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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Call me a skeptic.....

With all of the bullshit of the day - where do we stand? I haven't got a damn clue!! Now, like I said, I am being quite skeptical here...my scenario is as follows: Earlier today, the Democrats stated that they had a proposal to present on this bailout...the Republicans were fairly optimistic early in the day, then McCain entered on Capital Hill. My how things change. He politely turned down reporters questions as he strolled down the Congressional corridors (with the SS swatting people out of the way), no photo op here or trying to manipulate the process. Then a sit down meeting with Bush, Pelosi, Paulson, Bernanke, Reid, and our next President - Barack Obama. A few other representatives were in attendance as well. Now, the general concesus is - no proposal yet!

Here is my theory - John McCain manipulated the game yesterday with his announcement that "I am suspending my campaign" and possibly the debate, because of course, it is vital that he be in Washington during these dire times. I am thinking, oh my strange mind, that through his connections in the Senate (Joe Liberman, etal) he has arranged for a prolonged discussion on this proposal - long enough to carry through the scheduled time of Friday's debate in Mississippi. His suggestion has already been submitted - that if this debate is cancelled - move this Presidential debate to Oct. 2nd, thus eliminating the VP debate entirely. Oh my God!!! I just know I am going to have another heart attack.

McCain has NOT suspended his campaign at all, all HQ's were still carrying on as usual. TV ads are still airing - the only suspension is McBush avoiding any rallies, TV interviews or candid spots.

Having seen Sarah Palin's interview with Katie Couric finally - I can only think that Katie left that interview and downed a bottle of Excedrin. If it were me - I would have found something much stronger - I'd have to call Cindi McCain for drugs. Forgive me, but that woman (Palin) cannot answer any question succinctly - everything is a canned answer, and someone forgot to tell her that there are NO stock answers for all questions. I know she is not ignorant - but she is coming across that way.

I doubt seriously if any more progress will be made this evening. Barack Obama stated earlier that he is heading to Mississippi for the debate. I should certainly hope that McIgnorant shows also, if not, let him then explain to the country what he was doing in Washington (as he is not on the Banking Committee), and no proposal has been offered. Squirm worm!!! Better go, my evil side is starting to emerge.

1 comment:

crystal dawn said...

Chris Dodd said the meeting with the WH was a disaster and that McCain basically bamboozled it all. Now the House Repubs are not wanting to pass Paulson's bill (ya think McCain has something to do with this?? duh)... so ultimately, what the republicans are trying to do is make it look like the Democrats are siding with Bush and it is all their fault for not getting this thing passed. Gawd I can't wait for the debates tonight...whether McChickenShit shows up or not.