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Thursday, September 04, 2008


Since thedaughter is working an early shift (7-3:30), thegrandson crashed with me last night and I have the duty of getting him to the school bus on time. I was up earlier than the little stinker, and planned on surprising him with the loud rendition of Happy Birthday...but he surprised me! Without a sound, he crept up behind me (I didn't hear him rustle), and said "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" To which I replied, "Nope, I changed my mind, it is another day!" Of course he is not having any parts of that idea.

He is off to school now, and his class is having their first field trip, to the Belmont county Fair - whoopee!! He is excited and that is what counts. We are having a few people over tonite for cake and ice cream, but the plan is for Saturday, he and his mother are going to the movie of his choice and then to his favorite restaurant - West Texas Roadhouse, which he calls "the peanut place." He doesn't eat much, but has fun opening peanuts, throwing peanuts (thanks Uncle Zac) and then throwing them on the floor. We will open more presents on Saturday.

His mother called him from work before we left for the bus - so he is on cloud nine for the day! He has the subtle ability to inform people that "don't you have something for me since my birthday is coming?" I kicked that one in the butt real fast. Unlike his mother who had a daily countdown to remind people of her birth date! And me....I could care less, my birthday is just another day! I have more fun with others birthdays.

I'm sure I will have something to say in a little while (political), after watching, printing off and analyzing the Palin speech last night. I was really pissed off - but that is what professional speechwriters are for!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to him! He looks like a stitch to be around!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Happy Birthday to him. I hope he has a really great day! :-)