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Monday, September 29, 2008

Guess McCain didn't have enough clout after all...

H.R. 3997 Financial Markets Bill - has NOT passed.

Vote taken:

Democrats....Yea---141.....Nay---94....No Vote----0
Republicans..Yea----66.....Nay--132....No Vote----1

Totals...........Yea---207.....Nay--226....No Vote----1

This vote started a little after 1:30 pm, and I heard some arguments against this bill from various Republican representatives, and essentially it sounded like they want more for THEIR constituents alone. Did they not realize this is a cursory package - one that can be finessed as time goes on...but for now it was to abate the panic that has apparently hit the stock market. Which has tanked around 600 points at this moment?

Apparently, the final tally now is Yeas = 205 Nays = 228

GO FIGURE!!! No one said this was a perfect bill from the onset. I also hope that come election day, everyone, EVERYONE, realizes how important your vote can be. Because this bill addresses more of the Wall Street programs, as opposed to the "Main Street" programs - the end result was failure.

I'm not in favor of a bailout per se, but some initiatives have to take place immediately, to save the homeowner and retiree. Contact your representatives and be heard, I do it all the time. Hell, they are there to "REPRESENT" us, that's their JOB!! At least they have one.

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