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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I can't help it...have to speak my mind...

Population Alaska: 683,478 (rank 48th)
Population Ohio: 11,466,917 (rank 7th)

I think our Governor has more credence (with representation).

Thedaughter gets really upset with me, because I constantly have the news channel on, even while running around the house cleaning or whatever. And - knowing how opinionated I am, I think she is wanting me to get on Xanax or something, because I am getting so upset over some of these interviews relating to Sarah Palin, presumptive Republican VP nominee.

Yesterday, primary coverage was on Hurricane Gustav, with break-ins for the truncated version of the opening of the Republican convention. But ALL, and I repeat ALL the republicans were extolling how Palin is far more qualified for the VP position than Obama/Biden. Excuse me...here goes my blood pressure again...I BEG TO DIFFER!!!! Let's see if I can simplify this:

1. Palin has more "executive" experience.
I don't think so...as council person and mayor of a very small town, the "executive" experience is so highly limited. To be honest, a stay-at-home mom, who manages a household has more responsibilities. I know what I am talking about, as I have had my foot in local politics for many years. I was president of the Board of Trustees which oversaw the local utilities and account collections for over 6 years. OH WAIT...THAT MEANS I COULD BE VP!!!

2. She is Commander-in-Chief of the Alaska National Guard.
Excuse me, the federal National Guard Bureau established policy and guidelines for the operations of each of the states' National Guard units. Note..the governor commands the Alaska National Guard while it is NOT in active federal service. Her supporters have stated that she personally, sent her Guard into Iraq. That did not happen. I have not found anything cited to state that she has had to "call out" the Guard for any state emergencies since she has been Governor.

3. Women are so excited to have her on the ballot - she will pick up some of the lost female voters.
I believe I have addressed this one...women (most free thinking ones) are insulted to be pigeon holed into this area. I even heard the comment last night from Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, (who never blinks) that women are flocking to Sarah Palin as a BETTER choice than Hillary, because she truly represents ALL women. Wait a minute, I have to go flog myself here...this Congresswoman needs to get out into the real world and speak with REAL women. I loved her comment earlier this month to Nancy Pelosi regarding environmental issues: "We all know that someone did that over 2,000 years ago, they saved the planet - we didn't need Nancy Pelosi to do that!" Argh!!!!

Being described as a "uniter & reformer" I beg to ask the question...of what? If she is going to unite the Republican party, more power to her. As to reform...I see her setting women back a hundred years. I do not want my "choice" taken away and dictated by a certain party or a group of men. I prefer the word EQUALITY. I want to see equal pay for women and as it goes - equal rights across the board.

I find it ludicrous that the Republican party feels they have cornered the market on "traditional family values" and "morality". I feel these issues should be blanketed rather than party affiliated. It is probably the word "traditional" that throws me for a loop - whose tradition are we speaking of? Who do we allow to dictate the ground rules...and so what, if someone veers away from the norm as long as no one is being hurt - we need to stay out of setting those guidelines for all.

Had these politicians NOT started campaigning over two years ago - we could have more productive conversations and interviews...but the American public is TIRED of it all. This is not a good thing I believe. People have a tendency to make rash decisions when they are fed up and just want the whole process to be over. So, I will try to limit my opinions (I will definitely need drugs) and not upset anyone in the future. At least until the next stupid statement is made.

I think I am getting a headache now...have to do up some dishes and finish some laundry. Oooh, I lucked out and got an appointment to get the dog scalped for tomorrow. I had her clipped in April and it is just now growing back in - and it is all the undergrowth first and I have HAIR everyhwhere. Since she is huge and thinks she is a poodle, she spends very little time outside - I am going to keep her clipped thru the winter. I will see how it works out!

Have a good day - later guys!! TTFN.

This is the Congresswoman who NEVER blinks!


Anonymous said...

Excellent points!

Palin is exactly the kind of woman that the right loves. She's willing to suppress other women.

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