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Monday, September 01, 2008

What more can I say???

Leave it to Cindy McCain, the self professed former drug addict (also accused of stealing drugs from place of employment years ago)...this is all I need to know to switch my vote for McCain/Palin. DUH!?!?!?!

Visiting The Huffington Post, there were quite a few links to further descriptions and viewpoints relating to Sarah Palin. No matter what...just being a mother does not make her credentials superior to Obama. I just don't get it (like McCain), my fingers are sore from scouring ALL sides of this matter and when I hear the Republicans with all their "glowing" remarks...I want to down a bottle of pills!!!!

Oh well, not done yet, more research to do - what else does one do on Labor Day? Picnic? My neighbor is coming down later for a small cookout - hope the neighbors don't ask us to "keep it down!"

Later all...and Happy Ramadan (is that appropriate?) to theson in Egypt!


rennratt said...

Y'all should have come south for a bit.

I had to cut down what came to be known as the "Mega 'Mater" plant. I swear it was on steroids.

While cutting the plant apart, I "rescued" no less than 27 tomatoes. All green and perfect for frying.

Now that my lawn is mowed, there's plenty of (safe) room to hang out!

themom said...

Curses...I should have known sooner!