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Saturday, September 13, 2008

John McCain's ads are LIES. Here's the video proof.

This is the most irritating part of the election process. The lies made during the campaign process - get my Irish up and running.

I stated before, that McCain must have a video crew on "standby", because as soon as the Obama camp makes a statement - a McCain TV ad appears - distorting the context of what was said. All these claims (misstatements) can be verified, but the ugly truth is, a great percentage of people actually BELIEVE what they see and hear in these ads, and never give a second thought to verifying the claims.

In this technological age, and even if one does not own a computer, libraries are very helpful - all these statements and claims can be verified almost instantly. FactCheck.org is an excellent site for checking on truths, half-truths or plain old lies.

I watched clips of McCain being interviewed on "The View" and he wriggled and squirmed around most of the answers. I encourage everyone to check out the sites available - and they are unbiased - in the search for truth.

On Bill Maher last night, John Fund of the Wall Street Journal made a blanket statement that over 50% of the women in this country are in love with Sarah Palin, but could not back the statement up with true data or reasons "why." He was eager to support McCain's camp claims of sexism being used by Obama with regularity. GIVE ME A BREAK!! Needless to say, he was shot down rather quickly by Janeane Garafalo and Salmon Rushdie ....and Maher. So far, I have been totally unimpressed with Palins interviews with Charlie Gibson. As an aside, McCain (on The View) and Palin in Alaska (w/ Gibson) are still citing the same talking points from the speech she has been giving in the Midwest. C'mon now, I think we all can recite the speech verbatim - as it has not changed one iota. And it has to be noted that McCain has been called out on the distortions and lies - yet continues to recite them over and over ad nauseum.

Everyone use that gray matter - make an intelligent and deliberate decision based on facts - not half-truths, lies and complete distortions. I should hope that we have a much more intelligent electorate than in the past.

It's storming and yucky outside and I have nothing better to do at the moment than blather on - have a great day. Be back later. TTFN


Inanna said...

I was over on FactCheck last night reading about the McCain ads and you are right, many would choose to believe them rather than do some research and make an informed decision. Sad, so sad.

SamuraiFrog said...

I TiVoed Maher last night and watched it today; I don't think I've ever seen him tell anyone to just shut up before, but he sure did when Fund was running off about Palin.

I was also surprised to see him so uncomfortable on The View. There were a few times he seemed to want to start swinging, as if he expected a softball love-fest and was angry to be asked real questions that he can't answer. I've seen him direct really foulmouthed temper tantrums in videoclips, and they're almost ALWAYS directed at women, which is the sign of a physical coward, in my opinion.

This is the thing about McCain that continues to drive me crazy. HE CANNOT ANSWER A QUESTION. He can't do it without going off on a talking point we've all heard before, and completely sidestepping the question. Ask him something point blank and he can't back it up with anything but made-up rhetoric. He and Palin are both complete dimwits.

Anonymous said...

I want to see McCain slip over the anger edge. I want to see him lose it. I want him to show just how dangerous he is.

I watched the 2nd part of Maher's show last night. I'm so glad that he someone as mouthy and smart as Jeanine Garafalo (sp) on to counter John Fund's pile of horseshit.