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Monday, September 08, 2008

Earmarks??? This may vary

by definition. This is one area that upsets me at times - depending on what the money requested is designated towards. Face it folks, earmarks are a much necessary evil. If we in "small towns" around the country had to come up with all the dollars necessary to upgrade our sewage treatment plants, major improvements to hospitals, and many huge projects we take for granted - they would never be done. It is the items "tacked" on for personal, stupid requests that need to be halted, i.e., the bridge to nowhere. But when appropriation time rolls around, that is when all the Senators receive requests from their constituents of their NEEDS. There is never a guarantee of approval, but if these monies were not requested for appropriation - every town would literally become a ghost town.

I suppose the alternative would be to increase property taxes, up any local income tax, add a wage tax...but we are TAXED to hell and back now. Realistically, these projects would still remain unfunded.

The "earmarks" of Obama which McCain is referring to can be found here. This is quite a list, but please, see what projects the requests are for. As a note, my understanding (and if anyone has the answer) is that hardly any of these earmarks were approved. But certainly 90% of the requested funds I find quite legitimate.

John McCain has been making the same comment repeatedly "in 24 years I have not had one single earmark." Excuse me, let's go back to 1992 first, John McCain had no qualms with this request. I have the links to more, but need to check them out first. Face it - it is a matter of definition as to what constitutes an earmark. Some Washington agencies state that an earmark is a project worth more than $52 million. So would that mean that a project under that figure would NOT be an earmark - guess so!

This is the semantics game underway. In the whole scheme of things, I want to see the bottom line on Health care plans, tax structure, employment. I have a feeling these facts will be coming soon from at least one camp - one has to wait and see.

My suggestion to Sarah Palin, QUIT REPEATING the same old things. I don't want to hear about that damn bridge, the Ebay plane sale (ha) and how you stood up to Big Oil. The facts are proving her wrong on so many fronts. October 2nd - she will debate Joe Biden - I plan on being glued to the TV for that one.

Oh well, must read more...must read more...must read more!!! I may be brain damaged by Nov. 4th at this rate.

Have a good one all!!! TTFN

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