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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Religious beliefs....OFF LIMITS!

I will say it here and now, one thing I would never attack is ones' religious beliefs. It is a courtesy that I wish to be afforded me and definitely respect others in that area. The one statement I will make...it should NOT be an election issue. I believe in separation of Church & State - if only more people would step in line.

It is an unfortunate commentary that religion shapes ones opinion on so many vital matters. For example, birth control. the Catholics, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopalians, on and on - all have varied viewpoints. Please, please, someone come up with another way to address these issues - or ---is there even another way??

Oh, could it be that government has become too intrusive in our lives and lawmaking already? That might be it. This subject can be argued back and forth through eternity - so I will leave it there.

My point...any candidates religious views are Off Limits to this blogger.

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