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Saturday, September 27, 2008

OK - let's talk DEBATE....

I have watched video from so many sources, but found that this FOX clip (and it doesn't include {{gulp}} Hannity), was fairly representative of all the analysis I reviewed.

To be honest, I was not knocked out of my seat by this debate - but I do feel that Obama showed more confidence and forcefulness. He looked directly at McCain when making his statements and/or accusations, and was very articulate as usual. Whereas, McCain, when noticeably in disagreement put on this smarmy smirk - but managed to muddy the waters when arguing his counterpoint. McCain never once, NOT ONCE, looked at Obama. I don't think there is any secret of McCains intense dislike for Obama. I want to see that infamous McCain temper released to the point he might just say ONE word (you know what it is) that will knock him out of the playing field. **Obama needs to bring up the secrecy of McCain NOT fighting for the POW/MIA's he conveniently forgot were left behind.

I am so very past the same platitudes of McCain, the references to his war service, his claims to Obama that "he doesn't get it", and personal quips about meeting so and so and wearing his bracelet. These are not what the masses need to hear at this moment. We want details and specifics.

Did anyone notice that McCain was spewing the same LIES (that have all been checked), and repeating them over and over for the gullible. He made several mistakes, the biggest was referencing Pakistan as a "failed state" before Musharraf became President. McCain also must be avoiding news of his VP pick and her meeting with Henry Kissinger, because Kissinger did indeed say that he would have a sit-down with foreign leaders (Iran, Syria)...and yes pre-conditions would be ensured no matter who would be involved. Essentially, McCain could only repeat his tag lines from all the speeches he has been giving and the words all seem so vacuous and lame, at this point in time. We all know he had no input into the negotiations of this massive bailout - if anything, he caused more of a delay.

I think Obama did well, but could do even better in the future. He needs to rattle McCain's cage. People need to see the temper of this man (McCain) and how volatile he can be. At this point we also know that McCain cannot multi-task.

I would like (in a perfect world) for both to ANSWER THE QUESTION they are presented. That is my biggest gripe, as the first question of the evening was hedged by both parties.

Now I have to prepare myself for the disastrous debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin, this coming Thursday evening. Even McCain aides are worried - as the clips of her interviews are all proving quite unsettling. I have heard that we "may be surprised", because this is one smart woman - c'mon, she has been out there for a month - WTF!! The McMudgeon camp has kept her to a stringent, select schedule, with very tight controls. Let's see if "the powers that be" in the McFool camp try to manipulate a cancellation or possible rescheduling of this debate - I would not be surprised.

Have a good day all - I'm thinking (mind you , only thinking) about doing laundry, running the sweeper - but that could all change in a flash. TTFN!


Anonymous said...

Didn't McCain look like a snide grump? And good heavens, did he have to keep reminding us that he's OLD? We get it.

His creepy smile is the absolute worst, though. My professional analysis = Ick.

Mnmom said...

I thought the debate was a big snore. Obama needs to quit with the Minnesota Nice thing and like you say, rattle that old man's cage. Bring up the fact that he can't, and won't, learn email and the internet. That alone proves he is incapable of handling current issues and change. My Dad would be older than he is, and HE learned computers and used the internet extensively.

crystal dawn said...

ha! luv that McCain picture. :)