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Monday, September 29, 2008

If you have sensitive ears....LEAVE NOW!!!

I'm sick to death of this fucking Republican party right now!! And every jerk that made a comment, one way or the other this day, be it on the floor of Congress, or in the halls after this disastrous vote. I watched the discussion on the floor, and the Repukes that stood up and denounced this plan, because of petty, I repeat PETTY, items that were totally ignored in the plan, thus encouraging a NO vote on HR 3772. They (as always) want more and more for their mealy self-serving interests.

John Boehner (sadly from Ohio), stood on the floor for 3 minutes proclaiming the necessity of a YES vote - and after failure, stands in the hallways, talking out of his ASS!! Now telling the public there was no way the Republican party could vote for such a bill. Cong. Eric Cantor, from Virginia holds up a copy of Nancy Pelosi's speech and then lays blame at her feet - for hurting the Republican's feelings. I do not understand why I have not thrown something at the TV yet - because I really need to throw something. These assholes in Congress should be oh so thankful I am not in Washington...I would either be dead or in jail.

On top of all that, McAsshole goes on TV and blames Obama....I thought I was having a stroke for a minute. Someone out there in blogland tell me WHY DO PEOPLE ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS OLD FUCKING MAN?????!!! We, who have brains, cannot be fooled by the contradictions and lies that spew so easily from his wrinkled face. Hell, he is 72 - he should pass before I do, but at this rate, I could keel over any moment. His spokespeons are spewing the same lies, being caught in the lies, and McFuckhead says Obama DOESN'T GET IT!?!?! PUH-LEEEEEEEEZE!!! (insert smarmy smirk here!)

I have to say, I love Barney Frank. He is sometimes hard to listen too, I think because he talks so fast, but his humor is unbelievable. I read in 1995 when House Leader Dick Armey called Frank "Barney Fag" - Frank said he asked an expert (his mother) who said that in her 59 married years, no one ever introduced her as Elsie Fag. Barney Frank is not a hypocrite and has a very low tolerance for hypocrites. The best remark was last week (24th) when John McCrack "suspended" his campaign and went to Washington, Frank said it was "the longest Hail Mary in the history of football or Mary's!" He also referred to McFuck as Andy Kaufman in his Mighty Mouse costume singing "Here I Come to Save the Day!!" Such an ugly picture.

Oh, and lest I forget, Congress took a short recess for Rosh Hashana (sp) and will not be back till possibly Thursday. Now the stock market took a heft dump today, retirement accounts were probably hit quite hard - your hard earned funds are in jeopardy. This bail-out was to put more liquidity into the lending arena. I'm waiting for my credit card companies to drop my credit lines any minute. I try not to use them, but we know how that goes. Oh, and forget Christmas...these fucking assholes just ensured there will be no Christmas in this house!!

I need a break...my head is exploding! I just need this spot to VENT!!!

I'm sure I will hear something else tonight to push me over the edge, till then......


rennratt said...

Have you ever considered running for office?

If not, why on earth NOT?

I may not always agree with your views/policies, but I would ALWAYS know where you stood.

That, in politics, is rare.

YOU may be the change we need.

themom said...

I have been involved in local politics for awhile (I actually have more experience than Palin). I guess it's in my blood...a long line of politicians - governors, senators, supreme court justices. Now, I have a bad heart and vent through this blog. I still manage to let them know locally how I feel and get calls all the time when something is wrong here. I understand political differences and have always been open to differing views. That's the fun of it.

Anonymous said...

Vent away! I don't have to type a single word since you've posted this. What a mess this day was!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

You go girl!!! I'm waiting anxiously for the VP debates. I think it should make Saturday Night Live totally worth watching this week :)

Chickie said...

Please don't stroke out on us during this election season. :)

crystal dawn said...

These are some very exciting times.

SamuraiFrog said...

I have a stomach flu this week, so that only adds to how irritated I am with these nitwits in Congress and on the campaign trail. I don't know what the most aggravating thing is; it should be the fear tactics of the Bush administration, but it's probably more that, however this comes out, it's my tax bracket that's going to get screwed the worst.

Mnmom said...

You said it. The GOP and their corporate buddies have been crying "free market!! Deregulate!!" for so long, and NOW they act all surprised that the fox has been in the hen house? And we're not stupid - we see those obscene piles of money behind their backs. But let's just have the victims foot the bill, why don't we? Kind of like Palin's townsfolk paying for their own rape kits.