - a team destined to continue the mistakes of the past, leading us into ruin.

Presidential debate...you bet - I want to see it Friday night, no excuses! We want to see who can multi-task this countries problems - to think you have to drop everything (campaign and debate) to rush back to Washington, does not bode well on one's abilities. Goodnight!


crystal dawn said...

She's at least as stupid as Bush, and just might be a bit more crazy. I'm sick of the "just like me" candidates. I'll take smart and slightly less crooked over the stoopid crooked nuts any day.

Mnmom said...

I say the debate is now more important than EVER!! If they cancel I'm going to have a total fit. I agree with Crystal Dawn - I'll take smart, and way above average over a crazy hockey mom any day.

I love how McCrusty to trying to distance himself from the GOP and Bush and deregulation - everything he's backed for the last 27 years.

CDP said...

They're busy working on a reason why Palin won't be able to debate Biden next week. I think that's the whole reason for postponing the presidential debate.

crystal dawn said...

cdp: they've already changed the format for the VP debates. Answers will be much shorter and there won't be the kind of free exchanges that is common for these debates. At McCain's request, their excuse is that she is an inexperienced debater and she is at a disadvantage. This is the woman who is apparently prepared to run a country but hasn't gotten through her high school debating lessons sufficiently. What a crock!

I watched the whole Katie Couric interview of Palin and I'm tellin' ya, that is one dumb broad.

She could not answer a single question.. none of it made a lick of sense.. it was just all canned fucking comments that she had memorized over the last couple of days.

themom said...

Crystaldawn: Aw shucks - I agree with you 100000%

mnmom: check out Tucker Bounds statment before the big meeting with W....tooo damn funny.

cdp: of course - cancel Fridays debate, reschedule for Oct. 2nd - do away with VP debate altogether.